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Congrats Widder - SASS Regulator

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super thankful that @Tn Tombstone thought to ask “why is Widder NOT a Regulator?”


Big hugs!



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 I can’t believe that it took this long to recognize one of the treasures in our game!! 

Congratulations, my friend!!

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31 minutes ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:



A Regulator?!?!?!?!


Great...another popularity contest winner!


Just kiddin' Widderborg.


Congrats my friend!!!



"Widderborg" ROTFLMAO :lol::lol:


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I ain’t never stole a single lollipop.

But I have swiped a few Tootsie Rolls from the Halloween monsters

and a few kids at Sunday School.....:lol:

Besides, they ain’t suppose to be eating in church..... :D


For the record, I’m on a borrowed computer because mine went down last week.

So forgive my late and brief replies.


THANKS EVERYONE.  I was surprised and deeply honored.




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Congratulations sir, and thank you for all of the knowledge and experience you share with your fellow shooters!

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Congratulation's Widder ;

You are very deserving of this Honor ...

So does this mean you are coming to Western Canada to shoot this August -Sept ? 

It looks like The SASS Nationals will be held the first weekend of Sept.  Great timing My birthday Being the same Weekend ...

We can probably string a Aberta Shoot and 2 B.C. Shoots together  .... And maybe a Sask. Shoot too .



Jabez Cowboy 

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So, are you getting a new hat, or just having yours stretched?:P

Seriously, congrats. Never met you, but from your posts, I'd say you earned the honor. Even if for no other reason than the ribbing you take from us knuckleheads.

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