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  1. I just got more to the story. Here's what was relayed to me. The guy that bought it unscrewed the buffer tube without removing the buffer and recoil spring first and then screwed on an aftermarket stock. Actually he didn't even know how to open an AR rifle. It must have burred the threads a little bit screwing it in because spring and pin wouldn't go back in after they were found in the action. So it was not a quality control issue from the factory. It was an inexperienced gunsmith issue. Maybe an internet gunsmith (?).
  2. A couple of months ago, at our first match of 2022. I try to keep the handbooks in the gunwagon.
  3. I would have believed that, but the pin will not even fit into the hole.
  4. I will post the outfit as soon as the mfr will agree to repair it.
  5. Thanks for the replies. It was from a "reputable" company. And it is going back as soon as he gets it boxed up. The rifle probably would actually fire as the bolt carrier cycles with or without the buffer retaining pin. But with the parts floating around in there, bad stuff would have happened quickly.
  6. Sorry, but no, it's not a baby gila monster in there----- My new neighbor's son bought a NIB unfired AR (not naming the mfr just yet). He is brand new to the AR15/M16 rifles. He was wondering what the slight rattle inside was. I guessed that it was the firing pin floating fore and aft in the bolt carrier. But just to check, I filed stripped it and found that there was no buffer retainer pin or retainer spring in it. In fact, those 2 parts were lying in the lower receiver by the trigger assy. The crazy part of all this is that the buffer retainer pin will not even fit in the recess where it is supposed to go. The spring will go in, but the hollow retaining pin is a few thousandths too large to go in the hole. Luckily they had not attempted to fire it yet. It's going back to the factory as soon as I contact them! This is bull crap for the QC not to find this! Has anyone else seen this before?
  7. SASS legal, but slow. Lots of moving parts. They are not NCOWS legal, though.
  8. Yes, I had a lady argue with me one time and she said that NE is the abbreviation for New England and not Nebraska. She was also determined to make me believe that New England is a state. I guess they don't teach geography history or social studies anymore.
  9. Thanks, Pard! Yes, I reckon that is the right material. I will do more looking on what info you posted. STAY TUNED! Much obliged, Mustang
  10. I have been trying to locate some trousers made of what they call "DIRTY DENIM". Some old timers call the material oilskin or oily canvas. This stuff was popular 10+ years back. My favorite Old Western store hasn't been able to find any for me. And I cannot even find the plain material in fabric stores these days. I posted a picture of what it looks like below. Much obliged, Mustang
  11. Are you looking for a place to shoot on Saturday the 9th? We have a six stage match at the NEBRASKA SHOOTERS Range near Firth. Registration starts at 08:15 and we will go hot at 09:00. Match director Terry Lane has some really fun stages written. We are a new SASS outfit and looking for new (and old) shooters. We will be shooting through October on the second Saturdays. You can PM any of us for more information. Terry Lane Prarie Dog Pete Mustang Gregg
  12. Dad, Commissioner Gordon, has gone on downrange. He hasn't been able to shoot much for the last couple of years. We are missing him badly. Godspeed, Marine!
  13. Dalton Masterson and Freeda Bee Me are offering the RO1 class at NEBRASKA SHOOTERS on Saturday, 26 FEB. It is the home of Nebraska'a newest SASS outfit called the LANCASTER COUNTY BOUNTY COLLECTION AGENCY!! That is near Firth. PM for info. Or check out the Nebraska Shooters website.
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