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  1. TC: I tried to send a pair of used Colt NM Gold Cups to a Pard's daughter in CA a year ago, and I was told by a dealer in Sacramento that Colts cannot be "imported" into CA. He also said that there is a DOJ list saying just which guns can come in and which guns can't. Was that true? I really don't even want to get into this firearms estate shipping thing, but I feel I owe it to the deceased. He was a USN vet. MG
  2. Yul, I don't know the region yet. Actually they are still very undecided whether to cash it in or send it to CA. I can't get a straight answer, but I reckon that the brother wants, it unless he can get big bucks for it. It's a Belgian Browning so it has some value. MG
  3. Regulations-Smart Pards, I am an FFL in NE who has stayed away from transferring firearms to CA FFL's because of their CA commie DOJ regs. But now I was approached by a female friend who lost her 20+ yr ex. She wants to get his deer rifle to one of his surviving brothers (a CA resident). I am at a loss to find a way to get it sent out to a nearby dealer. As far as I can find, the answer is a "no". BTW, the rifle is a Browning Auto (hunting) rifle in .30-06. Can anyone direct me to the black and white regulation that would allow (or not allow) a Nebraska FFL to a Calif FFL transfer? I appreciate the help. Many thanks, MG
  4. It was a dang fine shootout. The WX forecast was sounding pretty bad. In fact, Interstate 80 was closed just 30 miles west (& clear to WY) of our location. But it turned out to be good enough WX to shoot the matches. In fact, Saturday was just pretty nice! Stirrup, Skunk, Flatwater, D.B., Grizz, Sixkiller, Mesquite (and others that I don't know about) all got together and busted their asses to get it accomplished. And thanks to Hornady for their big sponsorship help. Respects, Mustang Gregg & Calamity JoAnne (NE Lady 49er Champ)
  5. We patterned our WX call after CCC of Topeka. We'll see how it works. I can't send an eblast any cowboy shooters at this time. Recently Time Wienie/Spectrum killed our business emails when they got bought by Charter. There went 200+ cowboy email address and phone numbers off into cyber hell. They said it was going to be recoverable. BUT IT AIN'T!!! So if we call it off, I will post of the Wire, CAS City, our website and several CAS pages on FB. In order to drive up with the gear and set the range up, it's a 60+ mile drive for me and probably more miles for Tucker. Mustang Keep your comments coming!
  6. How would I reach you? You should contact me. mustanggregg74@neb.rr.com
  7. Match Directors & TG's: Our Lincoln Area Regulators club adopted a 2019 SOP for bad WX cancellations: 1. On Friday evening, if predicted temp is below 40 degrees F for Sat AM shoot time = NO SHOOT will be held. 2. On Friday evening, if there is rain, snow, hail or storms predicted for Sat AM shoot time = NO SHOOT will be held. 3. Always call the TG or MD before driving any distance to our match. They will give you the decision. I don't reckon these rules are too far out of line. Heck, it's a safety thing. So---- Until YOUR shooters get acquainted with your risk rules; WHAT DO YOU DO TO PUT THE WORD OUT AND WHEN? Or just let them figure it out on their own? We really can't email or phone everyone who might show up. BTW: We will post it on the website and FB. Here's the situation for our 1st 2019 match in 2 days: We have an 80% chance of thunderstorms at the range on Saturday which will be our 1st shoot of 2019. Last year on the first 2018 shoot, we had 6 shooters show up and it was 6 degrees F and we were standing on packed snow. So we had a match...BUT WE'RE NOT DOING THAT AGAIN. Any helpful info will be appreciated! Mustang Gregg, LAR MD
  8. I have done some "rancher rigging" back in the days when I could not afford a new set of dies. To load .44 Russkies and .44 S&W Specials, I cut off the lower ends my .44 Rem Mag expander die and .44 Rem Mag seat/crimp die off with a fixed hot rock. There was no need to cut the sizer die down, of course. Then I used spacer shims (7/8" ID washers) to get the correct height for the longer cases so I did not have to change my lock ring settings. Redding currently sells some spacer rings. They are not very expensive. But the easiest way is to go order the correct dies from your LGS. MG
  9. I would suggest that if you have those big blocks as a backstop, that you bank sand up in front of them. Sand catches the bullets that miss. Sand will keep the concrete back wall from getting damaged. Sand is easy to "clean" if you have EPA issues of recovering lead frag. Sand is easy to pile back up when it erodes down from rain & shooting. Sand is pretty cheap (here anyway). Down side: You won't see much of a bullet splash on misses. MG (who does not own a quarry)
  10. The Lincoln Area Regulators will hold our first 2019 shoot on Saturday. We are using the Izaak Walton League's Range #1. That's just east of Lincoln on Hwy 2, to 132nd St.and go south for about half a mile. No memberships are required! Just bring your SASS irons, ammo, eye/ear protection and look "cowboy". SASS & safety rules apply. 0630 Gate opens up. 0700 Range set up. 0830 Pledge, intro & safety brief. 0900 Hostilities commence. Sorry. There's no lunch is available on this Saturday. So we will try to get our match done early. There is fast food only 3 miles west: DQ, Jimmy John's, Arby's, Wendy's, Subway, McD's, etc. However, if you'd like, we will make an after-shoot field trip over to WORK N RANCH, just 2 miles east! They are the very best (and only) Old West clothiers in these parts. If the predicted temp is below 40 degrees, (on Friday evening's weather report) or the weather calls for precipitation, we will not be shooting. Before driving any distance, check with: Mustang Gregg at 402-429-2277 or Tucker McNeely at 402-274-8832 for particulars. BTW: Our range rent is costing us $10.00 per shooter, so we had to raise our price to $15.00 per shooter to pay for our targets, props, paint, mileage expenses. We are very sorry that it had to happen.
  11. Kudos to Jason Widmer and Boom Stick Arms. He just finished two pairs of K-Bisley Vaquero .44's for us. They operate super smoothly.. They all feel just the same, sight the same and shoot the same. He (they) also did a "light bead blast" (light color anyhow) with a fine media. And they are beautiful. Thank you, Morgan. They even lighteded up the darker pair that had been heavily blasted a couple seasons ago. We recommend them! US VETERAN OWNED TOO!! MUSTANG GREGG & CALAMITY JOANNE
  12. I used to have a Lyman top punch modified to size these bullets. But I can't locate it. I have a new one ordered. I do have a bullet seater/crimp die that has it's top screw contour machined so that it doesn't deform these pointed slugs.
  13. Well dang!!!! Cheyenne Ranger! YOU MAKE IT LOOK EASY!!! THANKS! I had found that #303 yesterday, but I could not verify it in any Lyman or Saeco charts. I appreciate it, Mustang
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