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  1. Hodgdon shows 2.2 gr. HP38 for a 145 gr, bullet
  2. We all hope you stay playing Cowboy - Cowgirl with us!
  3. That's what I thought, he's a friend of mine.
  4. That's why most of us play this Game. Because of the great people that we meet! Every were we have gone everyone is ready to Help!
  5. Read about this last night. It is sad, as he was one of the Good Guys! Always helping out and Fun to shoot with. Going to miss this guy. Prayers for his Family and Holly
  6. So are you wanting a birdshead or a plow handle?
  7. Like others I had the guns to do it. Thought it would be Fun! And it was. Also like others I have shot lots of other Classis, as I have the different guns to do it. I switch off to much to be a top shooter, but it sure is fun doing different categories . Best part of this Game is doing what is fun for you.
  8. It's hard to pay the price! But yes a good hat is nice!
  9. Go for it! I didn't shoot our State Match my first year because of being a new shooter. I sure missed a good time! Go have fun you will learn a lot by shooting a bigger match.
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