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  1. Top of the line match grade primers OLG
  2. Starline makes .45-90. You should anneal the case mouth before loading. OLG
  3. Tap the case head at an angle on a hard surface to see if the primer moves. OLG Who made them? OLG
  4. The early Dillion shakers had a lifetime warranty. Those came with American made motors. The ones Dillon sells now, it's a China made motor. OLG
  5. Bet it was a well used case. Better do a 'tap' test with any other cases of the same headstamp. OLG
  6. OH, do you know who PWB is? He's the final word on SASS rules interpretation OLG
  7. You want .458 dia. Look up Brooks Moulds. I recommend his copy of the Paul Jones Creedmoor. OLG
  8. Please define 'clear miss', as we are not permitted to engage a down target. The shooter was using a SG. OLG
  9. The 1901 run of '87 levers was the last ones made. They were only made in 10ga. The only series of '87's approved by Winchester for smokeless powder. Note, like 12 ga. the 10ga chambering is shorter than today's ammo. OLG
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