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  1. As if! Looking for #14 at the moment. I had about 20 a few years ago, sold a bunch, now rebuilding the inventory! Nothing changes an outfit more than putting on a different hat. I can't be the only hat freak in SASS.
  2. SASS used to have a drawing of a cowboy action shooter on a rocking horse with the reins in his teeth and revolvers in each hand...John Dwayne. They sold a coffee mug with him on it, and he was seen in early SASS advertising. I laughed every time I saw it; I thought it describes us pretty well! Darned if I can find an image of him on the internet now, though. Do any of you packrats have that image?
  3. Find a cowboy buddy with HBO and split the cost of a pizza party!
  4. That is a beautiful rifle and your pride is completely justified. I had a long barreled rifle and had problems with the bullets running out of lube before they exited the barrel. Accuracy became a problem late in the match ( there are still some clubs that put small rifle targets way out there!). So check for a lube star on the muzzle occasionally. Not trying to be a wet blanket, just letting you know my experience. I was using blackpowder and that could make a difference. Enjoy that thang!
  5. I load 125 and 158 grain Lee RNFP with conventional lube grooves, tumble lubed with diluted Lee Liquid Alox. I dont see any reason to use lighter or heavier bullets. (Less than 125 or more than 158.) Some guns group better with the 125s, some with the 158s, some don’t care. Guns are snowflakes, each one is different. I’m proud to be responsible for a new addiction!! Of course we expect pictures when you return from the gunshow.
  6. My wife put a magnet on the fridge that says “No woman ever shot a man while he was washing dishes.” I wash a lot of dishes.
  7. I have several Ks and can verify that they shoot better than I can hold them with home cast lead. I’m loading light to midrange .38 Special without any trace of leading. Maximum loads in .357 with lead bullets might be different but I have no interest in testing that out.
  8. My parents used to live in Detroit. We could drive into Canada for shopping without a passport or any other paperwork. Don’t know if it’s still that way though.
  9. Can a US citizen stay in Canada that long without a passport? Obvious ignorance from one who doesn’t travel being displayed here...
  10. They call bacon the “gateway” meat with good reason!
  11. Good catch! You gotta admit though...
  12. The wiki link on McCarthy says he did a B-17 training film in WW 2. edit: The Wikipedia bio on Arthur Kennedy says he made training film also, and they DO look alike. Still putting my money on McCarthy though.
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