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  1. KPRC announced last night on the local news that they are now going to have masks made of cloth with banana designs which can be purchased for a donation to the Houston Food Bank because they got so many comments on their Facebook page about this misspelling.
  2. Never got "The Board" at school as I'm a "Rule Follower," but at home had to find my own switch outside or got the belt a couple of times before I became a Rule Follower. As an elementary school teacher, I had to witness pops in the principal's office a few times. In junior high school, I worked in the front office instead of taking sewing, and I remember several times boys (never saw a girl) were waiting for the assistant principal to get pops.
  3. Scarves is the preferred plural because of other nouns that end in an F sound when singular and -ves when plural. For example, thief becomes thieves and knife becomes knives.
  4. She is NOT a court judge. She is the elected County Judge that beat out long-time County Judge Emmett due to straight ticket voting. Judge Elliot was a GREAT county judge and handled the major crisis during Hurricane Harvey. I'm quite sure he is glad he isn't in charge anymore as he now has several other jobs that probably require fewer hours, pay way more than his elected position, and have a whole lot less stress. Unfortunately, she probably will get re-elected just like Mayor Sylvester Turner, and Sheila Jackson Lee. I moved out of Houston/Harris County to get away from those Dumborats. She tried to release prisoners from the county jail (several were actually freed and then re-arrested) before a real judge stopped that fiasco.
  5. You got one of them Father Kit. What is the other one? (Hint: it too is spelling, but most won't see it.)
  6. Harris County, TX (Houston area) is now REQUIRING everyone to wear a mask or face fines of up to $1,000 and jail time starting next Monday.
  7. What about old messages 9 years old? When I click on "Messages," some of them don't have the little blue box. They have the red box and show that they are 9 years old. I'd like to get rid of them too. Maybe I don't know how to get to INBOX. I just click on the envelope at the top of the page. Am I missing something?
  8. Thanks for the clear, simple, specific instructions. I used to be computer literate, but have gotten behind the times.
  9. My mailbox is full so I can't respond to a message sent to me. Can someone explain in very simple, explicit terms how to delete messages? Thanks.
  10. Sausage cheese balls made with Bisquick, hot sausage, and grated cheese. Easy to make if you have a food processor. Harder to mix if you don't.
  11. Remember specifically where I was and what I was doing when I heard the news about both tragedies. Sad days.
  12. Consider Texas. No state income tax, lots of great SASS clubs. Just make sure you are south of Amarillo where it does get really cold sometimes. South Texas and East Texas are great. Houston had 80 degree temps here yesterday. Today highs in the 60s.
  13. Just wanted to say "Hi." Hope to see you again in person soon.

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