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  1. The OP made me do this- https://www.jeffhorowitzmd.com/bbl-anyway/ OLG
  2. Not a good idea to post your Email on any public forum. Even more so on a gun based forum OLG
  3. I can type 'bbl' in 1/2 of the time needed to spell out barrel........ In machine work-BL is often used for the term 'baseline' just as C/L is used for centerline. OLG
  4. Look for a Coyote Cap race gun version of the '87 lever. Stay away from the PW-87, unless it's just gonna hang on a wall........ OLG
  5. New ones are Ballard type. Never had any issue with MG bbl, in my 1981 made .44 carbine, with SASS lead loads at all. OLG
  6. Your comment about reloads and BP ammo not being 'shippable' is not correct. UPS and FED-X have same policy in place. Nowhere is there any exception for reloads, of BP loaded ammo mentioned. https://www.ups.com/us/en/help-center/packaging-and-supplies/special-care-shipments/hazardous-materials/shipping-ammunition.page OLG
  7. Link to that info plz. Can't ship ammo to many states now, and you must take it to a UPS or FED-X hub. No USPS! I'll bet those are LP primers..... OLG
  8. RR-Bar, puts on about the best run SASS events that you'll ever find. OLG
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