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  1. And here I thought it came from a Bruce Willis movie.
  2. Just remember that ANY pro gun state can become an anti gun state in just one or two election cycles. Oh, as you know, Florida is out. Heat, sun, humidity, love bug, pythons, sharks and Canadians. Pro gun...right now though.
  3. The last time I heard the word "redbud" was back in the late 70's......it didn't signify shrubs with pink flowers.
  4. I have both the .30 Carbine Blackhawk and the AMT Automag III in .30 carbine. IMO, the recoil of either is less than a .45 ACP but if you want the person that's next to you at the range to relocate.....it's the pistol for it. The Automag is my favorite pistol that I own or have own...never had a problem with it in the least. I HAD a Remington 700 in 7mm Mag and sold it due to the recoil, just didn't like getting beat up by it. The recoil from it (IMO) was less than the Marlin 1895 45-70's that I've shot. The last time I shot the Marlin 45-70, the owner of the gun gave me a box o
  5. Okay Pat. The die is only $5.00 but the shipping is $8.50 for a total of $13.50. If you would like more dies the shipping would not increase at all. Let me know if that's acceptable and I'll send you a PM with payment info and mark #2 SPF. Thanks Sun
  6. Public schools taught by the woke people. Actually, Dusty had the math right on the original, unedited post. He edited it for the brass that was bought.
  7. Is it priced too high, not enough reloading supply, not the right caliber, too blue.....what? Please give me some feedback folks. I really want to sell this loader. Thanks Sun
  8. A hearty congrats to Christian and Pearly. Also a shout out for Cowboy Jon and Shelleen. Great finish guys.
  9. 4/12/21 I called Dillon, the part is covered by their no bs warranty and will be shipped out today. I will install the new part in the low primer alarm is it gets here before it sells. The lady I talked to at Dillon was made aware that this was a used machine and I did not buy it new or from them. I guess it's just who you talk to and what day it is.
  10. This schematic may help. https://www.gunpartscorp.com/gun-manufacturer/mossberg/shotguns-mossberg/395ka
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