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  1. Thanks. I never ended up finding the post that showed up a couple of days ago. You are right, probably a repost of the original.
  2. Someone told me that on FB yesterday there was a post about Artie and Sadie getting an award for all that they have done for SASS and all the years they took professional pictures. I have looked for two days and can't find anything anywhere. Does anyone know about this award and where the article or post can be found? TIA
  3. Our first computer was CP/M with 8 in floppy disks that held less than the plastic 5.25 disks developed later. Had a daisy wheel printer. Yeah, Kindall refused to deal with IBM (refused to sign a non disclosure agreement IIRC) which had actually gone to Bill Gates first, but Bill said he didn't develop software, but changed his mind when Kindall wouldn't work with IBM.
  4. Tex doesn't like me posting prayer requests for him on the SASS Wire so please keep this one private.


    A message from Cat:


    "Tex in hospital with very bad infection-sepsis. Is in critical care unit in Pres downtown. Thought u should no. Cat"

  5. Dear Lorelei,


    Thank you for your response. The type of brass bag I’m looking for is made of soft canvas. It has ties on the open end, and the shooter’s alias, badge number and club name, all in bold, black letters. A local fellow - not a shooter - made them for a reasonable cost. I bought several for gifts. He quit making them years ago, so I looking for replacements.


    I see that you will celebrate another birthday next week. May you enjoy many more with good health.

  6. What about old messages 9 years old? When I click on "Messages," some of them don't have the little blue box. They have the red box and show that they are 9 years old. I'd like to get rid of them too. Maybe I don't know how to get to INBOX. I just click on the envelope at the top of the page. Am I missing something?
  7. Thanks for the clear, simple, specific instructions. I used to be computer literate, but have gotten behind the times.
  8. My mailbox is full so I can't respond to a message sent to me. Can someone explain in very simple, explicit terms how to delete messages? Thanks.
  9. Sausage cheese balls made with Bisquick, hot sausage, and grated cheese. Easy to make if you have a food processor. Harder to mix if you don't.
  10. Remember specifically where I was and what I was doing when I heard the news about both tragedies. Sad days.
  11. Consider Texas. No state income tax, lots of great SASS clubs. Just make sure you are south of Amarillo where it does get really cold sometimes. South Texas and East Texas are great. Houston had 80 degree temps here yesterday. Today highs in the 60s.
  12. Hi Lorelei,

    Wish I could say our paths will cross soon. I'll be at the Convention and that's about it for SASS this year.

    Hugs to you and Laz!

  13. Just wanted to say "Hi." Hope to see you again in person soon.

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