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  1. Stingers are my favorite. However, past 50 or so yards the heavier 40 grain bullets like the Velocitor would start catching up.
  2. At the paper mill we had huge lights with like a 12” rod in the middle. When the electricians changed them out the rods were in high demand!
  3. If you really zoom in on BG's second photo you can actually see the spin of the bullet in the trace.
  4. I'm sure most of y'all already know this, but maybe someone hasn't seen it yet. Not much help for Pat's original question, but handy to know.
  5. The school I teach at (Marietta, OK)had a tornado evac today, 400 kids in a small basement is not enjoyable. Fortunately nothing happened.
  6. Their trachea is very long too. If you breathed through a hose that long you’d be breathing the same air over and over. Eventually fatal. For some reason it doesn’t seem to bother the giraffes.
  7. This is Katie enjoying the sunshine through the window.
  8. All I can add, whoever you choose, ask them to thoroughly sedate you. It ain’t no fun when you’re wide awake and someone is slashing around in your eye. Call me chicken but I found another doc for my other eye.
  9. Thanks to everyone. I suppose my brother did send it home, as opposed to when we were in Japan.
  10. Thanks UB. I’d reckon this was from Japan when we lived there ‘53-54. Dad was an MP. But it could be Vietnam, as my brother was there in ‘68-69. Like Widder said, wonder who the woman is? Sure enough easy on the eyes.
  11. What exactly is this? I'm guessing it was kind of like "mill money" that big companies used to pay their employees with, and was only good at the company store. I'm going through old totes of my mom's and came across this. Pretty art work, even it it's worthless.
  12. Hilarious. I’m weird, but I think overacted stuff is fun. One of my favorite movies is Lost Skeleton if Cadavra. But it was done on purpose, not sure about this scene.
  13. Once upon a time in Ann Arbor, MI my brother Sawyer and I had a small glass candy jar full of homemade BP. We were in the basement, he would fill the female end of a gun cleaning rod with the BP and light it. Mind you, this wasn't Swiss grade BP. It burned rather slowly, but made a nice miniature Roman Candle kind of effect. You've probably already guessed this, but somehow a spark drifted over to the candy jar and ignited it. No miniature Roman Candle effect there, more like a Saturn 5 rocket. How stuff stored in rafter racks avoided catching fire is beyond me. Mom was a work, Dad was upstairs, asleep in the bedroom. We quietly shut his door, then opened all the windows in the house to air things out. Remember Ann Arbor, MI? Did I mention it was in the winter? House got quite cold, but the smoke did gradually clear. To my knowledge neither Mom or Dad ever heard the story. We sure didn't tell them.
  14. Wasn’t this morning, but Oklahoma has some pretty nice ones too.
  15. Remember the “wife” chain letter, bundle up your wife, send her to the name at the top of the list. Within two weeks you’ll have 22500 wives delivered to your door. Probably at least one will be worth keeping.
  16. GoSkyWatch is an excellent phone app. About $10.00 to download about 10 years ago. Picture is a screen shot from my bed, you don’t have to be outside to use it. The circled star in the center is where I was pointing.
  17. 20 here in southern OK. Beautiful frost, but I didn’t get a good photo of the frost.
  18. http://www.erniesarcade.com/dontshootyoureyeout/play/
  19. If you get Pietta you’ll need to check the bolt to cylinder notch fit; if you get an Uberti the arbor may be a bit too short. Both are easy fixes. Both will benefit with Treso cones. The Pettifogger tips will help you on this.
  20. Dachshunds are known for back problems. She's had a spell or two where she couldn't do much of anything for a few days.
  21. Katie will be 13 in January. I don't believe that 1 human year equals 7 years to a dog stuff. That would make her 91. I don't see many 91 year old people running and jumping like she does.
  22. Pat, it was the second one I remember. Reason I asked is a feller from Australia posted a pic on a photography forum, I thought someone might have been stealing https://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?p=18920082
  23. Did someone recently post a photo of an old railroad track with a tree growing between the rails? I can't find it to save my life.
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