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  1. Come and visit, see for yourself. We are happy in Springfield, 30 minutes north of Branson, but I can understand wanting to be closer to your family. Property in Branson will be higher priced than Springfield, but easily affordable after the sale of your California real estate. Traffic is bad around show time on the highway 76 strip, otherwise nothing like California.
  2. Well the birds suggest a Gibson Byrdland, but there's no Venetian cutaway... 😄
  3. Sam Colt could sit at a dinner table with John Moses Browning, Bill Ruger, and Arthur Savage, and talk gun design and marketing with them very comfortably!
  4. Good on you and your veteran buddies! 👍
  5. From my daughter who has a pool: Yes….BUT copper can also contribute to greening of hair. So we avoid adding products with copper. At least that was the advice of the pool forum I follow!
  6. I checked Netflix a few minutes ago. The "Horizon" listed is a documentary on desert animals. I could not find Costner's Horizon. ?
  7. At least he's thought about it and made his kit. I like it, thanks for posting it.
  8. This. You can use a polyurethane varnish if you prefer a shiny finish.
  9. I don't think this kid had a political view or motive. Asking about his motive? Look at his picture. He was driven insane by a lifetime of being different, looking different, being bullied at school. He was never going to date a cheerleader, never get laid. He decided to commit suicide in a way that he would be remembered. Trump coming to his home town gave him the opportunity to be a historic figure. He was not the type to travel across the country hunting a politician, the politician came to him. Mentally ill? Certainly. Preventable? Only with better security. Because bullying in schools will continue as long as "different" kids attend.
  10. I posted this in a similar thread about a month ago, and I stand by it: --------- Attend matches: great advice! You don't know what kind of cowboy you are at this point. Do some honest soul searching. Is winning important to you? It will dictate what firearms you use and categories you enter, how you practice, what you reload. Smokeless powder or blackpowder? Shoot one-handed or two-handed? Do you like percussion revolvers? Do you prefer double barrel shotguns over pump guns? If "fun" and socializing is most important to you, then equipment and ammunition choices may be less important. Yes, I know that winning is where the fun is for some folks. I happen to be one of those types. When I could no longer kick ass I retired from competition. SASS/CAS is a Rorschach test. It costs some money to acquire the equipment and skill and drive to the matches. Be honest with yourself about what makes you happy. Good luck in your CAS career!!
  11. More attempts to prosecute after dismissal would violate his rights under the Fifth Amendment; it would be "double jeopardy". Without that protection each of us could be prosecuted multiple times for the same offense. No trial would ever be over until the prosecution gave up. The system isn't wrong just because a trial didn't render the verdict we wanted. I agree that he violated basic safe gun handling rules, and like every other competitive shooter I wish he could have been held accountable. The state blew it. Just like the range officer who fails to enforce a DQ for sweeping someone.
  12. Old guys gotta pee occasionally.
  13. She's picky about laundry, I'm picky about kitchen cleaning and dishwashing. Accept each other's pickiness rather than trying to change the preferences.
  14. IMO the trial is appropriate. I will trust the judge and jury to make the final determination.
  15. Is it prose? Is it poetry? I can argue either way. He envies the pilots, I envy his wordsmithing. They had their skills. I got nuthin'
  16. 6 crows would only be a misdemeanor.
  17. https://www.bbc.com/news/articles/c4ng49dg35vo
  18. Got a sack of GooGoo Clusters for Father's Day, finished the last one tonight. Alas. Chocolate keeps the dementors away.
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