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  2. Blazing Saddles is legit and NOT a scammer. I'll vouch for him. Sun Below are the scores from the last Lake County Pistoleros match in January. There are plenty of other Florida clubs that he shoots at also. https://actionshootingnetwork.com/PF.Site/Apps/phpfoxer_file_loader/files/2364/LCP 1-21-23 (1-21-23) Overall Winners Details by Time.pdf
  3. William Holden as Pike Bishop in The Wild Bunch Henry Fonda as Frank in Once Upon a Time in the West Lee Marvin as Liberty Valance in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Jack Palance as Jack Wilson in Shane Jeff Daniels as Frank Griffin in Godless
  4. Heck of a deal for someone looking for a RG cart. BTT
  5. My terminology from back in the 70's and 80's; Loose pot = pot Rolled pot = joint Very potent pot = sinsemilla or skunk bud Funny this thread came up. Today while out driving around to garage sales, we saw a guy crossing the street walking a bicycle that was a doppelganger for Tommy Chong as he looked in the movie Up In Smoke. My gal and I looked at each other at the same time and said "Hey look, it's Chong." Then we laughed pretty good about it.
  6. Good, glad we shot it down. One down, one to go.
  7. It's all an experiment. Test the time to recognize the threat and to react to it. The threat wasn't even recognized until it had flown over a 1/3 of the country and wasn't reacted to until it had passed over the ENTIRE country. During WWII, Both the Allies and the Axis experimented with using balloons to deliver a different type of "bomb" on their enemy...invasive and crop destroying insects. They also experimented with bubonic plaque bearing fleas. The Germans actually succeeded in the destruction of potato crops...their own. Seems they tried it out on their own crops but couldn't find any evidence that the insects dropped had any affect...until the next years growing season when many potato crops were failing due to an infestation of the larvae of the very insect dropped the previous year. The Chinese know that they cannot overwhelm the US on it's own ground in one fell swoop. They don't care about starving another country's people, look at what they have done to their own people over time. I'm not saying that this is what the Chinese have in mind but they flew (what I consider) a threat to our national security all the way across the US, from coast to coast. Sounds like a pretty successful experiment to me.
  8. This We should just send up a couple of toll booth balloons. Charge...I dunno...10 cents for passage. I can see the Chinese now...
  9. Entire summer? Heck with that, do they rent apartments by the year?
  10. Oh great...chicken cops now. Probably wearing leg spurs to aid in the beat down of the chickens of the lesser coops.
  11. Yep, I really like American Select. Good, clean, fluffy powder for various pistol and shotgun uses. Hope all of the powder that I sold you equated to hits on the right targets!
  12. Sounds more tactical, makes it sound like the meteorologist knows what they are talking about.
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