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  1. Have you run into any ranges where the owners make you use chamber flags and clear indicators when not right on the firing line? If you have what did you use? I have heard of some ranges where you have to take your handguns out and walk around with empty holsters.
  2. My old Pard ran a gunsmithing shop in Fremont, NE called Brass Action. He was a master at big and small lever rifles and Colt SAA's. But alas, Ed passed away a few years ago. It was before I could give him a .44 M1892 to make into a takedown. He built several of them that I got to try out and they worked great. Rest in peace, Ed.
  3. One thing I guess that I neglected to say was that I tried to buy those rifles as a normal retail customer first. But they didn't want to sell it to anyone who was from out of state even with proper ID concealed carry and background checked. At that point I brought up the FFL. Mustang
  4. How well does it hold up to the repeated SASS use?
  5. I was on a trip home from a Tucson TDY with a few days of leave to burn. We stopped at several of their stores prepared to purchase from 1 to 10+ of the 1894 rifles at their asking retail price and sales tax. I had my FFL, cash, etc. Not a single one would sell to me. Are they still like this?
  6. I tied to buy some of those from Big Five back in 2003 for $275. And I tried several stores in NV & AZ. But they would not sell me any because I was an FFL. Store policy, I was told. They were in .357, .44, .45 and had Micro-groove and uncheckered "hardwood" furniture, which would have been just fine with me. Mustang Gregg Wild West Arms
  7. Thanks for all of the replies. Mine will not usually make it for over 3 hours. I assume that I have crap batteries. As far as the tethering them, I don't care for that kind because I have had plugs get pulled out of my ears because the cord catching a butt stock or prop, etc. And it has been during a match. Much obliged, Mustang
  8. I have never seen a review of these ear plugs. Do your batteries hold enough charge to last a couple hours? Will they last for a whole match? Much obliged, Mustang Gregg
  9. We do it at the LINCOLN AREA REGULATORS Saturday shoots. The firing order is EXACTLY the same as the stage book describes. The WB-shooting guys load 5 round mags and chamber on the firing line after the buzzer.
  10. Under a hat rim you wouldn't notice it. The ear pro would cover it's fairly faint sound too.
  11. That's more the normal thing from where we have shot. Only a few have side berms.
  12. Rafe: Wow. That sucks. What did they do to make it so hard? When I was there, they had: SASS, NRA high power, 3 gun(?), silhouette and several shooting sports. Are they even open anymore? MG
  13. First off, we don't live near AZ. So we don't get ANY border area news. We used to to to Marana (the W.A.A.T.S.) several times ever year starting in the late's 90's. That's where I got into SASS. It was so cool to be able to shoot at least once EVERY weekend. There was even a cowboy wedding out there on the range. And now I see that the TRC west of 3 Points doesn't have any SASS outfits there. What happened? Muchas gracias, Mustang
  14. Interest? Oh heck, YES! That is ALL we shoot in our family outfit here. Almost every one is a full-sized Vaquero in .44 Rem Mag. We shoot .44 S&W Special ammo. Plus we get our brass back, because we are the only ones to shoot that stuff. Mustang Gregg
  15. Didn't even Marlin say to NEVER shoot these old beasts?
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