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  1. Don't bother with reruns unless you just want to watch a food fight at an ACLF. There were no winners last night and the only real loser was the American people.
  2. Agree completely. The Babbler vs The Blowhard.......I won't be watching rounds 2 or 3.
  3. I was shocked when I was in the LGS a couple of weeks ago and they sold a guy a 50 rnd box of 9mm ball ammo for $50 + tax.
  4. Is there anyone here that HASN'T lost the dust cover indent ball from a '73 rifle? I heard mine hit the ceiling in the garage, looked for it (while progressively uttering obscene language) at least 45 minutes. Got out the magnet, everything. My gal comes out and asks me what I'm cussing about. I explain that I've been looking for this thing that looks like a BB but is about 1/2 the size. She looks at the floor, takes about 2 steps, bends down, picks something up and says "You mean this"? Then the cussing really began.
  5. All you got was a welt? Mine bled.
  6. I wonder what the replies on this topic would be if this question was asked in Amsterdam.
  7. I gotta tell ya'll......if someone would pay $200 per 1,000, I'd sell every one I have. At a 6 to 1 profit, that's a no brainer.
  8. Michael Jackson got burned by Pepsi. Richard Pryor got burned by Coke. Neither one probably cared too much about carbonation.
  9. Note to self; Don't wear snakeskin boots around Trigger Mike.
  10. Sounds like this guy's bad day.....
  11. Challenger: The Final Flight is a four part series on Netflix. Each segment is about 45 minutes long. It is more of a documentary about the reasons for the mission, the risks involved in a cold weather launch and the aftermath of the disaster. Although much of the material is well documented, it is worth a watch for people interested in space travel.
  12. I had backups and backup backups. Never used them but did loan them out to others at big matches to use when their (fill in the blank) broke. I figure that if I ever need a backup for an important match, there are plenty of folks that would loan me one. With all of that in mind.......I sold all of my backups.
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