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  1. I've been playing with outlaw a lot more lately... all guns from the hip. I even shot speed rifle that way at regionals a few runs. Shouldered was about 2 seconds fasted
  2. Yep. I have one with a drop in cartridge cylinder. Very fun plinking gun
  3. The last few years all the deer ive have taken have been with sass guns. Mostly vaqueros or remington 58s. But a 16 ga comes out a lot. I think I only have 5 guns now that aren't sass legal. This year my son started hunting and used his grandfather's first gun a single shot .410 We hunt to fill the freezer and do the butchering ourselves. 3 shots 3 deer. $37 for tags and 5 for shells. A little gas and a couple busy weekends and we have over 200lbs of meat. Try buying it in the store for that. Most of the antlers are made into handles or used in projects. I don't hunt birds yet but plan to next year. We get to elk hunt some years but again it's about most meat possible. I can't raise a beef for the price of what I can shoot an elk for
  4. I eat them from time to time. We dont waste stuff either. Rabbits and squirrels in the gardens get cooked too
  5. I spent most my sophomore season with a seperated shoulder. Still went to every practice, every game. Did everything I could for workouts. When the team did pushups I did one armed pushups. Yes it took me longer but I still did the same amount. I ran the sprints . When they did full contact stuff I did shuttle runs, resistance pulls or worked on field goal kicking. . . You're there for the team. Everybody depends on you to do your job or the team loses. Even if that job is just helping teammates remember plays, cheering from the sidelines. Watching the other teams for weakness. Sometimes the strongest person on the team is physically the weakest. I only played 4 games that year but was voted mvp and ended up getting a scholarship for college on the reputation from that. It didnt hurt that I could kick like crazy and run a 10 second open 100 though lol
  6. I used to play the trumpet and cornet, now days it's more piano and mandolin. Basically whatever I feel like teaching myself to play. I cant read music that well so it's by ear. I also have been known to sing in a few different choirs if someone twisted my arm hard enough.
  7. Matter of opinion. Ive had top level guns. I've shot Jimmy spur revolvers as well as other top smiths, several top name 73s . Top name slicked up skbs and browning. The only time i agree you need top quality is with leather. Cheap leather will make you hate life. Top end guns didn't improve my time any. In fact the skbs slowed my shotgun times considerable and were less reliable with featherlites. The first time I ever set foot on a sass range I was told I was wasting the clubs time even showing up because of the guns i had. Mismatched clones, and a steoger . So I packed my stuff back up and left. It took 2 years for me to even think of trying again.. My wife has earned several speed titles with her 97 and is only getting faster each year. The only thing that has been done to that shotgun in the 90+ years since it left the factory, was to get its barrel and stock trimmed by me. I purely love beating guys that brag about there 1500+ dollar skbs, with my $350 stock 12 year old steoger. 100 percent stock auto saftey still engaged. Even better I love doing it with my h&r single shot. You want to see egg on somebody's face beat a state champion running his normal gear using a stock single shot. Anyone who tells a newbie that they need to have 5000 dollars worth of high end slicked up guns has an agenda. Either to feel better about overspending on their own guns or they are trying to sell something. Someone who has reliable guns and knows how to practice will knock the snot out of a wanna be who tried to buy the victory. As for your bike analogy ... they ride the high end bike because that's what they are paid to ride. If a different sponcer offered them more to ride something else they would. Or you would only see 1 brand and model of bike being ridden by everyone.
  8. I like a to who knows the rules of gf. Doesnt stand in my path... and doesn't think this game is life and death. I'm here to have fun. If that means shoot all 4 guns outlaw or upside down or switching shoulders. Just laugh and have a good time
  9. To kind of give an update. I have had several clubs interested in hosting this. Where would most people like to see this at? Obviously I can make it happen in mn but that's a long way for most. What if it was in the Missouri/ Illinois area? Somewhere warmer over winter may be a good idea. I have had plenty of vendors offer goods and to come vend. Bullets, leather, gun parts, steel targets and gun carts. As well as some great gfs offer to do classes. From transitions, bp gf, outlaw, practice, and setting up guns best for one handed shooting. Thanks for all the feed back. I believe that this is something im going to try to make happen but it's all in the planning stages now.
  10. Kinda curious, how long do you think thousands of rounds will last? More than once ive burned through almost a thousand rounds on side match day with both of us shooting.
  11. We have debated going to wr but for our family it would use our entire shooting budget for the year. Oklahoma just may be doable
  12. I worded most of that last one poorly. I completely agree that you can learn from anyone, and I never said dont listen to those who aren't fast. Just be leery, I've seen a lot of advice on how to go faster that had nothing to do with going fast. One of the absolute best rifle to pistol transitions ive ever seen was by a gentleman who averages over 2 minutes a stage. At the same time if someone who runs 30 says something is the only way to go fast. I'd ask someone who runs low teens if they agree. As for the sub twenty second stages. If you take a shooter who can hit it on 10" targets, and give him 20". Its really easy to throttle up, and his times drop drastically. At the same time take someone who is going all out on 20"and barely making it. who do you think runs a greater risk of missing? Who is going to be more consistent, faster, over the match? The few times I actually practice speed I generally do it on 9" rounds. I'm content with running around 3 sec sweeps from holster, knowing that when the barn door targets come out I'm good for at least a half sec faster. Rifle I'm worse at so the times slow a bit but it's still consistent. 4 sec on the 9" and half a second or better on the larger. I'm good with going to a match knowing I'm in the 3 sec range for both that won't run with the big dogs but it's not far off
  13. There is good advice here and some not so good. I'd be a little leery of taking speed advice from someone who isn't really that fast. 20 second stages just doesn't cut it as fast anymore. You can learn to shoot top speed and hit on any size target. If someone needs a 20" target to get teens, well they will get their butt kicked by the good shooter that can do the same on 10"
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