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  1. I remember reading that federal law does not say "felony" it says any crime punishable by over one year in prison. Been some controversy in PA about it because a DUI can keep you from getting a gun there.
  2. last car I know that had adj valves was Honda, they may still have them, but by the 60's most every one had gone to hydraulic, except motor cycles.
  3. I have one for a Colt Dick Spl 2", I use to carry a 4" police positive in it often, never had a problem ( back then I even practiced drawing). I would carry a 6", might need a longer cover garment.
  4. Mine has drifted also, when it starts getting hard to open I have to experiment about a half number each way till I find the change. I was told "it's not a Roulette wheel don't spin it so hard" that causes the tumblers to hit each other and move. If you change your combo, lock the lock with the door open and make sure it works a few time before closing it.
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