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  1. Now come on Tom...you not taking credit for your actions????? See ya in Georgia!!!!
  2. This coming from a guy that wears tweed...
  3. At least I don't attack folk's wives...You'll meet me...then you'll know me.
  4. I prefer to be more proactive by killing things rather than just letting them die.
  5. I'd shoot the damn snail...75 yards...
  6. Whatever... Put your stoopid shovel down.
  7. Another indicator of your level of experience in this game. Common knowledge 101, chapter one: Slow the "fast" shooters down with stage design and you slow the average shooter and below even more.
  8. Well there ya have it... and I do believe straight from the lousy handbook.
  9. This statement indicates your lack of experience.
  10. If you have some bizarre club rules, please don't use them to justify commenting on what is or is not allowed in the SASS game. All that does is confuse new shooters needlessly. Phantom
  11. Come on over any time. I'll pay your fees.
  12. Get off this thread if all you're going to do is respond to points that were NEVER made...
  13. And I was with you...hence my apology in this post. The fact is that folks break the 180 ALL THE TIME and it's not being called...the two primary reasons for the violations not being called are: 1. Folks don't understand the rules. 2. Folks will get jumped all over by other "Cowboys" for trying to make the correct call. Doesn't take #2 happening too many times before one says !)@*#! it, I'm done calling it. So any brilliant ideas for solving this situation or are ya'll going to be like some and bury your head in the sand and pretend that the issue doesn't exist. Phantom
  14. So it's okay to break the 180 so long as the shooter's body is in the way???? Think about your question for a second...
  15. I'll bet ya $10,000 that you have and you didn't know it...that's the other side of the problem...seriously...take my bet! So...what? No solutions????? The Cone would have taken care of most of the violations. Phantom
  16. Well...kinda so what. This doesn't have anything to do with folks actually breaking the 180. Nor does it have anything to do with calling/not calling the violation. And for Capt. Bill Burt: BS!!! I dare ya to come on down to my ranges (I'll pay) and make your bold calls. And I expect you to call ALL violations (see previous posts for some of the descriptions for violations). Phantom
  17. No one is calling ANYONE on violations...that's the problem...kind of. If you DO call them, yer screwed! Why? Because they are usually very minor angular violations. So you will be ostracized. And I don't want to hear from the WIRE yahoos that will try and sound soooo tough about how they will always make the call. Come with me, I'll pay your entry fees to all matches. YOU make the calls...see how they'll stick. Phantom
  18. You're wrong. And it's not just the missing off the straight draw holsters. Most xdraw folks transition to their weak hand and then point the revolver towards them as they are reholstering. How many folks call that one?? Good luck!!
  19. No real backstory. He was trying to make it so that folks can safely holster with a little wiggle room on the 180 rule. Folks freaked out. Were all worried that shooters were going to shoot TO's in the foot... All sorts of stuff. But the fact still remains that people break the 180 ALL THE TIME during holstering and it never gets called. And I don't want to hear "well just make the call". If I did for every time the 180 is broken, I would be banned from every club. Phantom
  20. BJZ, I was wrong all those years ago. We should have adopted the idea... Cheers! Phantom
  21. Can't answer that one... I'm into stiff like Social D, Bouncing Souls, Operation Ivy...
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