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  1. When my kids decided they were going to shoot I bought a 5 gal pail full of .22s. they switched to 38 pistols after one match so I have a crap ton of 22 ammo , so I practice with it. when I actually have time to practice . The guns aren't the same but the mindset is. I'm getting older and my joints like it better when I do large volume in a short time. It's a lot easier on the body. now that my kids have decided they want more buckles from above state or regionals, I've had to break out the back yard range and dust off the cobwebs, it's not unusual for me to shoot 1 to 2000 rounds in an afternoon practice session with them. There are a lot of kernels of knowledge posted above. There is also some not great advice. Proper dry fire is very good, BUT, improper dry fire will cause major issues if not corrected. its really easy to get sloppy if you don't get live feedback. Transitions, shotgun reloading, and your mental game is what wins a match. There is nothing better than live fire with the guns and rounds that you will be using,but any gun can be used. I've used my three gun gear before practicing transitions and stage layouts, pacing. If you have the guns, then by all means use them. Even if you don't and you plan long term usage. 22s are still cheaper. If you only want to practice 50 rnds here and there, just use the money on ammo.
  2. We are working on one for my daughter. Very ammo sensitive but so have misfired or had any issues
  3. Rugers qc has drastically gone down. We sent back three guns in the last two weeks. A rusted vaquero, a max nine with no extractor and a lcr with a bad pawl.
  4. It's pretty simple. I can order him new ones no problem. But as most know used are generally cheaper than new believe it or not new guns don't have the markup most think they do. Plus used sass guns generally have all the bugs worked out and are smoother than factory.
  5. 5 1/2". But it isn't critical. He's not going for speed, he's more into the clothes and historical aspect. His rifle is a 30" and he's going to shoot an original hammered Remington shotgun
  6. Generally I have the same opinion of insurance companys. However getting insurance to cover a small gun shop is nearly impossible. He went way out of his way to find us a policy that we could actually afford.
  7. Finally talked our insurance agent into shooting sass this year. He had one condition, that is he wants to shoot 44-40 Remington clones. So I need to source a pair for him. He's early 30's with a young family so used is highly important. Full disclosure I'm the ffl he's going to be transferring them to, but I'm not making anything in the deal. He's a good friend I'm trying to help.
  8. That's actually in the works. I just need to get someone who can be in front of a camera without breaking the lens to do the talking part. .
  9. The two we have in are a little rough but I think they will be able to run with a little elbow grease
  10. If Mike's doesn't work out let me know and I'll bring mine
  11. I got of the buckle, award chase two years ago. I don't really regret it. It's fun to scare the good shooters a time or two but going for sub 10 second stages just burned me out. Now I just enjoy the time with family and friends.
  12. Shoot I just realized I screwed up. I didn't play with the Taurus but heritage. I'm sorry fellas
  13. Paper thin plastic. You could get it to flex in the frame by squeezing with two fingers.
  14. I played with the prototype that they had at the big rock trades show. Injection molded Hammer that I have serious concerns about holding up. Also the grips are a definite no go. But that's an easy swap. They haven't done any serious testing as of January on longevity. We have a couple coming that we are going to do a first shot, and 5000 rd review on. They also have what looked like a steoger clone coach gun coming out as well. It's lighter and needs some love from springs and action work but might be a good entry level shotgun
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