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  1. So a Glock 22 is .40 caliber, and a Glock 44 is .22 caliber??? I can't own a block, I'd never know what ammo to use.
  2. I would contact Hi-point, they have a good reputation for customer service, see what they say.
  3. An AR, a Horse, and a cowboy walk into a bar....... Bartender says " why the long magazine"
  4. Bought mine for about $350 , sold it for $2200
  5. this one sold on gunbroker at auction for $1525 https://www.gunbroker.com/item/839722690
  6. Back in the 20's colt ran an add for their .25 auto showing a big black bear they said was killed by one. If you think this out as living then, not as going back to, I would take a 1903 Colt in .32 that was the hot set up then, light, dependable ammo available any where in the world .
  7. There may not be an "I" in team but there is one in "WIN".
  8. One perp was holding her 11 year old and the other was beating her husband, would you take that shot with a shot gun? The AR15 was the best gun for that situation, she may not of had a good shot, but got one in between her daughter and husband.
  9. I guess I'll be that guy, switched from 12 to 20 many years ago because of a bad shoulder. Always felt like less recoil to me, same price as 12ga most places. Coach guns kick more than longer barrels, in my experience. I have a load for .7 0z that barely kicks at all but still knocks down all the targets.
  10. At one time the lower priced Springfields were made in Brazil ( I think ) and the more expensive ones were American made. I don't know if this is still true.
  11. I use a bore snake, that looks like an accident waiting to happen.
  12. Any body heard of the Rooseveltbrowning hunting club? They only use pre 1910 rimmed cartridge guns. https://adventure.howstuffworks.com/outdoor-activities/hunting/clubs-and-organizations/rooseveltbrowning-hunting-club.htm
  13. I have my Daisy 94 from when I was a kid, but it's pretty much just a parts gun now. I do have 2 Sheridans, one is a Mac 1 conversion, have not shot it yet but it's should be quite powerfull.
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