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  1. They're not for me. It's for a friend who is very set on RN bullets in her rifle. She said the TNC bullets won't work. Thanks, Pard.
  2. I'm having trouble finding any round nose bullets for a Pard's .38/.357 SASS six-gun and rifle. They haven't found any bullet shape that will feed in their rifle other than the round nose. They have tried SWC, truncated, FP. Those just do not feed. The only round nose slugs I can find are the 9 mm designed bullets. If we load these up, do you suspect that they will have push-back problems or soot problems or anything else bad? EDIT!!!! SORRY, I FORGOT TO TYPE THAT HAVE TO BE 125 G OR LESS IN WEIGHT. Much obliged.
  3. I'm listening to the ideas, Pards. And I don't want to pee on your idea. But our little outfit cannot afford to run that with our present income.
  4. But why in heck would anyone WANT to be called progressive?
  5. Good. If we're coming out I'll let you know, Dave. I sent you a PM. MG
  6. We might be in the Denver area next weekend. Looking to shoot. Is the Nunn club shooting on that Sat? Much obliged!!
  7. What about the HAZ MAT FEES? How are you getting around that?
  8. Hank, Dee and kin make some fine bullets! Give them a try!
  9. I reckon that I have been lucky. No broken transfer bars. I have ((since the early 1970's) fired thousands of rounds out of Single Sixes, Blackhawks, Super's and Vaq's. But I never pulled a trigger without snapcaps or live ammo. IMHOO. Mustang
  10. That was my concern. We really don't know if the committee guys are really up on what we do in CAS. But so far there have been NO problems. I hope the next year's committee is the same. Thanks for the help, guys & Barb.
  11. We have now been tasked by our host club to give their safety committee the final stages at least a week before our monthly matches. So if they want to change something, I reckon we'd have to rewrite it pretty quickly for our match. This is new to me. And I have been writing stages since 2004. So far, no problems. All have been fine with them. I just wondered if any other SASS outfits do this. Mustang Gregg Lincoln Area Regulators
  12. I have made several. Here is my first one from 2001. It holds 7 long guns and a lot of stuff. The front has an antique wooden chair that used to be a rocker out of Great Grandpa Joe's house. And there is an umbrella stand just aft of the seat. Now I am working on a motorized replica of the Henry Ford Quadricycle to tote our gear and guns.
  13. NEBRASKA HAS FOUR SASS CLUB/RANGES NOW! And here's their 2020 schedule. All are April through October with few CXLD, if a holiday falls close. POC for information: 1st Saturdays....Lincoln Area Regulators (Izaak Walton)....Bennet Mustang Gregg 402-429-2277 2nd Sundays.....Eastern Nebraska Gun Club...................Louisville Crooked Creek 402-643-5000 3rd Sundays......Platte Valley Gunslingers (Heartland Park)... Alda Stirrup Trouble 308-380-4682 4th Sundays......Columbus Rifle Club (Clark Range)........Columbus Tom Two Dog
  14. Those look pretty neat. Please post a report of how well they work out. They appear from the pic to be clamped solidly in place. if so, the rebar may want to bend with repeated use. I would reckon that you might get splatter back from the clevis clamp(?) on the stem with rifle or handgun bullets. But probably not from birdshot from a scattergun. Good luck, DDD. Mustang
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