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  1. I have sold things on the wire where the buyer did his best to try and talk down the price. Only to see them sell it for two to three times what they offered. These vendors I will no longer sell to for any price. My product, my choice. I've also sold guns to new shooters for way under value, as well as gave a few guns away.. Would I be against vendors being banned from buying on the classifieds? No. Does it hurt me that they are allowed to? No It wouldn't be that hard to set up a classifieds where vendors aren't allowed. Like a new shooter discount area.
  2. Normally around $400. However with the current craziness, you may get a little more. My wife prefers them and both of hers stayed true to form on that. The local shop took one in last week and paid $450 for it. They put it on gunbroker.. it brought just over $900
  3. Look at colt Farook's rigs. If I would ever get a new x draw rig it would be one of his. Functional works of art.
  4. Sounds good. There is a .224, one for .30 cal rifles, 2 for 45s some 44swc. .457. .311. 54 cal mini ball ..45 colt .44 round ball. 457 round ball and a container full that I haven't looked at yet
  5. Is it worth selling them by the piece? I think she was planning to sell as one unit
  6. Helping an estate clear up some things. I don't cast so I have no clue on these Some are Lyman, some ideal some Lee. Vary from .309 to 45-70-500. Round and conical. 14 molds with handles and 4 or five more without. Also included is some things that look like drop tubes and what looks like an awl to make a heel cavity? What's a fair price?
  7. I may have im helping an estate go through things the is a big box of moulds. I think I saw a some in there
  8. If you make it to morristown or kimbal I can show you how to short stroke a Henry
  9. Limit 1k per day per person. Cci. small pistol, small rifle, large rifle. $70 I know it's still high but they are in stock 20k of each. No they don't ship Just a heads up for those in the area Edit to add no these are not mine. I've had several people ask. It's the local shop I can pm you the name if you want
  10. The local toy store has some in stock most of the time. He's got 12,16,20, I'm not sure if he has .410
  11. The local gun store has a 73, as will as a new marlin on the shelf. If your interested I can send you the address As stated earlier don't shy away from a single shot. Very simple to use and build good habits. Also once you get the a rhythm you would be suprised how fast they can be shot. Ive won overall at several matches running one.
  12. Woke up to -24. Wind chill puts it at -40. Makes for a cold morning feeding the stock
  13. Actually that has been considered. Also selling some primers. I already sold one double action revolver to a friend. I have an old pocket h&r .32 that's going next. I saw the prices vaqueros are bringing online as well. $700 to over $1k for a decent old model. I figure it will be around $1500 for entry, gas, food, travel, lodging. The hold back is how hard will it be to replace after.
  14. Lol. Nope I need to redo the nail polish
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