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  1. And it was great to see and shoot with you cowboys last weekend, it was fun and we really appreciate the compliments! Stirrup we missed you but maybe next year you can make it! Hope to see you all in a couple of weeks at Lenexa for the state shoot! SCJ
  2. Thanks Parson for mentioning the Chisholm Trail Antique Gun Asso. El CupAJoe you would be most welcome anytime to shoot with us! I always bring extra ammo and the firearms to match to our shoots in case someone breaks something or someone shows up and wants to give this great sport a try. I see you don’t shoot on sundays but our club is getting ready to change to our winter hours where we start shooting at 1:30 pm so maybe you can make that work. As the good Parson mentioned our annual 2 day shoot is next weekend, we have several club members from different area clubs signed up to shoot so drop by look me up and I could introduce you to them. Hope to shoot with you some day! SCJ
  3. I have not seen a single episode of Yellowstone but you have excellent taste in whiskey! SCJ
  4. That is a great bull! My biggest a 7x7 scored 382. SCJ
  5. That was an old bull and he had a different color for sure! We have taken several older bulls from that same area over the years and they had the same color. SCJ
  6. BTT price reduced! $350.00. Shipped. SCJ
  7. For sale: 2 professionally tanned bull elk hides, one has a broadhead hole but I can repair it if the buyer wishes. Approx. 5 foot wide x 7 foot long. very soft tan, beautiful hides. $350.00 each shipped. SCJ
  8. That was incredible! Loved it, thanks for sharing! SCJ
  9. Ima comin and Chisholm kid is comin with me! SCJ
  10. Mornin GR! I’ll take it! Send me the particulars on where and when! SCJ
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