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  1. With all due respect, some ranges do not have back berms. All of them around here do.
  2. I notice my hangover every time I look in the mirror.
  3. Say it ain't so! Next you'll say pro wrestling is fake too. Never been there Tequila, always wanted to go. Have fun and say hello to Wyatt.
  4. I haven't seen a full service pump/island in years. I wouldn't pay any extra to have someone pump my gas because I'm cheap. Almost all of the the pumps around here have a sticker (next to the warning that tells you to not be an idiot) that has the universal handicap logo on it that tells you to push the button for attendant if you need assistance. While that's all fine and dandy, good luck getting the lazy attendant out of the building to assist you. Hell, they won't even change the paper roll for the gas receipts let alone help someone pump gas.
  5. Heck, if you believe some of the Florida old timers.....they had to walk 5 miles to school, up hill, through the snow, through the sandspurs, in a hurricane, at night, on Sunday, carrying their sister and brother while barefoot. And that's not to mention having to fight off the Indians in the woods while on the way home.
  6. Only if a horse and an AR were involved.
  7. I'm really not not try argue with you, however..... My rights DO extend to private property. Not applicable in this case but reread the 7th Amendment. Bitching on the internet? Why do you think this rule got changed? It sure wasn't by local bitching, think SASS Wire, Facebook, Twitter and the like. As far as further comment on this between you and I, please PM me with your phone number and I'll be happy to converse about out differences.
  8. I stand corrected, I was mistaken. You DO have vast knowledge and experience and I sure do appreciate that. Thank you for all that you do for SASS and the rest of us.
  9. I fail to understand how I'm lobbying for the new rule in any manner. In case you didn't figure it out, I'm against the new rule. The rescinded rule has been in place for at least 22 years since I've been in SASS and has NOT resulted in any unintentional discharge that I'm aware of. Perhaps, with your vast knowledge and experience, you can refer to an instance where the old rule caused any thing other than a stage DQ. As far as "bitching" about the rule change, I am permitted to voice my displeasure here on the Wire as long as I remain in the guidelines provided. Are suggesting that anyone with an opposing view point, other than your own, remain quiet or should be stifled? If so, I suggest a refresher course on the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. Maybe you're just used to having you rights trampled......I'm not. As I stated, I'll abide by the new rule just as I did the old rule. I don't need you to tell me what I should post or which rules I should like or dislike.
  10. DDD, That's true, roughly 1/3 voted against the rule change. The passage of the rule change doesn't mean that I can't disagree with it here on the Wire. When the State of California make a new asinine gun law in the "name of safety", do you have to like it and not let your thoughts be known? I sure do hope not. I have to wonder what the vote would have been if all current/paid up to date SASS members were to vote. Doesn't matter now, it is what it is. I will, as the TO, follow the new rule accordingly.
  11. Naw, the Canadians don't drive fast enough to fly.
  12. This is just more "dumbing down" of safety rules that have been in place as long as I've been shooting SASS. If someone can't pay attention or doesn't care to pay attention to a simple rule like hammer down on the rifle before proceeding to the line, what makes anyone think they care any other safety rules? I guess this rule change is so someone doesn't get their feelings hurt and go home. To that, I say tough toenails......pay attention. This is a unnecessary and bad rule change. YMMV
  13. An AR, a horse and a cowboy walk into a bar.... Bartender says "Why do you have a horse and an AR" Cowboy says "They both kick less than a mule"
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