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  1. I'm not one to take chances with unknowns and reloading. Get a new container of powder and 86 the iffy one. Don't just throw the powder on the lawn though. Use it as an fire ant killer. Stir the mound up until they are real pissed off, pour about a 1/4lb on them and light 'em up. No more fire ants and you still have some fire ant killer left. PS - the grass will grow back.
  2. Pretty useless, only good on hard/medium surfaces, brass needs to be facing the right way and picks up things unintended.......no thanks. Why is this in the Classifieds?
  3. Gay transexual transvestite....what in the hell is that?
  4. 53.57lb's. No, that wasn't off the top of my head.
  5. I have blued one that I won as a club giveaway....an absolute riot to shoot, keep the trigger pulled and rack away!!!! Never had a misfire, jam or any problem with it at all.
  6. Congrats to Capt. Kirk. I wish it was something that all willing men and women could experience. Wouldn't have to ask me twice!
  7. Here is a few items that are a little more believable as being Al Capone's https://www.baynews9.com/fl/tampa/ap-online/2021/10/11/capones-belongings-go-for-at-least-3-million-at-auction
  8. This one also has a very small extension integral to the front.
  9. Hmm, the one I have doesn't look like that, Has the roller but the rest of it looks like the normal '73 extension.
  10. Thanks PaleWolf. Sorry to have to make you look it up.
  11. I was going through some boxes of stuff today and came across a brand new "Lightning Rod" for the '73 rifle. I had received it as a gift years back and then it was declared an illegal modification so I never installed it. Is it still an illegal mod? Thanks
  12. I saw "Hanging system for awards" and thought something different. So.........never mind.
  13. Another news report stated that there was no gas to the house, so they ruled a gas explosion out. I am also wondering about the hurricane protection on the front window. Seems strange because we haven't had a storm of tropical nature, in this area, for some time. I guess it could have been put up after the explosion...but why...anyone could walk in through the hole in the side of the house.
  14. I will certainly keep Allie in my thoughts. Keep strong Allie.
  15. You can throw shade on USPS all you like as far as I'm concerned. This is the continued "New and Improved USPS"...De Joy style. As you know, "New and Improved" means much lower quality (if that's even possible) for more money. If you look into their long range plans, electric vehicles and saving the planet pipe dreams, it looks like the plans are completely unsustainable from an economic (net income) standpoint. USPS is looking to go the way of the DoDo bird without being propped up by the Feds Twas a time that USPS took pride in their service...no longer.
  17. Absolutely, the best comment that I've seen on this subject...the subject that's been going on for the last 15, or so, years. Thank you, Yul Lose
  18. The average human brain contains 100 billion neurons. You must have been a HELLEVA lot of fun to be around back then!
  19. "Younger" depends on your perspective. Almost all of the shooters featured in the Light "Em Up video shoot in the 49er or above category.
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