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  1. I have owned four original 73s. Sold the .38 WCFs and kept the best .32 More steel, less powder.
  2. I regret selling my CLMR in .32 WCF. Fun gun that was fine at a medium speed.
  3. I might do it just to see if others would....
  4. .375 H&H ? .416 Rigby ? 7.62 Nagant ? 8mm Nambu ? .44 Automag ?
  5. Back to the original post.... The Win 1886 receiver seems to be the only one that can handle the 3.04 OAL of the .30-40 Krag. A Japanese Browning 1886 can like be found for a grand or so. Rebarreling would be my choice since that chamber cut would be so large that it may cut through any liner. Hard to find good 'Smith's for any project these days.
  6. Used to be a racist. I liked Nascar, Baja, Le Mans and IHRA. Not so much anymore. Everybody lighten up!
  7. Original name (new name). The original name reflects the school this person attended.
  8. When I was a kid, I saw Little League and Pop Warner League as kids playing adult games. Now i see it as adults playing kids' game when so many of these adults have failed to grow up. My time is too valuable to watch any of these games, races or other sporting events. R.I.P. 'Sports'
  9. Fine for SASS loads in a Ruger. I use magnum primers for all bp/sub loads.
  10. I would reference both the websites and the old manuals. Powders can change over time, and load data for newer versions may not match your older powder.
  11. I have had two third series 73s in. 38 WCF. Both were made in 1891 and shot well with BP FFFg or 5.0 grains of Reddot.
  12. The majority of shooters, some competitors and some just owners, could not hit a coffee can at 200 yards. Any average quality gun and ammo will still be better than their skills.
  13. Like many other cowboys, I have or have had rifles in .44 Mag and .45 Colt. My nod in the rifle is to the .44 because the rim is twice as big as the .45, making extraction easier (in my opinion). Of course the best answer is "Why not one of each?"
  14. Yep. Seen it happen. Not happened to me yet. I wore out my first ASM Reb .44 in 1988. Never experience a chain-fire until last year. Fortunately, only two rounds went off, one down the barrel and one nearby chamber, so no round fired into the loading lever.
  15. 4-5 minutes for two 1851s loaded on a stand, with homemade wads, usually done at the unloading table. I may add a minute midway through the match to swab out the nipples with a pipecleaner.
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