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  1. My mail box ain't even close to full. Don't know what the deal is.
  2. Do a deep internal action clean and check EVERY screw for tightness.
  3. Wrong https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/.32_S%26W_Long
  4. Check out Blackbird Park in Palmdale, California. Several 71's and a couple A-12's on display. It free to see...... When I escaped PRK in 2019, NASA was still flying 2, SR-71's.
  5. It's the new cylinder stop. It needs fitting. Why did you change it? Put the old one back in and try it.
  6. Hopefully, the chamber was lengthened for 2 3/4" shells.
  7. Buy NOTHING else, until you have attended a few shoots and done a hands on live fire.
  8. Hang it outside, it'll dry faster....
  9. What ammo are you using? Maybe try a different recoil spring.
  10. Got to see it when it left Ca to be rebuild. The size is mind boggling.
  11. The biggest issue I have seen with them, is the fact you can't steer'em. Something you really need on soft/sandy ground.
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