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  1. I had to do some electrical work at a nudist resort's clubhouse. I'll tell you one thing, the scenery sure as hell wasn't what I envisioned and was far, very far, from stimulating. Trust me on that!
  2. Most EPIRBs I've seen can be activated manually or automatically by prolonged water contact such as your boat sinking. Many lives have been saved by these devices due to the USCG locating them quickly. It only takes going "off shore" about 4 or 5 miles on a regular type boat before land is no longer visible. There are a multitude of factors that can affect your estimate of location - tide, currents, wave height while enroute and other factors. Many fishermen will drift with a seaweed line if they are having some luck. Other will troll over a promising bottom. In either case, you lose track of your position and can be miles away from where you thought you were. These days, GPS and other electronic devices make it easy to know where you are, that's how people find their personal "honey hole". Most fishermen are very protective of the "honey hole" coordinates. Before GPS, finding the spot was much harder. Using a compass, timed travel, forward speed, dead reckoning and line of sight (if applicable) was an acquired skill but still had some luck involved. Being 20 or 30 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico (or any large body of water) can get real dangerous, real quick, especially before GPS and all of the fancy electronics. Weather conditions in the Gulf can change very quickly if someone isn't paying attention to the signs in the sky and winds. Before all of the coastal growth (ambient light source), if your compass malfunctioned or stopped working correctly at night and you had a problem...you were in serious trouble...still can be in certain circumstances. I got to the point that I didn't like being out of sight with land, especially at night. Because of that, I rarely go offshore with anyone...more like never these days. I catch my fish at the local seafood store that buys direct from the fishermen, it's a HELLEVA lot cheaper too.
  3. Yep, one seemingly innocuous gesture or action is all it takes to bring back a memory...sometimes a good one, sometimes not so much. Happens to me with music/songs more than anything else.
  4. When I was a pre-teen, I helped out at a roadside "turkey shoot". It was located just off US 19 in Clearwater (were Countryside Mall is now) and easily visible from the road so there was a lot of drive up participation. One guy in a newer pickup pulled up, saw what we were doing and decided to join in the fun. He went back to his truck, opened the door and reached into the rear window rack (yes people used to carry them like that back then) to grab his pump shotgun and BLAM! Blew a hole in the side of his pickup. He was lucky that there wasn't a person or vehicle on the other side of his truck. I never forgot about that.
  5. Don't forget the EPIRB! Very important! Also very important...those "Green/White Grouper" may be under surveillance by LE. Keep it and you may be looking at stiff jail time or, at the very least, a lot of 'splaining".
  6. Quitting smoking was hard, real hard. Staying quit is even harder. Five years and counting... I'm sure that Mr. Serling incorporated his own method of healing in the TZ episodes. Remember though, suffering from PTSD is not restricted to war veterans.
  7. I'm going to try it. Kind of pricey at $6.88 at the Neighborhood WalMart down the street but if it's good, it'll be worth it. When an Italian guy says a marinara sauce is good, it must be good! Thanks for the recommendation.
  8. I was thinkin' readin', writin' and 'rithmatic.
  9. Yep, the Indians are tearing it up this year. The Rays suck. They're right where I said they'd before the season began...4th in the AL East. I also said they'd win 86 games...I doubt it entirely now. The inmates are running the prison and Cash has lost any control that he ever had. So...Go Indians and anyone that's playing the damn Yankees.
  10. It answers a very narrow portion of the question, the planning after the warrant has been issued. "A much higher burden to reach" to justify a nkw to a judge? What does that mean and what reliable evidence is that based on?
  11. I rinse the cans out and lids off but I save the empty cans for draining grease, etc. into so I can put the can/grease in the trash. For the most part, I use a can opener that cuts around the outside of the can. That creates a lid of sorts that will retain the grease inside the can if you use a little tape to tape the lid to the can.
  12. IMO, NO appliance (range, washer, dryer, AC/Heat units, water heater, dishwasher, etc.) has been made worth a damn, regardless of manufacture, since 2020 when the supposed plague started.
  13. Obviously much more humane and fairer than today's method of divorce. At least the male stands a chance!
  14. So, what does go on "behind the scenes" before the raid and what does it take (require) to get a "no knock" warrant from a judge? I realize that your experience in these matters is limited to your jurisdiction of employment but over 40 years of service, I'm sure that you are more than qualified to answer these questions. I'm asking because I would truly like to know the 'real world' answers to both questions, not because I'm trying to be a smart ass.
  15. Don't need a safe place...but a nice, warm woobie would be nice.
  16. Time for the pepper spray at the very least.
  17. I don't go so far as you do with the beans but... If the recipe calls for water/liquid with a can sauce type liquid, I'll add the water to the can, slosh it around and pour it into the mixture. For cans that have sat for a while (like chili/kidney beans) that have a syrupy kind of liquid, I'll shake them a little, turn them over, let them sit for a few hours, shake again a little, open and use as needed.
  18. I have never understood the entire Kick down the door in the early am to execute a search warrant on a known gun owner that has no criminal past or arrest warrants connected to him. To me, it makes much more sense to wait until he comes outside, or pulls out of his driveway in a vehicle, and "detain" him in such a way as him to see that they are clearly marked ATF, DEA, whatever, agents...then execute the search warrant in a peaceful manner. Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT agreeing with the actions of the ATF in this instance...far from it...I'm just saying that there are much better ways to safely execute a search warrant.
  19. You'd have to get a separate safe just for this ugly stick lest it be ostracized by all of the other guns in big safe.
  20. I'll pass on the RV also, looks like a deathtrap to me. One year during The Ides of March annual match in Florida, there was (evidently) an amphibious car meet in the same town. There was 3 or 4 of those cars at the hotel. Interesting toy, completely impractical and somewhat safe...as long as you know how to swim!
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