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  1. Boogie is hands down the smoothest I've shot. Next would be by drifter. But drifter isn't doing much work on guns anymore. My person experiences with Cody's guns were less than positive but they may have been a couple bad apples out of the bunch. If you want the details pm me. If you want a miruko carty is doing the best I've seen. Ive played with rifles from pretty much all the big names and some of the small. Each felt different. I would try out as many as you can before you buy
  2. Should I swap the inertia trigger to manual?
  3. A lot of variables. Temp. Age of shooters, quality of shooters. Now that my son and daughter are shooting I like the 14 to 16 range. Gives me time to shoot, unload get one kid ready/shoot/unload. pick brass/ reset/ time until the next kid is ready to shoot, get them through, pick/reset/time then the wife is up. Last week it was hot with 13 shooters. we had a few of the older shooters struggling. The last few stages I was timing, picking brass, resetting, all at once. Makes for a long day.
  4. Need to raise some funds so extras have to go. 1. Uberti 1866 carbine in .45. Bought this to get measurements for replacement parts and to do mounted shooting. The mounted shooting never panned out. Shot less than a box through it. Stock, nothing done. 19" barrel. $750 plus shipping. If you want me to mill the carrier out before shipping we can work something out. SPF 2. Uberti model 0469 cattleman birds head 3 1/2" barrel .45. this was for mounted shooting as well. Shot 5 shots through it and put it away. $450 plus shipping. SPF 3. Krag
  5. Need to raise some funds so selling off some safe queens. all Winchester no replica, all takedowns. 1- most the finish is gone, mismatched numbers, both hand and butt stocks have cracks but it functions D model 28" barrel $450 plus shipping 2. Retains most of its finish. Butt plate is missing. 32" barrel very tight action. Fired very little. Functions as should. Tight action $500 plus shipping. SPF 3. Functioning poly choke. Looks like a good quality reblue. Slight cracks in wood. Extremely Tight action looks to not have been shot much.
  6. Yes I was biding on it until I realized I was going agaisnt a high school trap shooter. So I bowed out. Learned later he was buying his first gun, made me wish I had quit sooner.
  7. Do you have someone you would recommend for the stock?
  8. I'll keep you in mind G W. Ive seen 6 in the last 2 weeks go between 600 and 1000
  9. So I have always hated skbs. I've had 3 and just didn't like the way the grip felt or the slower single trigger. But the dang things just keep popping up. I passed up on a 28 gauge in presentation case today. Highly engraved . Old stock but fired only one round per barrel. It went for 650. Pretty sure I let a deal go by but I have no use for it. The other was a model 100 28" barrels 12 ga. Start of a crack in the scallop. About 90 percent. This is the one that followed me home. Im debating on keeping it and cutting it down to fit my son to shoot due to it be
  10. Never bought earthwalker boots. Largest waste of money ive had in sass. Maybe travel to a few more away shoots
  11. I dont know if you have them where you are but it's the local farm supply store. Runnings
  12. Yes. We should find a match we can shoot together.
  13. Nope... can mix it up any way they feel like it. Sometimes to save transition time I'll shoot two or three shots out of one gun while the other is putting down a long gun and drawing.
  14. Primers are coming in again. I picked up 2k federal and 2 k cci mag today for 40 a thousand
  15. Hey now... no need to call me names. Unfortunately he is known all over for those actions and many refuse to posse with him
  16. Lefty you do a good job. Ive always seen you trying. Have you missed things? Yes, but everybody does. That's why we have 3 spotters. Nobody sees them all. You know what bad spotters are, unfortunately there are several regulars at gcg. Generally the ones spotting from the back of the crowd or facing the opposite direction running thier mouth. Too many think spotting is not really important. Its vital to have people who care. Who are trying to do the best possible. A good spotter will analyze the stage as much as the shooter. Knows where the
  17. For the first few years side matches were all I cared about. I wasn't good enough to win the match but I could sometimes sneak out an award with side matches. It helped me justify all the money spent . I also had a friendly battle with someone who was similar in skill level. Each year we would battle. Now days I do them to help me gauge where I need to work on. I was asked this weekend why I still do it. It's a battle with me. Am I doing my best. Or being lazy? I know it's more work, I've ran side matches on state and regional sh
  18. 125s mostly in rifles and pistols. I do have 105s I'm loading for the kids to try. They pretty much decided not to shoot .22 pistols. At the end of the day the 125s buck a little hard for my petite 8yr old daughter, but she wants to shoot the big guns. we are going to try to work up a lighter load for her.
  19. That ment more than where I placed. It was their first big match.
  20. Last weekend was my son and daughters first big match. Mn State. I have realized just how much more work it was to keep them going. Guns and gear to keep performing, advice and motivated after mishaps. It really takes a lot out of your match, the score sheet definitely reflects that but worth more to me than any buckle. So to all those who choose to help youngsters shoot. THANK YOU! We have had friends and strangers help us. To all the members of posse 4. My wife and I say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you.
  21. Thank you. I definitively wasn't happy with all my misses and shotgun re engagements but I'm honored by the result.
  22. Very well said. There are many aspects to a match.
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