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  1. Must be eating your own cooking. BTW, GOOD JOB!
  2. Dillon set the standard in customer service, that very few companies will ever achieve. TNX Dillon !
  3. Start using coated bullets. Use a popsicle stick to scrape the wax out.
  4. Cocking cam is worn. Ck the back of the forearm for wear too.
  5. OP, you are in .357 Magnum pressure range, with that load...... You really need to do some load data searching!
  6. And put a small dab of copper anti-seize on the threads.
  7. Very nice! Is the fuel straight gasoline or a gas/oil(2 stroke) mix?
  8. Proves what a genius JMB truly was And that he must have loved puzzles
  9. Good folks to deal with. https://www.bearcreeksupplybullets.com/bulletselection
  10. Marlin 94 is the lightest and the KISS of SASS lever guns. They eject to the right......
  11. Is it worth try'n to go for a rule change/ modification? I, for one, don't see the big deal with the dovetail front sight. Lot easier to replace if damaged.
  12. SWC are legal. Just won't feed well in most SASS rifles. Have you attended any shoots yet? Buy NOTHING until you have.
  13. Nope, to short. Call Lee and see if they have any ideas.
  14. Not a great crimp, at all. Look at a Lee Factory Crimp Die.
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