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  1. 230 grain hand cast on Lee tumble-lube, 10% tin, no lube. Federal large magnum pistol primer 1.6 cc of Fffg 777 or APP. Lee .45 Colt sizing die Lee .45 ACP speed dies for expanding, seating and crimping. Shooting in a Uberti 1860 Henry Trapper
  2. Been there. I know of four options: 1) Forget it and toss it in the back of the safe. 2) Repurpose the gun by mounting in a shadowbox with an antique gambler's knife, some card and such 3) buy 3 or 4 more and piece together one working gun (for a fixed amount of rounds) 4) buy a higher quality S&W
  3. Summer everyday carry: NAA Mini .22 WMR in IWB holster 4" lockblade Spare cylinder with five .22 LR taped in place
  4. My shooting skills are average and well behind a couple of skills that I am only slightly above average, like tooting my horns.
  5. Ruger LCP 22 seems a good option IF loaded with a quality round like CCI Stingers.
  6. I have learned that many of you enjoy 20th, and 21st, century shooting irons. I am working up a plinking load for the .300 Blackout for my Ruger Ranch bolt rifle. 230 grain Lee tumble-lube cast bullet. Looking for 1300-1400 fps. Thoughts or input??
  7. 5.0 gr of Reddot. Some shoot lighter loads but Reddot can be position sensitive on cold days.
  8. A Colt is no longer a Colt when made in London (1851 London Navy), Italy (Uberti cap and ball) or anywhere else outside of Hartford.
  9. Been doing metal work since 1989 and leather work for a couple of years. Probably a blacksmith or cobbler.
  10. I read a book years ago titled Bread. It told how Napolean was able to field armies of 100k and more, when a large army before 1800 was 5000 or so. The book stated that the French mastered large mobile kitchens that often traveled in front of armies. Large armies before 1800 actually traveled as smaller armies and lived off captured groceries.
  11. Slim, I find lead on Craigslist for about $1 per pound or less, no batteries. I buy 50/50 solder (or more) at estate sales for pocket change. Lee tumble lube molds with Lee lube for smokless and no lube for APP or 777 loads.
  12. Bought my first set of clothes at Goodwill: plain shirt, pants that I removed the belt loops and added suspender buttons, eleven years ago. These are what I weat for a shoot/work day where we do light range work while scores are tallied. Same with leather, start cheap. Use for shooting on rainy days.
  13. I have worked in manufacturing since 1983 making pc boards, furniture, precision metal assemblies, nuclear material vessels and now truck bodies. The level of quality, service and innovation of a company are all now determined by the accounting and sales departments. Most CEOs are former COOs, controllers, lawyers or VP of Sales.
  14. The Lee loading manual has good loads for cast bullets un .30-30, .308 and .30-06.
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