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  1. Poetic/dramatic license, if you please.
  2. Go ahead and beat them at their own game. Start wearing men’s shirts. Nothing more appealing than a pretty woman wearing a man’s shirt!
  3. Hard to believe the fellow recording that event never said anything. I probably would have let a couple of expletives slip!
  4. South Korean baseball seen on ESPN, 6 games a week. Set your DVR, usually comes on real early. Lots of bat flips.
  5. Good folks would form vigilance groups, and probably administer justice rather swiftly on the spot. The bad guys better be careful what they wish for. The bad guys don’t realize that the police protect them as well.
  6. I very well could be wrong. But it seems to me that this is mostly a big city problem. I don’t think much is happening in smaller cities. I think it’s possible that the great big cities have become too large to be managed safely and effectively. Rather than the death of a nation, we may be seeing the death of huge cities. 100 years ago, people moved from rural areas to large urban areas. The pendulum may begin swinging in the other direction now.
  7. Link to photos on local tv website: https://www.ky3.com/content/news/VIEWER-SNAPSHOTS-See-pictures-of-storm-damage-Thursday-around-the-Ozarks-571014441.htm
  8. Lost power at 5:20 this morning, came back on at 12:30. No damage to us but lots of trees and branches down in town. I called City Utilities to get an update about 10 AM and he said over 100,000 people in the area were without power at that time, so it was a major outage. Thanks for checking. With all the rain and wind we have had this spring, I'm afraid OLG is gonna want to go back to the desert!!
  9. Try putting the cursor/arrow on the very top margin of the page you are looking at and see if you can click and drag the page to a new position.
  10. Good for you. I’ve been doing the same for the past two months.
  11. I wonder if I could interest anything if I dropped a fly into the tail end of that riffle?
  12. I apologize for being picky, but people get pinworms from other people, not pets. Pets do not carry pinworms. If little Johnny has pinworms, he got them from one of his playmates. Now, hookworms are a different story. Well cared-for pets rarely have hookworms, but dogs particularly are hosts for hookworms, and strays spread hookworm larvae around wherever they defecate. People can become infected with hookworm larvae in the soil by walking barefoot in areas where dogs defecate. The Rockefeller Foundation helped reduce hookworm disease in humans in the early 1900s. Encouraging poor folks in the warm southern states to just wear shoes was an important control measure. And allowing your pet dog to roam where other dogs defecate puts your pet at risk as well. https://rockfound.rockarch.org/eradicating-hookworm So, you are correct; walking barefoot wherever dogs defecate is not a good idea.
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