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  1. I realize this is a long shot but maybe some one has one laying around they don’t need any more. 40-65 .410” Money bullet mould. Thanks-SCJ
  2. I remember 5 years ago when I walked up on a cas stage and shot my first scenario with borrowed guns, that was several thousand dollars ago! I still have the first set of match guns, a Marlin cowboy rifle in 44-40, a set of Uberti pistols in .357 and a Stoeger sxs shotgun, and a set of DADs holsters I bought of of eBay. I have since bought a pair of Ruger NM Vaqueros in .357 a slick short stroked Uberti 73 in .357 and another Stoeger sxs for back up. Went from a single stage Lee press to a Dillion sq.deal B And bought many bags of brass,primers, and containers of powder.Then got to buying up cowboy clothes, pants, shirts boots, hats and all the accouterments that goes along with that part of the game. I won’t go into the 4 different Sharps rifles for long range side matches( an addiction all it’s own), a marlin .357 mag lever action rifle for the pistol/rifle cal.match, lead, molds, melting pots etc. and a new 20x 30 shop to put all this stuff in! Sure you don’t have to jump in as deep as I did but be warned t might happen to you!! Welcome to the greatest sport ever! SCJ
  3. Prayers up for you and her, this kind of problem is so hard on a family! SCJ
  4. Good to hear your still up and running Phantom, I have missed your comments! SCJ
  5. I bought a black and a tan one and the bronc rider on mine is almost covered by the lapel also, very nice vests and a perfect fit, great buy! SCJ
  6. Very nice work on those holsters! Glad to see another young-un getting into the sport, bet he had a smile when you buckled those beauty’s on his hips! SCJ
  7. Great see you there! Beautiful work Colt, outstanding! SCJ
  8. Beautiful craftsmanship Colt! I think you need to change your description of “hobbyist” to professional! Love the black accents! Are you coming to Land Run in April? I would love to see this rig. Thanks- SCJ
  9. These 2 great clubs getting together to put on a shoot will be a LOT of fun, put a chain on that Dawg though writing those stages! I will really look forward to this one! SCJ
  10. Really liked the Revenant, some eye rolling parts but that's Hollyweird, some slow parts true but all in all a very good movie. SCJ
  11. Deep breath, wait for the beep............ SCJ
  12. Don’t leave your family and home! Fight those laws! Look what our forefathers went through against the most powerful military and government on earth (at the time) and they prevailed, you have friends and brothers and they have friends and brothers who have friends and brothers! It can be done! I really hate to see what is going on in that beautiful state. SCJ
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