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  1. If I loan a gun, they use MY ammo. I do not want someone else's troubles to blow up a gun (my gun). Off topic a bit: I have gotten away from loaning my 'irons to shooters that I don't know anymore. Reason: I loaned a rifle to a guy once when I was in AZ. His rifle broke and I was flush with extra ammo. He was a fast shooter (or thought he was) and he was slamming my rifle down on the tables way harder than necessary. Result: A cracked forearm and dings. When I told him that I didn't appreciate that rough treatment, he said, "This is a SASS-race, boy get used to it!" I took it back and explained "the facts of life" to him in a very loud senior NCO manner.
  2. We closed our outfit this week, after shooting near Bennet, NE for four years. I'm sorry to have to put out bad news, but we need to let SASS folks know. It's been a fun ride, but the last call has come and gone now. Thank you to all of the Pards and Gals who have shot, helped, sweated, froze, and laughed with us! There is good news too... A local range near Firth has offered to start up a new SASS outfit (only 20 miles from where we were shooting). And there are still 3 other SASS clubs in NE. 1 Eastern NE Gun Club, Louisville. POC: Crooked Creek 2 Platte Valley Gunslingers, Alda. POC: Stirrup Trouble 3 Columbus Rifle Club, Columbus. POC: Tom Two Dogs Contact Mustang Gregg for further information.
  3. If it's a small primer, it may be one of the high perf cartridges like a .454 Casull which use a small rifle primer, if I recollect rightly.
  4. That is too long for a .45 Auto rimmed. They are about the same length as .45 ACP. Can you give dimensions?
  5. This is the email I sent out to our regular shooters, but I reckoned that I'd post it here too. SHOOTERS [n' SHOPPERS]: Good evening, Pards and Gals: We are having the October CAS match at the Izaak Walton Ranges, northwest of Bennet. You can certainly wear any Halloween cowboy duds for the shoot as long as they are safe to shoot in. The Pledge of Allegiance and mandatory safety meeting will be at 09:15. The range goes hot and Halloween hostilities commence at 09:30. There will be six stages with some lame horsey riding and "sort of" cow milking. All stages will be 10---10---2 or 4+ After we tear down, we will have a field trip to WORK N' RANCH (just 2 miles east). Linda and Keith will be there! Spread the word, in case I missed letting any folks know! We have enjoyed having you all come out and shoot with us this season. Much obliged, Mustang Gregg (402) 429-2277 PS Sorry, but we are not allowed to grill brats this year...So no Halloweenies!
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