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  1. I have that album along with about 300 others of the 60's, 70's and early 80's music. Along the threads line though.....What did the Grateful Dead fan say when he ran out of drug?. "Man, this music sucks".
  2. Thanks Cass for getting the scores up so quickly. Really wanted to be there, just couldn't. 1st one I've missed in 18 years. Be there next year iffn the creek don't rise.
  3. $200 in 1934 was a hell of a lot of money. Not so much a few years later.....at least not paper money.
  4. Sure, everyone knows that a screwdriver is what you drink before going to work and hammers come in three different sizes.....Big, Bigger and you'll never get it out Big. I guess I qualify.
  5. There are no less than 4-HD's and 4-Lowes in Pinellas Co. They are each within a block of each other at the 4 different locations. I don't think any of them have great customer service. It really is decided on the individual working in the department....some are helpful and others act like you're bothering them. It all really changed when they started stocking their stores with 1/3rd appliances instead of what folks were really going in them for. Seems like they'll hire anyone who says they used to be a (pick your department) specialist and can pass a piss test. I know this.....if the package has been opened....don't buy it, it's missing parts, defective or otherwise unusable. They seem to take returns and put them back on the shelf. The "displays" that they put in the middle of the aisles really annoys the hell out of me. Anyone with a dolly (especially the ones with wood) or a cart have a hard time not running into you. The days of the old mom and pop stores are gone and it's sad. I used to enjoy going and talking to an "old timer".....now I am one. Maybe I should get a job at HD or Lowes.
  6. This.......but unlike Cheyenne, put some powder in your shells.
  7. Lucas gun oil (the red stuff) in the guts and nothing on the carrier.
  8. My daddy always told me I'd drive him to drinkin' if I didn't stop drivin' that hot rod Lincoln.
  9. If your resources are limited to 2K, start with good pistols, borrow a rifle (if you can) and a mediocre shotgun. As your funds increase, next would be good rifle followed by shotgun. Before you buy ANYTHING, go to matches and try different guns out.......you'll see what you like and dislike. Making friends at SASS matches is purty easy.....be friendly, help out and ask questions. Good luck and have fun no matter what you decide on. BTW, pick an alias and change your "on line" name.....way too many scammers/spammers out there to have your Email posted.
  10. It's the use of the word "clip" instead of magazine that yanks my chain.......like when someone asks about clips for a M1911.
  11. I had a high school ring, never wore it. It disappeared during a move and never was able to find it. Had a wedding ring when I was married but never wore it (or any type of jewelry) as I was, and still am, an electrician and in construction. I've witnessed WAY too many accidents involving jewelry during the 40+ years in the construction industry. I've advised many a greenhorn to abstain from wearing rings, necklaces and the like.....some listened, some didn't. On another note, another electrician friend of mine that I've know since 1978 used to wear his late father's wedding ring on a necklace in memory of his father. About 30 years ago, when his daughters were small, he would to take them to Clearwater beach almost every weekend. One day he and his wife had the girls on their shoulders "chicken fighting" in the surf about waist deep. During the tussling about, the chain broke and ring with necklace fell into the water. He borrowed a mask from another beachgoer and looked for an hour to no avail. Two weeks later, he took his girls back to the beach. As they were going to leave, the girls went down to wash the surf to wash the sand from the toys. His oldest girl looked down and there was the ring, half exposed, in the sand. He could tell it was his father's ring as the ring was inscribed on the inside with his father and mothers name and date they were married. The odds of finding it had to be astronomically against ever seeing that ring again. To this day, he swears that his father's spirit guided his daughter to that ring.
  12. Looks like a cell phone crash to me.......they look up and say "Oh shoot" and try to swerve....no where to go. Either way the person in the Nissan is an idiot.
  13. Wouldn't want to be that target. How'd it cycle?
  14. WOW, now that's a great description of shooting in Florida. I don't think I said that many words that were in this post in the last year....probably take me that long to write up. Thanks for the post. Sun
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