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  1. Yes we have lost a Fine example of the Cowboy Way! Roger was a good friend of ours, and will be missed dearly. R.I.P. My Friend
  2. Ballpark $125 - $250 per gun.
  3. You show up at our club, you will have lots of people offering to help. Also a lot of folks have room to share their cart.
  4. Howdy Quizcat, what club you shooting in Missouri? Our club The Gateway Shootist Society have loaner carts I believe. Like others have said go to the range and ask about one. I know a couple guys gave away carts they had, or sold cheap!
  5. The Gateway Shootist Society here in St. Louis Mo. try to shoot all year round weather permitting .
  6. Wow, was going to try and make the last shoot.
  7. Winchester WAALite Win. 209 WAA12SL 12.0 5,600 PSI 980
  8. I load 4.4gr Trailboss with a 200gr bullet, has worked great. Even inn cold weather.
  9. Welcome to the Game! Your about to have more Fun then the law allows .
  10. Have been using it 11 years with out a problem, 38's ,45 colt, 44 Special, and 44 Russian.
  11. Yep, even with the bad weather it was still a lot of Fun. We will be there next year!
  12. I have a Taylor Tuned Comenchero , been shooting it 10 years with no problem. Unless they have changed them, mine's not a cut and weld gun.
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