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  1. Lately I've been making .25 WCF cases from .32 WCF, just fine. But I'd really like to find some brass or ammo that I don't have to mees around forming. I'll buy any amount up to 1000 pcs, if the price is reasonable. PM me. Much obliged, Mustang Gregg
  2. Thank you, Stepnmud. It got them. They look fine. I appreciate the fast service too. Mustang BTW, I wasn't able to send you a PM about it. The Wire must have issues.
  3. GDB, Glad to hear you are still out there. I have been pretty busy with other things too, Grizz. I've been tied up with legal stuff, winter, work, etc; So I haven't been looking at the Wire much. MG
  4. I had it happen once too. It was in a .44 S&W case (R-P, I recollect).. I'll see if I still have it. It looked like a CUP pressure test case, but it wasn't.
  5. I am going to make .25-20's out of .32-20's so I'm really trying to find virgin .32-20's.

    I have had poor luck forming previously fired brass.  

    Do you have any idea how many times it has been shot?

    Is that brass WW? 

    Or Starline?


    Much obliged,


    1. DeaconKC


      It is mixed range brass, and I have no idea how many times it has been used. I will be cleaning it this week or early next and get back to you if you want me to.

      Take care Deke

  6. The liners won't support the rim thickness for .256. Win. I did find a quality octagon barrel, blank at $350.
  7. I'm looking for decent .25-20 cases or virgin .32-20 cases. PM me. Much obliged. Mustang
  8. Who would you use to install a new blank on Marlin 94?
  9. Without looking at the handbook, I recollect that B Western requires spurs. Add spurs and two loaded revolvers out...What could go wrong? Anyway that was a joke, son! I am a TG and gathering votes on both item. MG
  10. Does anyone use it on your single action SASS six-guns? I have a clamp-on picatinny rail that clamps to the underside of the barrel to mount it. If you do, does the cocking of the hammer interfere "clicking" with the feedback?
  11. Lee Precision (bench-type) Auto Prime. I haven't had a high primer since I started using them 6 yrs ago. Merry Christmas, y'all. I load for our whole outfit. And that is aprox. 10K/yr(?).
  12. I just wondered if anyone has tried it. It is being advertised widely lately.
  13. I'll be damned. I just ran across an article in Shooting Times that called the common Ruger gripframes PLOWSHARE shaped. LOL
  14. I have a feller emailing me about "Plow SHARE" grips. He tells me that with Ruger SA's there are either Bisleys, Birdheads, or Plowshare grips. Nope, it's PLOWHANDLE. A Plowshare is business part of a plow. LOL! Merry Christmas, Pards! MG
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