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  1. Roy's Creek Dan in Edmond Okla is my go to gunsmith, his shop name is J&J gunsmith. SCJ
  2. Headed for 70 this coming July, weird saying that, sure don’t feel much different than when I was in my 30s, started Sass 7 years ago and love it more all the time! SCJ
  3. I’m trying not to buy the Pedersoli lightning over in the classified section, beautiful rifle and a carbine on top of that. I really NEED that rifle...............and to the OP just bid on that fine ol rifle, you know you want to!
  4. Yesterday was setting up for our club shoot and decided I would shoot my backup 73 as I had not shot it in a while, loaded it up in a practice bay 2 shots in had a jam, the cartridge would only go in the chamber just past the bullet, looked on the deck and there lay a cartridge head that had separated from the case that was still in the chamber, I always check every round after loading at the bench and before loading into the guns, sometimes ship happens! SCJ
  5. Hope your recovery goes way better than expected! Been there and was sooooo glad I had the surgery tho I don’t think mine was as extensive as yours, best to you and the wife! SCJ
  6. Excellent WC, sure enjoy watching you put old guns back in shooting condition, I picked up an original Winchester low wall at our clubs gun show a couple months ago that is a 32 rimfire in really good condition, I have no interest in 32 rimfire so I talked to Lee Shaver about converting it to 32-20 for my grandson. He is 9 and loves Long Range shooting but is just to small to shoot my Sharps rifles, can’t wait to get it done and watch him shoot it! SCJ
  7. Curious Rye, where did you find it? SCJ
  8. Headed out today at noon, will be camped at the shotgun range, feel free to stop by. Everyone please drive safe! SCJ
  9. Will be great to see you and Annabelle again, been a while! SCJ
  10. I will sure look you up when I get there, safe travels! SCJ
  11. Posse #18 for me, I know most everyone on it, get to meet a few new folks, gonna be a hoot! SCJ
  12. I don't blame you a bit Yul, if you want to wear a mask please help yourself, outside if I don't want to wear one I won't and they best mind their own business, if I HAVE to go into a shop and they ask me nicely to put on my mask I may or I may turn around and shop elsewhere. SCJ
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