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  1. The local toy store sells one box with purchase of a gun. Can't buy it otherwise. I
  2. They have all found a home already
  3. I buy straight from the distributor they generally have several amounts you can get but the min is 500,000 at least that's what my guy required
  4. I reload for between 4 and 8 shooters. I won't fall under 5k at any given time. Generally I load around 120k a year for various activities. we generally save up and buy a pallet every spring. Get a few people to go in on it and its cost effective. We paid $23 a thousand delivered. Just need a forklift or pallet jack to unload
  5. Sure I would if the price was right and I wanted/ needed it. It wouldn't stay that condition though. I don't own guns I don't shoot
  6. Looking from the back are they thinned like gunfighter grips?
  7. Sure you can request it but that doesnt mean it will happen. Ask if you can repaint it yourself before you shoot and you might have better luck, bit I doubt it. Ive shot a couple matches where it was done. Your not repainting the entire target each time just a couple small spots. The ones I went to used spray paint and the painter generally was done and back behind the line before the brass pickers. One thing of note. These were big close targets. A match with sass recommend distances would add time
  8. The 44 is a little lighter but you wouldn't notice it unless you held them both right next to each other
  9. I carry one quite a bit. But it's generally when im on a horse or around the farm/ neighborhood. If I need more than 6 shots to get to more substantial firepower im pretty screwed anyway. Generally im more concerned with 4 legged varmints. I don't care for semi autos. And don't use them for a carry weapon. My choice. I also don't frequent areas where more firepower would be prudent. If im forced to be in one of those areas I carry what is necessary. Also consider if you are ever to have to use one, the perception of the jury is big. i wouldn't come off as a john Wayne wannabe. But that also works for the newest wonder 9 and john wick. Ultimately only you can decide what gun is right for you. The one you will carry is far better than the one that gets left at home.
  10. Nope after as many procedures as I have had on my lungs it's tough enough to breathe as it is. This is a hobby. If I really need to shoot my range is just outside the door.
  11. From what I've seen it's not normally the old, young, or infirm that whine about stuff. It's those who are looking for excuse to validate their opinions. Just like those that always whine about new things not being cowboy yet are proponents of holsters, guns, action work that no cowboy would ever use.
  12. We ordered a pallet full in june. 23 per 1k. Free shipping. so we are good for a little while. Right now if you order you won't see them for 9 months according to our rep at federal. We were lucky enough to have somebody on the inside to help speed our order along
  13. I like weird targets and have made several. The one im working on now is a plate rack that goes from small to large with the last target setting off a flyer when it falls. Plate rack to be shot with revolvers or rifle, flyer with shotgun. Should be a good test for transitions
  14. I have one similar. How level the ground is greatly impacts the speed of the plates falling. I tend to have the front a little higher than the back. If it's the opposite it really slows a fast run down.
  15. Not yet. Once covid hit our shop went into overdrive making supplies for st judes so I lost access to the cnc machines. I still need to do some spring's, the wood, mag tube and lifter arm. But I have shot one made by a gentleman from Wyoming who has been helping me troubleshoot the issues with galling. He has made two. One in 25-20 and one in 32 s&w
  16. Actually there are a few that do exist. Not chambered in .45 though
  17. It's the misbelief that this sport is about being fair/ equal to all. A top two handed shooter shoots fast and you'll hear people saying they couldn't keep up. But what's the call? Clean. Benefit of doubt. Assumption that they did it right. A gf shoots even moderately fast and it's assumed we did it wrong. Total double standard. Then you hear the argument that because we get to have two guns out its fair to have more restrictions. Which is pure b.s. we are already doing something that is much harder which is restricting enough as it is.
  18. My favorite... due to the inadequacy of talent in spotters, gf are not allowed to shoot all out
  19. I'll take it if you can send it from an ffl, my guy doesn't recieve from individuals
  20. Thanks lefty I'll let them know. If they end up with rugers I'll give you a call
  21. There are several key parts to this success. I am a very small part of it. Hillbilly bert has been talking it up and promoting it every chance he gets as well as other members of our club. Key points. Do not assume all young people only want to play video games and shoot black guns. They may like to but I've yet to see one turn down shooting our guns. Get a variety of skill level shooters to help, and demonstrate. A very critical part here. DO NOT START WITH A SHOOTING DEMO!!!! Seeing someone good really good with years of practice burn a stage down does absolutely no good to people who are apprehensive about their skill or how they will do. Have patient skilled shooters walk them through the stages. Then at the end of the day let the stars shine to show what is possible. Don't have all volunteers dressed to the nines. It's great to have a few dressed up, but make sure you have SEVERAL only in the bare minimum. At least one on every posse. If possible have a townie or railroad worker not just only cowboys. feed the imagination. Again less intimidating.
  22. That's very generous caboose. I don't know if she will be at cvv,I haven't heard back yet. She will be at kimbal
  23. It's Minnesota... we have chilly winters. Gin helps so we start them young
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