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  1. Wild Bunch is named after the movie, “The Wild Bunch”. The opening scene showed bank robbers posing as soldiers using 1911s, ‘97s, and one Model 12. It’s why most competitors dress in army costumes. So watch the movie for a better understanding of the rules and restrictions.
  2. Flitz metal polish and a little massaging can work miracles. Good rescue.
  3. Since 1988. The family to our left and the widow across the street and the family two doors away were here before we bought our house. Can you say “stable neighborhood?”
  4. 20 years would be better. Yeah I know, not a meme. Cleese me.
  5. The donut shops are about a mile away! Police sightings are rare!! I live on kind of a cul- de-sac, a closed circle with limited access. If there is an elderly neighbor emergency we sometimes see cops backing up the EMTs, otherwise nada. We had a police officer as a neighbor a few years ago, lived about a block away. I jogged by his house several times a week and would see his black and white parked in his driveway. He moved away, no change in neighborhood activities. There are “bad” areas here, just like any other city. We decided not to buy a house
  6. Springfield, Missouri. Just got my utility bill in the mail today for last month: $170 total for electricity, water, and gas. Personal Property (cars) plus real estate taxes (4 bedroom, 2 full bathrooms, 2 car garage, 1800 sq. ft. on a 100ft X 100 ft. lot inside city limits) were about $1500 in 2020. Gas at Sam’s Club this morning was $2.49, up dramatically from the $1.80 we were paying when there were adults in Washington, D.C. And there are 4 donut shops within walking distance.
  7. Well done Pard! I think you just found a new job!
  8. What are the things hanging around him? Pelts of some kind?
  9. When in doubt reboot all devices. I learned that working with government computers.
  10. I will take the 1861 pair with the holly grips. PM for payment and transfer possibilities.
  11. Judge Napolitano’s column summarizes what most of us recognize in a very readable essay: https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/joe-biden-guns-andrew-napolitano
  12. Singin’ Sue’s post about a USPS text scam reminded me of a new one we dodged. We shop a lot at Sam’s Club, and my missus pays the bill. Reviewing last month’s charges she found a $1 delivery charge. We never get home delivery from Sam’s. She traced it back to a dairy product company in Illinois! We showed the statement to customer service at Sam’s and the clerk said it was a phishing scam. If the $1 charge had gone through, she said they would have tried $100 next month. No problem getting it deducted from our bill. I’m grateful my missus caught it because I would have missed
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