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  1. Uhhhh... Nothing like completely throwing out the meaning of Thanksgiving and Christmas... Well done
  2. You mean "Tactical Firearms"...and like the song Video Killed The Radio Star, Online Killed The Gun Show. Phantom
  3. Well he's an Ass...unless he KNEW that the person wasn't going to get training from a professional or knowledgeable friend... Nothing like shutting down one's 2nd Amendment rights...
  4. That's a Billy Bubba press. Worth a fortune!
  5. I use Cimarron bullets that utilise Hi-Tek Super Coat and have zero problems. Maybe its the coating...
  6. Good lord... Why are you taking up this discussion with a question that has nothing to do with the question issued in the OP?? PS: Ref Twelve Mile REB's post.
  7. Start a new WTC and I'll answer that for this hypothetical that you present has nothing to do with the OP of this thread...and good job maintaining your avoidance of answering my question with your Strawman
  8. I fail to see what the purpose is for you to post your portrait here... but whatever. I'm amazed that you completely ignored the question I posed in my last post. You seem to give more effort in insulting, or at least trying to insult, than you do in trying to address one's arguements. I find this intellectually lazy.
  9. Wow... First a "caveman", and now a "stump". Very Cowboy of you. Here's the question at hand as stated in the OP: Some felt that it was no longer on an empty chamber while others felt that it was in hand, down range and on the clock. What’s the call? Do tell how your concerns regarding the rotating (or lack of), of the cylinder is relevant to this specific question.
  10. I'll try not be insulting to you... But if every minute detail that isn't relevant to the issue at hand is required (as you and your esteemed friend Abilene would indicate it is), WTC questions would be pages long. I welcome your intellectual challenges if that's what you desire. See if you can hold your own with a "caveman"... You to Abilene.
  11. I guess we now need to know if the shooter was inhaling it exhaling when when the reload was performed...
  12. You're reading something into the OP that isn't there... For I, and anyone with any manual dexterity can open a gate and have an empty chamber (not cylinder), aligned for the insertion of a sixth round. We did it quite often before your time in SASS. You desperately want the OP to indicate that there was a live round under the chamber... Which isn't part of this discussion... totally irrelevant to the topic... Oy...
  13. Talk about reading too much into the post. You know the point of the question, why muddy it up? Anyone can have a live round under the hammer of yer pistols. Just don't move around when you do. Oy
  14. You can also have him slide his right hand down to the lever to open. Phantom
  15. Personal attacks are not allowed here...pard... But feel free to support your attack on my opinions... If you can...
  16. What!? No apologies???? Guess the folks that have worked their butts off have done a pretty good job with the rulebook.
  17. I would strongly suggest that you read the manual... Just taking guesses is not the way to go and simply posting hypothetical guesses is unproductive.
  18. Once again, seems like you should just start your own game/organisation... Since you seem so dissatisfied with the existing one. I see... My opinion of people that feel a constant need to tell and/or show others on a public social media platform what guns they have is "snarky"...ooookay... Like one cannot affectively participate in this forum without sharing with a bunch of strangers pictures and lists of their firearms.
  19. Like the "modification" is such a big deal...oh brother... And why do folks feel this need to tell others what guns they own...wackawackawacka... Phantom
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