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  1. This news really hit hard, CW is as fine a man as you will ever meet let alone shoot with, Like Monco said we shot a match with him just a few days ago and he was just fine, God bless and heal him. SCJ
  2. I have 2 older brothers and 3 older sisters and they all call me little brother, I love it, I just turned 68 and just so glad I can still hear them call me that. SCJ
  3. Been missing Phantom, where is he? SCJ
  4. Man this just boggles my mind!!! How in the heck? Great post Yul, thanks, SCJ
  5. Sure is! SageOutfitters.com is where I got mine around $25.00 before shipping, you could buy it from other places im sure , just do a google search. I just like to pass on something that WORKS as advertised. SCJ
  6. Thanks to the advice of our very own OLG I now use a "Shooters friend" slip on recoil pad on both of my Sharps rifles and 1886 Winchester lever rifle all in 45-70 and the recoil is waaaaaaay less , spent the day shooting all three(around 100 rounds) with no problems, no sense beating yourself up!!! I shoot 70 grains of FF behind a 500 grain bullet in the Sharps and 24 gr. of 5744 behind a 405 gr. hollow base bullet in the 86, both loads generate a pretty healthy boot esp. the Sharps and without the pad after 20 rounds it gets pretty uncomfortable, if you like to shoot a lot ya gotta get a shooters friend! Thanks OLG! SCJ
  7. Family sounds when the kids and grandkids are all at our house. The clang when my 500 grain bullet from my sharps hits the target at a 1000 yards. The answering bugle from a bull elk on a frosty cold morning. SCJ
  8. Good post Creeker, I have only been shooting SASS for 4 years but I really think you nailed it. SCJ
  9. Well I guess I just took for granted the pins cleaned the pockets, I have never tried decapping and then wet tumble without the pins. Ha! I may have spoke to soon! SCJ
  10. I have this very same rifle model and use it for long range pistol/rifle caliber competition and it is an absolute tack driver out to 200 yrds, great price on a fine rifle! SCJ
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