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  1. Don'tcha all know that retrieving SG rounds from behind your back is both fast and comfortable!
  2. Son of the morning Star = Custer Not sure on the midnight...
  3. Stoopid stoopid stoopid... Oy, oy, oy... Oh, and the majority of the southern states didn't want to secede from the union. It was forced on them by the Planter Class. How's that for being annoying! Phantom
  4. On your point, it's too long. Regarding you not mentioning names...well...you were far from pure. If you were, you'd had left out his/her location. Let's be honest now.
  5. Well...yeah, there is that
  6. By the way, a well made SASS rig isn't all about speed. They make pulling your revolvers and reholstering easier. Easier = more fun and safer. Phantom... The evil mean one.
  7. Nervous? Excuse me, I've got to go clean my weapon...I mean fork. I just finished lunch.
  8. It's not a weapon... It's a gun. Are you an FFL or a lawyer? Phantom
  9. Really... Out of state... Not familiar with the law for surviving family members.
  10. So y'all understand that the size of prizes is dictated by the size of the market??? Single action shooting matches ain't a big market... Don't expect boats and trucks...40k in prize money... Any time soon ... Or ever...
  11. Seriously...???? There are laws regarding transfer of ownership. Please don't tell me that you are suggesting breaking these laws. Phantom
  12. It's simple. Register with CDOJ. Then get the receiving FFL's CFL(?) number. You go online with CDOJ and fill out a super short form (I mean SUPER SHORT), print it and send with your FFL in the box with the rifle. Done. I'm not doing a good job defining the process, but it really is easy. Phantom
  13. I remember something about a chair and Cat Balou....
  14. Don't go blaming recent/current generations. They are no better or worse then previous generations. After all, who do you think raised them? We had big prize tables in the "old" days of SASS. We would still have them if the Sponsors found that donating prizes made financial sense. Phantom
  15. It's irrelevant what raises the transfer bar during a drop. It's what keep the transfer bar up while the hammer is falling. Phantom
  16. the trigger pull is what keeps the transfer bar in place while the hammer is falling. Phantom
  17. You do know that my post was done with an extreme level of sarcasm don't you? Phantom
  18. Many clubs allow stoking of their 97's...some folks (usually not the "Top" finishers), enjoy doing it. Phantom
  19. Irrelevant...the P would be for the act of loading and not for the act of shooting. Phantom
  20. Can you help me out and tell me where it says this would be the case? I would call it a P. Thanks! Phantom
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