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  1. I'm just wondering what other clubs/ranges charge for a one day 6 stage shoot. Most all were $10.00 in our area from 2001 up to now. Much obliged, MG
  2. Mr. Richochet: It took me a while to come up with the Western Bullets. They are 15" X 10" & 15" X 8.5". I do have a spare if needed. MUSTANG Gregg
  3. I'm selling some of the irons that I don't use much any more. Marlin 1894S (JM) .44 Widder modified. Hardly ever used. $900 Browning 1892 .44 Mag. Very smooth. $900 Two Ruger 5.5" KBVs. .44 Mag. $1200 Stevens 311 12 ga w/ 30" bbls. $500. More pictures available. Send me a PM. Thanks.
  4. A feller brought me in 5 old rifles to appraise. None are really anything that I would want for myself. They are a bit rough and would be a tough sell anyway, I reckon. 1. Marlin '92 lever action octagon .32 rimfire 2. Winchester Low Wall falling block octagon .32 rimfire 3. Remington Rolling block octagon .32 rimfire 4. Hopkins & Allen falling block octagon .32 rimfire 5. Winchester M1873 (mfd 1888) round .44 WCF My questions are: Has anyone ever successfully converted a Low Wall (in rimfire) to centerfire? How about converting a 'Marlin '92 to centerfire? How much $$? Much obliged, Mustang
  5. There are some excellent solvents that can be tried...very carefully. But most all are flammable and probably cancer-causing. And every one of them will blind you if it gets in your eyes. Acetone, Tolulene, Tri-chlor, Naptha, MEK. Just dye it, if you can't stand the stain and don't want to mess with chemicals. .
  6. I just love watching (but not paying for) one of these working. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yrg-dP6L2Y8 It loads up empty cases faster than I could empty them. Do any SASS cowboys have one of these in operation? Mustang I'll post another one too.
  7. I just hope he doesn't drop SASS. ITS STILL A LOAD OF FUN!!
  8. That's pretty cool, Jak. I can only seem to get away to our own LAR match once a month (because I have to run it).
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