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  1. Not only that, he did his name differently than normal on the name board. I thought he might be throwing the game also but he came back and got it. GO JAMES
  2. A man goes into a pet store to buy a parrot. There is only one parrot in the store so the man asks the owner "How much for the parrot?" Owner replies "You don't want this parrot, he was raised in a saloon and cusses like a sailor." The man says "I really want this parrot, how much?" The owner says "I'll give you the parrot and cage if you'll take it and never return it" The man agrees and takes the parrot home. Once at home the man asks "Polly want a cracker?" Parrot replies "Screw (not the real word) you." The man tells the parrot "We are a god fearing household and do not swear in this house....now, Polly want a cracker?" Parrot replies "Screw you". The man immediately grabs the parrot and puts him in the freezer. After 15 minutes, he removes the parrot from the freezer and asks "Have you learned your lesson?" Parrot replies "Yes, what did the turkey do?"
  3. You're welcome. Never tried it from my phone.....wouldn't be able to see it anyway. From a regular computer/keyboard, it works great. Charlie, don't know if I'll ever be in Seattle but if I am, I'll check it out. Thanks.
  4. You can turn off the annoying music in options.
  5. This is almost like the real pinball machines except the the bump and tilt. Hope you enjoy............. https://www.officegamespot.com/tabletop/circuitpinball.htm
  6. I answered 17 correct tonight with no misses. During the final.....I Clavined.....knew the actors but couldn't remember the name of the movie. Oh well.
  7. Another romp in the park for James. I was shocked that he got one wrong.....oops....nope, he was right. Personally, I got 3 right and 1 wrong. At the final I would have had $200 to lose. Another Go James......GO!
  8. I'm in Florida, doesn't come on til 7:30.......darn it.
  9. Seriously........while I've never clapped at a strip club, I'm sure others have gotten clap at a strip club. What BS.
  10. Too much resemblance of pictures of atrocities from WWII and various other wars......public hanging from a well built gallows would suit me.
  11. I kinda like the wreckers or checkers play.
  12. The 73 doesn't actually seat the round under the bolt until it closes in most circumstances. If you point the rifle down, even at slight angles, the round could easily travel into the chamber on a fairly clean rifle. The prop in question was a table at normal waist high. Don't know if everyone noticed, this penalty goes for shotguns also.
  13. Order is 10 pistol, 10 rifle, 4+ shotgun. Target engagement is unimportant for this post. Shoots pistols, shoots 8 rifle and lays rifle down on table with a live round in the chamber, action open and then moves to and picks up shotgun (no shells were loaded). At this point, the TO informs the shooter that there are two in the rifle. Shooter returns to rifle and the TO notices that there is a live round in the chamber. Shooter shoots the 2 rounds, moves to shotgun and finishes the stage. Is there any call to be made or did the shooter have until the next gun to clear the rifle? BTW, call made in the field was SDQ for leaving the shooters hands with a loaded round in the chamber.
  14. Clean your cookies out.....runs a little faster.
  15. Today......Amazing......all I can say.
  16. Video is terrible but the music is incredible. My favorite song, as played, of all time. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuEzdBQXhW8&list=PL8a8cutYP7fo5xsCQn7j6A17JR42ZoM2Y&index=3&t=0s
  17. Great to see you and Ima back. Sure did have fan shooting with ya'll Sunday. You haven't lost much speed at all.....the rest will follow. Welcome back to the family. Sun
  18. Don't want intrude on your anti-Massachusetts tirade, never been there. Truth is that there are assholes in every state, town and podunk village. The gun laws are for sure draconian and I sure as hell don't want to test them......but to label everyone in Massachusetts as assholes is just wrong. BTW, I've lived in Florida for all of my life and there are just as many jerks here too. Seems to get worse very year but not all of the people who live here are that way. Just can't see labeling an entire state for the actions of a few that you've had encounters with.....now the government is another story. CS
  19. Now I'm going to have to be extra wary. Them Outlaws don't hug you because they like you, they do it to steal your wallet and tape a "kick me" note to your back.
  20. NOW THAT'S FUNNY RIGHT THERE. Sun (who is going to be wary now)
  21. I was at that ill fated concert in Tampa Stadium back in the mid 70's.......couldn't stand Led Zeppelin ever since. Contrary to what is probably on the internet, the crowd did not riot or anything like that. We were pissed that it drizzled a little bit and they hauled ass after playing 2 or 3 songs that were way off key and sounded horrible. Oh well, I'll take vinyl over digital any day, so long as I don't have to tape a penny to the top of the stylus.
  22. That guy is awesome. Liked the mini tribute to his grandmother. He may be gaming the system but he is without a doubt incredibly smart and knowledgeable. Wish him the best of luck. Also wish Mr. Trebek the best on his cancer battle.
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