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  1. Limit is 11 lbs. just call your airline to be sure. Southwest air and frontier have done well by me
  2. They never left the line. Were under supervision. Nicely done
  3. I had a jam from a failure to eject but with a case with about a third of the rim ground off. I guess it was for dry firing
  4. If anyone is in dire need of small pistol primers I have been getting them from cabellas. You can have some at my cost. Reg federal spp for 97$. Gold match for $107 let me know
  5. I guess I should keep an eye out for him!!! Good shuutin jace
  6. Consider this, if that were a penalty, you would always have to should double duelist. Nor could you shoot traditioal will the same hand. Ie. No call
  7. Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited 45 colt. 24” barrel. Marbles tang sight. this Marlin is one of the cleanest I’ve ever seen except for a one inch scratch on the stock. See pic. screws are perfect $1050 plus shipping yes it’s a JM
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