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  1. I thought that was what Viagra was for.
  2. Maybe her and Keith Richards have the same "doctor".
  3. I really would like to see new material. I doubt that any remake would stay true to the original and would likely be "politically correct". If any movie, I'd like to see The Wild Bunch remade but I have reservations that it could be done with the grit and feel of the first one.
  4. Now it's a cruise ship theme song. I don't get that one. I did read the book although it has been debunked as a diary.
  5. I guess no one started a '60's fad but we had the duck and cover drills in the '60's also, especially in Florida. All that I can remember from the Cuban Missile Crisis is the constant sonic booms. We lived in Fort Myers at the time, in range of the Cuban missiles. Good for me that I was in a little kid bliss for that.
  6. Never have understood why anyone would want their 4" - 6" exhaust pipes sticking up in the air for the rain to collect in the bottom.
  7. Perhaps you should Go Ask Alice.
  8. Man, they made you all read some weird stuff. We had to read "normal" stuff like Catcher in the Rye, Slaughterhouse Five and 1984. A couple of these probably aren't even in the library, let alone required reading.
  9. Calm down, calm down.......we'll get you a banana.
  10. All of the men who fought the Axis have all earned my respect. I knew men that fought in both the Pacific and Europe. They were my heroes and it was an honor to know them. All of them saw and did things that no teenager should ever have to see or do. From long talks, sometimes drunken talks, I could tell that it tortured them in their dreams and everyday thoughts. They are gone now but their memory goes on in me and everyone who remembers the physical and mental sacrifices made by Greatest Generation.
  11. It was Ryan Blaney who turned Newman as you stated. IMO, he went up to pass and Newman came up to block at the same time. Stuff happens and sometimes it's not good stuff. Blaney's young and has a bright future ahead of him with a great team. Lajoie is young but doesn't have the same things going for him. I just hope that Lajoie can put this behind him, get a good ride and have a positive future.
  12. Lajoie was in no way at fault in this incident. Really, no one was. Just hard racing to win the biggest race of the year. It's really too bad and unlucky for Lajoie as this will probably be the best finish that he will ever have at Nascar's highest level. Now that finish, for him, will forever be "tainted" in his mind.
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