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  1. Get yourself this one and never look back https://www.starrett.com/metrology/product-detail/3202-6 OLG
  2. I load at 1.470 COAL. OP, you need to get some real calipers OLG
  3. Make sure the case rim is not catching on the bottom edge of the extractor claw and binding against the boltface. OLG
  4. Hitch when closing or opening the bolt? Have you ck'd all the screw5for tightness? OLG
  5. Does the rifle still function? That notch comeS from the 'snail' drum on the lever. OLG
  6. Also be aware of a dirty gun from blowing dust and powder fouling. That can lead to FTF also. Springs will take a 'set' over time. Keep a couple of #10AN washers in your repair kit. Use'em to shim the hammer spring. OLG
  7. This is the way to go, if you stay 'dry'. Today, I wet tumble only with ceramic media. OLG
  8. I would wonder about the guns you're gonna have with you. OLG
  9. Facts are stubborn things. Just keep dancing to your own tune. I stay in the real world. BTW, you have no clue what my bank balance is. I will say we have no house payment to deal with in our new home. Carry on, OLG
  10. I'm 70 years old, I ain't go'n down easy. Last one that tried didn't survive. Look where the incident occurred. The Governor has already said they would receive a full pardon. You really need a new 'brush' OLG
  11. No crime committed by me so that doesn't apply in any way. OLG
  12. Hogwash, put that big brush away. My SD episode in Gardena was called justified in 2 weeks. Had my gun returned with no issue and no civil suits went to trial. OLG
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