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  1. Thanks Ace, I will be keeping an eye on him. I got to admit it looks cool. Rob
  2. Are holsters that are both facing backward with butts of gun grip facing forward legal for Sass ? I know they were worn that way back in the day, don't look safe to me.
  3. That's great, always fun to have your kids shoot with you.
  4. I too shoot the Starline 1.125 brass in my Marlin, Bear Creek .380 dim. Marlin said to use .380 dim. Same brass in my Browning Highwall Bear Creek .377. I had a H&R target rifle, shot the Starline 1.125 brass Bear Creek .380 dim. shot very good. Winchester wouldn't chamber with that bullet. I would for sure slug your barrel then decided what to use. Rob
  5. Wylie, I would love to be there, can't hardly get out to put on our own matches , the virus and Misses you know. My long range is done, eye surgery went south. I did shoot Tom Horn at Helldorado last year, loved it. The most fun of any annual is circling the wagons and hanging out with your pards. Maybe next year. Rob
  6. Shoot a Marlin, You don't have to worry about it. Slim how's that 38-55 shooting ? Rob
  7. Thanks, tell him howdy for me. He's the man that got me started in all this fun. Rob
  8. Thanks Dave. And now we know. Rob
  9. I'm sure he would. One of the good guy. I know he has hit them many times.
  10. Why do they call the center of a target a Bulls Eye, did they shoot them old critters in the eye back in the day ? Thanks for any answer, fun or not. Rob
  11. Try Kick Killer Recoil Pads, type it in on you puter, I use them on my shotguns, lace ups look period correct, better they velcro. Rob
  12. They say you are never to old to learn. Good info, Great pics. Thanks all. Rob
  13. X-2 On Knudsen hats Bill has done a number of hats for me, Great job. He has supported our annuals a number of years. Rob
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