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  1. Wear rubber surgical gloves. The polishing residue dies your skin.
  2. Don't buy anydangthing till you have attended a few shoots and done hands on live fire.
  3. How much cyl fore/aft movement is there?
  4. What was this trick you speak of?
  5. Please post any link that confirms this belief. Both shootings I was involved in, I used a modified Colt 1911 and it was never an issue.
  6. Fantastic club with great folks, the range is in a beautiful location
  7. When Smokestack(AKA, the BORG)shoots. It sounds like a belt feed gun.....
  8. Have held a few at gunpoint.... Shots fired only on 2 occasions.
  9. The ceramic separates far easier from brass than SS pins. I dump the tumbler into a good sized wire "basket". Spillage is not an issue.
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