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  1. The markings are dramatic, particularly its black head. What variety is that one?
  2. How much would you pay me to take the plastic off the air filter?
  3. In the documentary “Facing Nolan”, it says Robin Ventura declined to be interviewed! Robin Ventura was ejected from that game. Nolan Ryan continued to pitch after the fight. Ryan said it was Bo Jackson that helped him up off the ground and kept him from being suffocated!
  4. Your eyes, your money. Go shopping. Look through a lot of different ones and take notes. I am pleased with my 12-40X, 60mm Leupold spotting scope. The Swarovskis I have looked through are a bit sharper, but not enough for my eyes to justify the extra dollars. I wish my vision was good enough to let me buy the more expensive scope, but I accept my physical limitations. You should be able to resell premium optics more easily than junk optics, if it ever comes to that. Don’t get power hungry. Just because a scope has more magnification does not mean it’s a better scope. It just means the view will be more jittery.
  5. Found it, but memory is going: it was 1986, my son was small for his 11 years, and he has been bald since age 6. Alopecia areata. Mr. Ryan was very gracious and approachable. A wonderful memory.
  6. Seven no-hit games, (Sandy Koufax had 4), 5714 strikeouts (Randy Johnson is second with about 4800)...the list is long. Link to an article on "Facing Nolan": https://wtop.com/entertainment/2022/07/nolan-ryan-documentary-facing-nolan-throws-streaming-fastball-for-mlb-fans/
  7. In 1988 we took a spring break vacation to Disneyworld in Orlando. We watched the Houston Astros practice. I got a snapshot of Nolan Ryan signing a baseball for my 14 year old son. If I can find it, I’ll post it. Anyway… Netflix has a documentary, “Facing Nolan”. Baseball fans should enjoy it. If you don’t like baseball, your loss.
  8. As I was showing this to my wife, the ad came on.
  9. My grand uncle Wayne was a cook aboard one of the D-Day armada troop carriers. He drank vanilla extract pilfered from the galley.
  10. People who don’t like jazz always take the same route home.
  11. I re-use the same mask I have had for the past 8 months, when I am required to use one(monthly lab tests). I’m going to collect every Covid virus in the world in that fabric, then I’m going to burn it and get a Nobel Prize.
  12. Doves are migratory birds by Federal law. A shotgun plugged to a maximum of 3 shells is required to hunt them. https://www.fws.gov/story/2021-12/information-dove-hunters
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