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  1. A busy indoor range will become very quiet when I touch off my Walker. Several “What was that?” will soon be asked.
  2. Sound is a part of felt recoil too. If a .22LR was as loud as a .300WM, folks would be flinching and cussing every time they shot it.
  3. Our HS coach was calling balls and strikes for batting practice one time. I foul tipped one that went over catcher’s head. Coach was wearing an old two bar face protector, the ball literally stuck between the bars. Took him a few minutes to realize he wasn’t injured.
  4. My sis in law found one of these in an old storage shed, very rusty, and the bolt was locked up. I took it home to play with, I've freed everything up, it will feed and fire a blank 20 gauge shell, then eject it. But I still need to take the bolt apart and clean the insides. I know it comes apart, just cant figger out how. Any suggestions??
  5. If, and that’s a huge if, I ever got one It would be an outline of Oklahoma, with a heart on the inside and tree roots come out the bottom. Or a full scale Colt Walker
  6. Hard to sit still during this one.
  7. And WJ just became the winner of this thread!!!
  8. I always wondered why anyone else cared how I eat my food. I damn sure don’t care how anyone else eats their food. But I’m weird. I’d rather have a good hamburger steak than any other meat.
  9. Bad news: I went by the local Academy the other day, asked if they had any primers. "No, got some large pistol yesterday but the're all gone." Good news: Clerk looked in the shipping box, there about 25 loose primers in the bottom. He said "You can have these." He put them in a little plastic bag and I put them in my jacket pocket and happily left the store. Bad news: Wife washed the jacket, primers got wet. Good news:, After letting them dry overnight, I put one in a .45 Colt case, loaded it int
  10. Macadamia nuts burn for a long time. I used to bet my coworkers I could boil a cup of water with one peanut, macadamias burn longer.
  11. We had Air Pudding with Wind Sauce. Since this thread is about desserts, I won’t mention cutting hemorrhoids off our boar hog so we could have chitlins without having to butcher him.
  12. Roy Scheider and Robert Shaw in Jaws. Robert Shaw telling about surviving the sinking of the Independence was one of the best performances in any movie, ever.
  13. A family member showed me his 16 gauge Model 12 last night. Made in 1924 and obviously used very hard and not well maintained. I told him I’d clean it up. I cannot get the takedown pin to rotate the magazine far enough clear the threads. Maybe 1/8 turn and it stops, I’m not gonna put any serious torque on it, not my gun and don’t wanna break anything. Any tips?
  14. If a safe is advertised as holding 12 guns, rest assured, those 12 guns are gonna have to really love one another. Kinda like an RV ad that states, "Sleeps 8".
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