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  1. All of the Outbacks' around here are the same way, at least, that's what my gal tells me...I guess I've never seen the sign.
  2. Screw Disney, I'm glad DeSantis if finally doing something about the scam dictatorship that the Reedy Creek Improvement District has become. It'll be a cold day in hell before I go there or give a penny of my money to Disney. I do have to ask though. Why would you take a cat to the mouse house and leave it in the parking lot?
  3. I seriously doubt that the mini-van was all wheel or 4-wheel drive. Every one, of that vintage, that I've seen has been FWD. The motor, transmission and brakes are, undoubtably, not going to last long, maybe 10,000 miles, if that. The air deflector/spoiler on top of the van is cute but completely useless but is a testament to redneck ingenuity as is the rest of the vehicle.
  4. Sounds about right. Many non-firearm people (and some firearm people) get their "knowledge" from Hollywood and think that a short barrel shotgun will have a huge spread in a short distance...it doesn't. I've demonstrated (on purpose) this at a few matches with Lite target loads on cardboard IPSC targets at 10' or so...nice ragged 3" to 4" hole. Just like any other firearm, you have to be on target to hit the target, not just blast away in the general direction.
  5. I got right in... Store | Bullets by Scarlett
  6. Hey, at least the guy used GFI and AFI breakers. I've seen worse, not often though.
  7. Wow! I'm actually astounded that there hasn't been more substantial overall change. Thanks Joe!
  8. I wonder what a present day picture from the same location would look like.
  9. Your description pretty much describes my first impression with it also. Would be a good get out of the basement gun though!
  10. I tried one out at a match. It was fun w/AA Lites, wouldn't want to use high brass shells in it. Shot 5 rounds out of it, hit the knockdown once. If you were to practice with it often, it could be a very effective HDW. I do think that there are many better HDW guns however that don't require the use of both hands, carry more ammo and are easier to reload. Remember that the people who say "How can you miss with a shotgun?" have never shot a shotgun in competition or under duress.
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