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  1. Chicken Scratch SASS# 96425 Life St Augustine Florida Jedi Gunfighter shootin SASS fer 10 years
  2. God I love the South!!!!! got my 1st 22 at 6. Got my 32 at 8. by the time I join the Navy I had a full collection of firearms, at my Grandparents house in Mississippi. Here in Florida I've got 2 safes full and working on a 3rd, no permits, 3 stamps, and a CC, no worries Chicken Scratch
  3. The best Matches in the world are in Florida!! every weekend there is a great match just around the corner ​not to mention white stuff doesn't fall from the sky Chicken Scratch
  4. Hmmm Christmas eve shoot,…….sounds fun to me What is your address, so I can punch it into my GPS Chicken Scratch
  5. Mustang Dave and Red River Ray like using 2400 and grits in there 45 70. They are getting good results. For me it's a bit snappy, I like 4198 Chicken Scratch
  6. Do these pants make my butt look Big? Chicken Scratch
  7. So still can't find a range in AZ with 500 yards, so will Avery be open on Saturday or Sunday for shooting 500 yards?? Chicken Scratch
  8. Hey T-Bone the food guy you had last year was Awsome!! My mouth is watering waiting to get some more of them Texas size Pork Chops Chicken Scratch
  9. So Big Question we do not have a 500yard range here so can we practice and sight our guns in on Monday and Tuesday at the range?? Chicken Scratch
  10. I'm Happy with LEE from JC Penny at $14 a pop Chicken Scratch
  11. Maruko 500 Best Damn Double ever Built!!! I got two Scratch
  12. Misty you are doing a great job! Running any origination with a wide range of members is a lot like "Herding Cats" I have been involved in a lot of sporting org. and SASS is a bargain! So many on the wire are sniveling about cost and want to micro manage their dues. Wake up! Try any other sport, you will pay more and get less. SASS has become my family, and I look forward to every weekend to see them. Thanks to SASS I have made some life long friends, and have seen what true friends do for each other. When Rods house burned down an incredible amount of money was razed to help him. Nowher
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