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  1. Nice looking handgun, decent price, bet they will sell really well. SCJ
  2. Hey everyone that's going to Land Run, I was told today there has been some posse changes, might want to check on it. SCJ
  3. Thanks so much for posting those videos, what a pleasure to watch a master at work!! I hope he has many more perfect matches, something tells me he will! I will be at Land run and hope to get a chance to watch him run a stage or 3! Thanks again- SCJ
  4. Yup, way to long, that is no way to do business. For him to not stay in contact with you when the work was taking so long is unforgiveable. Hope you got your guns back and yeah I would avoid him and tell others to also. SCJ
  5. Chey Cast bullets, love the coated bullets, and free shipping for orders of 2000 bullets! SCJ
  6. Howdy Lawdog, where did you access those lists? I just checked the main page and there is nothing posted? Thanks- SCJ
  7. 3.5 grains of Titegroup and 125 gr. Chey Cast bullets with Federal primers in .38 sp. in both my Ruger pistols and 73 rifles, Very accurate dependable loads! SCJ
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