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  1. Spoiler alert: one side wins and one side loses in that movie. Just can’t remember which.
  2. Mom made it often. Dad always said, “It’s good, but just not what the Army made.”
  3. Had a bit of hail last night. All melted away by daylight except at the downspouts. South Central Oklahoma, just north of the Red River.
  4. So cold that flashers were just describing themselves.
  5. Photo I took last night. As you can see it’s not much brighter than some of the other stuff out there. It was never advertised as something spectacular, just rare.
  6. Feller takes two monkeys to the taxidermist. “You want these mounted?” ”Nah, just holding hands.”
  7. I worked in a cardboard recycling plant till retirement. Baled cardboard goes into a big pulper (think giant blender) until broken down into fiber. The pulper had a junk trap at the bottom to catch heavy rejects such as metal, rocks, glass etc that was always in the bales. One night we found the barrel and upper of an AK-47. Serial numbers were still legible. I took it to the local PD. He called in the serial number to ATF. They told him the gun was not in the US. He said it was indeed in the US, so ATF finally agreed, said it illegally brought in. They told the officer to keep it till further notice. AFIK, further notice never came. several handguns were found in the heavy rejects through the years, but I never actually saw one.
  8. I remember the episode and he did say 26 caliber. I never heard the type of gun, and always wondered what it would be. I’m pretty sure Colt made pocket C&B revolvers in smaller than 31 caliber, but not sure if they made a .26.
  9. It may come as a surprise to some, but not long after 9/11 Arlo switched to the Republican Party.
  10. I have one of these old guns that needs a lot of tender loving care. I need to break it all the way down to clean the innards. Does anyone have breakdown instructions or a link to the same? I know the gun ain't worth anything, but it's a little project I want to try. I know it needs a thumb lever to open the action, not sure about any other parts.
  11. Shatner’s uses ozone. Ozone could be hard on equipment. My understanding is you have to replace an ozone cartridge about once a year.
  12. Any of y'all ever called one of these medicare benefit plans that Joe Namath and other celebrities keep telling us about? Sounds a lot like bait and switch, but I reckon it could be legit.
  13. I have a Browning semi-auto in .243, since about ‘74. Unlike a lot of other responses I’ve never had a dead right there deer with mine. All through and through lung shots, but all ran at least 50 yards. Same is true with the two I’ve killed with .45-70.
  14. Only non scoped rifle I ever shot MOA with.
  15. The Villain is the movie WC was referring to with Kirk Douglas as Cactus Jack Slade. Here's a link to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HicFYknnQqk
  16. If memory serves, the bullet below the case mouth does not apply to Nagants. I can't quote or post a link, but the topic was discussed a few months ago, and I think the general consensus was the bullet rule did not apply to the Nagant cartridges. Hopefully someone with a better memory will come along and clear it up.
  17. They're definitely different. I had one, used it once at a match. I had made some BP reloads, using a .31 caliber round ball. I was afraid that little 40 grain ball would be very hard to hear on the off chance it actually did hit steel. Turns out, it had plenty of oomph for the spotters, and I shot clean with that pistol. Reloads with my homemade BP or 777 FFg are quite a bit hotter than the factory rounds that I got the brass from. Here's a link to the process I used to reload them: And here's a link to a comparison test between factory, homemade, and 777:
  18. Reminds me of the one about the cat the had it's tail cut off by a car driven by a veterinary doc. Doc reattached the tail with the help of a passerby. But that's as far as I can go with this one. Y'all will have to finish it. If you don't know it ask Sawyer!
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