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  1. No I do not. I pay 46.50 per 1k Non coated is normally about $7 per k less than that. Ive never bought from mo bullets so couldn't say on that.
  2. They look like a good product, however at double what I currently pay. I'll stick with my supplier for now
  3. Because the guns were used a lot, bent mag tubes were a lot harder to replace back then. They didn't have next day shipping
  4. In normal times, 9mm and .223 is cheap enough that it really isn't that much advantage to reload when shooting large round counts. I was at an auction yesterday. Ammo prices were insane. Better than a dollar a round for 9, 45, .223, 7.62. 30 cents a round for .22. The real kicker. .410 slugs. $120 per box of 5 rounds.
  5. Looking for one I can cut down for my daughter. She shot her first match last sat and the youth stock we have is too long. She is a petite 8 yr old. Thanks for any help
  6. Your missing the point. If your chasing a number, its chasing an illusion. 20 years ago 30 seconds was fast. 10 years ago 20 seconds was fast. Now if you want to to win you better be shooting faster than 16. Compare apples to apples . Bring the targets in close so you can shoot low times. Just be honest with yourself. Top shooters will still blow those times out of the water. Just to be clear I don't consider myself a top shooter. Upper mid pack at best. Why anyone wants to value thier times/ perfomance based on what someone e
  7. Do people walk away because they can't shoot a clean stage in 16 seconds? Obviously not or most wouldn't be here. I didn't shoot a clean match until my 8th year. Yet I still came back. Do you really think a 16" or larger target at 7 yrds is punishing? Would sass die if they actually said you couldn't have targets closer?
  8. A few mistakes in that belief. Your comparing apples to oranges. So your 16 second stage makes you feel like john force? Lead despencer? Except. What would he shoot the stage in? Really makes that 16 seem slow doesnt it. You can keep your illusions of grandeur all you want but it still doesnt make you John Force. I started like 10 or eleven years ago. Shooting 60 to 80 second stages. A lot of the time coming in last place. Slowly I got better through putting in effort. Never did I try to cheapen the efforts of others by wanting an easy wa
  9. And getting the targets closer and bigger makes it easier to do. Shooting sub 16 second stage at 7 yards is a ton harder than doing it at 3. Big close is basically the equalization of participation awards. a way to make a mediocre shooter with low confidence/self esteem feel better about themselves. Same as adding more categories so everybody gets a shiny buckle. It is what the sport is evolving to. Take it for what it is. Before you ask. Yes I do shoot under 16 quite a bit. Generally dipping below 12 at least a couple times a year.
  10. I have a pair of them that we got for the kids. Turns out neither care for the colt style. Prefer to sell as a pair if possible. If let me know and I will see if I can dig them out of the safe for pics
  11. Let me check the loading room when I get home. Im pretty sure I had some stashed away. Does brand matter?
  12. Oooohhh....I always thought those were the best looking revolvers ever made
  13. I don't have a pair but I do have a solo bisley. 357 ss 5 1/2" if your interested
  14. A properly fitted holster needs no break in.
  15. I got my first .45 in 2004. I just liked the heft of it. I couldn't afford a colt. Then in 2008 I bought 2 more This time in ss. I like them because they are easy to work on. Over the years I think ive had about 2 dozen. I just like the feel of them. I hunt with them. Plink, carry one most days. I have never been a big fan of the nmv. It just feels light to me. My main match are nmv with old model hammers, but its because I couldn't find full size frames in .357 at the time.
  16. Helping a new shooter find gear. Looking for an older coach gun. double triggers, pistol grip. Not butchered up. Prefer the 2005 to 2009 era as they were better quality. Thanks for the good intentions but not interested in skb's or browning.
  17. I've shot them. Really rough action but they work well
  18. I have an old shooter made in the early 1900s. it's been partially reblued and has an extra sight dove tail. 30 wcf. 26" if your interested send me a message and we can see if we can agree on a price
  19. Ive used one in three gun last year. Phenomenal trigger. Better accuracy than most stock guns. Swap out the main spring for a lighter version and you get one incredibly soft shooter .
  20. Lower the belt. Or low slung twin belts. Personally I'd go with the twin belts. It's what I did when I was shooting 7 1/2" vaqueros
  21. I was raised old school on it. If you can't doctor it. Put it down. My aunt literally went bankrupt paying for her dogs medical bills. I care for every animal we have and have spent many sleepless nights with them . I have several friends who are vets as well as being in the animal world most my life. Stitched up many, done c sections/pulled babies, fixed prolapse, ruptures, etc if it's something that I can't fix, I do my best to comfort them then ease their pain. The kids help butchering every year. It keeps them grounded. I personally hate killing things. But I h
  22. Little crow shooting sports in Hutchinson MN has them . I think they have 12,28,16,and 32 currently
  23. I have sold things on the wire where the buyer did his best to try and talk down the price. Only to see them sell it for two to three times what they offered. These vendors I will no longer sell to for any price. My product, my choice. I've also sold guns to new shooters for way under value, as well as gave a few guns away.. Would I be against vendors being banned from buying on the classifieds? No. Does it hurt me that they are allowed to? No It wouldn't be that hard to set up a classifieds where vendors aren't allowed. Like a new shooter discount area.
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