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  1. Snake Oil George did a set of stainless Old model Vaquero’s for me in 44spc. 5” octagon barrels, Chamfered the cylinder and extractor shroud and put new model Vaquero grip frames on as the old model frames were just to big for me to shoot one handed comfortably . Roy’s Creek Dan did the lowered hammer short stroke and action work on them, no way I could be happier! They shoot and handle incredibly well! Sorry I jumped on your post Dantankerous with nothing to add to your inquiry but just had to brag on these two fine gunsmiths!
  2. Glad your home safe Largo! Scout, I got to see his Henry Carbine, beautiful rifle, now I want one!!
  3. This was a great shoot,Dawg and the boys did a heck of a good job and Major had the CC match running like a clock, great job guys ! This was my first CC match and I had a great time though I felt like I was shooting in slow motion I did pretty well, got to meet some new friends and can’t wait to do it all over again!
  4. I will be at Chapman this weekend, I would like to take a look at this sight. SCJ
  5. I have one with the 18” bbl, never jams and is very accurate, it’s in the back of one of my safes, bought it many years ago when they first came out.
  6. I was at one of our Hugh family reunion’s a couple years back and one of my older (96 year) old relatives said he had been watching me all day and said you are the spitting image of you father, I told him I considered that a great compliment and he said you certainly should.
  7. I have seen them from 400 to 900 bucks depending on the condition and the amount of work done to them. sent you a PM.
  8. Hey Major ,I will take them 44-40 dies off your hands. And the 32-20 while I’m at it, want to bring them to the state shoot?
  9. Lol!! You have seen the train wrecks I get into trying to transition into CC, throw in a Henry hop and that would be fun to watch! (For you!) thanks for the offer though, I think! I did get my 44’s back from Snake Oil George yesterday so guess what I’m doing today??
  10. 24 gr. Of 5744 behind a Lazer cast 405 gr. bullet for my 1886 Winchester, deadly accurate out to 400 yards. I bet your Hi Wall would love it!
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