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  1. We have a new Pard starting out in SASS. He already owns a Marlin 1894(FP?) in .41 Rem Mag to use as his starting point. And he is ordering a pair of blued Blackhawks in .41 also. So we're going to need a source of cast bullets, preferrably RNFP's that are 180 to 200 gr. Are any of you all .41 shooters? Where do you get your main match bullets? Much obliged, MG
  2. I'm just wondering what other clubs/ranges charge for a one day 6 stage shoot. Most all were $10.00 in our area from 2001 up to now. Much obliged, MG
  3. Mr. Richochet: It took me a while to come up with the Western Bullets. They are 15" X 10" & 15" X 8.5". I do have a spare if needed. MUSTANG Gregg
  4. I'm selling some of the irons that I don't use much any more. Marlin 1894S (JM) .44 Widder modified. Hardly ever used. $900 Browning 1892 .44 Mag. Very smooth. $900 Two Ruger 5.5" KBVs. .44 Mag. $1200 Stevens 311 12 ga w/ 30" bbls. $500. More pictures available. Send me a PM. Thanks.
  5. A feller brought me in 5 old rifles to appraise. None are really anything that I would want for myself. They are a bit rough and would be a tough sell anyway, I reckon. 1. Marlin '92 lever action octagon .32 rimfire 2. Winchester Low Wall falling block octagon .32 rimfire 3. Remington Rolling block octagon .32 rimfire 4. Hopkins & Allen falling block octagon .32 rimfire 5. Winchester M1873 (mfd 1888) round .44 WCF My questions are: Has anyone ever successfully converted a Low Wall (in rimfire) to centerfire? How about converting a 'Marlin '92 to centerfire? How much $$? Much obliged, Mustang
  6. There are some excellent solvents that can be tried...very carefully. But most all are flammable and probably cancer-causing. And every one of them will blind you if it gets in your eyes. Acetone, Tolulene, Tri-chlor, Naptha, MEK. Just dye it, if you can't stand the stain and don't want to mess with chemicals. .
  7. I just love watching (but not paying for) one of these working. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yrg-dP6L2Y8 It loads up empty cases faster than I could empty them. Do any SASS cowboys have one of these in operation? Mustang I'll post another one too.
  8. I just hope he doesn't drop SASS. ITS STILL A LOAD OF FUN!!
  9. That's pretty cool, Jak. I can only seem to get away to our own LAR match once a month (because I have to run it).
  10. Russ just lost a family member. He'll be posting the info when we gets around to it. MG
  11. Stinkin' blue+purple gravy! #!?%*+!!? And I have been very careful to sort out my lead alloy tire weights from the Zn & Fe ones, I thought! I must've missed some.
  12. Dave, Joe, OLG, I don't have a working thermometer right now. I need to get a new one. I reckon the old one is way beyond calibration. But I tried setting the heating control rheostat switch in several ranges from just starting to melt the solder clear on up to the top temp setting. I don't think the mix got any better. Still is blue and thick. One of the Pards suggested that maybe I have calcium contamination. A new smelter (even a Lee 20#) is not in the budget for a spell. Muchas gracias! Mustang
  13. No scrapyard in these parts has that testing equipment. I cleaned it as best as I could by scraping with a blade and also using sandpaper. The known metal I that tried was 50/50 bar solder (still virgin bar). I tried sawdust, wax, and even rosin flux. And I still had the blue crap and hardly any flow through the bottom nozzle. I'm beginning to think I should either get a new furnace or quit casting. Later, Mustang
  14. I tried to melt some "known" alloys in the same pot. And it must be contaminated now...Because I keep getting the same problems. Is there a way to clean a furnace pot? Just buy a NEW one? Thanks, smelter Pards, MG
  15. Lonnie at Run N Iron is getting it sent off to him today. He's just a 300 mi ride west of me. He's done my Winchester M-24 SxS work in the past with great results. MG
  16. No. We couldn't go to HOW. I have to use my vacation free days to go out of state to bury my mother in law.
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