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  1. Maybe the Cohens could make a TV montage, 15-20 minutes each of Gunsmoke, Have Gun Will Travel, Wagon Train, Maverick, Wanted Dead or Alive, Brisco County Jr. I’d go.
  2. Redneck Margarita: Put in blender: 6 ounces Minute Maid frozen limeade concentrate 6 ounces tequila 6 ounces triple sec Add ice to fill the blender and make a slush. Serve in salt rimmed glass. You can save any leftover (Ha! As if!) and freeze it. Eat it with a spoon when you find it in the freezer later on. A nice reward after mowing the lawn in August.
  3. I was talking to some younger relatives, teens and twenties, at a reunion. I mentioned I had shot my wad at the racetrack and got some giggles and embarrassed looks in return. I had to explain it was a firearm term for spending all my money. Indeed.
  4. The only problem with aging is that it happens so damn fast.
  5. I absolutely hated history as a high school and college student. Turns out what I really hated was the the teachers. Bless Ron Chernow for getting me past that obstacle. His biographies of Washington and Grant, and Hamilton, have been a joy to read. After reading his biography of Grant, the Civil War and Reconstruction finally made some sense. I have recorded the History Channel's 'Washington', eager to digest it.
  6. Laugh-In and Cabbage Patch Kids.
  7. I have never visited the Whittington Center, but I have been to Raton many times. If you like Mexican food, search out some of the smaller family owned cafes. Incredible!!
  8. The sink in my bathroom has a hair problem:
  9. Mine are cut to make the overall shotgun length the same as my rifles. Can’t prove that makes them faster but they look good in the gun cart, and I can use the same cases for transporting all of them.
  10. Our good buddy Noz and his lovely wife Lorrie stopped by our house this afternoon on their way back home. Great news - Noz convinced his therapists that he is now safe to resume driving a car! He had to demonstrate that he could drive all over Springfield with one of his therapists as a passenger in a dual control car, and upon completion was certified to continue driving. So last year's head bump appears to be officially resolved, and congratulations are in order!! His knee has been giving him some problems, so returning to the firing line is still a while off, until he can be sure of his stability. But he's working on it. I figured his Wire pards would like to know.
  11. Legal to use in any age based category, if you care to make a statement!
  12. Applying too much Alox is easy to do so it’s a common problem. If it’s building up in your dies there’s too much on the bullet. I aim for just a slight color change on the bullet’s surface. I dilute the stock Alox about 1 to 20 with mineral spirits, then squirt about 1 teaspoon of the diluted solution on about 100 bullets. The light coating dries quickly, blowing them with a hair dryer while shaking them around in a plastic bowl. Then sprinkle a dab of cornstarch on the freshly lubed bullets to eliminate the stickiness and you can start loading immediately. It takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish to lube a couple of hundred bullets and start making cartridges this way. The diluted Alox solution settles over time. Shake it up periodically. You can soak the overdressed bullets in a tub of mineral spirits to clean them up, and start over.
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