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  1. Did you notice the hand made screwdriver? Looks to be made from a piece of file. Would be nice and hard.
  2. Red Rider Rudy


    Me, I was called a Gamer the first year I started shooting.
  3. Like other post, spotters not doing a good job?
  4. Use it on all my firearms. It's what my Friend that got me into shooting used, it's great stuff.
  5. No P, he shot everything right. Sad part no one noticed he only shot nine till he was done and came back for the rifle. That's when they seen the tenth round laying on the table.
  6. So it would only be a miss for round not fired. That's what some of us thought. Thanks Folks R.R.R.
  7. Red Rider Rudy


    Shooter only shots Nine out of rifle, lays rifle down and tenth round rolls out of the rifle. We had this happen at our last match. They gave the shooter a minor safety. Should it have been a no call as it wasn't still in the rifle? There was talk later on about what the call should be? Just want to know what is the right call, if this happens again.
  8. He was laid to rest today, with full Military Honors. It was a sad day. There was a lot of his cowboy family in attendance. Prayers for the Family as it has been really hard for them.
  9. Yes we have lost a Fine example of the Cowboy Way! Roger was a good friend of ours, and will be missed dearly. R.I.P. My Friend
  10. Ballpark $125 - $250 per gun.
  11. You show up at our club, you will have lots of people offering to help. Also a lot of folks have room to share their cart.
  12. Howdy Quizcat, what club you shooting in Missouri? Our club The Gateway Shootist Society have loaner carts I believe. Like others have said go to the range and ask about one. I know a couple guys gave away carts they had, or sold cheap!
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