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  1. I think some guy just took a couple closeups of a marble.
  2. The first time you hit a curb or rock you will end up flat on your face.
  3. If you remember the '70s, you weren't there.
  4. That's a true story https://www.newspapers.com/clip/3747386/alices_restaurant_massacree/
  5. I have a pet theory that when Ruger first started hammer forging their own barrels they did not have it quite right. Older mini's are "known" to be inaccurate but newer ones seem to be better thought of. I think it took a while to learn the art of hammer forging.
  6. I don't know, if we make guns float, how will we claim to have lost them in a boating accident?
  7. I would use an empty bleach bottle and run the sling thru the handle.
  8. I got one at the gun show, Trumps picture but the denomination is 2020
  9. I have one that is identical, except for that fancy watch fob on yours. Mine says "JOHANN EUPOLD -BAYREUTH'' on the other side. I think one of my dads cousins brought it back, been in the family as long as I remember.
  10. A friend of mine got those guns, he no longer shoots, might be for sale if you are interested. I got a pair of 7.5" .357 Colts that I think were from Cole, stag grips, ring a bell?
  11. Of course I know the difference, one is cold and hard and the other you can get ivory grips for. Maybe you should be learning from me.
  12. No, but mine were NRA commemoratives and identical to those, but I had them engraved.
  13. The ability to make good decisions comes from experience, the kind of experience you get by making bad decisions. and Experience is a harsh teacher, she gives the test first and the lesson follows.
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