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  1. Every time I watched, even for a few minutes, the Astros started being tied or losing, so I quit watching and they WON!!!!!!
  2. I won't watch any of the games because when I do, the Astros (or whoever I want to win) lose.
  3. Dodge trucks won more often than the other trucks.
  4. I also liked Windows 7 better than Windows 10, but was forced to start using 10 when I got a new desktop. I knew how to do everything in 7, and it seemed much easier to use than 10. Now I just flounder around sometimes, sometimes find what I need, and other times, just give up.
  5. Hope she doesn't spot regularly. I would have gone with 4 because two spotters agreed that 4 were missed. One did not agree that 5 were missed, and one was NOT spotting at all.
  6. Big and close doesn't guarantee all hits on a target. I've seen a target the size of a buffalo (BIG) at pistol distance and watched shooters "walk up and off" that huge target.
  7. Lorelei married the young dentist, Roy. His practice was very successful and Roy even hired another dentist when the practice became too large for only one dentist to handle. They had two children, a girl, Jeanette, and a boy, Lee Walton. The town was so progressive they allowed Lorelei to continue teaching even after she got married which was almost unheard of back then. Years later, when the town had grown so much that it needed more than one school, Lorelei retired from teaching, but the town made her superintendent of the Stone Creek school system so she continued to watch over the students until she finally retired at age 70. After she retired, the elementary school was named after her. She and Roy still enjoyed hunting together and target practicing for many years.
  8. Joined in 2003, but went life within a year. Didn't get a 15 year pin last year which (correct me if I'm wrong) is when they started giving out the pins I think. Is it because lifers don't get pins. Have even upgraded my SASS membership.
  9. "Well, with all the things that have been going on lately, the watches and everything, we haven't had much time to spend together. We've had dinner at the hotel once and at the café a few times. We did some practice pistol shooting once right after he arrived, but that's is so far. Hopefully things will settle down soon and we'll see how it goes." Lorelei answered to Sarah Jane's question. Lorelei had heard of people hearing voices from the dead and about "spirits" watching over people. She had aunts and uncles that lived in Kentucky that came to visit once when she was a child and heard them discussing "talking to the spirits watching over them and of having 'visions'." They seemed to accept these happenings without fear or question, sort of like having faith in God, so maybe this was a common thing for some people in especially trying situations.
  10. Whole house generators are wonderful in these situations. After living through Hurricane Alicia for a week without power less than a week after a C-section, I swore that if I ever moved and could afford one, I would have one. When through Hurricane Harvey in 2017, but only lost power for 30 minutes while a couple of weeks ago, the power company was working and the power was out over 4 hours. Generator came on less than 15 seconds after the power went off. Summer in Houston/Gulf Coast area without a/c is a killer. We're expecting 100 or more temps for 3 days this week. I couldn't live without a/c.
  11. Before EOT moved to Founder's Ranch, we could never attend because I was a school teacher. Shot Founder's Ranch Invitational the first year and EOT several times after that because of the timing and the fact it was in New Mexico which is so much closer than California. I know for a fact that there are several clubs in Texas that are no longer SASS affiliated, but still shoot monthly and have a fair turnout (at least 2 or 3 posses) each month.
  12. Being old, decrepit, and slightly senile, I don't remember exactly what they looked like, but they were just regular glasses, from the 50s, not colored glass.
  13. Glasses were in some box, but I don't remember what it was. Mom got a full set of eight.
  14. I took out a 30 year mortgage (knowing full well I probably won't still be here in 30 years), but I should have it paid off in less than 15 years because I pay 3-4 times the actual principal each month (right now about $200/month so I add $400-$800 per month)which will pay off the loan in 10-15 years. If for some reason I have to fall back to just the actual amount due because of unexpected expenses, I won't be in trouble. I made sure there is no penalty for early pay-off.
  15. Lorelei knew that Roy had hunted back at his home with both a rifle and shotgun, but learned he had never shot pistols so she made him promise to meet at the general store after school tomorrow and get a set of pistols so she could take him out to practice on Saturday. They then stopped by the Sheriff's office to see what plans were being made to protect Stone Creek from Gardner and his men. Lorelei knew Gardner hated Doc and probably had plans for someone to take him out just like they had taken out Matthias. She couldn't let that happen especially now that Sarah Jane was expecting their first child. Sheriff Cody informed them of the strange happenings going on at Gardner's old place and suggested that a meeting be held to set up watches for the town like they had done in the past. Lorelei said she would get with Kris and Calico as soon as she could to set up a meeting to plan for the watches.
