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  1. Want to buy or trade for lightning rifle in 38. 24” barrel. What have you?
  2. There’s a pilot truck stop at the 164 on 75. Punts gorda. Or a loves at the 143 and bay shore. (78)
  3. Arcadia shoots 2nd Sunday. Old fashioned but fun. And closest to cape coral
  4. Mechanical by fast Eddie!!!! Hands down
  5. If money is no issue the spolar. I just got a used pet 900 and am liking it better than the 9000 mec I had or the 366 pacific/hornady
  6. I couldn’t find a 7/8 but bought a 3/4 and I used a 1/2” drill bit to enlarge to take 7/8. I think it was 1/2” anyway
  7. Thank you. I know that this was a heartbreaking decision
  8. Does #7 have handles. If not will lee handles fit?
  9. Your lifter timing may be off a tad. With dummies run it slowly and then at speed. Is the carrier rising enuff?
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