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  1. These are legal SASS loads. However, ammo loaded with 125 grain bullets with ~100 fps lower muzzle velocity will give less muzzle flip. Try this. Set up a single revolver target. Shoot 5 rounds of your 158g/770 fps ammo as fast as you can and note the time. They borrow some light 125 grain loads and do the same. See if the lighter loads improved your time. When I switched from shooting 44 mags (legal SASS loads) to 38 Specials years ago my stage times decreased by several seconds. Excessive recoil is not your friend.
  2. OGJ, there is a place for full power loads in CAS. Many carry "knockdown" loads in their gun cart to engage knockdown targets. That way if they hit the knockdown target well below center the target will still fall. A box of factory 38 Specials will last a long time when used as knockdown loads. Despite you being a big fellow, lighter loads will shorten your stage times. For me, they help prevent arthritis pain. Regarding loudness, slower burning powders are often louder than fast burning powders. However, for noise and pyrotechnics nothing beats genuine black powder.
  3. I find that they do not hold bullets firmly and are prone to bullets being pushed back into the case (the neck tension problem noted by RS). They work fine in a revolver. BTW, I do use a firm roll crimp on my revolver reloads. I concur with the OP's opinion of Amerc brass.
  4. That Blazer brass as pictured extracts in my Marlin. Not sure how it would extract in another firearm, but it works for me. If concerned I'd shoot it in a revolver along with brass with R-P headstamps and nickel-plated brass.
  5. I use it in revolvers. If it splits it doesn't affect my stage times. My revolver ammo for Bordertown and EOT will all be loaded in nickel-plated brass. I expect many will split. (I expect fewer than a half-dozen reloads before splitting.) BTW, the nickel plating helps protect the brass from corrosion caused by black powder fouling.
  6. Most of us load with Federal 100 primers. However, any primer your guns will ignite will do. There is a long list of suitable powders. Check reloading manuals for lead bullet target loads. Last weekend my wife and I shot a CAS match. Her handgun rounds were loaded with V320 and her rifle rounds with American Select. My handgun rounds were loaded with Sport Pistol, my rifle rounds with Unique and my shotgun shells with Extra-Lite. I've also loaded with Bullseye, W231 and Green Dot. They all worked. Clays is a favorite locally. Tight Group has been on the shelf of local retailers for months now. Buy 1-lb of an available powder that will work. If you like it buy 8-lbs. If not try another powder. I like coated bullets. They keep my dies clean. 38 Special once fired brass is available on online auction sites for less than a dime a case. Don't buy nickel-plated brass or brass with R-P headstamps. Amerc brass is pure junk. Load small lots and test them before taking them to a match. Make sure they feed in your rifle reliably. At our recent state match a new shooter brought unreliable reloads and had multiple failures to fire. They all had high primers. His bad reloads placed him second to last in the match. I was told when I started SASS that I couldn't win a match at the loading bench but I could easily lose the match there. How true! Use a case gauge like pictured for your rifle rounds before important matches. Spin your loaded revolver cylinders at the loading table and remove any rounds that drag on the recoil shield. A jeweler's scale like pictured below is good for weighing powder for handgun rounds (but is too small for many rifle rounds). They sell for less than $25 on Amazon.
  7. Lots of variables here. A recession could reduce prices on many items including primers and powder. An increase in armed conflict in the world could divert supplies to military production. The results of the upcoming presidential election can affect demand too. As always it is best to keep a few years supplies on hand. I sold a fellow I shoot with 1,000 small pistol primers this Spring to keep him shooting. He just told me he bought 25,000 small pistol primers so he would not be caught short again. Good for him!
  8. The gun injury report was released. I find the following statement from the article interesting. The southern half of the state is more conservative than the northern half. The southeast corner is oil field country (Permian Basin) and is especially conservative. Gun injury rates aren’t the same across the state, the report shows. The Metro health region (which includes Albuquerque) saw a 22% increase in the number of firearm injury emergency department visits from July 2021 to June 2023. The southern half of the state didn’t see an increase, and the southeast actually saw a 32% decrease over that time.
  9. This feature now lists the regionals for 2024. I expect more listings to appear as matches get approved and scheduled for next year.
  10. Have you viewed the SASS Regional Map on this page? With a little bit of searching you can find the websites for these matches and get matches dates and details. You can look at previous year's scores and decide if there is enough attendance to attend. I already know my regional will be held near the end of April 2024. The dates for the SW Regional are posted too.
  11. While you asked about real black powder, some on this thread mentioned loading BP subs. These should not be compressed much as manufacturers warn that excessive pressures may result.
  12. I have the same revolvers and rifle as OLG. I don't shoot them much anymore since arthritis forced me to shoot smaller calibers. I did shoot them in the King of Kaboom category at a match this summer with APP and enjoyed them a great deal. The rifle feeds either 44 Special or 44 mag well. I used to only shoot 44 mags as they were easier to buy once fired than 44 Specials. However, I was given a thousand 44 Special cases and now shoot them in the Ruger OMVs. When I shoot my .44s I can't help but remember the refrain to Gene Autry's "Back in the Saddle Again." Ridin' the range once moreTotin' my old .44Where you sleep out every nightAnd the only law is rightBack in the saddle again
  13. Here is Hodgdon's statement on powder storage and temperature: https://hodgdonreloading.com/gunpowder-stability.
  14. Hells Comin shot 7th out of 67 shooters so this method obviously works for him.
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