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  1. Celestron from B&H Photo I have the 80mm ED with variable eyepiece and really like it. OLG
  2. One remake I really liked was 3:10 to Yuma. Both versions are outstanding. OLG
  3. Did to many-several still haunt me to this day. The worst was telling a parent that their child was dead, through no fault of the child. OLG
  4. That kind of crap ain't 'rite'. I would be honored to meet your wife Respectfully, OLG
  5. Many clubs hold multiple shoots every month. Many folks also shoot other disciplines(me) Yes, I know of many shooters(me included)that shoot several times a month. 'We' reload to save $$$, that in turn allows us to shoot more....... BTW, just a FYI-If you are receiving you ammo from 'Joe' in your club. Unless he is a BATFE licensed manufacturer. That's illegal, and best not say such on a public firearms forum that anyone can see. Good luck, OLG
  6. Take some carb cleaner and flush the spring plunger assembly in the base pin. Do you oil the cyl base pin channel in the cylinder? A drop or 2 is a good thing. Take the grips off a see what you can as you cycle the action. OLG
  7. Will they cock correctly when you point the muzzle straight up? Do you see any drag Mark's on the cylinder face? OLG
  8. I have a 25-5 and use .452. Try the .452 in the M94. OLG
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