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  1. First, make sure ALL screws are tight. If it still acts up--- Place a .005 steel shim between the left cartridge guide and the receiver. See what that does. OLG
  2. Nope, just fat-fingered the k'board is all OLG
  3. No such rule about felt hat only. In fact, if you would read the rules. Hats are only required in a couple of categories OLG
  4. Would that be a 'clean' shoot? I'll go to my room now. OLG
  5. Wonder how many pages this will go? BTW, Wranglers are SASS legal, no requirement for hats or shoes. Get'n the pop-corn ready OLG
  6. Any gun. I shot those loads a S&W. Fairly mild. OLG
  7. We're in SW Springfield and loving it. Sold our 950sq ft Ca home for $240k, it was paid for. Bought a 1500sq ft 4br, 3ba all brick beautifully cared for home with RV parking in a great neighborhood for $165k, we just wrote a ck. Gas is $2.49 here and cost of living is 1/2 of CA. Car registration is for 2yrs and no SMOG tests. Missouri is a Constitutional carry state. OLG
  8. Try 6.5-7.0gn of WW231 with that lead bullet. Use a firm roll crimp. OLG
  9. SASS in not WB WB is not SASS OLG
  10. Most common bbl length there is with 5.5in run'n close second. OLG
  11. Think I know the gal you're talking about in that toy store. Many months ago I was shooting my S&W .44 mag Mountain Gun and she gave it a go. OLG
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