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  1. Also, I would calculate based on all three legs being straight line segments and add a fudge factor to allow for the curve. In a boat, it is like more of a spline than a fixed radius curve.
  2. Got a 1990s era Uberti 1860 Henry Trapper that I really enjoy and want to be reliable. At a match this weekend, I was on the line, and firing my fifth shot, when the barrel rotated, the spring sprung out and the gun stopped feeding. I know now that I could have tilted the muzzle to feed each remaining round onto the carrier, but I am interested in hearing from 1860 H shooters about a likely cause and prevention methods.
  3. Cops should have battery-powered drills so that, when they pull someone driving while texting, they can drill a nice 3/8" hole right in the center of the offending phone.
  4. Drain the loch and we will see what is in it. Oceanographers often say that we known very little of what is in the waters. As for the alien thing, maybe put sensing and sending devices on satellites.
  5. One of the positives in the last recession was that the price of shooter-grade old guns dropped. I bought three original 73s in .38 WCF and one un .32 WCF. I shot all four some, and three in SASS matches. I sold the .38 WCF guns and kept the .32. I like that the .32 has more steel (third gen, mostly steel gun) and a fraction of the powder charge of the .38 cartridge.
  6. SASS allows single-barrel break-open shotguns with ejecters. A good used H&R may run $75-$100 and leave more $$ for other guns. Pistols are "personal" tools since we wear them. I like the idea of Ruger Wrangler .22 for the 11 year old and a pair of Pietta .38s for the older boy, and invest in a good Uberti 1866 in .38 that they can share.
  7. 13.4 gr of Reddot and 7/8 ounce of reclaimed shot.
  8. Winchester 1876 carbine in .45-60 (nuff gun for most anything), Colt 1878 DA in .41, Steven's three-trigger sxs in 10 ga.
  9. The main method that my scattered military-backed family communicates. I use it in a limited way.
  10. Possible guns: Colt Models Patterson, Walker, Dragoons, 1849, 1851 and Root. Remington 1858 Pepperbox Any muzzleloader
  11. I've been happily married for two years. We just celebrated our thirtieth anniversary. Guy checks in his three bags at the airport. Tells the person at the desk, "This one to Pheonix; this one to Seattle; this one to Baltimore, and I am going to Miami". When told that the airline cannot do this, the guy says, "Why not? You did it last month."
  12. Around 1995, two NC highway patrolmen were headed to training with their new full-autos. They met at a rest area on the way and were showing this hardware to each other. Got in their cars and headed on to training, leaving a full-auto AR and an MP5 on the picnic bench. Not sure of the outcome, but it made the local news.
  13. Not sure, but is definitely breaking the 170.
  14. I like the looks of your 66! My experience is that American guns are usually dovetailed to .375"; Ubertis have 10mm dovetails or .394". I installed a sight on my Uberti 1860 that was made for the .375 slot. I secured it by adding a brass shim under the sight, in the dovetail. My shim was made from a .380 casing. I cut off the case head and hammered the pipe part of the case until it was about .02" thick and flat. No other mods were required. I shot that rifle in many matches.
  15. Many writers of those days said that America was one third for independence, one third loyalist and one third busy with being on a frontier or making a living. Scary that 33% of a few million poor colonists could defeat the greatest nation of that time.
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