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  1. I was on a plumbing job putting in a new drain at the local university gun range. My foreman showed me where to put it, I told him bad idea they were moving it to under the steel plate that directed the bullets to the sand trap. Told him that new drain would fill up with lead and be a mess, but what does a first year apprentice know? Couple weeks later, after the shooting coach saw it, I had to move it.
  2. There is, in my opinion, two types of fruit cake, good and horrible. Like any other food if you get the good stuff you'll love it, if you get the bad stuff you'll hate it and never try it again. Thank God my parents loved it and I grew up with good fruit cake.
  3. I had a friend that would get mad at his wife for " smoking them left handed cigarettes" only time I ever heard that term.
  4. Pot, short easy to say, easy to spell, no matter how much of it you had.
  5. Here's the Crooked River Pete rule, If you know how many you have, you don't have enough!
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