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  1. How long did it take for you to have that rnd count? Many serious competitors(I was one, long ago)run 1500-2k rnds a year. OLG
  2. Timing/indexing. That's mostly controlled by the cyl pawl. OLG
  3. What's the round count for your bbl? The folks I've shot with in long range events say they are lucky to get 2700 rnds from a std 6.5C bbl. Many have found that Nitrate (sp) coating the bore and chamber really helps with bbl live in this caliber. OLG
  4. Bbl life with the 6.5C is less that 1/2 of a .308. The 6.5C is a throat-burner. OLG
  5. To add to the 'fog'..... LASD uses the term 'station' such as 'Palmdale Station'(PMD-26). OLG
  6. That took place on Native land. It's not uncommon there. OLG
  7. Soft metal, common issue on European cowboy guns. Slide a steel dowel rod down the bbl, it must exit the muzzle, and carefully tap the dowel to reduce the protruding area around the FP. OLG
  8. CC, have you informed this person of the amount of extra work his carelessness/incompetence created for you? Especially after you showed him how it should have been cleaned. FWIW: I sure as heck would...... OLG
  9. TNX, but Ima and I shoot CAS as a couple. We'll all meet up soon, I hope. OLG Yes I know.... But we live in Springfield, Missouri now. OLG
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