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  1. My grand uncle Wayne was a cook aboard one of the D-Day armada troop carriers. He drank vanilla extract pilfered from the galley.
  2. People who don’t like jazz always take the same route home.
  3. I re-use the same mask I have had for the past 8 months, when I am required to use one(monthly lab tests). I’m going to collect every Covid virus in the world in that fabric, then I’m going to burn it and get a Nobel Prize.
  4. Doves are migratory birds by Federal law. A shotgun plugged to a maximum of 3 shells is required to hunt them. https://www.fws.gov/story/2021-12/information-dove-hunters
  5. What could be used to plug 2 chambers to make it legal for bird hunting?
  6. Better than totally lost. At least we could take it to him!
  7. Mailed our grandson in Conway, Arkansas ( just north of Little Rock) a t-shirt from Franktown, Colorado (just south east of Denver) on Monday morning. Expected delivery was Thursday. The package went from Franktown to Denver, where it sat until Friday morning. Then to Amarillo, Texas, then Oklahoma City, Oklahoma by Saturday morning. It arrived in Memphis, Tennessee at 3 Saturday afternoon. Where it appears to be resting. Any guesses where the next destination will be?
  8. I am also ignorant about Nambus. The ones listed on Gunbroker appear to be worth $1000 +, a few in the $2000+ range. Enough to make some effort for a good appraisal. Good luck.
  9. I met Reagan today, at the Scheel’s Sporting Goods store in Colorado Springs!
  10. Well I couldn’t do it. I’m jealous of their strength, balance, and range of motion. I would unquestionably lose a butt kicking contest with those fellows.
  11. Mom’s family tree had a lot of cousins marrying each other. It don’t branch much.
  12. Just in case you are not aware, Yul Lose made that deluxe box. You will not find a better woodworker. It will be worth every penny he asks.
  13. Bulk bubble wrap can also be found at U-Haul, or anyplace that rents moving vans. They sell good boxes too.
  14. I hate being stalled behind a phone user who hasn’t noticed the light has been green for a while. My horn is exercized almost daily!
  15. Go play catch with some kids. It’s relaxing, all of you will enjoy it. If you know how, teach them how to throw different pitches. You might create another member of Cooperstown.
  16. We usually eat at small family owned non franchise restaurants and cafes. We get to know the owners, they recognize us as regulars. We tip decently and they take care of us. We eat supper out at least twice a week.
  17. And more runners will be out on close plays at first base. Their foot will have to travel a microsecond longer to come down and touch a lower base, so more of them will be called out on challenged plays. Fewer base runners = lower scores, I betcha.
  18. I bet that dotted booger can out perform a bunch of other horses. Appies deserve respect.
  19. The pitch clock has worked well in the minor leagues. The rest…?
  20. We get magnum sized wolf spiders this time of year in southern Mizzoorah. I enjoy seeing them build their webs around my front door and on our patio. I have videos of me teaching our kids and grandkids how to catch bugs and throw them into the webs and then watching the spiders run up the web and wrap up dinner and breakfast! As much as I appreciate them, I admit that I don’t like walking into their webs while walking through the woods before dawn to go dove hunting.
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