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  1. I'll take it Randy , pm me when you get a min. SCJ
  2. Beautiful knives, really like the ones in the third pic from the top!
  3. No intelligent design, this just “happened”. SCJ
  4. Yup! send me the particulars please. SCJ
  5. Assuming you have the mold handles? If so I will take it. SCJ
  6. Do you know the cast bullet diameter of the 400 gr. Snover mold?
  7. Posse 5 was a lot of fun to shoot with even though I broke an extractor on my 73 on the very next stage after this stage it was sure a great time, thanks for posting Ozark Shark! SCJ
  8. I will take the Crimsoned Prairie, please pm me the shipping information. I am at Land Run and won't be home till Sunday evening. Thanks - SCJ
  9. I will take 100, pm me the details. Thanks - SCJ
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