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  1. I avoid JFK because I had a shotgun vandalized in my checked luggage when traveling through that airport. I avoid Washington National because a spent cartridge is considered ammo in Washington DC and my carry on luggage just might have a spent cartridge in it. I can travel avoiding locations hostile to gun owners. I too travel with firearms secured in a hidden, locked container.
  2. See this NRA Guideline. When flying I avoid changing planes in cities like New York or Washington, DC.
  3. Now just don't lose or gain weight so they keep fitting.
  4. 44 Special would be legal for Classic Cowboy if that category appeals to you. I will be shooting 44 Special blackpowder rounds in revolvers in July to compete in a special blackpowder category. Once-fired 44 Special brass does not show up for sale often. I've bought once-fired 44 mag brass quite often and used it in a rifle where it cycled better than 44 Specials. Yes, I do get 45 Colt and 44-40 brass returned to me but I have friends I hand it to. These days my 44s don't get much used because my arthritic hands prefer the lessor recoil from 38 specials. If you like old Cowboy Classics, Gene Autry praised his old 44s in "Back in the Saddle Again."
  5. Ballistic Products has them for $310/5,000. This is a little less expensive though one must buy a case.
  6. Case of 5,000 shotgun primers for $310 (before shipping). Limit of one case per month. See https://www.ballisticproducts.com/Cheddite-209-Primers-cs_5000-Limit-1-case-per-customer-per-month/productinfo/CH2095/.
  7. That is something I could have done or called a cease fire and handed off the spotting stick. I could have handled the problem better. Actions taken in haste are often not the best choice. (BTW, my wife later found the lens near our vehicle and I repaired the glasses.)
  8. Locally we have TOs who are current on SASS rules and make competent calls. The Handbooks are available as needed. My experience at EOT and regionals with TOs is quite good too. Years ago we had some TOs who never took an RO class but they have left the sport.
  9. I use these with Ballistol. Not sure if they are suitable for Hoppes #9.
  10. I got an email at 1:41 PM Sunday that more Tightgroup was in stock. Price is $196/jug. Direct from Hodgdon is $235.03/jug and unavailable.
  11. I shot a match just north of Santa Fe today and took this picture looking east early in the morning. The treeless peaks on the skyline are the 13,000+ foot Truchas peaks. The fire is on the east side of the mountain range. By the time I left the two big smoke clouds had merged and were reaching ~30,000 feet. If you are in Kansas your air quality is probably bad due to this smoke. Prayers up for the firefighters and evacuees please.
  12. They went bang and the targets fell. Recoil on the reloads was acceptable. The AAs have less recoil.
  13. Shot a match today. My wife shot factory Winchester AA low noise, low recoil shells. I shot reloaded STS hulls with 7/8 oz shot and the minimum published load of Alliant Extra-Lite. (Neither the AAs or Extra-Lite is available right now.)
  14. The Evil Roy DVDs were very helpful in my wife and my improvement in CAS. If you don't already own a progressive reloading press, plan on buying one. Reloading supplies are periodically unavailable. The US has the worst shortage in my memory right now. Don't try to bargain shop. Just obtaining satisfactory supplies is currently necessary. When reloading supplies become abundant again stock up. Once-fired brass is OK for practice and local matches and is less expensive than brand new brass. Many CAS shooters are using coated bullets. Ask us about the proper length and bullet shape for rifle rounds. Rifles can be finicky about ammo.
  15. Go to local shoots and have your wife ask ladies if she can shoot their guns. She will have preferences. Get a shotgun cut to fit her. This is a gun that should not be shared. Source low recoil shotgun shells for your wife even if you have to load them for her. The leather I've bought from Mernickle never took a year to arrive - always less than two months.
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