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  1. I remember reading somewhere that if you want the best effect from the water you have to water from the distillery’s source. Again, way above my pay grade.
  2. I reckon I’m slow headed, but I just can’t imagine how 2 drops of water in an ounce or so if whisky could possibly make a difference. Not arguing with those who say it does, just above my level of thought process. For purely scientific purposes I did buy one of those little bitty bottles of some Glenlivit 12 and will soon do a somewhat scientific test.
  3. Should be able to make some pretty easy. Speer sells the plastic shot cups for several different calibers. Real easy with a cap and ball revolver, 10 grains of BP, an overpowder card, fill to the rim with shot, and an overshot card.
  4. My Dad in France, receiving the Bronze Star for climbing a telephone pole to repair lines in the middle of a German artillery barrage.
  5. Looks like y'all are having fun. Digging clams is not on my bucket list, but Alaska is.
  6. Check beer home brewing websites. They might still have them.
  7. Women’s World Champioship Softball. OK State pitcher hits a HR in the first inning. Does it again in the sixth. Both to the same fan. He’s from Alabama, and since OU is playing Bama now I hope the HR run balls are his biggest victory.
  8. I know it was a comedy skit, but still kinda bothersome.
  9. Walking through a little local cemetery the other day.
  10. I bought a couple pair back in my papermill days. My gripe was that for the lower part to do its job of holdings things in place, I had to hike the upper part all the way above my belly button.
  11. It doesn't help, when your caught looking, to say, "I also read an entire menu at the restaurant, doesn't mean I'm going to order it all." Nope, didn't help a bit.
  12. I just saw on Facebook that Knifemaker has passed. He was a good man and will be missed.
  13. A lot of the "experts" do not recommend bird shot for home self defense, saying the shot may not penetrate to vital organs. However, I have a hard time imagining anyone continuing a threat after receiving a load of those #4 bird shot. Or even the #8 shot. As for the Winchester PDX, if they hit as hard as they kick, then someone is going down. They are painful to shoot, at least through a short barreled SXS.
  14. Since I assume the original post was about spooky trees, I thought I'd share this one. At Lake Overholser in Oklahoma City.
  15. I've tried them and went back to loose powder. They are great, but very tedious to make. If you like to keep your hands busy while watching TV or just sitting around then go for it. For me it was just to tedious. The modern Colt replicas will require some extra work to use paper cartridges, there is not enough room between the cylinder mouth and frame to insert the cartridges. I don't know if that is also true for Remington models.
  16. My bro in law was a F-4 mechanic in VietNam. They came back with lots of damage. My brother was a recon platoon leader in VietNam. They watched from a hill as F-4s were bombing in the valley below. An old Vietnamese would stand up from the grass and shoot at them with a bolt action rifle. They were laughing at the old man. They quit laughing when one of the F-4s starting trailing smoke from the engine. Lucky shot? Sure it was luck, but every once in awhile luck rolls around, good for the old man, bad for the pilot.
  17. I've been watching it on Fox. Lot's of unanswered questions about the fire dept's apparent, alleged, reportedly lack of response.
  18. I don't really know for sure, I heard the doc say laminectomy a time or two. I'd reckon they removed the offending bone that you can see in the MRI. They may have also done something to the bulged disc.
  19. It's like that everywhere. I worked at the Lowes in Durant, OK for awhile after I retired from the papermill. Some folks are really good in their areas, others are pretty close to useless. My job was stocking from 5AM to 9AM. I would always go out of my way to help customers after the store opened. It seemed like most of the better employees worked the morning shifts. After 5PM or so, a customer was pretty much on their own.
  20. All of the sciatic pain is gone, really sore at the incision area. I've always heard the third day is the worst, I'm beginning to believe it. Yesterday morning I got the hiccups, had them until 6PM. That got real old real quick. The absolute worst thing was NPO at midnight, didn't go into surgery until 4:00PM. I was ready to eat the pillow in the pre-op room.
  21. I had a hamburger there a couple of weeks ago. Very good. Wife ordered a little lunch menu steak, I had a bite, very good and very tender.
  22. The main thing I've learned from loading .44-40 is don't put any more bell on the case mouth than is absolutely necessary for starting a bullet. I use Lee dies on my Lee 4 hole turret, finishing with the LFCD. My Uberti revolver has very tight chambers, cartridges that will drop into my '92 may not chamber in my revolver. The LFCD smooths them out so they drop into the revolver. I made this little video several years ago, recording with iCam glasses. So you don't always get to see what I was seeing. In the video I comment that I don't put any crimp when seating the bullet, actually I do put some crimp. Like Driftwood, with full cases of BP you won't get any bullet setback anyway, so i don't need a lot of crimp. But I do need it for the revolver.
  23. I'd be willing to say most of us on this forum are immune!
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