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  1. When they were still family owned and USA made. They weren't anti 2nd ammendment. OLG
  2. OH, I'm sure Dillon will here about that. For years to come. OLG
  3. Would be curious what the barrel/cylinder gap is on both revolvers. OLG
  4. That all depends on city regs. Can't do it in LA City and several others. OLG
  5. All brands are affected by RFI. Brand really doesn't make any difference. OLG
  6. 50 fps difference between 2 production handguns is nothing. OLG
  7. RFI from fluorescent lights will really mess with digital scale readings1 Wrap the power supply cord about 1ft from the scale, around a couple of very strong magnets. OLG
  8. Honing uses abrasives. Not need here..... Get a 10ga mop, some Fritz and and drill motor. About 1 minute in each chamber, do'n the back and forth deal with the mop well coated will do. OLG
  9. Makes all the difference in the world when you have astigmatism That is one of the main reasons for development of the green reticle. OLG
  10. Also has to do with eye dominance. I'm right handed, left eye dominant. OLG
  11. The red Chevron looks like crescent moon to my eyes. The green Chevron is as sharp as can be. OLG
  12. In this game, they serve no purpose. OLG
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