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    hunting, cowboy action shooting,muzzleloading, archery,anything old west!

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  1. Lol! Too cool! Congrats on the win!
  2. One is I think around 8 and the other maybe 10 yrs.
  3. I have two Cody-matic 1873s, both run smooth as butter never a hitch.
  4. I have worn all 3 versions of chaps, I was raised on a ranch in Oklahoma in the 50s and 60s around to many cowboys to count from ranches all around us, some worn bat wings, a ton wore chinks, some liked shotgun. I always preferred chinks, cooler easier to move around in and during my insane years they were all I wore riding bulls. They are all cowboy, maybe chinks weren’t worn in the 1800s but I think they have earned their place in the cowboy world and I wear them when I want. Bottom line, wear what ever style suits your fancy, they are all three pure cowboy for sure!
  5. BTT- I will have this rifle with me at the SW Regionals the week of April 24 if it doesn’t sell before then.
  6. Beautiful rifle! Scott Wayne is a great cowboy to deal with!
  7. This is a really great rifle and caliber, the 30” barrel has an excellent bore, has a Lee Shaver long range rear tang sight and a Taylor’s wind age adjustable front globe sight, disclaimer here ,the screw in cap on the bubble level came off somewhere in Wyoming and the bubble level slid out. since it was something I never used anyway I never contacted Taylor’s and replaced it, doesn’t effect the sight function. It is a match rifle so has some very small ding marks and one small scratch, see the pic. This is a very accurate rifle, buyer gets my BP loading information if they want it and 50 brass cases. $1500.00 plus shipping.
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