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  1. Trying to fool a fish with feathers wrapped around a hook; trying to put every bullet through the same hole at any distance; trying to run (any distance) a fraction of a second faster than another person; using your body as a battering ram to move a leather balloon closer to a line drawn on the grass (or Astroturf); shooting a propellant formulated by the Chinese 700 years ago; Is hitting a little ball in a grassy garden really any less sane? Tiger earned his win. Congratulations.
  2. Missouri Lefty set the Gunfighter World Record last September. It is the first of his 4 records on the video. If you are going to copy someone, copy the best.
  3. I would never ask anyone to give up on socializing a pet. I just want to help folks to have realistic expectations, and not to endanger family members, particularly kids, by exposing them to animals that might bite or scratch. If the animal does not respond to your efforts, it probably is not your fault.
  4. Might have to replace the hard drive. $200. Unless you get lucky with Yul’s advice.
  5. If you are right then every dog could be trained to guide the blind, be a sentry for a military base, find hidden drugs for law enforcement, be a support animal for a special needs child, and there would be no such thing as feral cats. Socialization works for individual animals that are genetically predisposed to it. Not all individual animals can be socialized. And like humans, there is a wide range of intelligence; some individual animals are extremely smart, others not so much. Real life is not a Walt Disney movie in which every animal is our friend.
  6. At the last gunshow I attended, I made my swap/purchase within 10 minutes, with the dealer closest to the door. I also proposed to my wife 5 weeks after our first date, and our 49th anniversary will be in June. Some would say I’m impulsive. I prefer “decisive.” Good luck at the next show. I’m sure you will get another chance.
  7. I confess I only watched the third video and I loved it! But if you are close enough to your enemy to intimidate him that way, you are too close!
  8. If you can’t get close to her, how do you know she has fleas? Not trying to be a smartass, but fleas are not the only thing that can make a cat itch; allergic dermatitis is another possibility. If you are correct and she has fleas, then the whole household has fleas. You will have to treat any other pets you have, your yard if any of them go outside, your carpets, etc. Bite the bullet. Take all the pets in for flea treatment and have your house and yard exterminated at the same time. The cat’s personality is not the problem. Most animal personality traits are inborn and don’t change much over time. Fleas, if you have them, are the problem.
  9. America is an experiment..."a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal... we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." It is clear that today many want the experiment to end. Private ownership of firearms and carrying concealed are two things that I can do to try to prolong the experiment. Self government requires self control, and accepting responsibility for one's decisions and actions. Freedom is dangerous, but it is better than the alternative.
  10. Shoot it until the crack is visible, then repair the crack.
  11. My .38 Specials are short because I like to crimp in the crimp groove. Mine mike out to 1.385". My new Starline brass cases are 1.145" long, so I have about 0.24" of bullet exposed. I did some reshaping on the carrier ramp in my '73 and '66 years ago when Pettifogger first published his article, and they both run these shorties just fine. Those rifles are now my backups since I bought a Codymatic '73 from Cowboy Shooter's Supply 5 years ago. The Codymatic ran these shorties without a hiccup from day one. The point is, if you understand why the jams occur you can figure out what to do to give yourself more flexibility and loading options. There is no problem using .357 brass, it's just that .38 Specials are a bit cheaper and sometimes easier to find.
  12. Methinks they like the ungulates you photograph periodically.
  13. Yakima Canutt received an honorary Oscar for his career as a stunt man, and was also a World Champion Bronc Rider. His Wiki biography is worth a look: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yakima_Canutt
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