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  1. CK, PLEASE ck out Subaru. Ima just loves her 2020 Forrester Touring Model. OLG
  2. Believe he is dealing with family issues back in Iran. His leather work was the best. Still using gear he made me over 15 years ago. OLG
  3. Those Rugers were known for having undersized cyl throats. Can you with little effort push a bullet through the cylinder? OLG
  4. OP, are you seating and crimping in 2 separate stages? If no, you should.... OLG
  5. You really should get one of these. https://dramworx.com/products/dillon/ OLG
  6. Outstanding ammo! Do some research on IMI. They are a major player in world ammo. OLG
  7. Freezer ZipLoc work great. I have used them for years for bulk powder. I store them inside a 3lb Folgers plastic coffee container. YMMV, OLG
  8. Remove hammer spring strut. Unhook the springs 'legs' from the post. Push cross pin out..... OLG
  9. Well, the OP, just killed this thread OLG
  10. All I use in this game. That said, T/C shaped works well too. OLG
  11. .38 Special KISS of reloading and easy on the wallet. 125-158gn RNFP bullet, 3.8-4.0gn of Unique and a C.O.A.L. of 1.460" Std primer and firm roll crimp. OLG
  12. OP-Remove the grips and you'll see just how easy it is. OLG
  13. Clarify, is the screw turning, or is the screwdriver slot all buggered up? OLG
  14. This is normal. The safety block needs gravity to function 'rite'. OLG
  15. Polishing and lube. Can you post pictures. You sure it's not hanging up on the hammer with the knuckle at the bottom back section of the bolt? OLG
  16. Reduce magazine spring tension. Be sure the loading gate is centered in the rec'r opening. OLG
  17. Deep clean the rec'r and magazine tube. Maybe take some coils off the mag spring. Hope you're not still run'n the plastic mag follower. Have you ck'd ALL screws for tightness? OLG
  18. Get a new screw from Ruger. Don't hurt to try. Remember, that's an aluminum frame. OLG
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