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  1. It's too late to help the OP, but my understanding is bore snakes come in two lengths, pistol and rifle. Pistol are much shorter and should not be used on a rifle. If your bore snake body (not including the pull rope) is not longer than the barrel don't use it on that gun. OP said the bore snake was entirely in the barrel, which sounds like a pistol snake. All my snakes are longer than the barrel, after the pull rope clears the muzzle there is still some snake hanging out the breach, should the pull rope break in the barrel I could pull it out by the other end of the snake.
  2. I live about 4 houses from a city park. There is a gun range there only open from midnight to 3 am.
  3. I'll answer this a little different. My dad worked for Ford. Every thing I had, wore, ate for most of the first 18 years of my life was from the fruits of his labor. Least I can do is buy one of their products every now and then. They have been pretty good for me.
  4. That word comes out of my mouth far too often, but I don't think I could type it out and hit post.
  5. I've heard that the "life time warranty" didn't refer to how long they would fix them but to how long it would take to fix them.
  6. When I bought mine I wanted a full bright stainless, but Colt don't make them very often, got a plain stainless one. I do like it, but if I ever walk into a gun shop and see one of these... https://www.colt.com/detail-page/colt-custom-government-38-super-5-barrel-bright-stainless-finish-291-wood-grips-3-dot-sights-thumb-safety-hard-cas ETA, I use the same 130gr flat points in it I use in my .38 spl cowboy loads.
  7. That shouldn't matter with a good red dot. I can cover the end of my sight so I can't see thru it, with both eyes open I still see the red dot on the target. The brain picks up the red dot from my right eye, the target from my left and joins them together. read this, https://www.armsonusa.com/oegconcept.html
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