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  1. Uncle Sugar even sayz the SS# is not ID. Why he didn't ask for your DL, is be on me. That is legal ID. I would call the station he is out of, and ask the WC, what the reason was. Hope you got his name....... OLG
  2. Will be tired up for a spell-ALL'S GOOD TNX for the concern OLG
  3. OFS on the rifle. YES-go to the Q It's one of the most fun shoots you will ever attend. BTDT OLG
  4. WELCOME Don't buy anydangthing, till you get to a SASS shoot and do a hands on.......... Rugers are 'tanks' and what my wife and I use. .38 Special is the best all around choice(IMHO)depending on what category you'll be shoot'n OLG
  5. Not steel-It's Tin. Tin is far 'softer' than steel... OLG
  6. The ejection from a lever or pump SG puts way more stress on the hull's base, than shucking out of a SxS does. Ejection from a semi-auto SG is the most force placed on the hull. I would like to see a couple of pictures from the OP of the hulls he has had issues with. The Estates fly out of my Browning O/U. OLG
  7. It's Tin-Just like many others out there. Not a big deal, and they reload just fine. I run'em in 3 different '87s, and a CB97 and my Rem 11-87 that I use for trap. Never-ever any issue. OLG
  8. I will NOT reload a AA. The ones I end up with, go into the trash. I have seen more than few FTF with factory new AA's. The QC is garbage OLG
  9. The RPP extractor is a great aid to function of the rifle. OLG
  10. My wife is a Missouri girl, and a blood line descendant of a well known family in US history. Her last name is Schofield. OLG
  11. Is this a JM or a Remlin? Do replace that plastic mag follower with slick's SS version. OLG
  12. The only reason we are still her is the fact all of our kids and g'kids are within 50 miles of us. OLG
  13. Not on the 'approved list'. https://www.oag.ca.gov/firearms/certguns OLG
  14. Start here- http://www.slickmagicguns.com/SlickMercantile.html OLG
  15. X2 on Bill Goodman. Great person to deal with...... OLG
  16. I hate to say it-My CRS has become full on CRAFT. For the life of me, I don't recall just now. Did a GOOGLE search and no-joy. OLG
  17. The std chamber Shiloh cuts, works very well with PP and GG bullets. I have many targets to prove this. The .45-70 is a great round to learn BP loading with, and is very forgiving. Same for the .45-90. OLG
  18. Go with the real stuff. I use Goex Old 'E' 2F in our .45-70 and .45-90 Shiloh's. Do you cast your own? If not-Good place to buy, till you start casting. https://www.montanabulletworks.com/ This would be a good bullet to try out..... https://www.montanabulletworks.com/product/45-lyman-535gr-postell/ OLG
  19. They won't last one Wyoming winter........ OLG
  20. Most folks-call the a "crash" or "wreck". OLG
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