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  1. I use THIS LINK to verify dates of manufacture for my Colts. (my SA Frontier Scout was made in 1965)
  2. FWIW - That's been in the Shooters Handbook since (at least) 1992...the earliest version I have on hand.
  3. ...and I don't know anyone who can "stoke" a '97 so fast that the T/O couldn't stop them.
  4. IMO...wasted time loading & unloading the extra rounds ...+ the "P".
  5. No. Initial discussion was based on Cimarron's January 2019 press release regarding ATF-mandated modifications.
  6. FWIW...The ROC is currently discussing this as well. The more information available the better. Five-shot pocket pistols are usually loaded at the shooting location, so there is should be no issue loading all five chambers for that sidematch. More info forthcoming from this quarter when we reach a consensus.
  7. Allowing the "transportation" of a long gun "action closed" in a case, scabbard, or enclosed cart is up to the match directors of individual clubs/ranges. REF also: SHB p.43 - "Glossary of Terms"
  8. https://www.bendbulletin.com/opinion/7064530-151/editorial-oregon-flies-into-a-mess-for-travelers
  9. I already mentioned box labels for factory ammo. I don't know what your handload specs are unless you tell me. ...and who carries a loading manual at a match to verify from which section the data was obtained? Considering that shooting illegal ammunition is a MATCH DQ, how do we test reloaded shotgun ammunition (e.g. most BP ammo) for compliance? SHB p.24
  10. True...that applies to ALL shotgun ammunition. There are also neither definitions for those two terms, nor testing methods for compliance listed. Obviously If a shooter is using factory "super magnum express goose shredder" ammo that is so labeled, there is no question.
  11. Black powder ammo used in BP categories must comply with the minimum "smoke factor" regs. The power factor/minimum velocity regs do not apply to shotgun ammunition. REF: SHB p.26 SHB p.27
  12. YES...the rifles are legal. Ammunition used depends on the type of sidematch: PLAINSMAN regs LONG RANGE regs REF: SHB pp. 30-31
  13. Maybe try bumping up the load with more powder and/or shot to fill up the space instead??
  14. Monthly matches are the best place for shooters (and T/Os) to learn and practice proper application of the rules. Doing so has nothing to do with being a "hard ass"...why not "school" them at the time it happened??
  15. If shooters persist in using anything other than powder, wads, inert fillers, and shot in their loads (e.g. pyrotechnic additives), don't be surprised if SASS decides to address the issue as a SAFETY concern in the near future.
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