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  1. The one of Belle Starr was interesting, taken after she was arrested? Nice they left her armed. Also she was shot AFTER she fell of her horse? Hmmmmm.......
  2. I heard his wife make the announcement today, was waiting for his show as I have done for many many years, he was always on my radio in the truck or the shop 3 hours a day every day when I could tune in. There will never be another Rush, great man great patriot. Talent on loan from God now returned to God. RIP Rush. SCJ
  3. Guess the weather ain’t so bad here after all. SCJ
  4. Prayers for you and your family TW, hope your wife gets out of the hospital fast and home feeling 100% better. SCJ
  5. Happy birthday Marty! Ethan I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how lucky you are to still be shooting with your dad, here’s to many more years of happy, healthy times for you two! SCJ
  6. Hey High Rock, if TW doesn’t want them I will take your Beak Creek Bullets! Let me know shipping to 67156. Thanks- SCJ
  7. Love this beautiful music but you know what this brought to mind for me? How very bad I miss people’s faces because of this damn pandemic, the pretty, the not so pretty , the old the young the strong the weak the happy the sad the mad the scared the brave, I miss them all so bad. I pray that we beat this virus and beat it very, very soon. Sorry to derail your topic Charlie. SCJ
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