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  1. I’m jealous. The scrap metal recyclers here will not sell to individuals. Not sure if it is just Springfield, or wider. But it’s frustrating. My apology, I screwed up the quote function.
  2. Eggs that have been in the fridge for 10 days get hard boiled for snacks and replaced with fresh ones. I actually prefer thin shells; easier to crack without breaking the yolk. Of course my arthritis may be a factor in that maneuver.
  3. If I can dent it with my thumbnail it can go into balls for a percussion revolver. No dent? It goes into cartridges.
  4. For the next few years factory ammunition and reloading components are going to be scarce. Which caliber will you be able to feed a rifle more reliably? No point in having a rifle without ammo to shoot in it.
  5. Our SASS pard Larsen E Pettifogger wrote the book on tuning both Pietta and Uberti open tops yourself. You can search them out or I’m sure someone can post them here if you are interested.
  6. It’s not just the Hallmark Channel. Just for the heck of it, the next western movie you watch count the number of times one actor sweeps another with a gun. Even the Duke did it, quite often.
  7. I know one of our pards labels his online firearm photo gallery as “GNUS” so his friends can look at the pictures while using a wifi that blocks gun websites. I love creative resistance!
  8. Push. Imagine trying to slice off a bit of the stone. Most folks overdo it. If the blade geometry is good to begin with, 3 strokes on each side should be enough. Quit when you can feel a “burr” on the edge opposite the stone. Then use a smooth steel or leather strop to center the burr and make it the cutting edge.
  9. The broken hand spring can be replaced with a homemade one fashioned from spring wire. It’s pretty easy to do. Let me know if you are interested.
  10. I think you are over estimating the amount of time it takes to hand dip a powder charge into a primed case. I accumulate 50 primed cases in a tray, taking them off the Dillon 550 at station 3. Using a funnel and dipper, all 50 can be charged easily in 3 1/2 minutes, sometimes less. Then seat and crimp the bullets routinely. The peace of mind is worth it. You are spending more time cleaning the powder dispenser than you would be using a funnel and dipper.
  11. Returning to Alpo’s question, I know nothing about Glocks. But some CZ 9 mm and .40 caliber double stack magazines are interchangeable. That is, one magazine can be used for both calibers. The advantage would be increased flexibility if you own CZs in those calibers. So the question is not outlandish.
  12. If you have not already completely disassembled it and cleaned it, do so. If it misbehaves when clean: Failure to index from one chamber to the next may be due to a broken or weak handspring. Failure to lock the cylinder in proper position (exactly aligned with the barrel) may be due to a weak/ broken bolt spring, or a worn out hand. Let us know how it misbehaves when clean.
  13. If you find out, please let us know. (From one who just had to have new shingles and a bedroom ceiling replaced!)
  14. I got my hardcopy in the mail today, and think it is a gem. Lots of action photos and interesting articles. My congratulations to editor Skinny, his staff, and the authors for a fine issue. I’m one of those throwbacks that prefer a magazine I can hold rather than an online publication. This is one I will save.
  15. Shoot a couple of matches using your regular holster as a crossdraw; just turn the revolver around in the holster. I do it often. Make sure you like it before buying new leather.
  16. Hatchet. Or hammer and chisel. I’ve done both.
  17. It’s humbling to realize that nothing I create will last as long as these scratches on stone. I also have a fossil fish about 3” long from Fossil Butte National Monument. It will still be here when memories of me don’t exist. It gives one perspective.
  18. I guess the alternative caption could be; “ I went swimming and came back home with an amphibious car!”
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