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  1. Preacher, we have missed you both. I am so sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful and friendly person. We will be thinking of you. Harley, (and Last Kiss.)
  2. Howdy, Blue Wolf, haven't seen you in a while. Did you make a deal or still available? Harley.
  3. Thanks, Blackwater for all the updates. There's a surprise about Lefty. Ha! Congratulations! Many have said: "We don't need him in Gunfighter, now, we don't need him in Outlaw!" Kidding, of course.....Way to go! Harley. Scores..... ?
  4. Sorry we couldn't be there; Would liked to have seen the tribute to Wally... Would have liked to give a Jedi salute to Billy. Inquiring minds need to know how the Outlaw Wars went??? Harley.
  5. I would take #6 and #10 if still available. Sending you a PM. Harley.
  6. I'd like to hear more about the '49 Wells Fargo... Harley.
  7. Howdy, Bad Bascomb.

    I will take the black and red pair.

    I can do postal service money order or personal check, your choice.

    If that will work I'll send the funds tomorrow, when you get the payment,

    send the boots. Give me an address. Thanks.

    Fast Harley


    Michael McDaniel

    P.O.Box 42

    Etowah, tn. 37331

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