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  1. Lucky for me, the Two Cowboys that got me started. Always said, you should have Two Years worth of reloading. That sure did help!
  2. I load 3.2 grains of TB with 125 Gr. truncated flat point . Been shooting this load for 10 years.
  3. That's what my friend that got me started, told me. Have at least two years worth of reloading supplies.
  4. Howdy, here's my info.


    Roger Dorner

    5029 Mattis Rd

    St louis Mo. 63128


    Thanks RRR  Ps let me know were to send payment. Is a check O.K.


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    2. Red Rider Rudy

      Red Rider Rudy

      Sorry being late sending payment. How much was total?


      Thanks Roger

    3. Asa Smith

      Asa Smith

      I believe it was $48 total (if I am incorrect let me know)

      I am new to selling in big groups so I deleted the part of the post after you bought them.

      I was asking $40 for the group plus $8 shipping.

      When you get them please let me know and if your are satisfied with the deal, if you are not I will make it right.

      Thanks Asa

    4. Red Rider Rudy

      Red Rider Rudy

      I have them, I'm happy with the deal!


      Thanks Roger Payment is in the mail.


  5. Howdy Capt.  My address is.


    Roger Dorner

    5029 Mattis Rd

    St. Louis Mo. 63128 


    Is personal check O.K.?


    Thanks Rudy

    1. Capt. R. Hugh Kidnme

      Capt. R. Hugh Kidnme



       Yes Sir, check works like a charm.


      Please send to:


      Joseph Witcofsky

      90 Fairfield Dr.

      Staunton, VA 24401


      (c) 203 - 216 -2316



      Capt R. Hugh Kidnme

  6. For those that didn't make it. This was a Fun Fast Shoot !!!! Great Match !!!! Job well done by the Kaskaskia Cowboys! R.R.R.
  7. Howdy, it's a Coyote Cap 1887 Special Edition,   18" barrel  and 12 1/2 " LOP and screw in choke


    # cc-06 00024 

  8. Same here, paid to ship it back. About a week later was on the porch when I came home from work. Same thing said I owed "0" They are the best!
  9. On another post Coyote Cap said new they were $600 and if you buy one now under $1200 it's a deal?
  10. Well just picked it up from LGS. It looks almost new! Now just have to go shoot it! It is the Coyote Cap Special Edition.
  11. Didn't need a third one but price was right. Already have a Lasiter IAC, and a Chiappa with nothing done to it Yet!
  12. Looks jut like this one. Why did you not keep yours?
  13. Thanks Gritz, Looked like it's the real thing from the pics. Even if it's not bought it right.
  14. Not really Warden. It looks like it says Coyote Cap Special Edition on the side of the receiver. Didn't have time to contact sell before action ended.
  15. It is a lever action shotgun. Just not sure its a Coyote Cap Special Edition gun.
  16. Red Rider Rudy


    Not sure yet? But I think I just bought one of these! Pics weren't very good but looked like that's what was on the side plate. Can't what to get it. Anyone know what brand choke tubes these use, as it only has the one in it. R,R,R,
  17. If they had been 44 specials we would of had to arm wrestle for them! LOL Bump again for some Nice pistols
  18. If these were 38's they would have been mine the first day! Just can't buy all the stuff to go with them Nice Pistols!
  19. Great service from these folks. Have called and received small stuff before, but sent the press back to be fixed and gone over. Received today it's new other then a couple off parts. This was a 450 with 550 upper frame that I bought off Ebay 6 years ago. Best part is all I paid was to ship it to them! I will always buy Dillon. You hear about how good they are, but when it's your stuff it makes you fell good to get such Great Service! To the Dillon Folks THANKS Red Rider Rudy
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