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  1. I respect and follow laws passed by Congress and my state legislature. I am less likely to pay attention to “mandates” issued by executives such as governors and Presidents. We fought a war 250 years ago to escape the rule of a king. The Constitution must be aggravating to presidents and state governors who want to be kings.
  2. Put the raw biscuits into an aluminum foil envelope, crimp seal the sides. Put some coals over and under the aluminum package. Pull them out of coals when you are so hungry you don’t care if they are done or not. Eat, enjoy, crawl into your sleeping bag. Try not to think about bears. I am so grateful I don’t have to camp anymore.
  3. When trying to increase my speed (before arthritis in my hands became a significant impediment) I simply practiced emptying my guns into the berm without aiming at a target. Shooting only one shot from each firearm gave me good transition practice without consuming much ammo. Emptying all four guns without trying to hit a target gave me a baseline measurement for reference. It helped me, I offer it for consideration.
  4. Another thought: know for sure where each gun hits when you shoot it at your fastest speed. Point of impact when shooting fast is usually different than when shooting deliberately; applies to revolvers, rifle, and shotgun. Invest a few of those precious live practice rounds making holes in paper at your usual target distances. I agree with those who emphasize learning to shoot fast first, but if you are missing a lot of targets, shooting at paper match speed will show you why.
  5. Spend $150 on a good timer with a par time option. PACT, Competition Electronics are the usual choices. Dry fire against a challenging par time. Buy or borrow Evil Roy’s DVDs. Watch them repeatedly. You won’t get it all the first time through. Take videos of yourself shooting. Get critique from the top shooters in your club.
  6. Ovoviviparous is the biological term, in case you want to impress your friends at cocktail parties. It’s fun to try to say it after you’ve had a few drinks. And fun for your friends to watch you try.
  7. If you need another series that is best read in order of publication, try John Sandford’s “Prey” series; each title contains the word “prey”. “Rules Of Prey” introduces LEO Lucas Davenport whose home base is Minneapolis. But he gets around. Good stuff.
  8. The Joe Pickett series is fun, be sure to read them in order.
  9. I got a P on the second stage of today’s Missouri Blackpowder Championship match. I wrote the stages, doesn’t mean I remember them!
  10. Watching a DVD of “Animaniacs” with my grandson at the moment.
  11. The shy ones and the ones that have rational values don’t seek publicity.
  12. I’m in. Let me know when I can send you my address.
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