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  1. The kids are OK. It’s the old farts in DC that cause problems.
  2. Any of my J frame S&Ws Any of my K frame S&Ws Any of my L frame S&Ws Any of my N frame S&Ws
  3. Love my Golden Boy! My 7 year old grandson, Henry, thinks it’s cool his name is on “his” rifle.
  4. Careful! You will be accused of bragging! And rightfully so, beautiful!!
  5. For shame. The most accurate, strongest percussion revolver ever made deserves more respect than that. Shoot it. If you don’t like it sell it to someone who can appreciate it for the masterpiece it is.
  6. The series “Hell On Wheels”. addressed it also. Our hero, Bohannon, sailed to China to be with the Chinese girl he saved in the final episode.
  7. You can see Uranus, Missouri in the daytime, near St. Robert on I-44.
  8. My old iPhone is a 7 (I think they are up to 12 or 13 these days). I updated it a few days ago to software version 15.0.2, and now I cannot access my gmail account on it. I get the message, "Gmail needs to be updated to work with this version of IOS". I have done a web search for how to do that. The instructions are rather complex. Most of them involve using the "I Cloud" and I am not on (in?) the Cloud, never activated the account. It occurred to me that maybe I could just close out my gmail/email app for a few days and then sign up for a new gmail account. Cutting the electronic Gordian knot, so to speak. I can still get to my gmail on my computer, so it's inconvenient, not a tragedy. So, what unforeseen complications might happen if I just exit gmail for a few days and then try to come back in? Would I be able to use the same old email address? And I still do not want to be in the Cloud, paying extra to store stuff that should be deleted. What say you gurus? Thanks for your thoughts.
  9. Some public health departments will do lead tests on dishes and cookware. I would check with them. I know of no quick test that could be done at home. edit: I was wrong! I did a search for lead test and found 3-M makes lead testing swabs. Cool!
  10. Is your mouth opening? If my jaw opens and I begin mouth breathing the CPAP doesn’t work. I don’t clench my mouth shut, but I eliminate air space in my mouth by getting my tongue in full contact with the roof of my mouth and teeth. I can sleep 5 or 6 hours solid and my tongue position never changes. I use nasal pillows with two-strap headgear (one strap over the top of my head, the other behind my head), and sleep mostly on my back.
  11. I hope your plans and wishes come true!!
  12. Cotton is not a joking subject in the American south. Peanuts, peanut butter, and Dr. George Washington Carver are revered for good reason. The G. W. Carver Memorial is near Diamond, Missouri, between Springfield and Joplin.
  13. Thank you. Inspired advertising. It actually makes me interested in buying a Toyota. So much more interesting and entertaining than 99% of the crap presented to us.
  14. Maybe a few; can’t get all of them!
  15. My neighbor’s maple tree is preparing to litter my front yard. Pretty for a few days, then cleanup begins.
  16. That is a helluva way to make a living.
  17. I know about paleofeces. Constipation is a b***h! Some of that stuff should have exited in the 20th century. I know, I know, too much information.
  18. A 16 gauge shell will drop completely into the chamber of a 3” 12 gauge gun. Rather not say how I know.
  19. Good info. Rubbing alcohol works well also, so we have two options.
  20. Give Dillon a call and give them a chance. I broke the separator cage, my fault, and they sent me a new one. I don’t know about motors, but you have nothing to lose.
  21. Check into filing an EEO discrimination complaint. Let the Federal government pay the lawyers to fight for you.
  22. I’m so jealous! I want to be in a western too! A villain, preferably. Keep me in mind when casting the next one please!!
  23. The kid probably won’t learn and will get his lesson elsewhere. At least his education when he eventually receives it won’t spoil your dinner. I admire your courage in speaking up, not sure I could have brought myself to intervene.
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