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  1. I swapped two out in about half an hour monday. The spur isnt as tall but its higher up. Your thumb doesn't have to move as far. But it's not horribly wide like the ones you have now. For me it's the best of both worlds higher up and narrow
  2. I would swap in old model. It's what I do on all of mine. After duece let me shoot his that were done that way four or five years ago I would hate to shoot anything else
  3. Don't always look for what is faster for pistols. Look what's fastest for the stage. Some things may cost you half a second with pistols but save you a second with the shotgun. The great thing about gf is it opens up opportunities that others may not get. Try to always evaluate the stage with an open mind. It will make a huge difference in your times.
  4. It would depend on the rest of stage for me, if pistols were first, and what direction I was headed. If you had to move right after the sweep I would start with the left, moving to the left I'd start at the right. I'd recommend working on it so you can shoot either way starting right or left .That way you can more efficiently work a stage
  5. I run metal lined holsters. On stand and deliver stages they are loose, on movement they are tightened up and snug
  6. If someone can't handle pulling a 1200 lb horse with a half ton truck they definitely need to learn how to drive.
  7. I have to laugh at a lot of these comments. Many places around the world still use cars or 1/4 ton trucks to pull horse trailers. I have two trucks I use for hauling our horses, a 97 f350 crew cab diesel if im hauling the 30ft gooseneck, the 4 horse bumper Gets pulled with a 86 f150 with the straight 6. This truck actually is my preferred hauler but it's a regular cab and doesn't fit us all. If he needs more room then get a crew cab. Either truck is way more than needed for a single horse
  8. Is it bp only or safe for smokeless
  9. It's pretty subjective. I've seen guys hold their arms almost straight out and call it outlaw. Outlaw and shooting from the hip are two different things. If your match allows it I'd ask the match director what they allow.
  10. Depends on If you plan to shoot with one trigger or two. I use two and would never do it. .
  11. Feel free to send me a PM I dont claim to be anywhere near an expert but I can try to help you avoid some pitfalls.. I'm in the board at morristown as well as kimball both are great clubs to shoot at. As stated earlier I should have gear you can use and different guns to try to see what you like
  12. 1st and 3rd Saturday's April through Oct What size belt do you need? I have enough different holsters and belts to find you something that should work
  13. If you want to come to Morristown let me know and I'll bring you guns and gear to try
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