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  1. If you have a socket, you might be going to work. That might cause cancer.
  2. Delta has a lifetime warranty, call them, they might replace it.
  3. I made my own "stubby" took the blade out of a cheep screwdriver and replaced it with a short extension from a power drill kit.
  4. I want a removable stock so I can change back and forth, that one you show is a rifle, can't change it into a pistol.
  5. I was looking at them myself, with a 16" barrel you could put a stock on it.
  6. I read one time that the guns used in "The Wild Bunch" were Star 9mm.
  7. I have a Haenel, I also need a safety, been looking for a couple years no luck. You can get after market mags, but the original has a notch in the heal for take down. I see them on Gun Broker often , but quite expensive. More info here, https://unblinkingeye.com/Guns/HS25/hs25.html
  8. When I did some reloading for friends I charged 2x the cost of the bullets. That plus the cost of the brass, for a friend, I'd charge 8 to 10 bucks.
  9. I wouldn't be afraid of him, but who is directing, paying and leading these guys? Look into 4G warfare, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fourth-generation_warfare There is a long thread about it on AR15,com, written by a guy who has lived it in Bolivia. Ever thing he described months ago is happening here now. https://www.ar15.com/forums/General/The-Great-Bolivian-Bogaloo-of-2019/5-2336897/?page=1
  10. To bad you need to be a paid subscriber to read the comments, I'll bet they are great.
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