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  1. Lots of cute answers for ya...if you want to see your sights better, get a brass wrap or replace with a wider brass front sight. Then mill the rear. If you don't mill the rear, you won't be able to see that nice new big front sight... Phantom
  2. Oh my god...this coming from a guy that always rips companies for not performing PERFECTLY...100% of the time?????
  3. I'm vertical and breathing...so all is good! Stop by CO sometime! Phantom
  4. If you go with Bone-A Fyde Knives, let Kelley know I sent ya.
  5. If you think that getting a response to your question of "I don't know the answer, but, I want to tell the OP what a dumb question he's asking" is an anomaly here on the Wire, you're terribly mistaken. Go with 24 in/lbs. Or go with 8 in/lbs. On second thought...why would you trust anyone other than the mfgr. for the specs? Phantom PS: I've been trying to get the torque specs for my original Henry...Winchester won't stop laughing at me. But then again...they've gone belly up a few times too so...
  6. So...are you referring to Rings or Bases? If you're referring to Rings, then there is significant differences since you are not truly holding two pieces of metal together...but you seem to be pretty schmart, so you probably already understand this. So I'll continue with the stipulation that you're schmart...so obviously these stoopid manufacturers haven't done their calculations on the clamping force needed for these frame components to be operated properly and safely. May I suggest that you do the engineering for them and let them know that you've accomplished this. Perhaps they w
  7. I'd be hesitant to attack the folks at the "shop"...unless you have intimate knowledge of their operation. Or...you can just figure that they didn't answer the phone just so that you'd be pissed off. Phantom
  8. Well because there is a significant difference between scope ring screws and Colt frame screws. Many scope manufacturers define the torque specs for their scopes...thin tubes can be a bit sensitive. Where as frame screws (using this term in a kind of generic way), would be dependent on the screw used and the material holding the female thread. Back in the day, I think they tightened them down nice and snug...would be surprised if they had a torque screwdriver (could be wrong). So now do you expect someone to go out on a limb and say what those torque specs should be?
  9. Sorry to hear that things are tough getting outta Down Under...next year for sure For those State Side and not going to EOT this year, why not come out to Hell On Wheels?! 12 great stages (forget about "Stand and Deliver)...and they are not Bullseye stages!! Side Matches...food...nice people...well...there is Assassin so.... But forget about Assassin cuz there are a lot of other folks that will make your stay enjoyable!!! Come on out the World Famous Hell On Wheels!!!!! Phantom
  10. I wish you well with Redwing, but if things don't work out there is a new guy that is making some real nice screwdriver knives. He's producing, but hasn't got his website up yet. He's on Facebook - look up Bone-A-Fyde Knives. Phantom
  11. True...and I'm not an expert on torque specs when it comes to old colts...since they are pretty much display guns for me, I torque them to "Lightly Snug / Lbs".
  12. Seems kinda light OLG...I torque standard rings (ie: Leupold), to 24 in/lbs. Phantom
  13. Not really...didn't think I was slappin' anyone in the head. I just read these posts like anyone else...my reaction on the long response was that of a rather insulting nature. That other Gunsmiths weren't as dedicated to building quality/reliable cowboy guns. So I could just let it be or I can comment. I chose to comment. Those that disagreed with his comments and choose not to comment might be better folks than me in that they chose to just pass it up...I don't know. Phantom
  14. Sooooo...yer the best...??? Dang, thought I had a good Gunsmith.
  15. We'll leave it at that. Keep thinking that there's only one "Turd" that you've met...I wish you the best. Phantom
  16. Not saying that...but I'll tell ya what I don't do. I don't take 1/2 of a story and bet my reputation on it. Phantom
  17. Actually, if you read my posts I don't say anything negative about anyone. I simply say that Cowboy Action Shooters are no different then the general population. You have good folks and bad folks and everything in between. It's kind of funny that folks have a problem with this...like...what, Cowboy Action Shooters are somehow just better people? Phantom
  18. I haven't done anything that needs to displayed on Social Media...
  19. I've competed at a rather high level in Golf, Motocross and IJSBA (Jetski racing). I've experienced fantastic people in all of these endeavors. Folks that would give you the shirt off their backs...and would never consider cheating. Then...there's the few that just don't behave that way. Same with CAS...folks that would give you the shirt off their backs and never consider cheating...then there are those that would cheat for a silly buckle...lie about situations so that THEY make themselves look good...and the sad part, these suckers believe them because they are "Cowboys"...oh, an
  20. Do you really think that the folks in CAS are any different than other disciplines? They aren't...sorry. And there is nothing wrong with making a profit. Gouging is another story...but again, CAS folks are not any different that anyone else. Phantom
  21. Ha! Gave them up loooong ago! Their sponsorship program sucked! I'm with NOS now
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