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  1. I was deer hunting one cool foggy morning when a nearby neighbor’s hybrid wolves cut loose. Talk about spooky. If I hadn’t known about his pets I’d probably left.
  2. Honobia, OK. If you haven’t been there, or at least in the area, you’ll never say it it correctly. Ho-nubby. Strangers have trouble with Talihina, Tahlequah, and Gotebo. And then there is Bogata, TX. Buh-GO-yuh.
  3. One time many years ago in early fall I decided to cook up the dish I caught through the summer. I ate one, the kids split the other one.
  4. The U-haul truck I was driving one night was struck by lightning. All I knew is it was very close. My wife was following me in our car, she said the truck was completely wrapped in arcs. Scared her badly, but she finally decided I was OK since I didn’t run off the road and into a ditch.
  5. “Look! A Bigfoot, hand me the worst camera we have so I can take a lousy picture of it.”
  6. I have an old 10 gauge SXS, trying to figure out the proof marks. The bottom mark in the first photo is Birmingham, England. I can't tell what the top mark is, but it is on both barrels in the same location. In the second picture I cannot find what the crossed axes represent. They are not on the NRA website page for proof marks. Third picture are initials, they are up higher on the left barrel, but still under the forearm piece. Fourth picture is one of the lock plates. I do know Albert Greener made a very limited number of shotguns, and there are a gazillion fakes out there. But the Birmingham proof mark gives me a tiny little glimmer of hope.
  7. We had one in Oklahoma! Epicenter was up near Stillwater. Wife and I were in Valliant, she was on the phone with her brother in Lawton. He felt it about 5 seconds before we did. Actually Oklahoma has a lot of earthquakes, just never a big one.
  8. Having spent most of my life in towns under 800 population, most anything is a big city. The two big cities I lived in were Ann Arbor, Michigan and Lawton,OK. I reckon compared to NYC, neither of those two are big.
  9. My cousin’s husband was a Ranger. Did two combat jumps in Korea. I’m not sure of the numbers now, but he learned using the T-7 chute, and bragged about how much easier the T-10 was upon opening. The T-7 would nearly bring you to a dead stop when it popped open. Opening was worse than landing according to him. Well, landing under a functional chute anyway.
  10. Dominoes: everyone else can tell where everything is, all I see is a bunch of spots. Pitch: tried it once, figgered out if I had point cards and someone else called the bid, I could discard the point cards. I didn’t know it was against the rules, just seemed like a good way to keep the opponent from making his/her bid. Worked pretty good too!
  11. I remember reading somewhere that if you want the best effect from the water you have to water from the distillery’s source. Again, way above my pay grade.
  12. I reckon I’m slow headed, but I just can’t imagine how 2 drops of water in an ounce or so if whisky could possibly make a difference. Not arguing with those who say it does, just above my level of thought process. For purely scientific purposes I did buy one of those little bitty bottles of some Glenlivit 12 and will soon do a somewhat scientific test.
  13. Should be able to make some pretty easy. Speer sells the plastic shot cups for several different calibers. Real easy with a cap and ball revolver, 10 grains of BP, an overpowder card, fill to the rim with shot, and an overshot card.
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