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  1. I'll order a min amount and he can try them. Thx
  2. Nope. They don't show any RNFP .410" slugss in 180 gr to 200. gr.
  3. Yep. Thanks. But he doesn't want to go that heavy. Wants 180 to 200. Or even lighter! I had got him some 215's already.
  4. I wasn't being critical about the leather job that didn't get done. Heck, I let that go. I know how serious illness can completely change your life for the worse. Mustang
  5. Okay. I thought he was wanting just bullets. I only stock the .430" RNFP BB in 200 gr. Sorry. Yep, it's tough to find some items in some locations....I know. Now I am looking for a source of .410" RNFP that are 180 to 200 gr. We have a new shooter that is .41 Mag in all of his guns. MG
  6. Hard to find Cowboy type RN .430" bullets? I can ship you thousands. We only shoot .44 Specials in our outfit. And that's 8 of us. They are loaded to normal length and feed great in the Marlins, EMF, Browning's, and Rossi's.
  7. We're going to Frisco/Dillon this summer for some camping and family get-together. I understand that the Gypsum club is no more. So we are looking for the closest place to do some weekend shooting. Any others than what's on the SASS Club's web page? Our dates are still fluid, so we can adjust fire (dates) to get to a shoot or two. Much obliged, Mustang
  8. Heck, I didn't realize that Big Ed was gone now. RIP. When I was there last, (maybe 2006??) his wife and son(?) were working on holsters. And he told me that they were still going to do it as a family business even though they were going move to another location out of AZ. in 2002, they built a beautiful rig with hair-on holsters of Holstein calf for my wife and a couple of gun belts for me. I also had an order that was never delivered. But I knew he had health issues. Mustang Gregg
  9. I know they moved from Tombstone many many moons ago. And Ed told me that they were going to start a new leather outfit elsewhere. But I lost all of his contact info when I changed out my computer. Does anyone know if they're still around and doing leather projects? Mustang
  10. Not the 4th weekend now? Damn. We were planning on it, but moving it to the 1st weekend screwed us from coming down. I have be at LNK to run our range on 02 MAY. Mustang
  11. Hang the spurs, if you must. BUT DON'T EVER HANG UP THEM GUNS!!
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