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  1. OK, I'm back. Sorry for the absence but real life had me fully engulfed. 

    I'm good with the proposed changes and new members.

    If you still want the do something at End of Winter, Winter Trail or whatever we're calling the Phoenix shoot these days let me know and I'll set something up with the Chip once again.



    1. Major Art Tillery

      Major Art Tillery

      Hey Augustus, five us have been in contact and have moved the presentation to Land Run.  We have been collecting nominations, and will be ending that July 4th, making a choice via Conference call on July 15th I believe.  Got a good number to reach you at?  I have tried all your contact info Dave had.


      Side note, check out those nominations and see what you think.  This Whiskey Hayes fella seems like just the man for this honor so far.


      We are working on nailing down a buckle design and a place to have the dinner.  Got and idea of a place... But trying to work the details.


      Excited to continue this great tradition!


      Keep in touch pard,



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