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  1. I also depends on how well the SG was cared for.... Unless that bbl has been in an x-ray for internal corrosion. I will hang it on the wall.... YMMV, OLG
  2. I found that they make great bicycle locks. OLG
  3. Only AW's and handguns have to be in a locked container. I'd be call'n that dealer, and be hav'n a firm word or 3 with him. He owes you a CA approved gun lock. OLG
  4. That stock and forearm fitting sure don't look 'rite'. Do you have any other pictures? OLG
  5. I would never shoot any 'twist' barreled SG with smokeless. Sleeved or not. You are still dealing with a BP receiver and breechface. OLG
  6. Most pedals are stamped 'L' on the end of the threaded stud for the reverse threaded pedal. OLG
  7. He has everything except a spare wheel........ Don't think he has ever shot at any range in the western desert regions. OLG
  8. PLZ-Use ONLY BP loads in it. OLG
  9. My MEC, is a 42+ year old first generation 600 jr. in 12g. Never have tried a MEC progressive... OLG
  10. Just get the adjustable bar and no more guessing. I never found a MEC bushing the 'droped' that amount it was said to. https://ads.midwayusa.com/product/245752/multi-scale-universal-charge-bar-with-powder-baffle-model-d-ds-mec-progressive-shotshell-loaders-650-grabber-9000?utm_medium=shopping&utm_source=connexity&utm_campaign=Reloading+-+Shotshell+Presses+%26+Equipment&utm_content=245752 OLG
  11. Yul-Can the batteries be recharged if they are in the cart? OLG
  12. 4.0gn of Unique works well for 125-158 lead in .38 Special as well as .357 cases. Use a firm roll crimp. My wife has shot the 4.0 load since day one in SASS. OLG
  13. Mount a solar panel for a sun shade. Looking at where that cart is made, makes it easy to understand why it's so well made and highly reviewed. Looks like you found a winner OLG
  14. Yul-The cart is battery powered? Very nice! Might want to put some tire sealer in those tires, just in case..... OLG
  15. The OP made me do this- https://www.jeffhorowitzmd.com/bbl-anyway/ OLG
  16. Not a good idea to post your Email on any public forum. Even more so on a gun based forum OLG
  17. I can type 'bbl' in 1/2 of the time needed to spell out barrel........ In machine work-BL is often used for the term 'baseline' just as C/L is used for centerline. OLG
  18. Look for a Coyote Cap race gun version of the '87 lever. Stay away from the PW-87, unless it's just gonna hang on a wall........ OLG
  19. New ones are Ballard type. Never had any issue with MG bbl, in my 1981 made .44 carbine, with SASS lead loads at all. OLG
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