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    hunting, cowboy action shooting,muzzleloading, archery,anything old west!

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  1. BTT for a very nice rifle and a good man to do business with!
  2. Hey pard I might just have one of them critters ,let me check today and will get back to you.
  3. Just had a pard here that has a rifle for sale in the classifieds, he just messaged me that a guest to the site offered to buy the rifle and said he has done business with me, I have never heard of the guy.Told him that caution may be in order here!!
  4. Clear, concise, and obvious love for the sport we all love, Great video!
  5. Welcome to the best people and sport ever!
  6. I have had the best luck with the Redding crimp die, the key to loading and crimping the 44-40 is make sure the case length is ALWAYS the same in each case. SCJ
  7. I wonder if there was a loading table officer there? I certainly would not allow a loading table to be overcrowded if I was watching it, let alone allow people to slide around other shooters guns.
  8. Colt Faro makes the best SASS holsters in our sport, that is a steal for that set, good luck on your sale and your health! SCJ
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