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  1. I haven’t read the ruling, but someone on another forum said any imported handguns and any handgun with a hand hold in front of the trigger will be classified as an SBR. I don’t know if anyone would be dumb enough to use a loading lever has a hand hold, but I’m sure someone has tried or will try it eventually. Please understand I’m being satirical, but when dealing with the gov’t, who knows.
  2. Someone has come up with a popcorn that is actually made from plants! I wonder what will be next? Perhaps a machine that converts plants into beef.
  3. At the paper mill I retired from we occasionally made bag paper. I would not wish that experience on anyone!
  4. Had rotator cuff surgery yesterday, curious about some of the photos he took. 1. What is this? Looks like a drywall anchor. 2. Bone spur. Is this large? 3. Apparently a staple? 4. Torn and frayed ligament? 5. Some type of hold stuff together device? 6. Looks like a stainless steel acorn. 7. Bone spur cutter tool? They did it arthroscopically, how do they get all this stuff down those little tubes? So far very little pain, so I really feel lucky!
  5. For those who have no idea what Skeet Shooter Brass is, here’s some photos. Much heavier than MagTech, and uses a 209 primer. I had my count backwards, 25 SSB, 50 MagTech.
  6. I’ve got 50 of the Skeet Shooter Brass 12 gauge hulls. What y’all reckon would be a fair price for them? These are the heavy walled, virtually indestructible hulls. If memory serves they use 14 gauge wads. They are currently loaded with square BP loads, a one ounce shot dipper of shot over the same dipper of BP. I’ve also got 50 of the thinner MagTech brass, loaded with similar BP loads. What y’all think on value?
  7. I never understood why John Wayne had to steal the wagon from the folks at the creek. Why not just ask? I was never a fan of the music in the original, it was just too loud. The soft background music in the remake was much better, IMHO.
  8. CVS, Walgreens, Walmart all still develop, but it’s send off. No more one hour that I’m aware of. Amazon sells a lot of film.
  9. I develop with a homemade soup called Caffenol. Instant coffee, Vitamin C and washing soda. Works pretty good.
  10. I’ve seriously thought about getting a Diana or Holga. I’ve got an old Brownie that uses 120 film, it does pretty good.
  11. Color film is crazy high, I use Kentmere B&W and develop and scan myself, so about $6.00 total for 24 exposure. I recently heard Kodak is hiring more people to keep up with increased demand for film. Digital is nice, but I really like film.
  12. Sure proud of this. All for $42.00.
  13. Anyone watch his videos? He sure makes some modern elephant stompers out of old cartridges, like 50-110. Stuff that would embarrass a .458 WinMag. And then shoots them through an ‘86 Win. While I have no desire to shoot what he shoots, I’d sure like to know his load data.
  14. You just never know how many times the people making them sneezed, picked their nose, or used the cloth for other reasons.
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