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  1. If that falls through I have one I just got back from lassiter. It was nib when I sent it to him. I've only shot 20 rounds through it.
  2. I've ran about 1000 in practice rounds. So far they go bang. I don't set springs for federal only.
  3. Depend on if they have tooling. Between 250 and 500. Prepaid orders and they will make it.
  4. I use the same ammo as normal. Leave the rifle mounted, but tilt it. Load weak hand. Usually my reloads run in the. .9 to1.3 sec. Range with practice I see way too many people try keeping the rifle straight up, eyes on the target then fumble for way longer than 5 seconds. Grab your shell weak handed. Tilt focus on the loading gate. Load. Lever as you straighten the rifle, eyes focusing back on target. Fire.
  5. My rep says they will be coming. Right now they are making what sells best
  6. Seen a bunch. Moving with cocked guns, loaded chamber. Dropped guns, 170 violations, sweeping people. Not clearing at unloading table. Multiple sdqs , I had a pistol catch on a table and get yanked out of the holster.
  7. Old/ original/large frame. 357 case hardened 4.62" barrel. Vaquero Picked it up at the gun show last weekend for a new shooter. They decided to go another way. Front sight has been filed. Hasn't been shot much. $900 shipped. I'll get pics when I get home from the horse auction tonight.
  8. Ive had this discussion with 3 black pins over the years. 2 called it clean 1 sdq. So I have no clue
  9. Part of the problem is sass went from very inclusive and welcoming to very exclusive to get into. One of the biggest mistakes I see over and over is people saying buy once cry once. That you need To buy race ready slicked up guns to have fun. The way the market is currently you are looking at $6000 plus if you do that. Very few will be able to do that. I've seen many times new shooters heckled, teased, embarrassed or ridiculed because they didn't have big name action work. A new person cut corners, and saved to get what they could afford, only to have shooters who should know better belittle them. We are taking over a gun shop at the beginning of the year. Part of what we will be offering is sass setups. Im working with several leather shops but we plan to offer complete sets. Budget to elite. Used rigs used guns entry level. Mid range, or money to burn range. At gunsmoke this year I overheard an experienced shooter who should have know better. Talking to a new shooter about the run I had just made on the speed pistol side match. How it was due to me having slicked up fancy guns and the new shooters stock guns were junk. The new shooter was visibly affected and dejected. Definitely not what we need to be doing! Luckily I was able chat with the young man and put things straight. Easiest way to convince him was take his guns and shoot a time within .5 seconds of my guns. Then explain the differences between our guns let him shoot mine It helped that my pistols were set up by me. Not some big name gunsmith. I got more out of that than beating the fastest 2 handed shooter by a second.
  10. 1. Ruger old army. A new shooter traded this to me last week for a 92 & 97. He bought it to hunt deer with. But then found out MN doesnt allow bp revolvers for deer. He pulled one nipple for a safety chamber but forgot where he put it. So it only has five. Ss 5 1/2" fixed sights. He claimed to have put only 30 rounds through it but I cant confirm. It doesn't have a ruger line yet so I'll let you decide. It does not have a box but does come with a lee single cavity bullet mold for .457. If you want it. I dont shoot bp, and dont care to start. Too many other irons in the fire. I dont get the value of these but I asked on the wire and compared it to gunbroker has them going for. I priced it at the low end of what I found out. $1200 shipped. First I'll take it here gets it. I'd rather a cowboy get it, If not ill throw it up on gb
  11. We shoot at three clubs regularly. Two have seen an increase, with numerous new shooters. One has seen a significant decline. However with that club I'd attribute the loss to horrible stage writing more than covid
  12. They started due to legal reasons. Never understood buck fever. Guess it was the way I was raised. Hunting was deadly serious, never cared much for antler size, they just get made into handles or buttons
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