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  1. When he does have an issue, he will have to ship it back to Henry for repair. Marlin has far fewer parts. These Marlin parts are made of steel(except that mag follower). The Marlin 94 is far easier to keep running. Respectfully, OLG
  2. That cyl is fitted to that revolver. OLG
  3. What was the difference between the two ejectors? Spring arch maybe?? OLG
  4. When did you step up to mouse fart loads? The loads I remember see' you shoot would barely make fly fart level. OLG
  5. Have never seen it in any gun game I've ever played. If I had, the MD in no uncertain terms would know why I would never return. OLG
  6. It's a splined pin, remove from the top to the bottom of the bolt. OLG
  7. Not a good idea to show a USA, PP when traveling in some countries. BTDT. Even more so today.... OLG
  8. Many folks here in the states have dual citizenship. I did till I was 21. Yes, it can be done with a Passport from the second country. I do so when I traveled to SA with my Godparents. OLG
  9. Watching the live feed now. DirectTV, Discovery chl 278. OLG
  10. You owe me a new screen. It now has a huge crack in it. Please give us a warning when you post any more selfies. OLG
  11. You're fine with any 209 primer. I buy what's on sale at the time. OLG
  12. There's no evidence that they knew each other or ever worked the same shift. OLG
  13. Remove bolt and then flush out the extractor hole in the bolt. Is the extractor 'loose' fitting in the hole? It shouldn't be. If so, might be a broken extractor spring. Check the ejector spring too. OLG
  14. You must ask the CA FFL if they will receive from private party. OLG
  15. X2 ! What I wear, and they are very comfortable on my old feet. OLG
  16. Have you learned to run an NOT fall down? The 550 is the KISS of progressive presses and very easy to set up and trouble shoot. Does your guardian still load your ammo? OLG
  17. Acetone evaporates to fast. Mix with kerosene. Makes a great bore cleaner too. OLG
  18. Remove the grips and soak it overnight submerged in a pan filled with automatic transmission fluid. Dex/Mec would be best. OLG
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