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  1. Traded a redbone hound that was a really good coon dog for a Stevens Crackshot .22 when I was 13 from one of my dads friends, killed a ton of rabbits, squirrels, and other varmints over the years after that, laser accurate little rifle, was stolen when a lowlife broke my truck window and grabbed it and some 8 track tapes in 1969. SCJ
  2. In my Marlin 1895 I like 23 gr. of Accurate 5744 behind a hollow base 405 grain bullet, very accurate and I have done very well in side match long range competition at CAS shoots out to 400 yrds. SCJ
  3. Will NEVER walk through their door for any reason. SCJ
  4. It is brother, every day is Saturday! SCJ
  5. Beautiful pics Yul, thanks for posting, been a cold, nasty, cloudy looooong winter here in KS. Warm up coming now though, springs a comin! SCJ
  6. Man its a pleasure to watch someone who can run a LAR like that! Congrats on a fine rifle! SCJ
  7. Morning everyone, I realize this is a relatively new movie ( 2017) but has anyone seen the Ballad of Lefty Brown and was it worth watching? The only movie store we had in town closed like most all the other movie shops everywhere so have I not been able to pick it up to watch! Thanks- SCJ
  8. Congrats Deuce! Hope all goes well and the little guy will be bucklin up that pistol belt before you know it! They do grow FAST!! SCJ
  9. My main match rifle is same set up as one, great shooter ,smooth as silk, fast and accurate, no dog in this hunt but if your lookin for a great rifle I would bet a ton on this one! SCJ
  10. I did find an older Cimmaron derringer in .22 so I am in the purchase process .Thanks guys, very informative! SCJ
  11. Thanks Tyrel for taking the time to make this video! Excellent! SCJ
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