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  1. That’s cool. Reckon you could talk them into producing “Hoobeats from Toostone”? Would make a great movie!!
  2. In a pinch you can shoot .44WCF through a .45. Might not hit anything though. That’s with today’s .45. Back then the thicker rim of the .44 might not fit in a .45. I don’t know for sure.
  3. I bought one from Cabelas that I use occasionally. It has an auto zero feature that makes it difficult to trickle up to a desired weight. I finally learned to tap the pan each time I added small amounts of powder.
  4. Get them several times a week. Also some that say here’s a reward for paying your bill on time. That does make me wonder, how do they know when I paid my bill?
  5. Wonder how they prevent that when they lay welded rail. No gaps.
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