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  1. Standard 1873 barrels were 20 and 24.25. Winchester adds said that barrels could be custom ordered at $1 per inch, up to 32" per RL Wilson's Winchester book. This looks like a 22". The buttplate looks like a rifle, not a carbine. The forearm looks too short for a 24.25.
  2. Winchester 1873 .32 WCF made in 1890, shot in one CAS match per year. Remington Model 1878 'Lifter'
  3. Least: Trouble Along the Way, Jet Pilot Favorite Westerns: Bs of the 1930s Favorite non-Westerns: Hellfighters, Reap the Wind
  4. It seems to sit lower on the belt than a Slim Jim and has a finger trigger cutout only on the face. Finding various angles.
  5. Making a holster for a buddy (not yet a cowboy shooter). He wants me to recreate Gus McRea's crossdraw holster for the 1847 Colt Walker. Looking for images.
  6. What do gas prices have to do with the goods we buy? The semi-rig is diesel. Most farm and logging equipment is diesel. Locomotives are diesel. Ain't seen much movement in diesel prices yet.
  7. I have to if the hood folks at Ruger know what a miss they made on this.
  8. I shot a Remington 1878 'Lifter' sxs for a couple of years. The unlock tab raised instead of swiveling which put the hammers close together. I miss that old double gun.
  9. My experience is based on drop-in cylinder conversions. The .44 to .45 Colt work pretty well since the bore diameters are very close. For the same reason, a .32 S&W Long conversion of a .31 cal c&b revolver works pretty well. I have not worked with a .36 to .38 Special conversion but understand that hollowbase bullets are required to fill the larger .36 bore.
  10. Most anything made before 1955. From B-westerns to Film Noir to musicals to war movies.
  11. I am still working and quite busy, but I have finally reloaded every piece of brass that I own. I still have good reading materials. If I get bored I can pull the bullets, recast the bullets and reload the cases.
  12. I would think that moisture trapped between the existing wood and composite overlay would expedite rot and mold.
  13. Steven's sxs shotguns are built like tanks. I started with a 311. The locking tab between the barrels will slow many shooters. The 511 is very difficult to break down (to me). A Stoeger or Baikal is a good $400 option.
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