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  1. Looking at the picture, looks like your shell stops are loose, try tightening the screws on the side of the receiver. Rob
  2. How to lighten hammer springs on a CZ hammer coach shotgun. Thanks Rob
  3. Had the same rifle, with Winchester brass and a .380 dim. bullet wouldn't chamber, went with the Starline 2 1/8" same bullet, 255 gr. Bear Creek, shot great and the brass drop out like a fine tuned shotgun. Rob
  4. If it is Winchester brass that is your problem, use Starline, long if you can get it Rob
  5. First one for me, if it was going to break it was for the right guy, I'm sure he know how to fix it. Rob
  6. Love the Eastwood quote.
  7. Had a Davidson model 45-70 Marlin, 24" barrel, half octagon, half round, Great gun. Sold to a pard a few years back $900.00 old body can't take the recoil anymore. Have a 336 Marlin in 38-55, was a 30-30, Marlin rebarrel for me, pistol grip stock, sent to Long Hunter had it case harden came out beautiful. Great shooter, light recoil, Love it. Rob
  8. Looking at the pic. of the barrel and mag. tube, looks like the barrel band has moved forward, the mag. tube and action rod shouldn't come out of the barrel adapter like that. Other possibility, the stop ring on the mag. tube has come unsoldered & it will need to be repaired. Rob
  9. My 700X loads. I started with 158 gr. bullets, 3 gr. 700X, Now 125 gr. bullets, 3.5 gr. 700X, these are my 38 loads I use in both rifle and pistol. Works good for me. 45 Colt cal. loads, 205 gr. bullet, 6 gr. 700X, 45 ACP 200 gr. HB, 4.5 gr. 700X . 38-55 Load, 255 gr. RNFP bullets, 8.5 gr. 700X, long Starline cases. All my bullets are made by Bear Creek. I bought two 15# Kegs of 700X from a friend for $75.00 just open the other keg last year, I'm sure it will out last me. I do find it a little dirty so you may be cleaning brass more often. Rob
  10. Thanks for all your replies. Still waiting to get it, it was hard to open in the store, going to need some work. Rob
  11. I just bought a new CZ hammer gun, looks great. Will I be happy ? I usually shoot a 97, with a lot of stages only having two shotgun target I thought I would try it. Open to any comment good or bad. Thanks. Rob
  12. Dakota Brown was looking to make that swap about a month back. Maybe check with him. Rob
  13. Does it say Winchester on the butt plate ? a pic. would be nice. Thanks Rob
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