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  1. was good shooting with you RR,, I use 13 gr of clays, by weight, 7/8 oz of shot with gray claybuster wad,,, in AAs or STSs... cheddite 209 primer
  2. I've got 4, 2 short stroke,, they need 1.440 and under,,, my other two run anything I put in them, but they taint exactly stock either
  3. getting the rv ready,,, water heater had a leak,,, then the pump wouldn't pump,,, the hose going into the house needed fixed... ugh!!!
  4. these are good machines,,, you can put out 400 an hour easily,,, much more if you'd want...
  5. if they are available at the shoot that day, can we turn them in then?
  6. the new Charles Dalys are in name only,,, no connection to the old ones
  7. Marlin Comps were the only ones I know of with case colors... I have 3 CLs. all blue
  8. if you still have it saturday bring it along with you
  9. been loading all day,, I'm ready to rock n roll again,,, after all it will be a whole week saturday since I last got to shoot!!
  10. I had a great time,, as usual, even if that black cloud hung over me for 8 of the 10 stages.... thanks to all who had a part in putting this on!!! I shall return!!
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