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  1. Look at the DATE on that screenshot. Then go to the CURRENT version of the SHB...page 38
  2. 1992 SHB p.9 Single shots without ejector were added in 2002 Ejectors for single shots were added in 2009
  3. If you put "@" in front of his alias in your post it should notify him as well. @Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439
  4. Right-handed shooters loading/reloading a "Colt-style" SAA that requires half-cock to allow the cylinder to turn freely will generally bring the hammer to half-cock, open the loading gate, transfer the revolver to the LEFT hand; reload with the RIGHT hand...then transfer the revolver back to the RIGHT hand to bring the hammer to full cock and fire. Same applies to percussionists who cap with the right hand. The exception was added following the 2009 TG Summit
  5. How hard did you "search" ? https://www.canada.ca/en/canadian-heritage/services/flag-canada-etiquette/folding.html
  6. SASS | The Single Action Shooting Society - Contact Us (sassnet.com)
  7. Feel free to post any comments, opinions, questions, miscellaneous jibber-jabber, etc. on the thread that OLG linked. ...or resurrect the Saloon thread.
  8. Price locally at major stations is $4.53/gal. for regular.
  9. Brings to mind those folks who refer to SHOTGUNS as "shotties"...a bit too cutesy, IMO.
  10. I modified my Charter Arms AR 7 with aftermarket parts to make it a bit more user-friendly.
  11. Maybe try "scratching" them with a razor or boxcutter blade, then re-dye? This is real ivory on one of my Colts ...................................... This is scrimshaw on Ivorex..................
  12. I initiated an ROC discussion regarding the threaded barrel modification.
  13. Why can't the owner put a lock on his gate? To keep the dogs in and/or to keep the homeless trespassers out?
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