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  1. Looking for a used, even cosmeticlly abused, functional, 73 for classic cowboy, and cowboy re enactments, rough looking is ok even preferred I currently own only originals that work for classic and dont want to put them to that abuse. Doesn't need to be slicked up. What do you have in your ugly gun stash that your embarrassed to shoot?
  2. We are trying to decide if we will have enough shooters to make the match . So if you are interested on shooting it please let one of the board know by June 1st July 9-11 in kimball mn
  3. Factory yes but you could custom order any length I have one made in 1885 that is from factory 26. And one made in 1898 that left the factory with a 28" round barrel the shortest I've seen is 14" there is a gentleman who comes ever year to the local gun show with his Winchester collection. He normally brings about 30. It's fun to see the documented history. If you wish to purchase one of the historic one you better come with deep pockets. His cheapest is 45k
  4. Ive got an original shooter 73 in 38-40, round barrel that's been cut down. Functions. I bought it for measurements to make replacement parts and to shoot classic cowboy, I have the measurements and I can't bring myself to use it roughly.
  5. My first question would be, what are your goals with the rifle? Are your goals buckles in competitive categories? Or are you going to just enjoy shooting a cool gun. If you aren't into going as fast as possible there are plenty of rifles that will be fun and work fine. If you want to win. Out of the box the miruko is the only one that is capable and won't chew itself to pieces
  6. Too high of a price... Taurus can be pretty touchy. I've shot two that work as fast as you can cycle them. Stock but most ive seen need help. I paid less than that for my uberti last month. A Taurus I wouldn't spend more that $400 for.
  7. They are legal in single shots
  8. Trying to run sub 2 seconds with thousands of cycles is hard on parts
  9. My first 73 I bought was used pretty hard, it had a wore out jb welded aluminum one in it. Never shot a rifle with a stock brass one in it. As for the titanium. I measured the frame dimensions when I installed it. After roughly 120k cycles it has opened up a little. While the carrier hasn't changed
  10. Brass, alloy, hardcoated aluminum and titanium
  11. I made it. I work at a CNC shop. I'll take a pic when I get home
  12. I don't have a shotgun boogie one but I do run a titanium carrier in one rifle. They run nice, buildup is less. It will ruin your frame before it wears out
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