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  1. I have never understood the entire Kick down the door in the early am to execute a search warrant on a known gun owner that has no criminal past or arrest warrants connected to him. To me, it makes much more sense to wait until he comes outside, or pulls out of his driveway in a vehicle, and "detain" him in such a way as him to see that they are clearly marked ATF, DEA, whatever, agents...then execute the search warrant in a peaceful manner. Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT agreeing with the actions of the ATF in this instance...far from it...I'm just saying that there are much better ways to safely execute a search warrant.
  2. You'd have to get a separate safe just for this ugly stick lest it be ostracized by all of the other guns in big safe.
  3. I'll pass on the RV also, looks like a deathtrap to me. One year during The Ides of March annual match in Florida, there was (evidently) an amphibious car meet in the same town. There was 3 or 4 of those cars at the hotel. Interesting toy, completely impractical and somewhat safe...as long as you know how to swim!
  4. There, fixed it for you...sounds good now.
  5. Ridiculous. Typical Dem run state. Let the criminals run the city instead of putting their asses in prison. Put the scrap recyclers in prison also if they accept copper/metals without proper ID...oh, wait...can't have some perceived insult by checking ID. I can't even begin to relate the amount of damage copper thieves have caused to the electrical trade/equipment. For every dollar the thieves receive for the stolen copper, they cause about $50 in damage/repair costs...$50 to $1 approximately and that's a very conservative estimate.
  6. At Powder Valley, it's cheaper to buy it by the pound for some reason and it's in stock.
  7. Your phone number is still listed....867-5309.
  8. Throw a few peppered Lubers in with them...they're not bad. Use old oil, tastes like chicken.
  9. Right now it's in the mid $3.20 range but can vary wildly from day to day and area of town. Sam's is usually about $.10 -.15 cheaper than chain stations and BJ's is usually about $.20 - .25 cheaper. I have seen a $.47 increase over night once for some perceived/imaginary crisis about a year ago.
  10. That's about the same story I've heard also. I was taught to finish a job that I started and I accepted . It's called commitment and integrity. The vast majority of jobs require actions that involve other people, sometimes many other people. Most of these people are involved in the job because that's THEIR job AND their livelyhood also. Costner's narcissistic self indulgence in his new endeavors affected many other people's jobs and livelihoods in a bad way. I guess he finally finished Yellowstone but by now...who cares. You're right, the new "movie" looks good and Costner is a good actor. Dances was an excellent movie, heck, I even liked The Postman. I'll probably watch the new western trilogy but I've lost a ton of respect for Costner.
  11. I watched a group of Harley riders hit a large cloud of love bugs on a toll road highway while they were doing about 70 - 75. No fairings, windshields or helmets. They pulled over right away. I'm sure they stung but they must have got an instant coating on their faces, necks and jackets of smashed love bugs. I understand they don't taste real good either.
  12. Supposedly a multi-part movie...I wonder if he'll finish this one.
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