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  1. When I started shooting black powder there was advice on the Wire to avoid shooting bullets lighter than 125-grains so I don't. I like that there is plenty of published load data for 125-grain bullets and the smokeless powders I shoot.
  2. Though out-of-stock it is still cataloged by some merchants. Powder Valley lists it at $167. If you sold it at that price, it would still be a bargain as you would have paid sales tax, shipping and HAZMAT.
  3. I am pleased BB obtained some powder suitable for CAS reloading. We were getting reports that shotgun shells were being cut open to obtain powder. 32-lbs of powder would not last a dedicated clays shooter a lifetime. It might be consumed in a decade.
  4. I use it in 357 mag rifle loads. I can launch a 158-grain bullet 250-yards out of my Rossi with it. Use magnum pistol primers. Do not attempt reduced loads. It's fine grained and meters well.
  5. Pretty props look great and make for nice photos. However, open stages with few obstructions make for the easiest spotting. I think of the cemetery and mine stages at the 4-Corners Regional. They also allow for better dispersion of BP smoke clouds.
  6. Experienced spotters stand well off to the side of the shooter and can see obscured targets. There are ways to shoot and hit and arrays of obscured targets all of the same height. Start by aiming at the middle of the first target. Maintain that elevation and swing to the next target lining up with the target stand. This will usually get a hit on a large target. However, small targets like plate racks require a sight picture. Also, when allowed I shoot downwind to upwind and bottom to top so I'm not shooting into my smoke cloud. Smokeless shooters often prefer shooting right to left. I shoot downwind to upwind.
  7. Some thoughts: You have all the reloading equipment you need for metallic cartridges. You may want to buy a single stage shotshell reloading press to load the low-recoil shells we prefer in CAS. However, promo ammo from big box retailers works OK if you don't mind the recoil. Some of our established shooters have been shooting Gun Clubs for years. 38/357 is a good choice for a rifle. You will lose some brass in the weeds and props. Once-fired 38 Special brass is inexpensive and can be bought for less than the price of primers. A Stoeger shotgun is a good first choice. You can upgrade later. However, keep a set of backup firearms. We shoot a lot, and our firearms wear out and break (often at big matches). A 115-grain bullet in a 32-20 case is adequate for CAS. They will take down falling targets. Start shooting now and you will be ready for the national championship in OKC (Land Run). Attend even if you don't shoot just to shop the swap meet and the vendors. Post the pistol powders you already have, and people will post their pet loads for these powders. Powders are in short supply, so it does not pay to be picky about what you load with so long as it meets the limits stated in the Shooter's Handbook. We have long range side matches at major matches. Bring your BPCR rifle and participate. With your experience you will probably place.
  8. I send an e-mail to one of our local shooters who purchases new ammo. Regarding where I get brass to reload: Gift certificates from Starline brass Range brass from concealed carry classes and my local range Nickel-plated brass no one wants but I load for revolvers. Regarding saving time, my Dillon progressive press cranks out ammo so quickly it takes little time.
  9. If you buy trousers they will require the work of a seamstress too as they are too long with the expectation they will be shortened to fit the customer.
  10. The undertaker left his boots on but removed his spurs - said he couldn't close the lid on the coffin with his toes so high.
  11. I bought this B-Western shirt off the clearance rack at Cavenders this morning for $50 plus a gift card. They had plenty of boots that would work too. You don’t have to go far to get a CAS wardrobe. My local Costco has blue jeans on sale this month if I needed any.
  12. Work-n-Ranch is a mobile cowboy vendor based in Bennet, NE that sells cowboy action duds for men. I've bought from them at major matches. Prices were fair, selection was good, and they were pleasant to deal with. The only brick and mortar CAS stores I've been in are Texas Jacks in Fredericksburg, TX and Wild West Mercantile in Mesa, AZ. Most western wear stores carry shirts and boots that would qualify in the B-Western category. Buckaroo Bobbins sells vintage Western and Victorian patterns. Perhaps you could pay a local seamstress to sew for you.
  13. Alpo, the Saloon needs fresh topics to rant about. Surely an ammo vending machine qualifies. BTW, the New York Post says there are already two stores in Alabama with the machines. Request for Alabama shooters: if you see one of these machines take a selfie with it and post it, please.
  14. We already have ATMs onsite as some major matches. This firm says they will install ammo vending machines across the Southeast including Oklahoma. Might we see one someday at Land Run dispensing 125-grain 38 Special rounds and boxes of low noise low recoil Winchester AAs? Might be handy for those who fly in and need to buy ammo.
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