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  1. City Dude, I saw it first thing this morning, thought it would be gone, surprised John didn't jump on it. Couldn't stand it anymore had to have it. Rob
  2. I highly recommend Smith Shop now Out Post for Marlins, If you are shooting a Uberti in 357 ca. I would recommend the Smooth Cycle Sleeve kit. pricy but well worth it, feeds much better. Rob
  3. That is why I have a piece of bullseye, I replaced one that someone had done just that. I'll get it in the mail. Rob
  4. J. Frank, I have about a one third piece, I think with a little piece of dowel in the hole first it should work. Give me a address and I will get it in the mail. Rob
  5. Back when Winchester made there cheap shells with brass bases I never had any trouble, when they went to steel I had trouble. I contacted them, they said I should only use AA in my old 97. I stop using Winchester, shoot every thing and anything and have never had any trouble since. Just my 2 cents. Rob
  6. Yes you're right, the collars are different.
  7. I have to disagree. I have a tool to remove the adjusting sleeves, in the instructions it states that the 97 and Mod. 12 sleeve are the same. If you go to Numrich site they use the same part number for the standard sleeve for both the 97 and Mod.12. There may be a different sleeve for the Mod. 12 16ga and 20ga as the tool has a smaller opening on the other end. Rob
  8. Some how I knew, I only wish I'd bet money on it. Good for you. Rob
  9. There are 5 different ones maybe 6, they have number on them on the side of the top rim. If you can fine a no. 3 that should work. The model 12 use the same sleeve for 12 ga. Try eBay or Numrich. Some time you can use a triangle file and put 1 or 2 extra notches on it but no more then that, may help. Rob
  10. Authority, or like you hate it. Love my Win. 97's
  11. What ever make you happy, enjoy. Good shooting. Rob
  12. WOW, Did that cart come with a motor?
  13. Warden, You may be right, the bolt doesn't go through the lever like on a 94. Rob
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