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  1. Give it a try, you really have nut'n to loose. Let's hear how it goes. OLG
  2. First, make sure ALL screws are tight. If it still acts up--- Place a .005 steel shim between the left cartridge guide and the receiver. See what that does. OLG
  3. Nope, just fat-fingered the k'board is all OLG
  4. No such rule about felt hat only. In fact, if you would read the rules. Hats are only required in a couple of categories OLG
  5. Would that be a 'clean' shoot? I'll go to my room now. OLG
  6. Wonder how many pages this will go? BTW, Wranglers are SASS legal, no requirement for hats or shoes. Get'n the pop-corn ready OLG
  7. Any gun. I shot those loads a S&W. Fairly mild. OLG
  8. We're in SW Springfield and loving it. Sold our 950sq ft Ca home for $240k, it was paid for. Bought a 1500sq ft 4br, 3ba all brick beautifully cared for home with RV parking in a great neighborhood for $165k, we just wrote a ck. Gas is $2.49 here and cost of living is 1/2 of CA. Car registration is for 2yrs and no SMOG tests. Missouri is a Constitutional carry state. OLG
  9. Try 6.5-7.0gn of WW231 with that lead bullet. Use a firm roll crimp. OLG
  10. SASS in not WB WB is not SASS OLG
  11. Most common bbl length there is with 5.5in run'n close second. OLG
  12. Think I know the gal you're talking about in that toy store. Many months ago I was shooting my S&W .44 mag Mountain Gun and she gave it a go. OLG
  13. It's the powder I would go with if Unique was no longer made. At this point I only load .45acp with it. 231 was developed for the .45acp cartridge. Yes- HP38 & WW231 are the same powder. Just like WW296 & H110 are the same. OLG
  14. .45 Colt should not even fit into your .44 shell holder. OLG
  15. Coat fittings and bolts etc. with copper anti-seize when you reassemble. X2 on the Sea-Foam Deep Creep, it's fantastic! OLG
  16. Not bottom self in any way. Try Buffalo Trace & Bulleit. OLG
  17. Bet there's a limiter in the mag tube. My 24" bbl Cowboy in .44 mag came with one. OLG
  18. Dirty gun and 15lb hammer spring don't mix well. BTDT I wouldn't go lighter than 17lb. YMMV, OLG
  19. You can still use it on your loose screws OLG
  20. How many rnds will it hold now? What mods have you done to the mag spring or follower? 18" bbl is iffy for 10 rnd count. OLG
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