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  1. Why didn't you call the bank and get this cleared up? OLG
  2. And IF Ruger would start make'n their SxS again. You could have a SASS package deal with American made guns OLG
  3. Buffalo Arms doesn't make rifles It was 110% Remmy's doing to put those crap Marlins on the market. No one forced them to, other than poor mgt. Go to the Marlin Forum and get the facts. Many of the members were Marlin employees. OLG
  4. Don't forget that Remmy refused to hire any of the Marlin crew. The Remy 'bean-counters' are a big cause of the QC issues. OLG
  5. Not Ruger's first day. They were/are pioneers in their manufacturing procedures. OLG
  6. Spyderco makes the best one and it's the KISS of all sharpeners. Sharpens serrated blades and scissors. OLG
  7. Tell him he is done shooting for the season. He needs to mature up. OLG
  8. Glad I bought the 35k primers I did before leaving PRK last Nov. PVI had everything I wanted and in the quantities I wanted, in stock. OLG
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