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  1. What does this mean? Gmaj7/F#. Does it mean play one or the other, or one immediately after the other, or both at the same time?
  2. I say “ double ought” instead of “zero zero”. Confuses the heck out of some people.
  3. Call me chicken when it comes to 23 gazillion needle sticks. If I ever got one it would be an outline of Oklahoma with a heart in the middle and roots coming out of the bottom. or a full size Colts Walker with the caption, “ The first .44 Magnum”
  4. Three times when my flash failed to fire. Nice silhouettes.
  5. LGS seem to have more choices, I haven’t seen .243 in a big box store in a couple of years.
  6. Sawyer had a Wood Mizer, used it for several years and really liked it. I can PM his phone number if you want to talk to him.
  7. I hope I never get natural causes. Seems nobody ever recovers from them.
  8. A DG opened here in beautiful downtown Lebanon, OK a couple of years ago. Very often saves us a minimum 15 mile drive to get food and stuff. No, they don’t have big selections, but they usually have what we want.
  9. Who else has had the pleasure of bucking square bales off of a flatbed up to the loft? Then dragging them to the other end to stack? While dodging the bucket sized red wasp nests? I’ll promise you the local weatherman cannot estimate “feels like “ temps up there! This photo brings back a lot of memories, and believe it or not most of them are fond. Hard work with good friends, and making enough money for Saturday night at the drive in movie.
  10. Gravity is more than a suggestion, it’s the LAW!
  11. I tried snow skiing once. We had a snow day in high school. Someone took the fins off of a pair of waterskis, hooked the tow rope to an El Camino and away the El Camino and tow rope went as I was lying face first in the snow. Some of the kids were really good at it, but not me.
  12. And think of the suspense while holding live cartridge twixt your legs and denting the primer with a hammer and punch.
  13. Sent you a PM.
  14. Nice afternoon on the front porch, enjoying the north breeze and using my Lee Hand Press. As a bonus, I’m ready for any unfriendly Bison that might wander by. Ya just never know!
  15. I don’t care much for this feller, but he sure makes sense on this:
  16. I just noticed it when I opened up the page. Not sure how to edit a title, but I’ll give it a tire.
  17. My nephew is wanting to sell off some inherited firearms. He lives in Overland Park. Any of y’all could recommend a good place for consignment sales? Not sure what all he has, I remember a ‘66, a ‘73, a John Wayne commemorative ‘94, a Border Patrol .38 S&W, Remington 660 in .243. It’s a real shooter, 3/4 groups at 100. I seem to remember a fast draw rig too.
  18. Bought a new washer the other day. I don’t think I would have ever attached the drain hose we’re it not for these valuable instructions.
  19. Just forget this thread. If I can’t read a ruler I don’t have any business reloading. They are 1.8 and 1.9. For sure.
  20. Dang, I can’t type numbers correctly. The cases are 2.8, and stretch to 2.9 when resized.
  21. Just got an email from Hodgdon, they won’t recommend any loads for brass that short and FTX bullets. Don’t really blame them.
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