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  1. And IF Ruger would start make'n their SxS again. You could have a SASS package deal with American made guns OLG
  2. Buffalo Arms doesn't make rifles It was 110% Remmy's doing to put those crap Marlins on the market. No one forced them to, other than poor mgt. Go to the Marlin Forum and get the facts. Many of the members were Marlin employees. OLG
  3. Don't forget that Remmy refused to hire any of the Marlin crew. The Remy 'bean-counters' are a big cause of the QC issues. OLG
  4. Not Ruger's first day. They were/are pioneers in their manufacturing procedures. OLG
  5. Spyderco makes the best one and it's the KISS of all sharpeners. Sharpens serrated blades and scissors. OLG
  6. Tell him he is done shooting for the season. He needs to mature up. OLG
  7. Glad I bought the 35k primers I did before leaving PRK last Nov. PVI had everything I wanted and in the quantities I wanted, in stock. OLG
  8. Say'n "NO" is not any more rude than saying "YES". OLG
  9. Most of the recoil issue is from the stock shape. Put a mercury recoil reducer in that Benni stock. OLG
  10. As a former LEO, the word you are looking for is-NO. OLG
  11. Not really, PRK is controlled buy SAN, LAX & SFO. Those 3 cities also have ridiculously high percentage of voter fraud. OLG
  12. Because our Governor said if they were convicted, he would give them full pardons. Our Governor is very pro gun and the main reason we are Constitutional carry state. OLG
  13. Flush sight area with brake cleaner and dry. 1 drop of red #271 Loctite on the sight's base, and place in 200* oven for 30 minutes to set the Loctite. OLG
  14. The videos are well framed and presented. Maybe show more gals and kids shoot'n. OLG
  15. I've run Bear Creek moly coated for years with real BP and no more fouling issues than uncoated bullets w/BP lube. If anything, the bore and chambers cleaned up quicker. OLG
  16. Go to the SA site and look it up. It's a dang good rifle! I have no plans to scope mine. If you do scope yours- do not use the SA mount. OLG
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