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  1. You must be a funny looking fellow at 6 inch's and 280 lbs. Just being a smarty. I agree should say cylinder bore on the left side of the barrel in front of the receiver. Looks like they buffed the hell out of that gun before the parkerize it, I think the original guns were blued. Good luck and good health. Rob
  2. Got to ask. Has anyone tried laying the carrier on its side on an anvil and with a good drift punch and a heavy hammer, hit that area and try and raise it ? Doesn't seem like it takes much to change it. You say the metal is soft. Just a thought. Rob
  3. Numrich Gun Parts, I have had good luck with them over the years, used them in many guns. Yes the Smith shop makes a heavy duty one a little pricey, they are Great people to do business with. I have one but have yet to put it in as the other ones are still working, If it's not broke don't fixes it. Good luck. Rob PS You should get two or three, put one in the gun and one in your cart, you can make your self or a Pard happy at the range when you fix there gun.
  4. Looking good so far, I see no cracks in the wrist area that's a plus. That was some ugly stuff on there. Good luck. Rob
  5. I have to agree with Lumpy on this one. Ain't going to happen. Rob
  6. I'll be watching too. That is a real good find, be careful with the recoil pad as I think that is a original Winchester put on at the factory. I'm sure the person you bought that from may be having second thoughts.
  7. You got the hold them laying flat, doesn't matter if you can aim.
  8. Brake the gun down, may say trap on the inside of the action rod near the end.
  9. From what I can see in your pictures you have a black diamond 97. Look just behind the receiver on the stock there should be a black diamond there.. You have to disassemble the gun to find the trap gun engraving, later model don't have it.
  10. Red Wood, Think American, you could buy a Marlin, they work for me. They where the gun of choice until they started short stroking the 73. Maybe buy a real Winchester 97 too. Stay healthy, have a nice day. Rob AKA Old Fart
  11. Bear Creek. They make Great bullets. Close and Long range.
  12. I agree with the stainless spring and follower, Smith Shop make a good one, easier to load too. I see Ranger Point is making a follower that is suppose to help keep the tube clean. I like Shooter's Choice rust prevent, it's worked good for me over the years. Rob
  13. Springs are on there way. Do they know Lumpy there ! Rob
  14. OK, I will do that Monday. Thanks Rob
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