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  1. Bulldog, put me down for the same spot. Will there be electricity available? MG
  2. I'm working on a bare laminated stock blank. It's one of the multicolored Rutland Plywood-type blanks. I'm almost ready to seal it. What is the best clear finish to use to keep the wood colors from darkening? Much obliged, Mustang
  3. I don't want to high-jack this post. But I have another DICKs story. A few years ago in Denver, they advertised 28 ga shells for 20 ga price of $4.99. And when I called, I verified that it was the correct pricing and if there was a limit. They said "No limit and the sale was on". So I went in and asked the ammo manager in person. He was cool with it and showed me the posted cardboard sign on the Remington shotshell shelf. So I loaded a whole shopping cart with 28 ga ammo. When I got to the counter, she scanned a box and said that they were not on sale! I went to get the same ammo manager. That SOB lied on what he had just told me minutes before. He said if I don't want to pay the normal price, then go put them all back on the shotshell shelves. I told him JUST WHERE IN HIS ANATOMY THAT HE SHOULD PUT 150+ BOXES OF 28 GA SHELLS. NEVER WILL I EVER DARKEN THEIR DOORS AGAIN!!
  4. If Ruger doesn't replace them, I can fix those with a round gunsmith file.
  5. I bought a new rifle for my favorite caliber.
  6. T-TOWN??? I'm comin'! You tell 'em I'm comin'! And hell's comin' with me! You hear? HELL'S COMIN" WITH ME!!! See you in August.
  7. I got the surgery done on both hands a few years ago. My issue was lots of arthritis building in hands and wrists (from a rifle blowing up trauma). THE SURGERY WAS A GREAT THING FOR ME. GOOD LUCK, PARD!
  8. I was talking to a distributor who was a DICKS supplier. He offered me a some excellent rifle deals that DICKS had ordered previously. So DICKS decided that they didn't want to sell them anymore. So I took them up on some good deals cheap. A WIN for me.
  9. We have traded off and sold off all of our non-.44 caliber cowboy arms.i Now all of our six-guns and rifles will shoot the same RNFP .44 S&W loads. It really helps when there's so much other match stuff to deal with.
  10. Yep, the pistol brass ones are 1/2". Sorry, I don't know anything about the aluminum ones. Are they possibly for a shotshell loader? Thanks, MG
  11. Depending on which ones I can find at Hornady, I would probably like to purchase them. Can I get back to you in a couple of days, Pard?
  12. Since we rent a range from Izaak Walton's, we fall under their rules. Currently the "rules" are that only Izaak members can shoot. No non-members. We can't have an "open to everyone" match. But we could have an unofficial cowboy shoot, but only about 3 of our regular 20+ competitors are Ike's members. It costs $150/year to be an Ike's member, so there ain't many takers But maybe we can have a real shoot in June.
  13. Hornady did (past tense)??? I have only seen the brass ones in pistol measure sizes.
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