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  1. I'm looking for the long time discontinued shot protectors made by Alcan that were inserted into the shotgun shell hull on top of the wads during reloading. They fold around and act as a thin shot cup to protect the shot during firing. I have a bunch of fiber/felt/card and plastic gas seal wads that I want to shoot up with BP loads and the Kwik-Serts protect the crimp of the hull from being ironed out. The ironed out hulls do not shuck out easily. There's gotta be a geezer or two like me that has such dusty old yellow boxes of stuff laying around from the '60s & '70s. I thought I'd see if anyone even knows what I'm talking about. They were popular right about the time one piece wads came into use and paper hulls were being phased out along with card & filler wads.
  2. SubDeacon Joe, you said: "What else? You buy a straight razor, strop, shaving brush, shaving soap, shaving mug and box it up for her as a Christmas present. Let her shave you Christmas morning." I'm askeered she'd slit my throat (accidently of course). I told her once that in order to get rid of me she'd either have to divorce me or kill me. She instantly quipped: your choice! So I says you'll have to kill me. She says "No problem. You won't feel a thing 'cause you'll be in your sleep." Now I keep one eye open. Michigan Slim: I appreciate the heads up on the cold weather shave off. I'll mention that to her. Maybe she'll knit me a chin cozy. Henry T. Harrison: Same here. As long as she has known me I've had the mustache which is not at issue. Utah Bob: Mine is a 1971 vintage but not very lush.
  3. It started out as just a mustache that has been there since college. Suggestions to shave it off began early in the marriage but it was “me” for better or worse and it has since not become an issue. I think the whiskers went up her nose when we smooched. This year was our 42nd anniversary so none of this is a deal breaker but to me, a head scratcher. So last year I grow a little under the lip “soul patch” ala Doc Holliday/Johnny Ringo (see “Tombstone”). Well it kept growing and ended up a goatee. The wife says it looks “demonic” (kinda got pointed like the Devil) and she said she’d rather I grew a full beard than a goatee. ARRIIIIGHT! On grows a full beard….. Couple months later I say how ‘bout I shave this part off and go with this: my hands covering the sides and leaving the ‘stash, some side and the chin. She says “ No Way! I’d rather you look like a mountain man than a pervert!” I’m not sure where the “pervert” came from. Then she says “the beard just makes you look really old” (I’m 69). So I says “yeah, but then that makes you look like a TROPHY WIFE” (assuming that was a compliment). She rolls her eyes and resumes some routine activity. A day or two later she says, “You know what would make a great Christmas present for me? If you shaved off the beard.” What’s a guy to do?
  4. Hellgate, I'll take the Walkers. Just let me know where to send payment. Do you require a money order, or will a personal check be acceptable?


  5. Hellgate,Could I have a few pic's of the walkers please.

    Thank you,murf barbersean@surewest.net

  6. Hellgate,Could I have a few pic's of the walkers please.

    Thank you,murf barbersean@surewest.net

  7. Hellgate pic's of the Walkers please.


    Thanks pard,Murf

  8. Hellgate pic's of the Walkers please.


    Thanks pard,Murf

  9. Hellgate,

    I'm interested in both Euroarms '58s. Please send pics to my email: lobo6y@earthlink.net


    Harvey Mushman

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