  16. Lorelei and Roy were at the hotel having dinner when they heard the gunshots and saw Doc run outside. "Excuse me, Roy. I need to find out what has happened." With that she ran outside to find Doc and Sarah Jane standing over Matthias as he lay bleeding on the ground. She immediately thought that the trouble in Stone Creek wasn't over yet, and that she would have to explain to Roy what had happened in the past and how she was involved. She wondered how he would take it when she explained what she and the other ladies had had to do to protect Stone Creek from Gardner and his men. As she walked back into the hotel, tears started streaming down her face. Matthias had become a good citizen of Stone Creek and many people would miss him and all the good things that he had done for Stone Creek. In her heart, Lorelei knew his brother was the reason Matthias had been killed, and that just made her angry. Was Gardner ever going to admit he had lost the battle with Stone Creek? It certainly didn't look like it right now, and that made her so angry that the tears stopped and were replaced by a determination to do whatever was necessary to protect Stone Creek no matter if Roy understood or supported her. When she finally got back to the table, she started to explain all that had happened in the past with Gardner and what she had had to do to save Stone Creek. If that ended this budding relationship, then so be it. Surprisingly enough Roy comforted her and told her she was the strongest woman he had ever known besides his mother and that he was so proud of her. He then asked what could he do to help since he planned to stay in Stone Creek and open a dental office here.
  17. I love my Kindle Fire as it is way too easy to order the next book in a series without having to even leave the house, but I've started buying some paperbacks and hardbacks because there is just such a great feeling about holding a "real" book and turning the pages. Kindles were so great when on vacation as the three of us trying to pack enough books for vacation took up way too much space. I loved the campgrounds that had book exchanges - take a book, leave a book.
  18. Lorelei married a young dentist, Roy Leslie, that came to Stone Creek because it was such a progressive and friendly town. He was also very progressive in his thinking and thought it was great that Lorelei could shoot a rifle, shotgun, and pistols. They often went target shooting on Saturdays and hunting together during hunting season. The town allowed Lorelei to continue teaching after she married even though it was unheard of almost everywhere else. Sarah Jane covered the school during Lorelei's two pregnancies which resulted in a girl, and a boy. When the town was large enough for more than one school room, Lorelei became superintendent, but kept her hand in the teaching of all students.
  19. Don't make the mistake of starting out both with guns that you'll end up replacing and have trouble recouping any of your expenses. I wouldn't even think about .22s or 20 gauge shotguns at all. Light load 12 gauge shotgun shells actually have less kick than 20s and it is easier to find hulls to reload instead of purchasing new shells all the time. At some point you WILL reload. You can actually get started reloading fairly inexpensively and move up to more fancy reloading equipment later without much loss in value. If you can only afford one set of "good" guns now, start there and have them share. Later buy another set.
  20. Here in Gulf Coast Texas when it is so HOT with temperatures at 100+ degrees and heat indexes over 110 degrees, and 90%+ humidity, Thunder River Renegades allows summer dress and only shoots 5 stages. Our low temps at night only get down to 81 - 82 so by start time it is already getting hot. Lots of us older folks can't handle the heat like we used to and 5 is all we can handle. I know one club shoots 5 for time and allows those that want to shoot a 6th for fun. CAS is supposed to be fun, not an endurance test.
  21. Opossums are worse if they get in your attic. My in-laws has huge possums in their attic. The "professional critter exterminator" blocked all the entrances from the garage to the attic, then put out poison to kill the possums. What is your first thought about that? Mine was "With all the exits blocked, they're gonna die in the attic." But no one would listen to little ole me. They died in the attic after eating the poison and pooped all over the attic. Had to remove and replace 35 bags of insulation after removing the 2 dead possums.
  22. Rexster, There are several other clubs besides THSS near Houston. Thunder River Renegades is located in Todd Mission, right across the road from Texas Renaissance Festival; a little further away near Bryan/College Station at North Zulch are The Willow Hole Cowboys. If you want to spend the weekend checking out Texas history, there are the Fort Parker Patriots located in Groesbeck near Mexia. Come Friday, stay in Groesbeck or Mexia and visit the Fort and see where history was made. Shoot Saturday, then Sunday visit Waco and the Texas Rangers museum. There is also The Orange County Regulators in Orange, TX. There also used to be the Brazos Rangers at Angleton, but they aren't listed on the SASS page of affiliated clubs. Want to ride the train from Palestine to Rusk in east Texas? Check out the Oakwood Outlaws where you can shoot Saturday and ride the train on Sunday. (If you do it in the summer, get an air conditioned car, but fall (when the leaves are changing) and spring are really great when it is cool outside.) Closer to Houston, the Thunder River Renegades is my home club. If you and your wife want to come shoot, please let me know in advance as I have backup shotguns, rifle, and pistols as well as holsters that your wife can slip over her own belt. We also have practice days if you want to come try things out without shooting a whole match. Shoots 1st and 4th Saturdays, practice day 2nd Saturdays (except this month). Jeans and shirt are fine as a newby, we're not costume police and make accommodations for those needing it and those new to the game just getting started. We have a couple of people that can't wear boots for medical reasons, so they don't wear boots. Most clubs are accommodating for monthly matches, but annuals and state or above are more serious. We allow summer dress when it is as hot as it is now, just no ball caps. All of our stages have electric fans, and we have both ladies and men's flush toilets.
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