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  1. Nevermind - I read the email. Sux cuz now it's a much bigger trip. Phantom
  2. YouTube and the like are essentially useless if not done specially to appeal to a well defined target market. Promotion and advertising is of little to no value if some in a vacuum. I would love to see the market research that has been done to define the market... Phantom
  3. And your premise is that it's the cost of guns that's the problem with expansion?
  4. Let me ask; If "Closest thing to a time machine" doesn't connect with your market...what would you do? Keep the tag line anyway?? And a second question if you don't mind; Who is seeking to tear down/remove pictures...ban the mentioning...of the WB?? Seriously - I'd like to know where this is coming from. Phantom
  5. Good observations...but I still don't get the wanting to emulate those mentioned as some kind of litmus test for indicating that one might be interested in the game. Certainly wasn't for me. Phantom
  6. Assassin deserves mentioning. Worked his Assass off I was honoured that he used one of my stages. Phantom
  7. The WB Side Matches weren't anything like the WB matches of today.
  8. Lot's of hard work...and it paid off! Well done and hats off to the Border Vigilantes for another excellent Hell On Wheels!!!!!!!!!!!! Phantom
  9. I hope I'm the same person regardless of where I am. That said, I might have a slightly higher tolerance in person because we are usually at a match and I for one do not want to ruin one's Cowboy Action fun. Push a bit, I'll become more aggressive as I would think most will...push a bit more and I usually go nuclear. I think you're spot on regarding the Sharpshooter category and is right in line with what I've been saying. My objection of the phrase used (Extra Challenge), is that it's a faulty phrase in the context of CAS as "Distance" is a basic element of our game...that the Sharpshooter category simply skews the skill set from Speed to Distance. And I consider Abilene a friend regardless of what is said here. Am I disappointed that he brought in personal issues into the discussion, yes. I'm always amazed that folks just can't debate cleanly. Attack my position(s) is absolutely fair game! But simple ad hominem attacks are just frustrating and sometimes leads to me going nuclear. Phantom
  10. Wasn't an insult. It was an observation. Perhaps I like YOU better in person than here on the Wire... Is running guns fast easy??? Answer: no it is not. Yet you dramatically reduce this aspect of the game in your Sharpshooters category. You shift the skill set to acquiring distant targets. There is no "extra" difficulty here. However, if you and Brazos John feel that it takes no skill to run our guns fast, then... Phantom ( same in person as I am on the Wire... Ask me these questions in person and you'll get the same arguments from me)
  11. We have no shoots too...called the ground... And we cannot re-engage.
  12. I really can't believe you said this. I've been cowboy shooting for a decent amount of time and have shot at MANY different clubs in numerous States and I've NEVER encountered this kind of person. Phantom
  13. Really? I didn't. Many of my shooting friends didn't...so...??? Phantom
  14. Compared to many well attended games/Sports, this game is cheap.
  15. Perhaps you should have emphasized the minimal dress code... Rather than putting him in the defensive... Attitude is critical when first talking with a potential new shooter... And I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't know. Phantom
  16. Great match!!! Thanks to all that worked hard to put the match on. Looking forward to next year's match!!! Phantom
  17. Yes, because it's modern wear. That's more attractive to the average person than 19th century dress.
  18. The most common criticism I hear is in regards to the dress.
  19. You see, here's the problem. You and the person that liked your reply make statements that when challenged refuse to support. You and Brazos John then put the blame on a failure of those opposing your position to "understand". Perhaps clarifying your claim (and Brazos John's), about this "Extra" challenge isn't doable??? And darn Abilene, I thought we were friends. I guess it's the Cowboy Way to pretend that not only are we "Cowboys", but that we're friends too. Phantom
  20. Well ya gotta love the English language. Sorry, it's only "extra" if it doesn't exist in the standard SASS format. Accuracy, precision, speed, etc all exist. The distribution and emphasis is simply altered. Looking forward to your rebuttal.
  21. Please note Abilene that I said it's filled with, not it's filled with nothing but...and as you would acknowledge, every rule has an exception. Also, it's not an "Extra" difficulty factor. It's an emphasis on Long Range shooting. So you're eliminate the difficulty of running your guns fast. Here in lies the little part that many will pretend doesn't exist; Speed is not difficult or should not be weighed equally with hitting far targets of moderate size. Phantom
  22. Oh please... hate filled It's a contrary opinion based on personal experience. Your ad hominem attack is far from Cowboy like. Phantom
  23. Isn't this forum supposed to be about COWBOY Action Shooting? There was a lot of crap going on in the world during the last quarter of the 19th Century... Doesn't mean it fits with COWBOY. Phantom
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