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  1. Before I retired I was a hazard control specialist at a government national lab. If you had come to me asking to use this propellant I would have forbid it’s use since it lacks a quality pedigree and appears adulterated. Propellants suitable for CAS are still available. Consider this jug unsuitable for reloading.
  2. The manufacturer of APP advises this practice may result in increased pressures and erratic velocities. I load APP to the base of the bullet and get ample smoke.
  3. There are some stainless models that would be resistant to rust in humid air. NKJ did an action job on mine and I love it for long range, pistol caliber matches. I don't shoot BP in it. I have rifles that disassemble easier for cleaning.
  4. I load 100 grain bullets for my wife. They shoot point-of-aim in her Ruger Single Sixes. I would not go to a lighter bullet. Local spotters were calling her hits as misses until I increased powder charges in her rounds (to make a nice bullet splat and make the targets wiggle). Loading 78 grain bullets would just make the spotters call more misses.
  5. A good product priced hundreds of dollars less than a '73 would make a Ruger/Marlin a desirable entry-level rifle for new shooters. When I started CAS Marlin rifles sold by Big-5 were an entry level rifle.
  6. SNS Casting states one should not exceed 1,500-fps with their Hi_Tek coated, cast bullets. Their bullets are not soft cast.
  7. Federal small pistol mag primers as well as the large pistol primers that have been available for awhile. Same high prices but you can buy 10,000.
  8. Good to see that you both reload and cast bullets. These skills will be put to good use. Did you also score a supply of 45 Colt brass?
  9. You will not save much reloading shotgun shells. However, you can assure yourself a reliable supply of low recoil shells. That makes reloading worthwhile. Black powder is another matter where reloading is quite economical. For a pump shotgun, I reload until crimps split. For a SxS I reload until the hulls get frosty. When loaded with blackpowder I toss hulls after one firing. I find the new AA hulls OK for reloading but I prefer Remington hulls.
  10. Contact Texas Lizard. He is an established Wheelchair shooter.
  11. Pioneer Gunworks is located in Springfield, OR. The town only has ~62,000 residents. If there was a primer vendor in town I'm pretty sure they would know of them.
  12. Captain Baylor and I tested my wife's .32 H&R mag loads for an article in the Cowboy Chronicle. They met the smoke standard. APP made the most smoke and is what she shoots regularly. I expect 32-20s would meet the smoke standard too.
  13. Damascus Jon won the Northwest Regional this year. I've seen him shoot. His ammo meets the smoke standard. All it takes is a little wind on the first couple stages of the day and BP shooters can post some competitive times.
  14. Go to the Oklahoma City Gun Club website and get on their mailing list. Register promptly when notified.
  15. Natchez no longer shows the primers mentioned in the OP as available. However, they now show Federal Gold Medal Centerfire Large Magnum Pistol Match Primer 1000/ct for $97.99 as available limited to 10 items. If you have $1,000 laying around you can place a maximum order. (Fortunately I don't need to.) I suspect anyone placing such an order would limit their practice sessions to dry firing.
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