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  1. I tried one out at a match. It was fun w/AA Lites, wouldn't want to use high brass shells in it. Shot 5 rounds out of it, hit the knockdown once. If you were to practice with it often, it could be a very effective HDW. I do think that there are many better HDW guns however that don't require the use of both hands, carry more ammo and are easier to reload. Remember that the people who say "How can you miss with a shotgun?" have never shot a shotgun in competition or under duress.
  2. Sure, it'd fire...probably when you close it...kind of a derringer slam fire.
  3. I thought that cows farted enough to keep the entire Earth warm. No?
  4. We all know a bear does, pretty sure a deer does also.
  5. Pics are on the other two posts on the Classifieds. Please refer to them for pictures. Thanks.
  6. https://www.fox13news.com/news/world-war-ii-kamikaze-survivor-recalls-infamous-pearl-harbor-attack-82-years-later-i-had-a-job-to-do
  7. Powder River, could you provide a few description words with the pic's? Some are obvious...others, not so much. Thanks for the pics.
  8. Americans have underestimated other countries Navies in the past. I'd rather it not happen again.
  9. You might want to hold on to that Jenning pos. Look at the bids on Gunbroker and the like. For the life of me, I can't understand why the Jennings/Ravens/etc. get the traffic that they do....well over $100. I remember reading a story about a woman who brought her husband's old WWII "bring back" gun...an StG-44. The cops actually didn't destroy the gun as they did the rest of the buy backs. If I recall correctly, they put it in a museum of some kind.
  10. Probably wouldn't trip an FPE or Zinsco breaker due to the resistance. Same basic principle as a light bulb or heating element. There would be a entirely new chapter written for the NEC Electrical Code book and PETP (People for the Ethical Treatment of Pickles) would probably protest claiming that pickles are being subjected to electric shock torture....but I don't like pickles, so lets do it!
  11. Buy both Winchester 1897 solid frame shotguns listed in the Classifieds as a package deal for BOTH shotguns. Price - $1,150.00 for both shipped to the lower 47. Offer only valid if both shotguns are still available for sale. All provisions in other two offers still apply.
  12. I used to work with a guy that took 4 non-working bb/air pistols to a buyback in Tampa, Fl. He got $400 in cash for them. I think that they "wised" up and now require them to be actual firearms, working or not, pay with gift cards and don't pay as much.
  13. Audrey Meadows was a beautiful lady with or without makeup. Jackie Gleason will always be Sheriff Buford T. Justice, Ralph Kramden and Minnesota Fats to me but mainly Buford T. Justice. I've seen Smokey and the Bandit at least 30 to 40 times...I never get tired of his hilarious character in that movie.
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