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  1. You want to see worst. A high school at end of daily classes. OLG
  2. Yup, filled my trucks 45 gal tank at that price. Put 18 gals in my Jeep CJ-7. Ima sez HI? OLG
  3. Look at how many bxs of .22 you can buy for the cost of 1 bx of .17. OLG
  4. Do NOT use NATO pressure loads in a PO8 Luger. The toggle was never built for that. Use STD 9mm loads only OLG
  5. Rnd chambered, ALWAYS. Those that don't carry that way are living in a dream world. OLG
  6. Add .025-.030 to your C.O.A.L. Load 15 rnds, at that length and cycle test. Make sure ALL screws are 'tite'. OLG
  7. Your C.O.A.L. is short. Why don't you get a box of the ammo the factory uses and try that? OLG
  8. Try a few of the current mades ones and you'll see what I mean. OLG
  9. Back then, they were the best. Then the 'bean-counters' stepped in and they are now a 2 piece deal. OLG
  10. It was the fat-fingered doofus on the keyboard.... OLG
  11. FED-X and UPS only ship guns from their 'hubs'. That's because the have a 'bond room'(secure room)to keep them till departure. YES-you must declare it's a firearm as per law. They will know it's going to an FFL because they have the BATFE data base in their systems. OLG
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