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  1. Check all screws often for tightness
  2. Do you have the size die making contact with the shell holder when the case is fully inserted into the die?
  3. Try a sized empty case in the rifle. Does it drop into the chamber? It should. Do you seat and crimp in 2 separate stages? You should.
  4. I shoot Ruger OMV's and a Marlin 94 chambered in .44 Magnum. While my Marlin will feed either Special or Magnum without issues. I only load Magnum cases because they are way easier to get from Starline. My load is .44 Special level at 6.5gn Unique and a 240gn moly-coat RNFP bullet.
  5. Lucas has a red and blue colored oil. The red is thick like 90w gear oil. Which one do you use? I like the red....
  6. I lived in the Mojave Desert for 28yrs. All reloading components were kept in the garage. Never had any issues.... What level of humidity do you see? Might want to look into a dehumidifier.
  7. Breakfree CLP for smokeless gun lube. Borebutter for BP.
  8. Very cool rifle. Got to see a couple of them at the Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody WY. TNX for posting!
  9. Try a '97 at a shoot before you buy. To fix you SxS, use a couple # 8 or 10 AN washers to shim the lever spring.
  10. Go to a 1 piece firing pin also. Wolff Gunsprings have lighter hammer springs.
  11. Just maybe, the witness had a partial plate and vehicle make
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