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  1. I quickly learned to 'drive' an '87 like a stolen car. Don't baby it.....
  2. Have never seen the top screw in the bolt version. What was it's purpose?
  3. Been wet tumbling for over 12 years now. Use ceramic media. Will never go back to 'dry'.
  4. Mid-range .44 Special data works well in the magnum case.
  5. Do now think I miss-remembered. Thanks for the photos and explanation. I now recall Cap say'n they run best with the WW shells. Do you know when the 2 extractor deal came out?
  6. Living near Plant 42 in PMD, I saw the SR-71 many times. It is the loudest aircraft you'll ever hear.
  7. IIRC, the 1901 had the 2 extractors and a lifter stop. Also, it was the only version of the '87 that was proofed for smokeless powder.
  8. I'm in the same mindset. Really liking my CZ..... The '87 is the coolest gun in SASS
  9. I load this in a .44 mag case for SASS. 6.5gn Unique() with a Bear Creek moly coated 240gn RNFP. Any std LPP. Firm roll-crimp. Runs about 840fps in my 5 1/2" Vaqueros and 1k fps in my 20" Marlin 94.
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