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  1. Pardon my use of an "unofficially recognized" term In referring to the Range Officers that are on the stage accompanying the active shooter during the stage engagement (Timer Operator and the three Spotters) to differentiate them from the other ROs and posse members. The OP mentioned that the TO "calls the shooter back" while he (the shooter) was moving toward the shotgun position. The TO would most likely be in a position to LOOK at the rifle to confirm where the unfired 10th round was if he remained at the rifle position waiting for the shooter to come back and complete the shooting string. If you are unable to visualize that scenario (or a spotter close enough to make that observation) I can't add anything further to explain it .... Except this: RO1 p.9 and this: RO1 p.24
  2. If any of the "line ROs" happens to look into the open action of the restaged rifle and observes any part of an unfired round in the chamber, the SDQ should be assessed immediately.
  3. I would suggest asking that question on the WBAS forum.
  4. ... and it sounds like that other spotter deserves a MDQ for "Unsportsmanlike conduct".
  5. That is allowed anytime the revolvers are fired in a continuous 10-shot shooting string. SHB p.14
  6. SHB p.16 UNLESS: SHB p.22 - SDQ
  7. The referenced document IS a clarification accessible from the SASS SHOOTERS HANDBOOK page under the "Rule Clarification Archives" link. It includes some of the "situations where common sense considerations over-ride the 170" which was the reason it was initially written & posted ELEVEN YEARS AGO after being approved by the Range Operations Committee (ROC).
  8. The OP never stated that the muzzle was pointed UPrange...just that it was pointed "back" 10 degrees (which would be AT 170 from straight UP) A lot of assumptions are being made to justify a SDQ here. Y'all feel free to ignore the referenced doc and the rules quoted therein. I'm done here.
  9. Please READ the referenced document.
  10. Please READ the referenced document.
  11. READ THIS: 170 DEGREE RULE BTW..."STRAIGHT UP" is actually in violation of the 170. Sounds like a *********** call to me.
  12. The Henry "Big Boy" is legal in B-Western. Henry Big Boy Rifle (not legal in Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl Categories) (SHB p.39) The Classic Cowboy rifle and ammo regs are on p.7 of the SHB. B-Western rules are on p.8.
  13. The wire ejector spring is a recently APPROVED MODIFICATION for 1897 shotguns.
  14. By "lock" I meant latch completely. I was verifying that it would not close and latch with the hammer fully down.
  15. Yes. If the hammer is lowered on a live round after closing. The latch only locks if the hammer is in the safety notch, (verified this with 3 Uberti Schofields).
  16. SHB p.33 - "ALL FIREARMS"
  17. There is no penalty for "self-sweeping" when drawing/re-holstering a revolver as long as it is in a safe condition to do so (SHB p.14) If not, the penalty is a SDQ for "Unsafe firearm handling". SHB p.22 That has been the rule for over 20 years. The shooter must also comply with the 170° rule and not violate the 180° allowance for drawing/re-holstering. REF also "Holsters" - SHB pp. 2-3
  18. You're very welcome! I've since made a couple more replacing the wooden dowel with solid brass rod. One is offset at 90 degrees for those concerned with covering fingers/hand with the muzzle.
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