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  1. I can make all the parts in house I'd just rather use originals if possible. Thanks for the help. Sent out emails, but I haven't heard anything yet
  2. Still trying to set up gear for all the kids, looking for a shortened stock, I don't really want to cut the factory one. Too nice of wood.
  3. My wife runs one so we tend to have a few around ,I think 9 currently, the most at one time was in the neighborhood of 20. Around here they are cheap and plentiful. The local toy store calls me whenever they get one in and it usually comes home with me. Most of the time it was grandpa old shotgun that just sat in the closet for decades. A little cleaning and they work. The most I've ever spent on one was 350. Usually I get them for about 200. We only have one replica and that's because we won it. They are a fun gun to play with and a great gun to start out. Just throw a shell in the hole and pump.
  4. Coach gun cowboys will be putting on winter shoots in kimball mn this year send me a PM for when
  5. Go somewhere else. To cut and turn down the barrel would take less than two hours at our shop. It's not that detailed of work.
  6. Our. 38s run us just under .07 but that's because we buy large quantities and get some for cost. Right now I'm loading for 6 for next year... if I couldn't find the deals I do I wouldn't be shooting. Im already selling off extra guns to help over next year
  7. Originals are out there. I picked up 3 38-40s in the last 2 months. 1 colt, and 2 73s, one of the 73s was only 600 the other not much over a grand.
  8. I learned on sunday of the passing of my great uncle. I was surprised to learn that he was a vet. He was a supply sergeant in the final years of the war. Nobody in the family had ever talked about it. He never did anything for veterans day or anything like that. He was know for being able to shoot but then most of the guys in my family are. It does explain a little better the collection of ww2 guns he had. They were the only plain guns. Everything else was highly engraved. Anyway it was weird to learn about after his death. I think im going to do a little digging into it to learn more
  9. Our kids already help reload. And I sent a Mec, and a Lee single stage home with a couple manuals. We will be heading up tomorrow night to set them up
  10. I was wearing the slippers last night just tapping my toes to the radio... woke up to a dusting of snow on the range today
  11. I do have a friendly ffl. After today I'm going to need one. We went through 1200 rounds in 2 hours. I think im going to get at least 3 dedicated shooters here.
  12. Just finished a practice session. 3 are typical kids 2 show promise. But one, if he sticks with it will go places. First stage today was a 76. With a little coaching and me tweaking his guns, last stage was a 29 clean. Just simple 1,3,2,3,1 sweeps. 2 shotgun but he has a rare talent .
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