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  1. I try to use magnum primers for all bp/sub loads.
  2. I have never seen so much 10mm ammo. Been thinking about buying conversion cylinders for my two Pietta 1851 with the intention of shooting .45 Cowboy Specials. I am rethinking that since I found the same cylinders in .45 ACP. I have several thousand of .45 ACP in small primer configuration. This set up would allow me flexibility on primers.
  3. I would mix it with FFFg, probably no more than 1:1. This would likely be like smaller FFFg that I find in the bottom of the powder can.
  4. I held a Colt 1911 with a 700s serial at a restoration shop. The owner sent it in for a complete refinish. I judged the gun to be 70% finish and in good condition, certainly not bad enough to refinish a piece of history.
  5. You guys really own guns, mags, ammo and loading components? We live in interesting times, where what is said repeatedly becomes "truth" and elected officials only call themselves leaders and never hired servants.
  6. Great depth and detail. Thanks for the post. I have original Winchesters in .32 and .38. Looking for a 1892 SRC in .44. Both Brian Pierce and Mike Ventarino have written good articles about all three WCF cartridges that we shoot in CAS.
  7. I had a 1902 Colt Bisley in .32 WCF. I have owned four original Winchester 1873s and several 19th century shotguns. Learned to download everything. Learned that my preference is the .32-20, over the. 38-40 and larger since is uses less powder and has more metal around chambers and bores.
  8. Missed that. I have been to China 8 times for work. In Shanghai there is a TV channel that showed WWII movies. Usually the Japanese came into a village, killed the fighting-age men, tortured the remaining g people until the Chinese Army came or the remaining people got together and killed the Japanese.
  9. I started around 7 years old with a Savage Model 6 .22LR. Like others, I have owned and shot many other cartridges, but the simple .22 in LR or WMR could suffice for most duties, except when competition rules require larger rounds. I imagine that when I am much older and less tolerant of recoil, I will own only .22s.
  10. Not my list either. The Longest Day #48, 12 spots behind a cartoon about the guy that design the Zero. No mention on The Battle of Britain, Waterloo, Zulu or The Patriot. We need some more movies about The American Revolution.
  11. No closets. I guess that works if you only have one or two outfits. No "open concept". The fakes on HGTV would be knocking out walls and adding header beams.
  12. Get to some matches. With proper safety gear, you can get pretty close to see different gear and categories. Shoot what you like in cartridges and guns. Some guns are faster. The cost difference in .38 Sp and the most expensive rounds (like .38-40) is not that great unless you shoot every weekend. It is certainly less than the cost of gas and food that are required on a match day.
  13. I posted this a few weeks ago... Speedloaders for my 51s. 3/8 polytube cut to 2" 3/8 wooden stopper glued 23 grains of whatever FFFg .451 round ball
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