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  1. I've played many on people and had many played on me. One of my favorite ones was a spur of the moment thing. We had just hired a guy from Buffalo, New York who moved here the day before he started work. At first break, he asked what was the deal with the "little dragons" (lizards) that were running around everywhere. Now I'd never met the guy before that morning but it didn't matter. I told him that they were Cuban lizards and extremely poisonous. I could tell by the way he was looking at me that he was eating this bs hook, line and sinker. Continued by telling him that they had
  2. It's hard to tell and has nothing to do with the hangup but the powder bar does not appear to be fully returning to the hopper. Does the upright post on top of the slide bar return fully to the edge of the hopper assembly? Edit; I would call Dillon on this matter. I only have one of the measures of this design and it's nowhere near that bad. They may have to send you another or fix the one that you have.
  3. As Chief Rick stated, the situation is normal. The positive return is one of the "improvements" added over the years. The pictures above illustrate springs installed above the powder bar and below the powder hopper. They used to come with one spring, this one has two. The extra spring was installed by the person that I bought the measure from. It works pretty good on the bar return but does have resistance on the powder drop. Strictly my opinion, do not attempt to bypass the fail-safe. If the powder bar does return all the way to the original position, the powder will not meter correctly and
  4. Some good advice above. Here's mine.... S&W Shield in 9mm or 40 with 3 extra mags and a holster of your choosing but not a ankle or boot holster. Unless you plan on wearing a coat around all summer and sweating your ass off, a shoulder holster is out also. That pretty much limits your choice of holster but still plenty of choices. Some folks don't realize the heat and humidity in Florida from May to October is oppressive at best, so carrying a large frame pistol while wearing minimal clothing makes difficult to conceal. No matter what you purchase, make sure you cl
  5. Gotta do something with them old bowling balls......just kiddin ya Allie.
  6. I saw a gal with a AR almost like that at the range last Thursday. She was shooting it pretty well from what I saw.
  7. Same here only it was 40 years ago. Got divorced 2 years later....wonder what ever happened to that woman.
  8. It's been bad enough around here ever since he came to town. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha...that's all we'll hear for the next two weeks ad nauseam.
  9. Looks like you caught a Walther. Great catch.....what'd you use for bait?
  10. Probably gonna start using both hands and the sights.
  11. Just received my order today. Gotta say, I'm impressed at the turnaround speed. Bullets look good, I'll see how they perform next week. Of course, the bullet is only as good as the reloader/shooter.
  12. Shoot it and enjoy it. An unfired gun is nothing more than an expensive rock.
  13. Got to wonder about the the complete lack of gun use in the show now. It's evident that it's set after 2020 because there must be no powder, primers or bullets left for reloading. The new season of TWD returns 2/28/21
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