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  1. In hind sight I guess I should have checked on the wire before I put out any gold. I guess if I get tired of seeing it around I can take it to a gun buy back and get most of my gold back.. Thanks again to all for the help. Rob
  2. I want to thank everyone for all the returns and great information. Sad, but it looks like I got me a wall hanger, Cool looking one. Rob
  3. I pickup a Marlin 1898 shotgun 12ga. are they safe to use as cowboy guns? Thanks for any help. Rob
  4. Thanks, good idea, I will give that a try. Rob
  5. Lumpy, oal is 1.487 this works find in all my other Marlins. The carbine has failure feeding some times, every once in awhile. That's why I'm thinking the new type carrier if it would work in this gun may help. Rob
  6. The rifle is a 38 Sp./357 Mag. Not sure what FTF or FTE means. I use 38 special brass & 125 grain bear creek rnfp. I also have a 1 piece firing pin & a Ranger Point Extractor, but I'm not sold on it yet.
  7. Sometimes it doesn't feed well in to the chamber, got to lever it again.
  8. Talking about Marlins. I have a early model Marlin carbine micro grooved barrel no cross bolt safety.I have made all the changes most people do to them, still not happy with the way it run. Will this gun take the late type carrier with just the button detent on the side? I used The Smith Shop stainless mag spring and follower made the gun much easier to load. Thanks for any help. Rob
  9. Thanks Deuce on that note, just pray it isn't your 45-70. Rob
  10. Smokestack, The Trigger Happy wouldn't work in mine, I felt it was unsafe. Contacted Wild West they would do nothing about it. Rob
  11. I can say nothing but good things about Dillon, they stand behind there product. NO BS Warranty that's the truth.
  12. Jimmy, I had a similar problem in my Marlin 1895 with the Wild West trigger happy trigger I posted here. The consensus was it was my fault and not that the trigger was made bad, it too would fire out of battery not touching the trigger block, maybe the hole was drill in the wrong place in the sear and trigger making it short. Yes if you still have the 3 peace firing pin in your gun it wouldn't matter but like a lot of cowboys they have put the one peace firing pins in and yes it could go off out of battery. I put the stock trigger back in, may be floppy, but gun is safe again. Wild West was no help and I had it to long to send it back to who I bought it from. Like the one cowboy said Marlin work good right out of the box. Your lucky you get to send it back. Rough'N'Ready Rob
  13. At the The River City Regulators annual match, they give out cowbells as prizes. They are different sizes and colors, gold,silver and bronze according to placement. They have, I'm sure, computer generated stickers on them, one side name of the club and the logo and on the other side class and placement. They are fun to hang on your gun cart as they ring along as you move from stage to stage. They know you are coming, if you need to get someone's attention as you can get a grip on it and ring the heck out of it.
  14. Hi Mike, I know your looking for a 73. Thought I would put this out there and see if you maybe interested. I have a H&R target rifle looks like buffalo rifle in 38-55 with Marbles improved tang, I know it would take some gold too. I can send pics. to your email if you're interested. Thanks Rob
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