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  1. Had one like him, when I was the po-po for a small city, in the south bay area. Called him 'Plaza Steve', a very kind person with some issues. He was in his mid 30's. Steve would help folks load their cars and hold doors open for the gals and such. He lived 'on the street'. Just never could find where-We didn't look that hard either.......LOL I have to admit, that more than once I gave him a ride while 'on the job'. He always said 'God-Bless' when I dropped him off. Everyone at the station knew him-He would bring flowers into the station. Sadly, one day a call went out of a TC with pedestrian involved. I was the first on scene, it was Steve and he was DOA. Was NOT the drivers fault..... Steve had no blood family we could find. Yet-he had one of the highest attended funerals I can remember. That's when the term, "Angels walk among us" really sank in............ OLG
  2. More likely before they walked out of the 'toy-store'. OLG
  3. MMG-Pretty much all die sets do that for handgun rnds. My SWAG-Might be a bit larger expander for lead bullets and pretty sure a roll crimp type, crimp die. Why don't you call Hornady, and ask'em? Like to hear what they say- OLG
  4. I wouldn't give him more than a week...... You should ask about a full or partial refund. OLG
  5. Life's to short to let that stuff get to me........ OLG
  6. WOW -It appears that therapy is really work'n for ya...... Get that Marlin done yet? OLG
  7. One of the most sought after, of all the CB versions. OLG
  8. Did you get any ETA? Ask him for a picture of these guns 'on the bench'. You should, after this amount of time, have had your $$$$ refunded and the work done at N/C.......... IMHO-Don't hold your breath. OLG
  9. Ya, you iz........ Sez ya joined Jan 4th of 2001......... OLG
  10. Give the Marlin forum a go....... That's a very fair price-I have the same in .44 mag. https://www.marlinowners.com/forum/ Good luck! OLG
  11. I didn't know, that the OP had even learned how to tell time.......... They still use a Sun Dial for me....... OLG
  12. When it's comes down to real long range accuracy-I agree with you 110%. Why go the cheap? When you think of the cost of match grade jacketed bullets today from 30 cal on up. OLG
  13. PLZ-Don't store your powder in a 'safe'. In a fire-That safe becomes a bomb the firefighters have to face. Respectfully, OLG
  14. OH-SURE.......Blame the Squirrels in that tree.......... OLG
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