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  1. I paid $150 and sold it for $200. Glock sued S&W, and won, over that gun because it so closely copied their gun.
  2. Plus I sold it too cheap and can't replace it for twice the money.
  3. I had one a few years back. Shot great but had a lousy trigger. Sold it then found out there were some easy hacks for the trigger on you tube.
  4. I once read that planets were the brightest thing in the night sky after the moon. So that first star you see at night is probably a planet. That's why that " star light star bright " thing usually doesn't work, you are wishing on a planet.
  5. OH MY GOD, stay away from the zoo if you use that!!!
  6. I know what that means, wonder who else does.
  7. Personally I think you guys are nuts.
  8. Must be your browser, everybody else seems to be seeing them.
  9. Do you know what these cost compared to what they replace? Don't look any more difficult to make than what they replace. Like Beretta M9, FN SAW, H&K 416 that the army uses now?
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