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  1. Yep and It can be done with two handed shooting as well so what's your point?
  2. No. Not really. When I'm in a shooting mood I can run significantly under 3 seconds sometimes under 2 while hitting targets correctly. But I have to judge my speed on the ability of the spotters. Certain groups I have to seriously back off. When a two handed shooter shoots so fast the spotters can't keep up, it's benefit of doubt to the shooter. Clean.. When We do it, it's the opposite, must have done it wrong, penalties... Just to clarify I don't double cock. A top notch gf is able to shoot way faster than a top notch two handed shooter. Heck I'm not even a top notch shooter and I beat the top two handed on the speed pistols by almost a full second last year at regionals. It's frustrating to try to win overall knowing you could cut 10 to fifteen seconds off your time by going all out. Anyway. It's part of shooting the best category. Love it for what it is and adapt or shoot something else.
  3. Thanks I b if wider and I can't get it fixed we will take you up on it.
  4. It's the same as asking why is gunfighter the only category that has a speed limit... It's part of the mystique of gunfighter. I would vote against changing it. If you want to shoot gf and use adjustable sights you can always do it in be western
  5. Little miss lou who's main match marlin is down and won't be fixed in time for regional. Looking for a non short stoked 94 for lady b western. Carbine if possible
  6. As stated it's a scam. The only pistol calibers they will be by doing for a while is .357 and .44 mag. While the frames have been done for months they don't have the rest. If they can get quality staff they should be rolling out by Christmas but I wouldn't count on it.
  7. Davidsons doesn't just give to the big guys. It depends on who your rep is.
  8. I'm not a big guy but I know a few key people. We have had both black hawks and vaquero's come in. I currently have one Blackhawk in .357 on the shelf.
  9. Reeds in MN has had them in frequently, we have had 6 in but I have a back order of customers half a dozen long.
  10. I've had several over the years. This is a new chiappa I have in the shop now in .44 mag. Fun guns
  11. Made 100 in about 30 minutes. The more you do it the faster it goes
  12. Never saw that website... But we have reloaded a couple thousand primers. So far I've had 2 not go bang.
  13. A friend wants to put an octagon barrel, brass front site, and action job on his blackhawk. The Smith I used before has closed his doors. Are there any quality smiths currently doing this?
  14. They did make some but not very many. They also can be made to hold 10. I had one before and let it go to fund another project
  15. My son has outgrown his Henry and is ready for his own 73. Looking for one of the miruko 73s with a 16" round barrel. Stock preferred. Thanks
  16. It depends on the range. I shoot at two small ranges that do not permit them. Range rules not sass. I have my own personal opinion on them that I will not state. I've driven cap's on multiple occasions. Fun toy
  17. Our surprise littler. We are bottle feeding the two runts..
  18. Chickens are pretty fool proof. They don't need fancy. We generally run between 30 and 40. Breed and feed drastically impact egg production. Also if you want to eat them. We don't raise heavys, barred rock and road island reds are what we mostly have. During peak season we get about a dozen to 18 eggs a day. That mainly is because we don't raise hi egg producers and we let them free range During the day. A place to roost out of the weather, food, water and your good to go. Do not buy from tractor supply or the like. You can make something for way under a hundred bucks. If you have an old sheld your good to go. Free grazing will impact color and flavor of the eggs. If you have any questions feel free to pm me
  19. Only if you want fertilized eggs
  20. a miss is a miss, I'm not a fan of shotgun flier misses being made up either and I don't put make-ups into my stages. it really dilutes the point of having a clean match. If you have to make it up, you really didn't shoot it clean, you can kid yourself all you want but if you use a makeup target you didn't shoot it clean. that gets into the whole participation award conversation. before anyone gets out the pitchforks and torches, I also do charity events where you can buy back your misses, that's totally different because it is a big earner for charity, and the entire point of the match is to earn as much as possible. we also do matches where we do have make up, but not often I have nothing against those who want to shoot it clean, but dont cheapen the sport to get it that way
  21. looking for a little longer barrels for the bond. right now new ones are almost a year out. thanks
  22. you will get some complaints. they really dont matter. I have shot with some of the sports best that will not shoot with a slower shooter. to me that shows total lack of integrity. two people that i consider friends shoot slow, like average closer to 200 seconds a stage slow. one walks with canes the other is just not physically able to shoot faster. everybody pays the same, they get the same opportunity for fun.
  23. i generally keep about 20 of their guns in stock. they are ok to deal with as a store. currently really back ordered on most items due to Italy being shut down for most of last year. As stated they are not a manufacture they are an importer. They do get certain guns spec'd out just for them that no one else will get. just like lipsey or talo, I have had less than stellar experiences with customer service, but on a whole, would rate them well
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