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  1. Looks like it was a Great hunt. Marlin 38-55 cowboy, long range and deer hunting.
  2. A lot of good help here. Witter would be the man to talk to, he has helped me, one of the good guys. I put the stainless spring and follower in from The Smith Shop in my carbine, made it easy to load and I can get 11 rounds in it now. Rob
  3. Won't swear to it, but pretty sure they are the same.
  4. There is a recess in the top of the receive on a 97 that's your rear sight.
  5. Nice old gun, be a shame to modify. Looks like a late model.
  6. 12 gauge, shells readily available and cheap. You can get a 97 in 16 gauge, shells hard to find and pricy. My daughter's 20 gauge SXS kicks harder then her 97 I'm sure.
  7. Thanks Philosopher, More good info, neat catalogue. Rob
  8. On my Marlin 38-55 I use a fold down sight in the dovetail, 100 yds minus and tang sight 200 yds plus, works for me.
  9. Thanks Roger, I don't know how to do all that tricky stuff on the puter. Rob
  10. Remove the trigger guard as described in numbers 7-9-10. You will see the hole for the spring, may still be some in there. You will need to make a slave pin for reassembly, a nail about the diameter of the trigger pin cut to length so that it will go through the trigger guard but not stick out the sides. Be careful not to bend the spring, only compressing it. You can now put the trigger guard back in the receiver. Line up the hole, put in the trigger pin and drive the slave pin out. Hope this helps,. Rob
  11. Yes what Gambler says, also works as a spacer keep you from pulling the action slide out of the carrier. needs to be there on both models. Mr. Browning wouldn't put it in there if he didn't think it was needed.
  12. Thanks Ace, I will be keeping an eye on him. I got to admit it looks cool. Rob
  13. Are holsters that are both facing backward with butts of gun grip facing forward legal for Sass ? I know they were worn that way back in the day, don't look safe to me.
  14. That's great, always fun to have your kids shoot with you.
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