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  1. I'm getting my neighbor into SASS. So the first choice is a pair of Stainless 5.5" Bisley Vaqueros in .357. New or used...It don't matter! I have an FFL. (402) 429-2277 Willing to pay $1600. Or say what you want. Mustang Gregg #38345 Life.
  2. Yes, a S&W M52 is a bottom-feeder that uses a rimmed round (.38 Special). It goes back to when the Army shot composite instead of combat matches so much. A lot of the 2700 shooting guys used the S&W M52 instead of the M1911A1 which had more recoil and was harder to bring back on target in the rapid fire strings. BTW: They only fired full wad ammo. It was 148 grain lead, I recollect. Don't ask me how I know. My age may tell that. Mustang (old Bullseye shooter)
  3. Hey thanks guys. I thought my AMU guess might have been pretty off base. It was just a guess. But I did run across from 38's after a range sweep a while back that had the smaller beveled rim but I don't recollect what the head stamp was.
  4. AMU (to my knowledge) is Army Marksmanship Unit. Maybe that case was something special when they used through the S&W M52 for NM. Anyhow, our NG marksmanship team had M52's at one time. But we fired the normal .38 Special ammo that was a full wad. Mustang
  5. Thanks, Cholla. I will look that up, if I can find the issue.
  6. The BW category requires spurs (which I am not a fan of) on shooters who are not adept using them.
  7. Phantom, LOL. I didn't say it was not possible. But I have been an FFL holder for 44 years. And I watch the availability of all firearms. I'm just saying it ain't as easy as it was 2 years ago.
  8. For awhile? It's been that way at least since 2001, when I joined. I was just suggesting a parley about it. Actually I started out in SASS with a pair of Super Blackies that a former customer stiffed me with. I didn't have any other single action revolvers at the time. And I couldn't use them for GF because they were only allowed in Modern Category (ancient history category).
  9. YES, I KNOW MOST OF US DON'T USE THE SIGHTS ANYWAY. I was basically asking, "Why NOT allow adjustable sights in Duelist and Gunfighter?" My point is that I can sometimes find Blackhawks, when I can't find Vaqueros. And some new Pards can't use the Blackhawks that they've owned for years in either category. I'm not suggesting using them in Classic Cowboy. May I suggest to the Rules Committee to ponder the question of adjustable sight six-guns in those two categories? MG
  10. It's hard to say how long ago it was done. We have one here with a capped copper tube with #4 lead shot in it (20 yrs back). But I like the Dead Mules the best so far.
  11. That's not the current one I'm after. It's still on the block for 2 or 3 days.
  12. Howlin' Mad Murdock, I got it run up to $1400. And I'm out!! I can use that much money to fix things that really need to be fixed. I appreciate the help finding it Much obliged, Mustang
  13. Can you give out the website or info? Much obliged, Mustang
  14. The Ruger rep told me in June they are not close to being available yet. Only the large frame M336 types have been built and shipped---No M1894's yet. I think some ne is trying to sell horse sh**.
  15. The LGS's aren't necessarily ripping you off. Sometimes the primers, powder, etc. are costing them more too. So the goods have to get get marked up so they can pay their light bills too. Mustang Edit... I have been an FFL for 44 years. This last 2 years have been my worst.
  16. It's been a tough year for us to be able to get away, but we're finally getting out of town to a match in Columbus on Sunday. So Saturday night can be a date night. Are there good movies to be seen in the theatres now? HOPEFULLY A WESTERN!!!! Much obliged, Mustang and Calamity
  17. I just fired some WWI vintage .30-06 military ball in M1903 stripper clips. It all worked great.
  18. I'm looking for an 1885 HW (Winchester or Browning) in .30-30. I have the FFL. Send a PM and I'll give you my email and phone no. Much obliged, Mustang Gregg
  19. Yep. that's what they told me. Much obliged!
  20. You'll soon learn which ones to mix when you tumble. LOLOL Example--.44's, .45's, .308 Wins can be tumbled at the same time.
  21. For awhile there were some grip makers using a solid countertop material. But I do not recollect the product name. I first saw some in 2002 at HOW and more a few years later at a SASS convention. They are cool!
  22. Dangannon: Thank you for doing all of the mapwork! It is great. Crooked Creek sent me a heads up that you can now pinpoint our new outfit. I sent you a PM giving you the intell on our new SASS outfit, the Lancaster County Bounty Collection Agency. Let me know if you need any more info on the LCBCA. Mustang
  23. For what all I want it for, I need the smaller caliber. Already have a .38-55 and a .45-70.
  24. I want to build a dedicated 1885 for side matches that is SASS-legal. I will use a Browning or Winchester Miroku rifle for the receiver, guts and furniture. It will be .30-30 Winchester caliber with an octagon barrel. I have found a decent deal on a .30-06 rifle and also a 7mm Rem Mag rifle. Would either one be a good starter considering the extractor machine work involved? Shilen no longer makes octagon barrels, Which barrel manufacturer do you recommend? Much obliged. Mustang
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