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  1. No armorer on the set = all guns, real ammo, blanks and fake ammo locked up with no access by anyone other than the official armorer. Simple as that.
  2. Bad Day at Durango Hence the scene out of the Desperado movie.
  3. I was in a NAPA auto parts store a few years back buying a thermostat for my gals Toyota Camry. While waiting for them to find it, I was looking at the stuff on the rotating rack near the register. All kinds of gimmick kind of stuff on the rack. I noticed a blister pack roll of black tie wire, probably about 10' long when it is rolled out. I was kind of laughing about the roll and reminiscing about the times I used the wire, both professionally at work and not so professionally on cars/lawn mowers and the like. As I put the wire back on the rack, the guy came back with the thermostat and said "You wouldn't believe how much of that wire we sell a week." He told me that he has to fill it twice a week. If I remember right, the 10' roll was $8 + tax. Back then, 100' rolls of the exact same stuff from a supply house was about $9 each. There were times in my life that my vehicles were REAL heaps. I've had more than one auto that I couldn't wear a shoe on my right foot so I could curl my toes around the back of the brake pedal to bring it back up quicker so I could pump it up faster. I can't image doing that with todays vehicles. I try to keep duct tape, tie wire, long zip ties and a few bungie cords in my vehicle at all times...just in case.
  4. I dunno Joe, I've been told where I can get off plenty of times...still haven't been there.
  5. I had frozen ice once. I thawed about it for a while, it's all water under the bridge now.
  6. Very cool. The video shows forethought, planning and an excellent execution of that planning...a lot of talent shown on that fence. Thanks for sharing.
  7. If I were to identify as an illegal immigrant, can I get a free ride to Chattanoga, round trip would be nice? I always liked going there although I haven't been there since the early nineties.
  8. That ain't hot...wait 'til they find out that there is only one sweet and sour sauce that came with it. GAME ON GIRL...
  9. Both of those scenes and... - Marvin and Hamill (?) are looking at names on a statue or tombstone and Hamill says "The names are the same". Marvin "They always are." - At the insane asylum when the inmate/patient picks up the MP40, starts shooting and says "I'm one of you". It's been a while since I saw the movie so I could be hazy about a detail or two.
  10. I had to turn it off. The constant babbling of the "announcers" finally got to me. I just don't see how continuous, non-stop babble that has nothing to do with the game at hand encourages people to watch the game. Yeah, I could have turned the sound off, but I shouldn't have to do that. Did anyone else notice the soft playing surface in the outfield. Ball hits it and just dies, way too soft IMO. Rye, of course it's about money! It's professional baseball, it's always about money. No, I never, ever said "Do you want to have a catch?" Sounds weird even writing it. Always said "Let's play catch."
  11. One of my good friends and I were on different baseball teams. I was the pitcher in one of the games we played against each other. I was having a pretty bad day...hit him 3 times during the game. I didn't hit him on purpose but he was pretty mad about it for a week. After a week, he started talking to me again and I reminded him that I had hit 2 other batters during that game. Why I wasn't pulled is beyond me. Needless to say, we didn't win that game. Thanks for posting this Hardpan. Both pitcher and batter showed great sportsmanship.
  12. My ex-boss used to roll sneak up on the jobsites and ask "How are we doing" even though he was anything but a team player. I always replied "We are doing fine, I don't know about you". Always riled him, I guess the truth hurt. I've only heard one couple declare "We're pregnant". I just rolled my eyes, bit my tongue and stifled a smart ass response.
  13. Baseball fans, don't forget...the "Field of Dreams" baseball game is on tomorrow night (Thursday 8/11/22) @ 7:00pm Eastern. Chicago Cubs vs Cincinatti Reds. I liked last years game even if the intro's were a bit over the top. Looking forward to this years game.
  14. Possession of, or introduction of a firearm into a facility that offers mental health care services is a felony in Florida. Most hospitals offer mental health care.
  15. I don't know why anyone would be pleased. He's probably just out looking for the next Mrs. Earl or off to visit relatives.
  16. One thing that China has is man/woman power and a bunch of it. Historically, the CCP government doesn't care how many of their citizens die if it is for something that the CCP wants implemented. As far the US invading China, you are surely joking. The US doesn't have enough men/women , trained or not, under the age of 50 to conduct a land battle on China's home turf. There would be no way to win that. IMO, if it came to war, we better hope in is a proxy war far away from Chinese borders. If it was close to China, China would overwhelm US forces with sheer numbers alone. China can rattle the sabers all they want. I don't believe that China wants a war with the US even though the US leadership is the weakest that it has been in decades. China has too much to lose...trillions of US investments in everything...residential properties, large conglomerate companies, our banking system and everything in between. The hit to their economy, and ours, would be tremendous.
  17. I used to. Went to him for over a decade. We used to talk for a 1/2 hour, after the examine, about guns, politics and topics that Conservatives have in common. Ironically, he took a higher paying (supposedly) better job in DC working for the current administration, sold his house and moved to the DC suburbs. I hope that he is doing well.
  18. Yep. That's why people call me for stuff like that. The amount of time taken to do a job is directly proportionate to hands on experience. For me, that would have been about a 1/2 hour job, including assembly of the fan, maybe a little longer as it was at the top of the vault. If I had to connect plumbing to it, you'd have had to cook me breakfast the next day! Congrats on a good job
  19. Someone should point out to whomever made this MEME that Jim Carrey is completely anti 2nd Amendment. He also hasn't been funny ever since Living Color.
  20. There doesn't seem to be many below the Mason-Dixon Line. Wonder why.
  21. Thanks Griff! It's always good to get the real story from the people who lived it. The .30 Carbine and 30-30 I had heard of, I just read/heard that it was a member of the WB that used it. Anyway, thanks for the revisions.
  22. You weren't the only one with a crush on her, just one of the millions...including me. Thanks for the music, movies, memories and for being an outstanding lady. Rest in Peace
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