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  1. WW: They are the exact same hanger that we used at the Flat Water Shootists (GRI rifle Club) range. If my memory serves, they have a .375" X 3" X 3" X 4" angle iron welded on the back that's about 3" down from the top edge with a 1" drilled hole in it. I will get some pics when I get to Bennet again. Sending you a PM too. MG
  2. Lock this thread then. That was the correct answer I trust.
  3. I cannot get all of the online SASS handbooks to open this morning. Or I would find the answer to this one. So I am posing this question to the Wire. This happened 2+ years ago and now it's happened again, I was told. The shooter shot the stage and had 1 miss according to all three spotters. The TO said, "No, the shooter hit the edge of the target in question." I know the "unknown hit or miss" always goes down as a hit if there is a question among the spotters. Well, does the TO (who's focus should be on the shooter and their weapon) have the power to change their unanimous call? Much obliged, MG PS I have to go to work now, but I will check the thread this evening.
  4. Bottle KD rack.docxBottle KD rack.docxWW: Thanks for the offer. Those ST7 targets are too small according to shooters who frequented our '18, '19, '20 matches. I get complaints on anything that is less than 15" X 15". They want BIGGER ones. And the Ike's won't let us put them any closer to the firing line. We just got back from the NE championship where their main match targets were 0.25" X 26" X 26". The shooters liked the larger area targets. It's the popular thing these days.
  5. Matthew, you are probably correct. I hate to admit it. MG
  6. Yes, I do that now. Only one set up for six stages and then delete them as we progress. Thanks, MG
  7. Thank you all for the helpful ideas. I appreciate all of the views and the new ideas. I am going to have to get some things decided with the Ike's outfit and also our SASS club very soon. Also my schedule has changed and my Saturdays aren't going to be free. Mustang Gregg, 38345, Lifer. Lincoln Area Regulators
  8. I might try that. What would it hurt? Much obliged!!!
  9. Irish, There is iron in your words...Sorry, bad pun. That is exactly right about beat up steel....SAFETY HAZARD! The owning club (range) has offered me some used 3/8" steel from a demoed water tower But I am afraid that that stuff is probably on the "wrong side" of mild steel. And it has an epoxy paint coating on one side of it. I like your idea.
  10. No, sorry, but we can't bring the number of matches up. I just cannot take anymore time away from my business to devote to the outfit. When I am gone, the gun shop is closed...No employees. I am hurting right now with just one match per month. And the range is 60 miles from my place. And I have NOT taken time to go to any annual shoots for over a year. Many thanks, Cheyenne! MG
  11. I'm afraid you are right, Sir. And we have no place to hold an annual at the Ike's range at this time. I have put a lot into it for the last 3 years. Damned disappointing. Much obliged, MG
  12. Assassin: Much obliged for the offer. I appreciate that.Actually I have a plasma table available here. But we cannot afford a single sheet of AR500, let alone drive to Cheyenne. I'll see if I can contact Friends of the NRA. i think the local high school got a nice Western trap through them. thanks for the offer, Pard. Mustang
  13. Tully, thanks for the tips. Actually we only have 20 shooters on a good day. Usually only 13 maybe. Not many to get funds from. We only have two matches left for this year. Only one shoot per month from April to October. And my work schedule is now taking up mort of my Saturdays. Still working on it, Mustang
  14. I could try that. Our club only has $400 and just two matches left in 2020 before we have to pay the SASS re-up fee..
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