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  1. I'm waiting on one response if not I'll let you know
  2. 40chev is here at gunsmoke. I'll let him know you responded. I believe he's looking for a saa from a specific year to fill out a set
  3. Walk between the drops. That way you don't get wet
  4. Check with the club you are shooting I shoot the same main match loads out to 180 yrds here
  5. Im leaning more toward the 38-40. Sent you a pm on the 44-40 and its condition. If your interested I can email or text you pics if not im bringing it to gunsmoke this weekend
  6. I wish I could but it's not in the cards. Little ones need guns of their own
  7. The 44-40 was made in 1892 The 38-40 was made in 1898 Now I have to decide on which to keep
  8. The 44-40 had three rounds in the trap door but it's in rougher shape The 38-40 just feels better to me and runs smoother
  9. Unfortunately I've delt with two black pins lately that need a refresher. I was lucky enough to talk with lassiter and flying shootist and get a few things straightened out at Illinois st.
  10. I thought the same thing. Just do your best. You never know when they might surprise you. They sure surprised me
  11. Thanks Billy. Your talent may have helped with you winning.
  12. No. But we do have one that does have specialty shoots during winter if your interested pm me and we can talk about it
  13. Unfortunately no we are out of vacation for the year. We are going to try for black gold next year and maybe Tennessee
  14. I'm working on videoing a how to. This class probably isn't a good one to tape because it's totally interactive. I have a rough idea what I want to go over. But I try to help wherever the shooter needs. It's a fairly small class so it's more one on one time. As long as there is light enough to see and people have questions I'll stick around and help where I can. I'll try to get a better how to filmed but it might be over winter If you have any questions feel free to message me. I'll try to help if I can
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