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  1. Remember to open the main breaker to the house till after power returns. This keeps the accompanying power surge after reenergizing from damaging sensitive items. OLG
  2. Would like to hear more details about this rifle. OLG
  3. You'll need a small jeweler type screwdriver to remove the shell stop pivot pins. Stretch the springs out some and reinstall. Get it a try. If all is OK, then find replacement springs. OLG
  4. Can be a clean out or access to shut off valve. OLG
  5. If you load the SG at the firing line like what is done in W3G. Not an issue.... If it isn't stated OK to do so in the stage writeup, or as SOP for the club. Stoke'n will get ya a 'P'. OLG
  6. May well have weak shell stop springs. Are you using factory ammo? OLG
  7. Bet if you contact RPP they will have a fix. Seen a few that pin was off centerline. OLG
  8. Not here-I just bought 100rnds yesterday. I can go to just about any place around here that sells ammo, and buy it. I carry the HST +P, 124gn in my Glock 19 gen 5. OLG
  9. It's legal, if the stage sez you can stoke. Some clubs have it as SOP at monthly matches. Sure is fun to run a stoked '87 or '97. OLG
  10. JM drilled the extractor hole in different locations over the years. Go to the RPP site and you'll see this. The extractor's 'hook' is specifically cut for the various hole locations in the bolt. OLG
  11. 6-8x is easy to use while free-standing. Much higher and you need to lean against somedangthing thing to reduce the shakes. OLG
  12. There's several videos out showing just how fast a M94 can run. X2 on the RPP extractor When Widder and I did prototype testing of this extractor. I found that my 1981 made .44 mag carbine will now feed SWC shaped bullets all day long. Same thing when I installed one in my wife's Marlin .38 CBC. OLG
  13. Really, I can reload 9mm for way less than 1/2 the cost of what bulk 9mm costs to buy. OLG
  14. Look over at B&H Photo for selection and ratings. Also look at bird watching sites. B&H are great folks to deal with. X2 on Swarovski glass OLG
  15. Those blown up Glocks were from overloads. 99% of center fire semi-automatic handguns have that 'space' from the feed ramp. It is also where the web area of the case is located. Respectfully, OLG I've shot my reloaded 40 & 9mm ammo in Glocks since 1989 with no issues.
  16. I depends on ROT. Not the bbl length. You do not use lead in a polygonal rifed bbl. OLG
  17. Then you have an issue with the rifle. Many folks (including me) use CCI br2 primers exclusively in their Shiloh's. I strongly recommend that you to call Shiloh about this issue. OLG
  18. First, ck all screws for tightness. Then, remove the ejector and try it. OLG
  19. TY, I dId miss that major detail. I would get a box of factory ammo, and try it before doing anything else. Those reloads could have been using pistol primers that weren't seated 'rite'. OLG
  20. His Parole Officer has the same problem OLG
  21. You may well just need to remove the lock(2 screws on left side of rec'r)and send it and the breech block to Shiloh. Call and check with Kirk or Lucinda....... Again I ask-was this factory ammo or reloads, that you had the FTF issues with? OLG
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