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  1. Also research Nixa, Ozark, Republic, and Rogersville, Mo; smaller communities adjacent to Springfield. Lawdog and Shortcake chose Bolivar, Mo., about 30 minutes north of Springfield. Lots of choices around, particularly if you start looking in northern Arkansas (Harrison, Mountain Home, and the Bentonville-Rogers-Springdale corridor).
  2. Come and visit, see for yourself. We are happy in Springfield, 30 minutes north of Branson, but I can understand wanting to be closer to your family. Property in Branson will be higher priced than Springfield, but easily affordable after the sale of your California real estate. Traffic is bad around show time on the highway 76 strip, otherwise nothing like California.
  3. Well the birds suggest a Gibson Byrdland, but there's no Venetian cutaway... 😄
  4. Sam Colt could sit at a dinner table with John Moses Browning, Bill Ruger, and Arthur Savage, and talk gun design and marketing with them very comfortably!
  5. Good on you and your veteran buddies! 👍
  6. From my daughter who has a pool: Yes….BUT copper can also contribute to greening of hair. So we avoid adding products with copper. At least that was the advice of the pool forum I follow!
  7. I checked Netflix a few minutes ago. The "Horizon" listed is a documentary on desert animals. I could not find Costner's Horizon. ?
  8. At least he's thought about it and made his kit. I like it, thanks for posting it.
  9. This. You can use a polyurethane varnish if you prefer a shiny finish.
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