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  1. yup,I'll be there with the Fans to blow all them grass skirts up who else plays the Uke?? Pm me and we can put a play list together
  2. we need a wave maker in the pond so we can go surfing
  3. I run a 6 round run but you can shoot it multiple times just get back in line. I shoot lever rifle 30 30, single shot 45 70 1885 high wall and 1874 sharps, Quigly is 3 rounds off hand as a rule of thumb I bring 60 rounds per gun
  4. Chicken Scratch SASS# 96425 Life St Augustine Florida Jedi Gunfighter shootin SASS fer 10 years
  5. so Blackwater you gonna drive that Rat Rod to texas
  6. what do you have??? I support alot of new shooters, always looking for more guns and reloading stuff
  7. I need to pack, make bullets, service the truck, tune up the side x side, go to the Distillery, ..... and Work keeps gettin in the way. Never fails when there is something I want to do, It gets busy.
  8. God I love the South!!!!! got my 1st 22 at 6. Got my 32 at 8. by the time I join the Navy I had a full collection of firearms, at my Grandparents house in Mississippi. Here in Florida I've got 2 safes full and working on a 3rd, no permits, 3 stamps, and a CC, no worries Chicken Scratch
  9. The best Matches in the world are in Florida!! every weekend there is a great match just around the corner ​not to mention white stuff doesn't fall from the sky Chicken Scratch
  10. Hmmm Christmas eve shoot,…….sounds fun to me What is your address, so I can punch it into my GPS Chicken Scratch
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