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  1. I rebuilt a Win 1894 made in 1908. I filled the missing front sight blade with a cut 1908 dime. I mounted the portion that had 1908 on it so the year was visible. Cost was under $5.
  2. +1 on the S&W K-frame. I owned a .357 kit made in 1978 for years. Much better shooter than my S&W 686 or Colt Python. My only complaint was a lack of grip options.
  3. These are not production pistols. They probably sell one of each per week, which means that they are hand assembled. The three that I have seen looked impressive.
  4. I can find scrap lead on Craigslist, often for $1/lb or less. Usually window weights, plumber's lead, decoy weights, linotype and old wheel weights. I do not recommend battery lead. Pretty toxic fumes and may do odd things to your guns.
  5. Works fine in larger cartridges like .38-40, .44 Mag and .45 Cowboy Special. Not so much in smaller cartridges like .38 Special. FWIW I use magnum primers with bp and subs.
  6. I have had good experience from a S&W Doug Keonig Performance Center 1911 with 20k+ rounds through it. When I shot IPSC, Les Baer and Wilson were the best production 1911s. STI were usually custom-built and were reliable if the shooter stayed with a proven load.
  7. I have both. I bought the 20 ga Stoeger for blackpowder loads so I could keep my reloads separate by gauge. 12 gauge is easier to find factory light loads and easier to download. Components like hulls and wads are easier to find in 12. Shell belts are easier to find in 12 gauge. The surface area versus weight ratio makes the 12 fall out of the chamber easier.
  8. 20 years ago Massad Ayoob said your first carry gun should be a .38 snubby or .380 and at least three different holsters for IWB, OWB and pocket. Extras for shoulder and ankle were also advised.
  9. Get to some matches and make contacts. We have a number of local cowboys who seem to be getting out of the game and are selling. Otherwise, Marlin is in transition, Italy says that firearm manufacturing is not essential and I have not seen a Japchester in months.
  10. Anyone who posts enough will get their feet wet. Seems like no harm done and a classy concern for others, though I too missed the noted post.
  11. Quigley was an awesome movie, but I think the 1859/1862 Sharps is the model that "sings" to me. That transitional design of cap-fired breechloader is too cool. Would love to have a Berdan's version.
  12. Good post. I have wondered more than once why an assassin would opt for a single-shot pistol with limited power over a small repeater like a Colt 1862, a Remington 1863 or a Smith-Wesson Model 1-1/2 .32 RF. Booth had to know that bp guns can have misfires and that the guards would be after him after he had done his evil task.
  13. Why not? It will either be improved or make a great whoops video.
  14. 5744 has a wide range of loads in many rifle cartridges.
  15. Local gun store (cherrys.com) has an early 4## serial 1860 Henry for $35k. Nice features: special sights, nice wood. Better condition at 160 years old than my main match rifle. .44 RF ammo would be a challenge.
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