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  1. They will have a SASS orientation on Aug 15th and again on Oct 17th. Clackamas County is a good location for cowboy shooting. Also, check out the club in Ariel, WA. I know the people who run it and am sure they would welcome you. Time to get started before the cold, winter rainy season starts.
  2. I've come across value packs of 100 shells three times recently at Wal*Marts for $24 per pack. I bought them because I need to save my powder for loading metallic cartridges for CAS. This component drought may not end soon. I save my LNLR AAs for my wife who is more sensitive to recoil than I.
  3. They also have American Select and Extra-Lite in stock, but only in 1-lb bottles. I use these powders for CAS metallic cartridges and low-recoil shotgun shells respectively.
  4. Seven grains of Unique under a 240 RNFP bullet is my Wild Bunch rifle load. The bullet does not need a gas check. I don't get blow back in my rifle with that load. That load would be plenty good for small game. However, for larger game, say feral hogs, I would use a gas checked bullet and a slow burning pistol powder like W296/H110 or 2400 for more velocity. While my rifle will cycle 44 Specials, I shoot 44 magnums because once-fired 44 magnum cases are not too hard to find, but not so 44 Special cases.
  5. There are frequent reports of CAS firearms stolen from competitors vehicles. Five years ago I purchase a new tow vehicle for my trailer and installed a Truck Vault. It cost $2k installed. I am comfortable leaving my firearms in it with my vehicle unattended. It is quite secure and almost invisible under the canopy of my truck. What is your secure firearms storage solution? There are other solutions, some much less expensive than my choice.
  6. My wife is still beaming from her category win in the main match and being the top lady black powder shooter. She also had her best stage time ever before on one stage.
  7. Try a Walters Wad between the black powder (or sub) and the bullet. This one change got my 45-70s shooting good groups.
  8. The last price I saw for feather lights was $US 11. Your price is not extreme.
  9. Winchester low noise, low recoil ASs. They are showing up on shelves now. Super Target shells have much more recoil than CAS shooters like or need. You would find them useful for a Cowboy Clays side match.
  10. I've had this happen to many Starline cases on their first loading. They had been loaded with Triple Seven and stored in dry conditions. Since they were bought with a door prize coupon I did not inform Starline. The cases that survived their first loading were good for many reloadings.
  11. MC, I'm shooting a Miroku that Longhunters worked on. You can handle it at a local match if you like.
  12. I wash my brass loaded with black powder the day shot and dry quickly. When I left the brass wet I got lots of primers corroded in place, just as you pictured. The primer brand does not matter. I'm going to get one of those hand deprimers for my 45-70 brass. I don't like loosing 45-70s to corrosion.
  13. This week I noticed that Cabelas was offering Remington #10 caps online. Their site also said there were limited quantities in the nearest store to me. This morning I stopped by the store and inquired. The sales staff stated they had a limited supply earlier in the week but sold out. They expect more #10s in future deliveries. Check with Cabelas if you need #10 caps.
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