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  1. Missouri River is flooding out of it’s banks tonight at Jeff City. Dang. As if the tornado wasn’t enough.
  2. Natural Selection applies to humans as well as other living things. Unfortunately it’s often the kids who pay the price.
  3. I wish more stages would allow the shooter to start himself; timer on the table, or in the TO’s hand, shooter’s finger on the button. The “TO” could pick up the timer and follow the shooter when he moves to a new position. I don’t like being touched/tapped/whatever if I am having trouble hearing the beep. Why not let me start myself? Is it really that important to start with my hands on my hat?
  4. Putting some sort of spacer between the base of the hammer spring and the frame can make a big difference using the original factory spring. A washer or little piece of leather with a hole for the screw to go through can be dramatic. Remember the hammer not only pops the cap but also holds the cap on the nipple when the powder ignites. Going light on the hammer spring can allow more blowback and cap jams unless you have a cap rake on the gun.
  5. Yeah I knew that. I shouldn’t post late at night! Thanks.
  6. I don't shoot gunfighter style very often, but I think you would be allowed to stage OR holster one revolver with the hammer down on a fired chamber, clear the jam (use one hand to rotate the cylinder while cocking the hammer with the other, and continue, either by completing the stage Double Duelist Style, or by re-drawing the holstered revolver and continuing to alternate shots until the revolvers are empty. I wait for more knowledgable folks (Pale Wolf Brunnelle) to confirm or correct me.
  7. Brisket + beer + 6 hours on low in the Crockpot = delicious. Thanks to all, especially my evil twin.
  8. Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas delivered this address at Hillsdale College on April 9, 2019. I learned a lot about Arlington and the Old Guard from this. With Memorial Day upon us, I thought some of you might find it interesting. https://imprimis.hillsdale.edu/sacred-duty-soldiers-tour-arlington-national-cemetery/
  9. Warden Callaway is posting in other threads this morning, so he and Sawmill Mary are OK.
  10. No comments on trimming or crimping, just glad to see you on the Wire after last night’s storms. Back to the topic...
  11. Warden Callaway and his Owl Creek Raiders are close to Jeff City. Here’s hoping they are all OK and they check in soon.
  12. FR- You just got a compliment that the rest of us yearn for. Well done Grandpa!
  13. There’s an Irish Setter across the street that may get a special treat! edit: That’s not Haiku But it’s the best I can do!
  14. Dental floss or toothbrush and jeweler’s rouge?
  15. Without conducting a range test I would expect the 200 grain load to kick a bit less. I doubt the increased powder mass and bullet velocity would compensate for the extra 50 grains of lead.
  16. It is cut cross- grain: learned to do that a long time ago. And I was looking forward to sandwiches using the leftovers, but this one is still too chewy. Chewy-I guess I have a Wooky brisket!
  17. Sometimes it’s just best to buy a new car.
  18. We buy several corned beef briskets around St. Patrick’s day. The one we had in March was superb. My missus cooked another one for supper tonight and I was disappointed because it was tough to chew. What suggestions do you experts have for tenderizing corned beef brisket that has already been cooked snd sliced? Or is it unsalvagable?
  19. You are my hero! You helped an animal and you buy at least one bottle of single malt per week. Salud!
  20. If you think you have used too much Alox, rinse it off and reapply it with a thinner coat. No harm done to the bullets. Wheat flour would probably work just fine too, as a coating to prevent gunpowder from sticking to the bullet’s base. Any non-reactive coating will prevent gunpowder from sticking to the lube. I don’t get leading or ignition problems with cornstarch coatings over Alox. And it is nor my idea...you will find it mentioned in other forums.
  21. I agree with Warhorse; most folks use ‘way too much Alox. I dilute about a tablespoon of Liquid Alox with about 6 to 8 ounces of mineral spirits (looks like concentrated tea and is very “watery”) and then use a little squirt on about 100 bullets at a time. Agitate them in a little plastic cup with one hand while blowing them with a blow dryer to get them dry quickly. ( I’m trying to get just a slight color change on the bullet’s surface, more than that is a waste and will cause problems with buildup in your dies.) Then roll them around in cornstarch. The cornstarch keeps the freshly lubed bullets from being sticky. I don’t have to wait for them to dry any more than that. I can load them immediately after lubing. Since they are not sticky, I don’t have to worry about powder contacting the bullet’s base inside the case. In your situation, if the bullets feel the least bit sticky, roll them around in cornstarch and you should be good to go. If you find that unacceptable, dump the Alox bullets into a container of mineral spirits and let them sit a few days; the Alox will eventually soak off.
  22. We expect frequent reports. I think Alaska has WiFi, doesn’t it?
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