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  1. It depends on which target your shooting at. If shooting left to right shoot the right barrel first the recoil will push you to your next target. Opposite sweep start with the other barrel.
  2. We are downsizing a bit but that's because there will only be six there this year. Turkey,ham, venison roast, sides, salad, pies,. I only go out and make big meals twice a year. If it doesn't get eaten, which is rare, I get leftovers. I'm good with that !
  3. I'm in a shotgun zone so we can't use a rifle. I have taken one with my 87, as well as quite a few with my vaqueros.
  4. We had 30 cases show up last month. They are getting easier to find
  5. We used to dry tumble, with 4-6 shooters we were spending a lot of time with dry tumbling. Then I got a good tip from Jerry miculek, bought an old used concrete mixer. I added a few more baffles to boost up the agitation and now we do around three thousand rounds in about half an hour and they look like new .
  6. Not slicked up but I have 3 factory new on the way if you don't find what your looking for
  7. I've two for sale, one a nib (yes actually nib never fired) 200e And an 100. I think the other one is, I'll have to check it's in the back of the safe. If your interested in either let me know
  8. Picked up a couple bisleys today,. One of them stumped me. As new mint 7 1/2" the kicker is it is in .32 police or 32 s&w long. Supposed to be lettered and actually legit. (Letter is on its way, so I haven't seen it yet). A custom ordered gun. Anyway has anyone seen one in person. I know they were made in a few non standard calibers as custom orders but this is the first I've actually seen in person.
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