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  1. Thank you everyone. We have our good days and our bad days. Sometimes people forget that while someone isn't sick in bed it doesn't automatically mean things are all right. Lincon is struggling to deal with it but he is trying his best.
  2. If you are in to prayer I'd appreciate a consideration for lincon. Our 8 year old boy is going through some pretty tough issues right now and could use a little help. It's one of the hardest things having to watch and know that I can't just make it better for him. Thank you to everyone in the sass community that has been kind to him.
  3. To me, yes it is that big of a difference. I missed way more with the shorter barrels and was slower.
  4. I've seen that happen more than once. Two of the times they didn't change their mind and still called the miss... I have learned to be careful who we posse with.
  5. Near Howard lake. If you get a hold of riverboat red he can give you the exact address. If you need I can give you his contact info
  6. Tex the crow river rangers. A small club we are trying to support. 5 years ago they had over 100 shooters at monthies. Now some matches are under 10
  7. It was a good day to try something new. So I tried that squaw grip thing in a match, and I shot half the match with a single shot shotgun. One worked better than the other. I will never be a good two handed shooter. It just feels wrong to me, and led to my first ever stage dq. Once the guns were out not an issue but the drawing and holstering would need a lot if work. Plus plus i kept wanting to grab both guns. The single shot was fun. I even managed to have a couple stages where I had the fastest time while doing it. A 27 and a 25. Which is pretty good considering I fumbled drawing and holstering too. Another cool event today was seeing my wife take 2nd overall. All in all a fun day Correction. Both were 25
  8. If sarge doesn't want let me know. I have desire for a tomato stake
  9. How is it any different than standing next to anyone who reloads? Are you sure their loads won't blow up the gun? there is a lot of home gunsmiths in this sport. I've seen guns done by professional cowboy gunsmiths blow open. If you want a perfectly safe hobby this isn't it.
  10. The rule is clear. When a TO sees a p it should be called. Even if the spotters don't agree
  11. So if your TO is doing his job per the rule book he should be replaced? Wow just wow
  12. The owner of the shop i help out at goes hunting with some of the big wigs at ruger every year.
  13. We have 6 on the way... the Kids are almost as excited as I am
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