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  1. I another war they would have called Carl "sad sack"
  2. Friend of mine did exactly that. He had a 32" sharps, I couldn't hold it up to shoot it was so front heavy. We were at Guns of august and one of the vendors had a short barreled sharps on display. It was so nice he went home cut the barrel off with a hack saw, recut the dove tail with a file. Real sweet handling rifle after that.
  3. Be a great book to hollow out and hide a gun in, ain't nobody gonna steal it much less look inside.
  4. Buddy of mine had a chrome plated .45. He would say "chrome will get you home, in certain neighborhoods"
  5. I think you missed this, "1957? Let's pause here and review a handful of arguably-muscular options from the year in our latest edition of This or That, all of which are currently available in the Hemmings classifieds." These 4 cars were actually for sale at the time of this article. Must not have been any Ramblers.
  6. Always had a thing for 57 fords, rag top is a plus.
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