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  1. I've really stopped posting on the Wire...too much stoopid stuff on here. But when I see a prolific Wire know it all posting anything about Jim Bowie, I'm motivated to speak. There is NO ONE FINER THEN JIM BOWIE...so sorry that he's not an expert businessman like some think they may be or think he should be. He's just a super fine Gunsmith and a SUPER FINE person. Phantom
  2. Talking to newer members...mention folks like China Camp and others...get a blank stare. Trust me when I say that others will soon be forgotten. In a few years folks will say the Judge who? Tex...???? Kate...who's she? That's life some say...just too bad that some are eager to expedite the process of forgetting these folks that have given so damn much to this game. That's all...and I WILL NOT respond to any comments posted on the WIRE. If you have some deep down need to contact me, send me an email. Later...see ya on the range. Phantom
  3. Now come on Tom...you not taking credit for your actions????? See ya in Georgia!!!!
  4. This coming from a guy that wears tweed...
  5. At least I don't attack folk's wives...You'll meet me...then you'll know me.
  6. I prefer to be more proactive by killing things rather than just letting them die.
  7. I'd shoot the damn snail...75 yards...
  8. Whatever... Put your stoopid shovel down.
  9. Another indicator of your level of experience in this game. Common knowledge 101, chapter one: Slow the "fast" shooters down with stage design and you slow the average shooter and below even more.
  10. Well there ya have it... and I do believe straight from the lousy handbook.
  11. This statement indicates your lack of experience.
  12. If you have some bizarre club rules, please don't use them to justify commenting on what is or is not allowed in the SASS game. All that does is confuse new shooters needlessly. Phantom
  13. I miss the people that have died I miss shooting with many folks Phantom
  14. The title of this thread is "Where have they gone"... Now it's "Where has the Topic gone".
  15. He passed away... I'll leave my comments to that...
  16. Heyya Cole!!

    Yep, they bought the land without knowing...or forgetting to find out about H2O. This is one reason why EOT is dusty...no H2O for water trucks. Then in 2007 the WB figured that a nice bronze and a regular buckle for the category winners was good enough. There was soooo much disappointment/complaining that the WB decided to reach into their own pockets and pay for...

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