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  1. Don't tell'em I said this.... He's a dang good teacher
  2. Carrier timing is off. The carrier rising to fast. Just for giggles, remove the extractor from the bolt and see if a rnd will chamber smoothly. Try the same with the ejector removed.
  3. You're certainly, now guaranteed Sainthood
  4. The extractor tension and profile of the 'claw' has much to do with angle of ejection in Marlin 94.
  5. Good point, I do carry 12 SG. Sure wish we could start with a loaded SG. YUP, I just lit the fuse.....
  6. If loading on a progressive press. Use a powder ck die. Your only other choice is real BP. FYI, most cartridges using smokeless, can easily hold a double charge of powder.
  7. Much better consistency with ladle pour
  8. BTW, you can use SPP in that .32WCF. Your current load w/Unique, doubt the case will hold a double charge.
  9. Of what you have, I would go with Unique. Start with a middle of the road load and a firm roll-crimp.
  10. Fingers crossed that it holds out. TNX, for all of the pictures and updates
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