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  1. My load also, I use croger yellow corn meal as a filler and seat 105 gr. Chey cast coated bullets just barely compressing. Great load and very accurate really easy clean up and absolutely no leading.
  2. Have you contacted the company? I have used one for 3 years now without a hitch as long as I wet the rubber gasket before putting it on and tighten it.
  3. Headed there now, it will be my first match as a classic cowboy!
  4. Just can’t say enough good about the Kansas State Match hosted by the Free State Rangers, Cornbread and Beans put on a great match and even saw to it that it didn’t rain! If your looking for a well run CAS match with some challenging stages look no further than here! Can’t wait for the spring match! SCJ
  5. Try Maverick custom hats and restoration, great prices and a really nice guy to work with. SCJ
  6. I have one, it’s in my farm truck in a holster fastened to the front of the seat, has accounted for several armadillos and one coyote who thought he was hidden in a patch of brush. It’s accurate and points nice (for me) and my grandson who has probably put 500 bullets through it. SCJ
  7. Prayers for you and your family, may God bless and comfort you all.
  8. Dawg and the boys will put on a great match, will be looking forward to this one! SCJ
  9. Outstanding wood work Yul! SCJ
  10. Prayers sent, so ready to be done with this disease.
  11. Well here’s a long shot but you ever know till you try! Looking for 44 special dies for a Dillon Sq. Deal B, would also take 44-40 dies for the Sq.Deal too. Thanks-SCJ
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