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  1. I have found two real nice hats at estate sales. One was a 7x for only $20.
  2. Shot a stage like that at Pursuit Into The Osage Nation back in 2016. This was in Woolaroc Ok.
  3. Work okay in a 97, but not so good in a double barrel.
  4. That's like one year was 4th place. No plaque for 4th, but still got one for state champ. Sorta didn't mean much.
  5. We are waiting to hear how it went. I know you well have a smile on your face later today!!! Good Luck and have Fun. R.R.R.
  6. You will be fine. 12 years and I'm still nervous the first stage. No one will laugh, they will be too busy wanting to help!
  7. Thanks all, just looked under loading lever. It's a Uberti...
  8. Howdy, I have this cap & ball pistol that the only markings are London on top of the barrel. Anyone know how made these? Thanks R.R.R.
  9. I loaded some in empty brass and shot them in my really old jimmy spur guns. They all went off?
  10. Never meet him but heard nothing but good things about him! Prayers for you and your family...
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