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  1. Now just add a couple hundred pounds... There goes sexy!
  2. Ah yes, let's just get rid of the whole pesky "Cowboy" thing...way too confining.
  3. Because someone wanted a better chance at winning a Championship.
  4. Great... Now you just gave them another category idea. Just what we, Rocky Horror Hombre category.
  5. One cannot remove the idea of a competition from what we do. How much that idea is weighed is decided by the participant.
  6. If "they" want to make SP a costuming subset of BW, go for it. But we don't need a costuming category...
  7. "Challenging" is one way to describe it...
  8. I miss the people that have died I miss shooting with many folks Phantom
  9. The title of this thread is "Where have they gone"... Now it's "Where has the Topic gone".
  10. He passed away... I'll leave my comments to that...
  11. Heyya Cole!!

    Yep, they bought the land without knowing...or forgetting to find out about H2O. This is one reason why EOT is dusty...no H2O for water trucks. Then in 2007 the WB figured that a nice bronze and a regular buckle for the category winners was good enough. There was soooo much disappointment/complaining that the WB decided to reach into their own pockets and pay for...

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