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  1. Been using Bear Creek Moly coated for about 3 years. Great results. No Muss, No Fuss. Bores look great. Consistent and Accurate. I shoot them with both Single and Dual Base smokeless, friends shoot them with everything from Black MZ to Schuetzen with no problems.
  2. No folded up cuffs here. Mom would just stick me in them, mark 'em up with a chalk stick, whack 'em off and re-hem 'em a bit on the long side. I usually wore them to rags before I grew out of them anyway. She used to do a lot of sewing in those days. LOL
  3. Had me Hook, Line & Sinker right up to the last sentence. Good one CT. Thanks for the laugh.
  4. That'll make ya' shoot Dr. Pepper out your nose..... Too Funny. Thanks for the laugh CB.
  5. Thanks for the link. The Lighter side of the Light of Truth.
  6. The only SDQ I've earned was just that. I earned it. I put a cocked (empty) pistol back in the holster. I think it was my 3rd match or so, I've never had a SDQ resulting from a bad call. Misses, yes, P's, yes, even had 3 spotters miss a SG that went down and bounced back up. They all missed it, had to come back and shoot it again. Was I unhappy about it, you bet; but I sure as Hades didn't let it ruin the next 5 stages of the day let alone walk off the range. With that being said I've been playing sports my entire life and there is one constant in every one of them where human referees,
  7. The short and sweet of it IMO; Participation Awards, No. Never. An Award, like Buckles, Trophies & Plaques, should be earned and not easy to get. TJR said it right, Less is More. Participation Souveneers/Momentos, Yes. The little pins they give out at Bordertown, Eldorado, EoT, WR etc. are great. I think they're perfect little reminders of good times had by all.
  8. Howdy Rocky; Is the reason you're looking at .45 Colt because you're planning on shooting Classic Cowboy? If so the Rifles you're looking at are not legal in Classic. You'll need a '73 or '66. The '60 Henry is legal but not very practical for Main Match. If not, .38/.357 is much less expensive to reload. Just out of curiosity, what kind of Coach gun do you have? One piece of advise, get the very best you can afford. Like with any other kind of tool there's little worse than having one that's unreliable. An unreliable tool will give you nothing but a case of the fits and never e
  9. Nothing unusual with that for Standard New Vaqueros. On the other hand NIB SASS New Vaqueros can only be acquired in consecutive pairs. http://www.ruger.com/products/vaqueroSASS/models.html According to my gun dealer, splitting up the sets is a No-No. As far as Ruger is concerned the pair is a single item. When you get to background checks and ATF paper work, that's a different story.
  10. You are correct. It's not your SASS Number. The SASS##### is just Rugers Serial number for the SASS NV Series, and they're only sold in consecutive pairs. Also "SASS55035" is not a brand new SASS NV. It has the older style model and SN# font but it's within a couple of hundred of the newest version. BTW, I see 3 SASS NV's in the Gun Library. Items #: 5816585 & # 5816586 are a consecutive pair and can be purchased as a pair for $1299.98. All 3 of them are at the Avon, OH Store.
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