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  1. I had a foot surgery a couple of weeks ago, healing fine, but can’t do much for another month or so. A church member brought me some books about a game warden named Joe Pickett by CJ Box. First one was pretty good, so I’ll continue with the series. If you haven’t read any of them I’ll recommend.
  2. My MIL had it done, they burned off too much, she couldn’t use her leg for several months.
  3. By waiting one more day (turning 65) my OK lifetime hunting and fishing license dropped from $800 to &25. That includes 5 deer, two turkey, trapping, and any other hunting/fishing activity every year as long as I live. I’ve used it for one deer and a couple of dove in six years.
  4. Oops, sodium thiosulfate is what I meant.
  5. You can get B&W film pretty cheap, Google Kentmere 35mm film. I use the 100 speed almost exclusively. B&W is very easy to develop at home, I use a formula called Caffenol, which is instant coffee, vitamin C, and washing soda. I still use a commercial fixer, but supposedly sodium hypochlorite ( swimming pool chemical) works as a fixer. Attached photo was taken with a Canon AE-1, Kentmere 100 film, and processed in Caffenol.
  6. HS base ball, coach is calling balls and strikes during batting practice. He’s wearing and old fashioned two bar catcher’s mask. I hit a foul tip and stick the ball between the two bars. He sure was proud of that old mask!
  7. I've used the Lee Loaders for many different calibers, both pistol and rifle. The only reason I can think of their warning for lever action rifles is a crimping issue, but all the ones I've used has a crimping feature on the other end of the sizing die. I've never had a problem with .44-40. You can make very high quality ammo with them, just not in a hurry.
  8. Yesterday a member of my wife’s side of the family showed me a gun he found in a barn. Colt SAA, serial # 205xxx, which puts it back to 1901. It wouldn’t go to half cock with the cylinder in it, but take the cylinder out and it do all four clicks. I took it apart today, cleaned it up real good, now it works! My internet is not working good enough for pictures but will post some when I can. Modern replicas (at least mine) don't have this screw in the frame (first picture). I didn't remove it, as I don't know what it is. Any suggestions? Barrel is pitted, but I can't hold the
  9. Unless he’s in India I don’t think the Ganges would be a problem. Don’t you just love spell correct??
  10. We used an 8 gauge at the paper mill to break up lime buildup in the kiln till the safety folks decided it would be too easy for some one to tote a 100 lb single shot cannon around and kill all the coworkers.
  11. Planning a visit to Winter Springs in the fall and would like to see a launch. Where should I go for best viewing, if there happens to be one while I’m there?
  12. While a decent movie, they definitely stretched the limits of imagination, especially in the final scene. On the other hand I used information from that movie to locate safe spaces at the paper mill for tornado events.
  13. Kinda like a bag of nails. Some are for ceilings and some are for floors.
  14. A busy indoor range will become very quiet when I touch off my Walker. Several “What was that?” will soon be asked.
  15. Sound is a part of felt recoil too. If a .22LR was as loud as a .300WM, folks would be flinching and cussing every time they shot it.
  16. Our HS coach was calling balls and strikes for batting practice one time. I foul tipped one that went over catcher’s head. Coach was wearing an old two bar face protector, the ball literally stuck between the bars. Took him a few minutes to realize he wasn’t injured.
  17. My sis in law found one of these in an old storage shed, very rusty, and the bolt was locked up. I took it home to play with, I've freed everything up, it will feed and fire a blank 20 gauge shell, then eject it. But I still need to take the bolt apart and clean the insides. I know it comes apart, just cant figger out how. Any suggestions??
  18. If, and that’s a huge if, I ever got one It would be an outline of Oklahoma, with a heart on the inside and tree roots come out the bottom. Or a full scale Colt Walker
  19. Hard to sit still during this one.
  20. And WJ just became the winner of this thread!!!
  21. I always wondered why anyone else cared how I eat my food. I damn sure don’t care how anyone else eats their food. But I’m weird. I’d rather have a good hamburger steak than any other meat.
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