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  1. The Rescue Of River City by Drew Dix. Drew Dix is the first enlisted Special Forces soldier to win the Medal of Honor for his actions in Viet Nam. The book recounts his actions in defense of Chau Phu. I am honored that we were high school classmates and we were teammates on the ROTC rifle team.
  2. Yo, PK! Enjoyed shooting with you last weekend. Glad you made it home safely. Here’s hoping our casual attitude didn’t make you uncomfortable! Hope you will come back.
  3. Superb! Double Macallan, neat, and thank you!
  4. Put some penetrating oil where the arbor (the end piece the barrel sits on) and the barrel meet, and also lube the two alignment pins at the bottom front of the frame where the barrel assembly meets the frame. Put the gun on half-cock and align the cylinder so the web between two chambers is under the rammer, and see if gentle pressure on the ramming lever will help push the barrel assembly off. GENTLE pressure; you don't want to bend a ramming lever. Wiggle, coax, tap, re-lube, etc. It may take a while to work it off. You may need to polish the end of the arbor to make it fit in the barrel assembly better. Or maybe you just need to clean out rust and re-lube. Good luck.
  5. If so that store is violating Federal law. You would be doing a public service to report it to the USDA/FSIS hotline: 1-888-674-6854
  6. Cow lungs are condemned as “inedible for human consumption” at every USDA inspected establishment. I don’t know where your package originated but it was not a federally inspected plant. Lungs and other offal can be used for pet food. It’s possible you saw lungs listed as an ingredient in a pack of dog burgers.
  7. When you buy ground “anything” you are not going to get prime cuts. The steaks chops are going to be sold as steaks and chops because they bring higher prices. Same for ground poultry...we’re not getting much breast meat in those nuggets and ground turkey franks. It doesn’t bother me at all, just be realistic about getting what you pay for. Cook it thoroughly and enjoy.
  8. Publishing guidelines is a catch-22, it seems to me. If folks get sick attending a match that is scrupulously following guidelines then it seems to me a sharp lawyer could make a case for negligence. In my ignorant non-legal opinion, we just need to take responsibility for ourselves. If I happen to be at a match that permits unsafe gun handling, I will vote with my feet and leave. Similarly, if I am at a match where I worry about getting infected (corona, measles, ticks, cooties, whatever) I will leave. I guarantee that there will be matches that do not follow these “guidelines”. I’m responsible for my health, not SASS, not the Governor, not the President...just me.
  9. YouTube can be your friend sometimes. Lots of suggestions for oven baked ribs on there. I picked one several years ago (can’t remember which one) but it worked fine. Good luck! (Let everyone get real hungry and provide plenty of beer and wine; they will love ‘em!)
  10. I was born and raised in Pueblo, still have cousins in the Black Forest suburb of the Springs. Our family had many picnics in the Garden. Thanks for the photos and story.
  11. Lonesome Dove proved he could be someone other than Bret Maverick. Henley the scrounger in The Great Escape was just Maverick in WW2.
  12. All four go into a bar and say, “When are we?”
  13. Come on out and cheer us on! I bet we can sneak you in!!
  14. CDC guidelines for reopening schools are impossible to implement. It’s clear CDC is more concerned with protecting themselves from lawsuits (...” your kid got sick/died? Well your school didn’t implement all our guidelines.”) than giving usable guidance. Disgusting bureaucratic overreach. Never before have Americans depended on a President, Congress, or an agency to keep them healthy. I don’t understand why we should expect bureaucrats to know more than our personal physicians.
  15. Southern Missouri Rangers are hosting our May Mayhem shoot, 5 stages tomorrow, 5 more on Sunday. Attendance restricted to 50 with “social distancing”, but serving lunch both days. It’s a start and that saddle is gonna feel real good!! Even if it does rain!
  16. Delighted to hear she’s feeling better!!
  17. St. Barbara is the patron saint for artillerymen. Maybe handguns aren't big enough.
  18. I visited the Bass Pro mother ship here in Springfield yesterday. Ammo inventory way down, half the shelves empty. Entry restricted to one door, less than 100 people in the whole place. The NRA museum is open. All of them are hurting I think.
  19. Yeah, I mean without baseball the beer producers are going to take a hit!!
  20. I don't think membership would increase if Frontiersman were made "easy". Percussion revolvers are quirky and more difficult to keep functioning. Black powder and substitutes take a bit more diligence in cleaning and gun maintenance and brass preservation. Dealing with smoke clouds obscuring targets during the match can be difficult. Duelist style gun handling with a single action revolver is a bit more demanding than using both hands. Many of us, perhaps most of us, shoot Frontiersman mostly for the challenges this category provides. There are all those other categories to make easy, if you think that is in the best interest of the sport. If you make Frontiersman easy, I will quit. And I don't think I'm the only one.
  21. Umpire Ron Luciano (author, “The Umpire Strikes Back”) once ejected Earl Weaver before the game started. One of his best calls.
  22. similarly: I would get a stack of MSDS sheets every time I ordered drugs for our veterinary clinic usage. The MSDS for ophthalmic ointment said, “...if you get it in your eye, rinse it out immediately and call the doctor.”
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