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  1. Here are the pics I have more detailed if you want as well
  2. sorry it's taken so long to answer . My dad is in the hospital and I've been with him. I have five that are available. 1 is a coin finish engraved 200e 2 are engraved 100s and two are plain 100s. Two have beaver front ends two have the splinter. I'll take some pics when I get home Tonight. All are not worked on by cowboy smiths
  3. I don't have a 150 but I do have 4 100's and a 200e that I'm selling if your interested
  4. When my kids decided they were going to shoot I bought a 5 gal pail full of .22s. they switched to 38 pistols after one match so I have a crap ton of 22 ammo , so I practice with it. when I actually have time to practice . The guns aren't the same but the mindset is. I'm getting older and my joints like it better when I do large volume in a short time. It's a lot easier on the body. now that my kids have decided they want more buckles from above state or regionals, I've had to break out the back yard range and dust off the cobwebs, it's not unusual for me to shoot 1 to 2000 rounds in an afternoon practice session with them. There are a lot of kernels of knowledge posted above. There is also some not great advice. Proper dry fire is very good, BUT, improper dry fire will cause major issues if not corrected. its really easy to get sloppy if you don't get live feedback. Transitions, shotgun reloading, and your mental game is what wins a match. There is nothing better than live fire with the guns and rounds that you will be using,but any gun can be used. I've used my three gun gear before practicing transitions and stage layouts, pacing. If you have the guns, then by all means use them. Even if you don't and you plan long term usage. 22s are still cheaper. If you only want to practice 50 rnds here and there, just use the money on ammo.
  5. We are working on one for my daughter. Very ammo sensitive but so have misfired or had any issues
  6. Our surprise littler. We are bottle feeding the two runts..
  7. I've got a mixture of ar 400 and ar 500 with 2 big gongs of hardened steel 3" thick. The gongs are holding up well but at over 500lbs a piece I don't move them often. They suck to pick up!
  8. Ok large size frame is a ruger vaquero. It says so right on the gun. 😉 the ones that are incorrectly naming a size are the ones that shorten NEW vaquero to just vaquero.
  9. I've always like disturbed s version better.
  10. Dang i wish i could find primers for that price around here.. I just picked up 15000 but i had to pay 35.
  11. I've recieved star shaped Steel awards. A small tin bucket with a couple bullet holes in it. One of my cooler ones was a wolf statue carved out of stone. About the size of a softball carved with a dremel tool then polished. Another i really liked was a bowie knive with the match name etched into the blade
  12. I've never shotv one with my rifle but the last 6 years I've harvested deer with my vaquero s. I've also taken 2 with my sass shotguns. 1 with an 87 one with a 97
  13. My wife has an aunt that is 2 years older than her but younger than me. I only call her aunt when i want to push her buttons
  14. Dantankerous. Its in pretty good shape for its age. A small dent in the mag tube. Not deep enough to hinder feeding. Cycled smoothly. Shootable. Good patina. I don't remember anything that stood out about the wood. However i spent most my time looking at the 86
  15. Between varmits on the farm, and plinking i generally shoot almost every day. I do train with some retired military folks bi weekly.
  16. Reloading 25-20 is the only way to go unless your ridiculously wealthy. Around here the only factory loaded ammo goes for $62 per box
  17. J harlan. Wolfgang is right. I don't own them out have possession of them. I'm not headed that way till next week but I'll see if the owner will let me take some pics if you can tell me what you'd like to see I'll try to get them for you
  18. Jim is a good friend.. I drooled over the 86 but I finally received 15000 primers in so my fun fund is tapped out
  19. I stopped by the local toy store and saw these today. I don't get anything out of the deal just thought id pass the info on. 1886 in 40-65. #657xx asking $1850 long octagon barrel 1887 in 10 gauge long barrel. #304xx $1200 1892 in 25-20 octagon barrel #3854xx $895 1873 made in 1894. In 32-20 octagon barrel $1695 The stores info is little crow shooting sports in hutchinson mn. Phone 320 587 9829 ask for jim or katie
  20. I've got a delux pistol grip 73 with a 20" barrel that if your interested in maybe we can work on something for the Marlin
  21. It's a very good pistol I'm not surprised
  22. Id listen to straight arrow. I have three of them. Inexpensive but shoot lights out.
  23. That brings up the elephant hiding in the closet. Single action shooting.. Where we use guns designed pre 1900 or modern replicas. Because im sure you saw a lot of shotguns honed, funneled with a stay open notch. Or short stroked, wide lowered hammered colts. Short stoked 73s with straight triggers. Titanium parts. The leather we use. Boots. Even clothes are designed for speed. The sport has changed from what it was to, as long as it looks somewhat close the sky is the limit. 20 years ago how many of those mods would have been allowed? I had the chance to talk with judge roy bean when he came to gunsmoke a few years ago. I recieved some very interesting answers. Don't get me wrong i love this sport and the people in it. I see the sport as it is now. Not as it was. Ive only been to a few throwback shoots that went by the old rules. It was definitely different. Not better not worse. Just different. But how far is it going to erode from what it started out as? Can a human outrun the mechanics of a gun? Yes, it can be done but it takes some serious skill. Using lighter parts, heavier springs,and mods to the design can help with that too. The people that have that skill like duece and smokestack also have the knowledge to adjust their body and rhythm to achieve the maximum potential of the machine. So they will not out run it. Instead they show us the dynamics that make our jaws drop.
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