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  1. To answer your question, https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-16-mid-length-5-56-nato-1-7-nitride-13-5-lightweight-m-lok-moe-ept-rifle-w-mbus-sight-set.html https://www.galleryofguns.com/genie/Default.aspx?item=DB15MZB
  2. Years ago the Wild Bunch (or at least SASS) pushed the "bigger closer" concept. The stated idea was people wanted to hit targets, if it was too hard they wouldn't come back. Give the people what they want and they will buy more of what you are selling.
  3. Nursing never gets old , even if you do, you just change containers.
  4. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/2120356904?pid=356904 Same mags just change out the barrel.
  5. If you already have a pistol in .40 S&W, you may just need a new barrel.
  6. I would look for a set of barrels on ebay or gunbroker, cut them down if you need to.
  7. I believe the leather cover that slides on a double predates SASS, and was in use during the era we portray. Others probably did not.
  8. My point is, it's not a law you have to ask for Id.
  9. I've never seen a law that said that you have to ask for a ID, that is a gun show CYA. If a buyer has a CCW that would prove they are legal to own a gun. I've seen lots of adds on armslist where the seller says that a ID and or bill of sale is required, but they don't ask for it when I get there. Must scare off people who can't or won't do it.
  10. I think I'd use " Skatter Gunn" for an alias.
  11. You guys have the wrong idea. I can't see or hear so everyone gets a clean stage when I'm spotting.
  12. 2018 Minnesota Statutes Subd. 4.Saturday night special pistol. "Saturday night special pistol" means a pistol other than an antique firearm or a pistol for which the propelling force is carbon dioxide, air or other vapor, or children's pop guns or toys, having a frame, barrel, cylinder, slide or breechblock: (1) of any material having a melting point (liquidus) of less than 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, or (2) of any material having an ultimate tensile strength of less than 55,000 pounds per square inch, or (3) of any powdered metal having a density of less than 7.5 grams per cubic centimeter. I don't see any exclusion for plastic.
  13. Oddly enough I went to the Gallery of guns web site and the Wrangler and the Rough rider are restricted in MN, can't be sent there.
  14. So no Glocks? I have to believe they would melt faster than any metal gun.
  15. I use 9mm dies to reload my .38 super, may not work the other way but I'd try adjusting the dies first to see if I could.
  16. Don't laugh, they still use them in the middle east.
  17. I think I'd find out if it was factory, that would be rare and worth more to a collector than a cowboy shooter.
  18. I think Hammerli made the original Interarms Virginian and Virginian Dragoon , might be the same, as in impossible to find.
  19. Them barrels weren't even movin', how could you not beat em?
  20. If I ever buy one it will be from here, http://www.militaryheritage.com/muskets.htm Non firing as sold, all you have to do is drill the flash hole.
  21. Engraved...check Nickel ... check Genuine imitation mother of pearl grips... check
  22. OK, for the first time in my life I'd like to propose a new class, Josie Wales BBQ. Five hand guns at lest minimally engraved with MOP or ivory, might even allow stag grips. Of course Levi might be the only guy could make the cut.
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