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  1. I have on HGTV where they spray paint the dirt green in Nevada. Strange goings-on......
  2. Ruger Charger w/ shorter barrels and several mag options. Ruger SP101 4.2" barrel in .357 Marlin 1894 in .44 Mag AR-15 in 5.56 and dual sights Win 97 cowboy mods
  3. A local news anchor is Neil McNeill. A popular, successful local lawyer is Candice Apple. My personal banker, when a local bank had them in the 90s, was Susan Dollar. Some given names are almost as good as cas aliases.
  4. Things that may not help in this photo: A. White TX star targets over white sand B. Mixed green and red shotshell, unless you are a pilot C. Non-aerodynamic hat. D. Bright scarf and suspenders that may be distractions E. Having too much fun ( sub -20 shooters rarely smile)
  5. The person that made has obviously not driven in Charlotte, Atlanta or Talladega the week after the local Nascar race.
  6. If shots are within 50 yards, a high quality .25 call air rifle might be interesting. Less noise = other critters not scared away or into a den
  7. I wore out six cap-n-ball pistolas and hunted with a Marlin 1894 in .357 in the 80s and 90s. Did not hear of cas until I saw people dressed funny walking around our IPSC matches around 2002.
  8. This is gonna make me buy a Winchester-Hotchkiss or Remington-Keene, that I have wanted for years. Dang it!! (not really)
  9. Lightly used Stoeger coach 20-ga sxs, wood stock, blued for trade. Auto-set on the safety is defeated. Safety can be set manually. Chamber mouths lightly chamfered. Comes with 125 Winchester factory loads and like-new 6-shot slider. Interested in an un-modified 12-Ga sxs with longer barrels. Prefer Savage, Steven's or similar. Must be ftf in central NC. Will not ship. Will also trade for $350.
  10. Lithium grease on the upright tubes and the pivot points on the handle. I bought a spare size and was guide. I also spoon my powder. Just my thing.
  11. Jeff Quin on gunblast reviewed one. Video is on youtube. More muzzle flip than I care for.
  12. This table looks like my setup. I have reloaded on a Lee hand loader or single stage press since 1986. I often reload 500 cartridges every two weeks. Never a dud. Never a reversed primer. I enjoy loadin' as much as I enjoy unloadin'. Safest and surest method.
  13. I have a Uberti Henry Trapper that was modified to shoot the cowboy special. Works great. The CS is close to the original .44 rimfire in function and ballistics. The original Henry had a much shorter frame. Check out the original that Eastwood uses in the Dollars movies.
  14. Always go to ballistic products for shotgun advice. The 510 grain slugs is heavy (1 ounce = 437.5 grains). I suggest a much lighter load, like 40-50 grains. The heavier load is more likely to still be combusting at the muzzle, causing tumbling of the slug. I also had better fuller combustion with magnum primers and tight compression of the powder in the mag tech hulls.
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