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  1. Barry, yep, that's the one. I was TDY at the WAATS (near Evergreen Air) Pinal/Pima County line many times from 1998 to 2009. I almost always had my weekends off so I brought a load of guns & ammo. We had up to four SASS shoots a month right there. Also at Casa Grande, Tombstone, Sierra Vista, Altar Valley, etc., etc. Southern AZ is the greatest place to shoot SASS matches! I made a lot of friends there. We even went back for Boo Boo & Cantina's wedding and reception on the TRC Range. Mustang
  2. I haven't been to Tucson for many years. Is the Tucson Rifle Club range closed? I did not see any SASS mentionings of shoots there. BEFORE 2010, WE SPENT A LOT OF TIME THERE.
  3. We DO NOT have a story to read. But we still have a wisecrack line or say something "cowboy". And many of our stages still have something to do like draw a card, throw dice, pour a shot, grab a spittoon, etc., etc. LINCOLN AREA REGULATORS Mustang Gregg
  4. My wife started with two 7.5" K-Vaqueros with Super Blackhawk grip frames in 2002(?). She still shoots them. She is a physical therapist assistant so she has the strength for them. But lately she's been thinking of trying a pair of my 5.5" K-Bisley Vaqueros for main matches. She hasn't been a fan of the Bisley grip frames and triggers. But we'll figure it out at the next couple shoots.
  5. It sold for $1600 at the auction this afternoon. There was a cracked forearm that had been repaired, but barely noticeable.
  6. Thanks, PWB. The small amount of M-62 price info that I'm finding on the interweb really are all over the place. This auction arms will probably have premium prices. It was pretty widely advertised. I'd be money ahead to find an imported gallery pump gun for the 'kids. MG
  7. I am doing the FFL duties for a friend who's selling out his household, furnishing, guns, etc. He has a sweet Winchester 62A gallery rifle (mfd in '57) that looks almost new. I'm pondering bidding on it for a sidematch rifle for the grandkids. I haven't had one in the gun shop for 7+ years. And I haven't seen any final bids on the e-auction site on one. Local auctioned guns have been going for upper end prices. Anyone want to hazard a guess what it should sell for?
  8. Okay----WHY did it get closed?
  9. We have our safety brief and Pledge at 08:30. The hostilities commence right afterwards.
  10. The Quadricycle "gun car" is in progress. It does have some Club Car parts to it. But it's mostly farm-fabricated or Surplus Center components. This will have the approximate dimensions of Henry's original. But it will have electric start and 14 HP. And it will hold a bunch of guns, ammo, tools, water, etc. I got the idea from Hardtack Henry of MT in 2001 at Hell On Wheels.
  11. But it has been re-assigned to Topeka. The Capital City Cowboys have graciously offered their annual T-Town Shootout to also be the site of the Nebraska SASS Championship. It will be 14 to 16 August. The Capital City Gun Club is just a few miles west of TOP just north of I-70. It will be a great shoot. And those KS boys know how to have a good time! If you are a Nebraska SASS member, please just write "NEBRASKA" at the top of the entry form. The entry form is right here! http://capitalcitycowboys.org/PDFs/t-town-2020.pdf We hope to see you there! Mustang Gregg Lincoln Area Regulators Eastern Nebraska Cowboys Platte Valley Gunslingers SASS_Champ_Logo.bmp
  12. The travelling wall moves around the country.
  13. Look up GAF [Grand Army of the Frontier] on the interweb. You will find lots of 1800's military equipment, uniforms, etc. They started in SASS (at HOW) back in 2001 and many do both games. Mustang Gregg GAF #64
  14. I use my old suede combat boots [Bates brand]. They are well broken in and comfortable.
  15. I have met several of them over the last 20 yrs. And they are great guys. Thank you for all for what you've done. Mustang
  16. Casa Grande has fine 1897 mechanic. Tom (Squibber) will fix you up.
  17. We ALWAYS use magnum pistol primers. They work fine. The chamber pressures for CAS should be at the low end anyhow.
  18. Oh come on, Grizz. You've got over a month to make one. LOL
  19. We have a nice old Winchester M-1892 in .25WCF. I have used in in SASS matches only twice. The hits and misses are harder to see. It's kind of like the Buckaroos shooting .22 LR's, but the brass is MORE EXPENSIVE.
  20. Bear Creek is the only place that I have found that casts and coats .410" RNFP bullets for .41 Mag shooters. He built his own molds. I only know one SASS guy that shoots the .41 in Ruger Blackhawks and Marlin '94. If you ever want to shoot a "wierd" caliber in CAS, see Bear Creek. MG
  21. I'm glad Artie is okay. Not to highjack this post---But I had a 3 to 5 sec maybe hangfire back in about 2004. We were shooting at Butt's Butte in S/W IA. I shoot Ruger K-Bisley Vaqueros in .44 Mag as a Gunfighter. My fake BP loads were using APP FFFg. I was engaging my last pistol target with my last round. It was a normal steel target surrounded by a barn wood window frame. I had been alternating the six-guns for the first 9 rounds at that target and the 10th shot did not go off. For some reason (God was watching me) I held the revolver downrange and it fired in a few seconds after the hammer had dropped. The round hit the window frame just left of the intended target. I did collect an M and a P for hitting the prop. Oh, well! But I am very glad that it did not discharge anywhere else. I was feeling pretty blessed that it went off in a safe direction. Mustang PS--The rounds had been loaded for about 2 or 3 months.
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