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  1. My 73 was doing that. Turned out it was a weak lever spring, not hold holding the down.
  2. Yep, I'm waiting on a friend to load me a light black powder round. I have set of a empty with a primmer, so it does work. Just want to shoot it once. To say it shoots.. LOL Thanks for the reply.
  3. What load do you shoot in the shotgun. As I have one I've never shot.
  4. I think on another post about the pins, they said you have to buy them? I've never got one. Jan. was my 15 year anniversary,
  5. Well my friends are not going to shoot this match. So if I come I would like to know were most of you are staying, so I'm with cowboys. You can P.M. me if you want.
  6. Prayers for his family and friends.
  7. I only knew her from here on the wire. Never got to meet her. But had some nice talks on here with her. RIP my friend!!!
  8. I bought mine in 2009, it's not a cut and weld?
  9. Great rifle, I have had mine 13 years. All I have have done is replace one spring so for!
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