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  1. Winter will be with us for a while longer, so I have been working on some winter firearm projects. Interested in one, or possibly two, depending on price, R & D, Howell, Kirst, conversion cylinder(s) for Pietta 1851 Navy .36 cal. (.38) For the right price .44 cal. (.45) Pietta , instead of, or addition to. What have you got? Harley.
  2. Lightning was one of two people I met at my first SASS match, also, (meaning other than in passing,) someone I had conversation with. Seemed I had always known him. A friend from that day, nearly 17 years ago. He lived the Cowboy Way and showed it to others. Shared untold numbers of matches, meals at the same table, range affairs, club business, along with his lovely wife, Ms Dee. He showed kindness and humor, always, but if he paused for a moment in conversation he was about to give you a piece of wisdom. His loss is too great. Harley.
  3. Howdy, Bad Bascomb.

    I will take the black and red pair.

    I can do postal service money order or personal check, your choice.

    If that will work I'll send the funds tomorrow, when you get the payment,

    send the boots. Give me an address. Thanks.

    Fast Harley


    Michael McDaniel

    P.O.Box 42

    Etowah, tn. 37331

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