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  1. Uncle Mike is our friend: https://www.unclemikes.com/holsters/concealed-carry-holsters inside the pocket: https://www.unclemikes.com/products/holsters/concealed-carry-holsters/inside-the-pocket-holsters #3 fits my J Frame
  2. Hasn’t anyone heard of Italian sausage?
  3. Good for you, many don’t bother to check patterns or point of impact. If you have not done so, shoot it at match speed— picking the gun up from a table, load it, and fire it quickly. Where does it hit when you are going fast? A tight choke may move around a bit if you are not consistent with your mounting technique. Open chokes are more forgiving when you get sloppy with buttstock positioning. And OLG has a good point; the ammunition makes a difference.
  4. How cool is that!! Wonderful when good things happen to good folks!!
  5. J-BAR #18287


    Yo, Tom; I can bring my backup BSS to SMR this coming weekend if you would like to try it out. Im not trying to sell it, just letting you see if you might like one of your own. Let me know if you are going to be there. Abilene Slim is coming down from KC, forecast is good, should be a great monthly shoot!
  6. Geez, I couldn't even make it through the trailer.
  7. I have tried several times to make it through “The Sound of Music”. I must be the only person on earth to not like it.
  8. I was told that “farb” is a sarcastic contraction of “far be it from me to criticize...” So if one re-enactor saw another using dress or equipment that was historically incorrect, identifying the offender as a Farb was a way to criticize by seeming not to be criticizing! And “de-farbing” a gun by removing modern markings is an attempt to avoid criticism from those who are snotty enough to be concerned about such things.
  9. Quick! Wish for a couple million dollars!
  10. Cover the space between the table and the tv with a Navajo saddle blanket. Trivia: a Navajo gentleman told me that the Navajo word for “saddle blanket” is the most difficult word for anglos to pronounce. I believe it; I could never get it right.
  11. George Carlin puts environmentalism and plastic into proper perspective. Four minutes:
  12. Dang, BQ. Can't hunt those. Even if you don't name them. I guess you are stuck with clay birds now!! ...I'm a bit jealous of the photography and opportunity to have those folks as neighbors!!
  13. At this point we have to conclude that previous cleaning did not remove all the fouling residue. The oil has trapped some bad stuff onto the steel. I think you need to disassemble enough to get all parts scrubbed with soapy water, perhaps use aerosol brake cleaner in those areas you can’t scrub, and then re- lube.
  14. Not knowing how much rust we are talking about... Inspect inside the chamber walls closely for rust damage. If there is noticeable rust on the outside, there may be more ( and worse) on the inside. You don’t need the surprise of one chamber burning through a wall and setting off its neighbor!! Some kind of probe, like a dental pick, may help find any possible problem spots.
  15. That’s like getting clothes instead of toys for Christmas.
  16. Anyone using such a device better never complain about me shooting Ruger Old Armies!!
  17. Look between the end of your mattress and bed frame. My Swiss Army knife went missing. I hang my trousers over the bed’s foot board and stuff can fall out of my pocket— usually on top of the bed, sometimes onto the floor by slipping between the mattress and frame. This time the knife stayed inside the frame. Could not see it or feel it. Just lucky I caught a glimpse of it when changing the sheets. Maybe your knife got the same memo.
  18. True, if you are only looking at gun ownership factors. If you consider cost of living and real estate values, the Ozarks comes out looking pretty good.
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