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  1. I drive by the wind generators on the Arbuckle Mountains south of OKC from time to time. Got to wondering, each generator steals a certain amount of energy from the wind and converts it to electricity. Just wondering if you added up all the stolen energy, would it be enough to cause some sort of climate change? Probably a stupid question, just something I’ve been pondering on lately.
  2. I do know that if you’re in the woods at night and a herd of Angus/Hereford cross cattle (black body/white face)are nearby they will make you believe in haints until you figure out what they are.
  3. Hoping the rest of y’all got clear skies.
  4. “Victory in Jesus” has been an ear worm for a month or so now.
  5. Shooting my Buff Classic with .45-70 BP loads would make the rest of the range go quiet for a bit.
  6. Imis Twoffen is sending me some Speer .44 capsules. Gonna give them a try. I just made this one to see if I could. But good info, appreciate the replies.
  7. Sanded stock just enough to remove most of the old varnish, stained with Special Walnut, then 7 coats of Tru-oil. I made a .44-40 shot shell with 1cc of TrailBoss and a hair bit over 1.5cc of #8 shot. Paper plate was about 15 feet away. And of course it will shoot 2.5 inch .410 shells. Hopefully one of my grandkids will be proud to have their GG Grandmother’s bedside shotgun.
  8. Anyone know of any? I’ve looked at pert near every website in the world and they all say not available. I want to make some .44-40 shot shells for an old H&R .410-.44 shotgun that was my grandmother’s.
  9. The five school board members at Geronimo HS were also deacons at the First Baptist Church at Geronimo, OK. That kinda ruled a prom. My senior year was the first ever Jr-Sr Banquet.
  10. When my grandfather passed away, my dad bought my grandmother one of these shotguns for home defense. After she passed the gun was brought home and out in a storage shed, where it languished for many years. It needed a new break open lever and the hammer wouldn’t stay cocked. Just got it back, now to start removing rust, filling wood cracks and refinishing stock and forearm. I know it ain’t worth the $60.00 I paid the ‘smith, but maybe one of my grandkids will enjoy having their GG Grandmother’s gun. If I can find some Speer .44 shot holders I’ll make some .44-40 shotshells for it.
  11. If all the steak’s flavor is in the fat, then I don’t like steak.
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