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  1. I have a photo from the Shanghai airport of a bag of duck tongue snacks and a photo of dried croakers. I hoped to not be stuck for 14 hours on a plane next to someone eating either.
  2. Very happy with two 1851 Navy .44 Sheriffs and a 1858 New Army Remington Sheriff that I have bought new this year, all Piettas. My two-cents is that Ubertis look more correct and have better finishes, and Piettas have higher mechanical quality.
  3. I keep a spiral notebook. Three pages are saved for each of the 20-25 cartridges that I load. I put a label with load info on the box of cartridges. I will re-use that info if using the same components. I simplified ten powders to four for all my cartridges several years ago. KISS
  4. There is a 9-18 stamp on the label. Sept. 1918 manufacture. Definitely .30-30.
  5. I have a C, a D and an E series, all 12-ga takedowns. The C un was left stock. I shoot the D and E guns when shooting smokeless. I paid $225 to $495 for complete and working guns. Best place to start is likely your own family. Many of these guns are sitting in the back of closets or safes.
  6. I wonder how many people had an AD or worse after putting a hammer down on a live round on a SAA, just like Duke Wayne and so many others did for decades. Draw, cock, decide not to fire and lower that hammer!
  7. I believe that CCI primers are the hardest. I once had a well-known cowboy gunsmith ask to look at my original Bisley. He asked if I used CCI primers (slight bend in the firing pin). I responded, "Used to." Winchesters, Magtechs and Fiocchi are medium hard. I always been told that Federal are softest.
  8. "I pity the son of a %$/*& that gets stuck with job"
  9. His auto bio was supposedly finished by his daughter. Interesting read.
  10. .38-40, .45CS, .45 Colt and .44 Mag smokeless: $.02 bullet (cast my own) $.03 primer $.015 Reddot powder $.065 total or $3.25 per 50 BP sub adds $.05 per round. I do not count the brass since I get 12-15 loads per case and buy once-fired brass (except the .38-40)
  11. Thanks for some great looking Marlins.
  12. +1 Hooligan. I intend to try this when my Henry Trapper in C.45S gets back from a tune-up.
  13. Thanks for all the info. Gonna investigate a Marlin 1889 or 1894 in .32-20 or .38-40.
  14. Anyone shoot a Marlin 1889? These seem to be an earlier version of the 1894, but with a different lever latch. Looking for a Marlin to shoot BP in .32-20 or .38-40.
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