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  1. Put him and FJT together and we can sit and listen to great stories for the rest of our lives. I surely hope that he can get better... Phantom
  2. Dang... I'll always treasure the 3 days spent on an afternoon after shooting where he taught me a lot about arrowheads... He's a treasure! Phantom
  3. Not a good indicator... Stuff happen to a fired round that doesn't happen to an unfired round. Phantom
  4. I agree...but I wouldn't put going to EOT as a prime location to accomplish exposing your kids to an truly educational...real life experience.
  5. I don't mind at all That said, my current aids don't do it for me. I don't know the exact model, but they are Audibel RIC's. I tried out some Audibel BTE's and they worked much better. They're much more powerful and can handle the amplification of the higher frequencies to levels that work for me (less distortion). Find a good hearing health care office that has an Audiologist on staff...go from there. Sorry I can't give you any better advise...hearing aids and the industry can be very frustrating. But it's gotten better over the last couple decades. Phantom
  6. I have profound hearing loss...wearing hearing aids since I was 34...I wear $8k hearing aids... All out of pocket. I have a little experience dealing with the concept of "when you can't hear price don't matter much". I don't feel ready to drop $100k for cochlear... Phantom
  7. One manufacturer... While that's all good, I was kinda saying it would be good if ALL manufacturers... Or the majority...would utilize a lower frequency.
  8. The problem is frequency...someone with clout needs to talk to the "Timer" mfgrs and let them know that high frequencies are no bueno. Cheers! Phantom (The Bully)
  9. Ha!! I started at 3.2gr and ended up preferring 3.4 / 3.5. But now... Well... You know what I like Phantom
  10. Ha! Oooookay... Did you know that making Personal Attacks is against the rules here? Oh, and the "R" word don't play well these days either...dang! You sound kinda like...a bully!
  11. No, what I am is a guy that states an opinion that you don't care for much...and care even less for the way I state it. That's on you Phantom
  12. I will be what I am...please don't try and bully me into being something that I'm not. But...you did avoid making a relevant response. Cheers! Phantom
  13. Oooohhhhh...I didn't know that! But I do know that this shooter was shooting 2 handed...oh my!!!! So...can you now figure out my point?
  14. This statement is a rather Non-sequitur...isn't it? Or...you're making some kinda weird Strawman. Or...maybe it's neither! Aaaaaand, we were referencing BW and not CC since in BW you have no choice...but for me, Spurs suck and are dangerous...and we don't ride horses! Phantom
  15. What???? He's a great kid that would NEVER cheat...
  16. Perhaps the most dangerous accoutrement in our game. Hate 'em... Phantom
  17. Spurs should be outlawed!!! We're running around...steps...boardwalks...no horses. Phantom
  18. You want a Ferrari ? Go to Shotgun Boogie. Very innovative...doesn't just follow what has been done in the past. Phantom
  19. Just to let y'all know, there is a kid that is a multi-time World Champion that thought it was funny to load a few spent shells in his revolvers. So only loading say...7 actual live rounds. Some folks thought he shot everything fine...some didn't. He showed them all 10 empty cases in his revolver - Clean! Yeah...we don't need to hear all 10 rounds go off Phantom
  20. The lag issue has more to do with there being a lag between engaging the Timer start and the lifting of the hand on your shoulder. Me...I don't like layin' my hands on folks...I'll touch ya with a Timer though.
  21. I've always put the timer on the shooter's body somewhere where it won't interfere with the shooter's movement at the start of the Stage. Pull off the timer at the same time I'm pushing/letting go of the timer start button. I feel this is less distracting then tapping someone. Phantom
  22. And trust me, I laugh at myself more than anybody.
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