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  1. just got a letter today(1/15/21) that says please respond by DEC 31.
  2. Just got a email from cheaper than dirt, American Quality .380 ACP Ammunition 100 Rounds FMJ 95 Grain Loaded in Winchester Brass W38095VP100 Our Low Price $199.89 $2.00 a round before shipping!
  3. Just came up now, but something is up, too many sites getting booted.
  4. It won't open for me, on M4 .com there is a link to a Face Book post, from AR15, saying they've been booted.
  5. You know why guys like to date Browns fans? ....Those girls aren't expecting a ring.
  6. The other gun site I go to often is AR15.com, they have been booted from GoDaddy and are currently off line. I would be surprised if the SASS wire was not on the list of web sights to be expunged. Can't have gun people freely exchanging ideas.
  7. Looks like a 6 lead thread, those nuts gotta move a long way with one revolution.
  8. I have one, like the one shown only nickle. You could buy just the .22 barrel and covert your revolver to a target gun. If I could find a barrel and cylinder I could turn mine into a revolver. Mine lettered from S&W as a .22 single shot.
  9. My first 1903 couldn't keep all it's shots on an 8x11 sheet of paper at 20ft. When I cleaned the gun I found a dent in the muzzle, recrowned the muzzle an then it blew out the bullseye.
  10. The Indian had the chain on the right side of the bike, Harley had it on the left. Old time biker I used to work with told me you could tell the Harley riders from the Indian riders by looking at the back of their jackets to see which side the oil streak was on.
  11. I remember watching "China Beach" a triage nurse often made those decisions.
  12. I was sent a money order on the 9th ( post marked 12/9 ) got it Jan 4th. Tried to use my credit card about the 22cd wouldn't work, called them, they had not gotten my payment sent the 9th( bad day for the post office?). Lady said they had a lot of this last month.
  13. Since nobody has named him, TiborasaurusRex, has a series of videos called Sniper 101. Goes into great detail on extreme long range shooting.
  14. I made a lot of cribbage boards out of pallet wood, found some realy nice pieces.
  15. Watch out where penguins go and don't you eat that yellow snow.
  16. Just watched this movie on Netflix. Based on a true story about Irish troops sent by the UN on a "peace keeping" mission to the Congo. Got put in a bad spot and abandoned by the UN. Irish gov covered it up, and nobody heard about it. I thought it was a good movie, if you got nothing to do check it out.
  17. I think that Lyman book must be a very old book, If its a 4th edition because the new ones are 50th edition. Don't use that data, those old timers were crazy!
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