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  1. It killed him.... How in heck does a gun in your pocket go off and take out the carriers eye? OLG
  2. Tell the 'Kid', that he now has a great set of 'loaner-tools'.......... Seriously-One he|| of a gut-punch. OLG
  3. IIRC-there's a 'slider' in the rear sight where the diamond is. Just lower it......... OLG
  4. Not without a Canadian temporary work permit......... OLG
  5. What I was hoping and wanted to hear. How about some pictures........... Drop the rear sight 2 notches, and you'll be GTG at 20 yds. Did you get those aftermarket parts yet? OLG
  6. I have spent a good bit of time in Bear country. You can not be over-armed around them. Great video, and an eye opener for folks that have no real knowledge about bears........ OLG
  7. Lathe is scrap-Bed will be warped. Lucky the LPG tank on the forklift didn't blow. When did the owner last fire somedangbody? OLG
  8. Store it in a zip-loc bag. OLG
  9. Why are the primers in the rnds inserted in the cyl mangled? I load .32 S&W on my D/550. OP-What press? OLG
  10. Buy lots of Chap-Stick and remember, it's a 'dry heat'. OLG
  11. Browning, must have loved puzzles...... Check the stop screw on the right side of the rec'r. Look for a flat spot on the bottom where the carrier makes contact, make sure that screw stays 'tite'. You'll see a 'step' in the R/S carrier that the stop screw contacts. I have had to add a small weld 'bead' in that step, and then 'dress' it down in a trial and error fitting to reduce the carrier's travel height. OLG
  12. Yul-this is a big scam going around. Put a close eye on your bank accounts and CC's. You are 'ripe' for identity theft. If you have a home security w/camera set up-Change the password ASAP. Change ALL of your passwords, on everydangthing you use one on. BTDT OLG
  13. Look for rub marks on the front of the cyl. What's your barrel to cyl gap? You want at least .006-.008. OLG
  14. Post pictures of the cam area on the left side carrier. What is the SG doing? Here is some info- http://coyotecap.com/gunsmithingsimplified.htm Unless you fully and truly understand the magic of the '87 lever SG. Have a pro work on it......... OLG
  15. PLZ post up a range report after you receive them. OLG
  16. File a formal compliant against him. Don't stand for this. OLG
  17. What a PITA. At least valve adjustments are easy....... OLG
  18. Make sure to set the 'hook' well. Having family to shoot with, is the main reason I started this game. OLG
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