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  1. Good post Creeker, I have only been shooting SASS for 4 years but I really think you nailed it. SCJ
  2. Well I guess I just took for granted the pins cleaned the pockets, I have never tried decapping and then wet tumble without the pins. Ha! I may have spoke to soon! SCJ
  3. I have this very same rifle model and use it for long range pistol/rifle caliber competition and it is an absolute tack driver out to 200 yrds, great price on a fine rifle! SCJ
  4. Ok, I do decap before and im kind of anal about having clean primer pockets and using the pins the cases look brand new, I don't mind separating the pins so its all good for me. Thanks- SCJ
  5. Yul, you may have already answered this and I missed it but how about the primer pockets? Clean?? Thx- SCJ
  6. No dog in this hunt but that is some mighty fine leather work there Idaho Bob! SCJ
  7. Thanks JB, enjoyed the conversation. SCJ
  8. Hmmm not for the maggot that did the shooting....as always! Heart breaking. SCJ
  9. Would you mind posting pics of the shotgun belt and holsters? Thanks-SCJ
  10. JB would you give me a PM when you get a moment? Thanks - SCJ
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