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  1. And yes another good video, keep em. Coming BJ
  2. I don’t as a TO override a spotters assertion that he called a miss. SCJ
  3. So true, I have good friends that live In Casper, Dubois and Gillette and they all say the same thing. Pitiful.
  4. Widder your the best! Excellent video, thanks!
  5. When I’m the Posse leader before the first stage starts I ask the posse if they want to shoot in the order they signed up or whenever they choose, it has always turned out as they choose, personally I don’t care!
  6. Just signed up and received my electronic receipt, this will be my first EOT!
  7. 2 Uberti 73s one Uberti 66. Great rifles!
  8. I have Elmer Keiths book "Hell I was there" it is a really good read. SCJ
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