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  1. 17.0-17.5 -gn of Unique with 3/4-1oz of shot. OLG
  2. OP, have you attended any SASS shoots yet? Buy NOTHING, till you do. OLG
  3. Yup, engage targets when you see'em. Having the targets repainted after each shooter, sure was nice. I miss it too OLG
  4. Like I said-we shot at Piru. Not all targets had the center bonus plate, most did. I competed for last place, and did achieve that goal more than once FWIW: Lefty did everything he could to promote W3G. OLG
  5. Did not require knock-out, that was a bonus target. SASS style targets were common. We shot at Piru many times, and it was fun. OLG
  6. Start with 2 in the SG, whether it's SxS(SxS left open)or repeater(chamber clear). Be allowed to stoke'em on the clock. OLG
  7. W3G was fun for sure. To bad SASS won't adopt some of their procedures like starting with a loaded SG(2 rnds only). The bonus targets were fun too. OLG
  8. IMO, lot better hulls to use than AA's. I reload till the pleats in the fold break. OLG
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