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  1. Mike Bellevue has several good videos on youtube when he converted an 1858 to an Avenging Angel. Search duelist1954 and Remington.
  2. I am not a top-anything shooter. I shoot against myself. I have faith that the other shooters are following the cowboy-way and will align to our game requirements as best they can.
  3. I inherited guns over the years and have passed most of these to nieces and nephews. My collection will be one day be limited to a S&W Model 18 .22LR Combat Masterpiece, S&W 1911DK, Winchester 1892 in .38 WCF, a trap gun (not yet acquired) and 1 or 2 CCW guns. Until then, I plan to enjoy a plethora of cowboy guns.
  4. Not in the run for the CFP, NC State's two touchdowns in 26 seconds on Friday took them over UNCs strong show. Devin Leary broke Phillip River's and Russell Wilson's one year TD passes records at NCSU. Leary might be a name that we hear more of in the coming years.
  5. Saw a replica at Oshkosh in 2012. Not sure what the pilot could see on take-off and landing.
  6. I use a Lee .45 230-grain tumblelube mold and either 4.2 gr of Reddot or APP/777. Moderate recoil and 2" groups at 15 yards in OMVs. You can also reference .45 Auto-Rim data. This is a .45 ACP with a .09" thick rim, made for shooting targets in .45ACP revolvers without a moon clip. Low- to mid- pressure.
  7. We worried in the 1980s that Japan would replace the USAas the dominate world manufacturer. That did not happen as subsequent generations of Japanese workers were not their fathers and mothers. Now we have a situation where the affects of wussification of education (loss of industrial arts, electronics, work skills, logic and useful math) and the me-ism of selfies and constantly posting opinions is upon us. I hired an 18-year old around 2013. He took a non-emergency phone call during the interview but I this was his first non-farm employment opportunity. He was named employee of the year in 2015 after really growing up and being valuable. He quit in 2017 as he and our leaving controller broke up her marriage and stole a significant amount of company money.
  8. I used .45 Auto Rim data as a starter load. Ended up with 4.2 gr of Reddot under 185-200 grain lead bullets.
  9. 1. Start sitting in an outhouse, gunbelt below the knees, Sears catalog in both hands. I don't remember the sequence. 2. Sitting in a galvanized tub, all guns staged on a board in front of the shooter. Shoot all guns while sitting. ( strange echoes there). 3. On the clock: throw a lasso over a steer's horns, shoot one pistol, pour a shot of whiskey, shoot pistol #2, throw a knife, shoot rifle, deal a poker hand, shoot shotgun. (and then a nap)
  10. I got one of these. I call it my S.L.A.P. wrench, a Solution Looking for A Problem.
  11. Somebody bought the 28-gauge, .280 Rem Ackley Improved and .220 Swift ammo that was remaining on the shelves at a local big-box sporting goods store. It is more than ammo. Industrial steel has gone from $.45 to $1.55 per pound since May 2020, if you buy it at all.
  12. Scissors, I see a recent badge # and want to let you know about the pistolas that you have. Some cowboys opt to intentionally shoot a salt&pepper set (same guns, different finishes). 1) Two guns guns rarely shoot the same, so having an obvious mixed set helps keep them ID'd. I have a mixed set of OMVs .45 and Ruger .32 birdshead. The stainless OMV and blued .32 both shoot point-of-aim. Both other guns shoot 2-4" to the left at 10 yards. 2) If I lived in the 1880s, I would have a plain working gun and a shiny go-to-town gun.
  13. 10-15 years ago I had a 8-3/8" 686, a Dan Wesson Model 15 kit, a Ruger Bisley scoped, a T/C with a 10" barrel and a GP-100 with a 6" barrel. Today a 4.2" SP-101 meets all of my needs with this great mid-bore chambering. My big guns are .45s.
  14. I started buying original Winchesters about ten years ago and believe the best source of values is the Winchester Collector for-sale website. This 1886 has high grade wood, a pistol grip and the most desirable chambering. I have learned that seemingly small details dramatically drive up values.
  15. I wished that the shotgun choice was more accurate. Hitting anyone within a building with an 8-ga would have made the room look like a tornado in a butcher's shop. Setting off 150+ grains of BP per shot would have blocked all filming and started climate change. Better early shotgun choices would have been a Colt Root revolving shotgun or a Spencer trombone (pump).
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