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  1. If they don't accept major credit cards...stay clear of them. Most all of the sites that don't accept CC's are scams. There are legitimate suppliers like Classic Old West Arms/Outlaw Gambler that don't accept CC's but they are far and few in between.
  2. I love all seafood and have, as my gal says, a "cast iron stomach"...not to be confused with a washboard stomach. The first 3 times I ate sushi were in restaurants, each time got food poisoning to one degree or another. The restaurants were in good standing with State officials and had good reputations. I've eaten sushi at family events with no problems. The smell, texture, taste and sauces have differed every time. Every time, it tasted good, although it left me wondering why it was so popular. So far as I'm concerned, sushi is just an appetizer...the "artsy fartsy" kind. When I go out to eat seafood, I want to eat seafood, I want more than a couple of bites, give me the slow Cajun boil seafood platter.
  3. You're in California (not for long though), I doubt anyone would say anything.
  4. Man, this pisses me off. Ohio HOA orders veteran dad of slain police officer to remove Thin Blue Line flag: 'Political sign' | Fox News
  5. A Tarpon Springs cop that I used to shoot with told me that the best excuse that he ever heard for illegal speed (around noontime) was: Cop - "What's your hurry?" Speeder - "I'm on my way home for lunch. My wife is going to have sex...and I really wanted to be there." Cop - "Have a nice day."
  6. Sorry, General questions are above my pay grade.
  7. Drive stakes or pipes into the ground on both sides (approx 18" on either side) of the cornrow and run fishing string between the pieces of pipe in a zigzag pattern so that it forms an X within a rectangle about 18" above each plant. Works on seagulls (flying rats) above swimming pools, probably will work on a small corn crop. If not, fire away but leave some dead ones at the site. If they're like buzzards, they won't like seeing their dead buddies and won't come back.
  8. That is one reason why I bought a window unit as a backup. One, in case the central ac went out. Two, in the event of a hurricane or long power outage, my generator can handle the window ac (along with lights/fridge/fans) but not the central ac. It's enough to cool a room down nicely and make the rooms nearest it cool also. Good luck. I can't remember the last time I got 5 hour's of solid sleep.
  9. That's just a day at the ballpark for Joey Chestnut.
  10. They supposedly stopped the Lifetime Warrantee on all electronic items recently...however, last year I called them about a low primer sensor that I acquired that someone had left the batteries in. They replaced it free of charge and within a week. Never know until you ask!!!
  11. I'm pretty sure that Boston is going for 1st round 2023 draft picks. It's been a long time since they sucked this bad...heh, heh, heh.
  12. That guy has a beer pop top on his arm, I wonder what he's got up his sleeve...
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