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  1. The question re "de-cocking" was asked & answered yesterday. WTC - two cocked revolvers, non gun-fighter - SASS Wire - SASS Wire Forum (sassnet.com)
  2. There is no provision in the rules allowing a revolver with the hammer down on an unfired round to leave the shooter's hand unless a malfunction has been declared. Shooter "brain fade" is not a firearm/ammo malfunction.
  3. If unable to do so SAFELY, refer to option #1 in CGB's post. (BTW, the penalty for option #2 is the progressive P/SDQ/MDQ)
  4. I just did it using either hand with both Colt SAAs and a Ruger Vaqueros. So, yes...it can be done.
  5. Are you asking about someone who is unable to decock then re-index one-handed?
  6. While waiting for pics, here's a 1902 .41 Colt that I acquired from an estate. It had been used by the previous owner for CAS on occasion:
  7. YES. The PP rules do not specify SA. Many "period" pocket revolvers were DA. SHB p.29
  8. Listen to original recordings by Johnny Rivers (search YouTube) and they all sound the same as the commercial. It's also on many lists of "misheard lyrics".
  9. Not a problem at all (and this IS the proper forum). I have had to remove the forearms on many of my rifles in order to find the Italian date codes in order to add year of manufacture to my inventory list. I understand that it generally depends on the importer's specifications as to location.
  10. The Uberti stamps are under the forearm. The "U.S.A." is in the address for the importer (it does not say "Made in U.S.A.". Scroll down in this thread (posted by you in 2019)...the photo with the BOX clearly says "Made in Italy" with the Uberti logo. 1876 45-60 or 45-70 - SASS Wire - SASS Wire Forum (sassnet.com)
  11. This is the Chronicle insert I received a year or so after joining SASS:
  12. Here's another chart "relative" to the discussion. I never understood the "once/twice, etc. removed" designation until I saw this.
  13. This RK Stevens short sword (long Bowie) rides well in a high-top Cavalry boot
  14. Here are a couple of boot knives made by Peter Bromley from my collection:
  15. It was moved from the reg'lar Wire to the Saloon without any edits/deletions.
  16. Only once (20+ years ago). Shooter's .44 Rem Mag revolver loads were finally chrono'd after numerous concerns were expressed and found to be "just a hair" under max. (this was at a local club match).
  17. Use the same criteria as for shooting a stage..."willfully" & "to gain a competitive advantage". Difficulty would be determining INTENT, same as for assessing a SOG under current rule. Blackpowder loads are covered in a separate section with the progressive P/SDQ/MDQ penalties attached. (except when shooting BP in a "smokeless" category...then the PF/MinVel standards apply) SHB p.25 SHB p.26
  18. SHB p.23 How about eliminating the 30-second SOG penalty altogether and list those violations under the "Unsportsmanlike conduct" MDQ?
  19. Contrary to what (it seems) many believe, the SOG penalty is NOT assessed for that reason. The penalty for "Belligerent attitude" is a MATCH DQ. REF: SHB p.23
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