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  1. Those look pretty neat. Please post a report of how well they work out. They appear from the pic to be clamped solidly in place. if so, the rebar may want to bend with repeated use. I would reckon that you might get splatter back from the clevis clamp(?) on the stem with rifle or handgun bullets. But probably not from birdshot from a scattergun. Good luck, DDD. Mustang
  2. I found one. Please CXL this ad. Much obliged, Mustang BTW---It's great to do business with other SASS members.
  3. I am looking for a Contender receiver. G2 preferred, but will consider old styles. I have FFL. Much obliged, Mustang Gregg
  4. My gun shop still has primers of all sizes in stock. Mostly Rem & Win. But I have been TDY for quite a spell. So I have not sold out yet. www.wildwestarms.com
  5. My kin and I joined SASS immediately. That was in 2001 and later years.... However, SASS membership is only (usually) required at state or higher level matches. Actually, the Lincoln Area Regulators require SASS membership in SASS, to join our outfit---- But not just to shoot at our for local first Saturday matches at the Ike's range. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND SASS MEMBERSHIP FOR ALL!!!! Mustang
  6. At the last director's meeting I reminded the major club that if I take my targets and go home, there will no matches. I didn't want to sound like an ass, but I had to do it that way. Now things are looking up for 2021 and we will hold at least 6 or 7 matches. Muchas gracias, Pards, Mustang
  7. .We had a seven-stage match and two of the stages had our bonus orange steel jack-o'-lantern with a clay bird nose out at about 25 yards. A busted bird was worth -10 on a reload stage and -5 on a Nevada sweep stage. Nobody came in any crazy costumes though. I'm saving that for the Capital City Cowboys match in Topeka at the end of the month.
  8. Well, PHX is a piece farther than ABX for me. But Landrun is closer.
  9. 3' Johnson: I also have a personal range that we only allow non-jacketed ammo [with a max velocity of 1400 FPS]. AND I HAVE SIGNS POSTED THAT STATE THAT! But there was a neighbor kid along with one of my "former friend's" kids use their SKS's on my CAS steel targets. I welded up 40+ divots and clear-through holes. NOW ONLY MY FAMILY CAN SHOOT THERE!
  10. We (Lincoln Area Regulators) had our annual Halloweenie Shoot last Saturday with Jack O'Lantern busting bonuses. There were brats and hot-dogs grilling afterwards. The Eastern Nebraska Gun Club Cowboys are having theirs this Sunday. Call me if you're planning on coming out [for headcount purposes]. We'll see you there, Mustang Gregg
  11. Yes, there are some, but they do not cover the CAS firing line.
  12. DKC, I don't know where that button is, either. I'm not very computer techy. But if I'm going to bring a grill, cooler, food, duds, timer, paperwork, guns, ammo & gear---Dang! I can't drive the old Mustang. This one doesn't have the fold down rear seat. And 60 miles to the range means just ONE trip. Muchas gracias, MUSTANG Gregg
  13. I am too. LOL But also bought several RGR shares in 2007 through 2009. They were $8.00 to $11.00 at the time.
  14. It has now changed to the HALOWEENIE SHOOT. I'm bringing a grill and brats, buns, etc. for lunch on the range right after the shoot. So I guess I won't be driving the old Mustang that day. No room for any extra gear! LOL. So how do I shrink the image??? It's too big.
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