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  1. Why, there's people that don't know who I am! Having been involved in SASS for several years, and several years in range affairs, like most of us, I have a list of folks in my head that is into hundreds of names. So many passed, got too many health problems, quit, moved away, etc. The point to me is that all of us in CAS are a part of a breed that will not be seen again. I have met some of the originals, I even met Phantom, once. I'm positive he wouldn't remember. (In a parking lot in Texas, some years back.) Some, not all, of the finest friends I have ever had in this life have been in Cowboy Action. They are real, they last, and you can ride the trail with almost all. A price can not be put on the enrichment this game has meant to my life. Whether well known or not, with thanks given to all that have helped our path, how wonderful it is to have known these people! New shooters, as well! Harley.
  2. The Regional is in the books. The North Alabama Regulators welcomed us all and did all humanly possible to make the match run with occasional heavy rain. No one should ever think that match directors, range masters, or clubs have any influence over the weather, having been there and done that, myself. When outdoors it's always luck of the draw. Side match day was impossibly beautiful, Day one was at times, downpours. Day two was supposed to be worse, but was not bad. Some drizzle and mostly light showers. Some light even showed through a couple of times. I said, "In ancient times, that was called the sun." Branchwater Jack wrote some well thought out stages, and was like a man possessed trying to meet all the needs of the day. Buck D. Law and so many others did well under pressure. I did not shoot a good match but that was on me. I've seen rain before. Last Kiss shot CLEAN, by the way! I really enjoyed the State Park Lodge at Guntersville, a classic older structure with a lot of wood, stone and class. The Banquet was very enjoyable, especially at a table full of great friends! Thanks to all who had a hand in it. Harley.
  3. Thank you, Jack for honoring Judge. From where we were sitting I couldn't hear, thanks for bringing the paper copy to us. We passed it around and all read it with reverence, and so many memories. I know that in the past you have told that story to me in person. Judge was such a fine friend to me, nah! He was my BROTHER! When I was still writing stages, and so was he, we bounced so much off each other. So many phone calls we shared, big and small matches by the many dozens, and the wonderful times we would just sit and talk. I think of him most every day. It was bittersweet, but thanks, again. Harley.
  4. Howdy, Bad Bascomb.

    I will take the black and red pair.

    I can do postal service money order or personal check, your choice.

    If that will work I'll send the funds tomorrow, when you get the payment,

    send the boots. Give me an address. Thanks.

    Fast Harley


    Michael McDaniel

    P.O.Box 42

    Etowah, tn. 37331

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