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  1. When I shot IPSC matches, I paid solid $$ to have my 1911s balanced for trigger reset and hammer fall. Some of my 1911s had relieved hammers; some were jeweled. Matching these actions was as critical as matching POA/POI.
  2. The Sears &Roebuck catalog of the early 1900s had houses and water fountains. One of the two largest fountains is in Savannah, Ga. But that floating fountain is very cool!
  3. I use 5.0 grains of Reddot (.7cc Lee spoon) for: .45 Colt (180-200 grain bullets) .44 Mag (180-200 grain bullets) .38-40 (180 grain bullets) I had hangfires in the .45 Colt with less amount of Reddot. I shoot the .44 and .45 in rifles and pistolas, but I have only a rifle in .38-40.
  4. Frank Herbert's tale is too thick for the screen. There is too much texture and details for a medium that cannot stop and explain. Best sci-fi ever written.
  5. There are many, many cowboy shooters faster than me, my duelist/GF experience is that I prefer the revolver to recoil enough to bring the hammer back a bit so that I can catch it and cock the hammer with pressure from the ring and pinky fingers. A revolver that has little recoil and mostly lays flat might be preffered for two-handed shooting.
  6. With conventional firearms highly controlled in many countries and the problems of having large shooting range with ever-encroaching populations, air guns and archery are much more common and advanced in other nations. I can kill an hour or more on the pyramydair website.
  7. Like buying a 1851 Colt Navy copy and a conversion cylinder is not a firearm... The lack of knowledge of legislators who make the laws is staggering.
  8. I had two cars when I was 20: a new Gran Prix date car and a 1970 Gran Prix with a 400 c.i. out-with-the-guys car. Plate on my 1970 was IXLR8NXS. I did until I had to stop.
  9. I read that in 1908, when H Ford introduced the Model T, there were 100 combustion engine car companies, 100 electric and 50 other (steam, etc) in the USA. H Ford and T Edison said around 1920 that all autos would eventually be electric. Edison was working on submarine batteries at the time.
  10. What I called the foot is called the bolt on the Colt exploded views. The trigger/bolt spring can be loose, bound up or reversed.
  11. I have had some do this. Can be the foot spring is not seated correctly. With the cylinder removed, can you press the foot flush with the frame when cocking the hammer? Can be a burr in the hand slot, especially in a new gun.
  12. Looks like lot #198, made in Sept 1955.
  13. The ME-109 had 13mm M-131 in the wings as well as a 20mm in the nose. 13mm= .515" caliber
  14. Century-old Winnies plus newer Marlins. Sold all seven Ubertis. Good guns,but not how I want to play cowboy.
  15. The 9x17(.380ACP), 9x19 Parabellum (aka 9mm Luger), and the longer 9mms all use a .355" jacketed bullet. The 9x18 Makarov uses a .365" jacketed boolit.
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