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  1. You will probably outlive him, Rye. Don’t worry about it.
  2. I have a friend whose last name is "Lay". He Googled his name and left the list active on the desktop. He had an embarrassing time explaining to his family why so much porn was showing up on the computer. It might be a good idea to delete all the cookies once in awhile.
  3. I have many failings, but I recognize expertise when I encounter it. I hope Wolf Bane posts his recommendations after thinking about it, and that all of us and the SASS home office accept his wisdom and do what he recommends. Thank you sir, for supporting our sport.
  4. Ain't it wonderful to live where we have the freedom to make such choices!
  5. UB, I’m shooting tomorrow in Cassville, sunny and temps in the 50s. I have a guest bedroom you can use.
  6. I saw this homeless guy a few days ago. He has more stuff than my grandparents had on their farm 100 years ago. And they raised 13 kids, none of whom ever went to jail. Expectations evolve.
  7. The Southern Missouri Rangers are hurting tonight. We lost a good man today. Roger Brogue, alias Rootin' Tootin' Range Bum died today, presumably from complications of diabetes. Bum and I frequently competed in Frontiersman Category. Sometimes he beat me, sometimes I beat him, and the competition was wonderful. Those who are more eloquent can provide a better eulogy. He was my friend. I am diminished. Dang.
  8. The Ozarks Posse is shooting in Cassville, Missouri this Saturday, a little southeast of Joplin. If you can break away and make a day trip you will find an interesting group to shoot with, including some who will drift in from Oklahoma and Arkansas. It’s going to be sunny and warm up nicely—a nice way to start December!! (Invitation extended to everyone of course, not Jed alone.)
  9. Missouri cowboys allow Kansans to shoot too! Don’t hesitate to visit your neighbors to the east. I can’t officially speak for those in Oklahoma and Arkansas, but I expect you will find them hospitable as well.
  10. One does not have to shoot much slower to eliminate misses. One must become a better shooter. Our champions are proof. Most of us miss with revolvers more than with the rifle or shotgun. Take 1 second more per 10 shot string to perfect the sights. One second per string does not sound like much. but it’s surprising how much less rushed you will feel. Depending on a “rhythm” can get you a miss. Break the shot when the sights are right, not when your rhythm demands it. It’s a change in attention focus. Practice shooting at paper for small groups like Bullseye competition to get away from being enslaved by a rhythm. Misses are proof that big close targets can’t conceal every sloppy shot.
  11. I shoot two BSS with blackpowder and plastic wads. I think you are working too hard. Buy some #4 rubber plugs/corks at a hardware store ( I got mine from Ace). Plug the breech end of the barrel and slosh hot soapy water in there for a minute, pour it out, repeat a couple of times. Then plug the muzzle end and let it sit while you clean your other guns. Pour out the soapy water and push a tight fitted wadded up paper towel through the bore. You probably will not need a brush at this point but you can repeat the soapy water wash if needed. Finish with protective lube of choice on a BoreSnake.
  12. Yes. I can. And I could have fun with that.
  13. Both brands should be considered kits that require some work. For me, tweaking the Pietta's bolt/cylinder notch fit is easier than correcting the Uberti's short arbor flaw. So these days I would give Pietta the nod. I've owned and competed with both. I agree that Treso/Ampco nipples are the biggest single improvement you can make to the Italian open tops. Have fun and Merry Christmas. We should all have wives that buy us guns!!
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