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  1. Hopefully, the smoke from ALL of those candles won't get to you
  2. Invest in a quality set of screwdrivers from Brownells
  3. Yul, it a Pacific Rattlesnake Their markings very from one location to the next. When I lived in the western Mojave Desert, they were often mistaken for King snakes because they were almost totally black.
  4. Don't buy anydangthing more till you attend a few shoots. You may well find some good deals on used gear.
  5. Rye, ck ALL screws for tightness. Especially the screws that hold the cartridge guides in place.
  6. OP, did you receive a ground or unground cyl latch? The ground one should not need to be narrowed any more. That leads to excessive rotational play.
  7. He made it very easy when I bought my CB 97 from him
  8. IIRC, anything under 4. Talk to Outlaw Gambler.
  9. The early prefix numbered guns are garbage
  10. Was it the ID that was to small for the hammer strut?
  11. Shorten a std 1911 hammer spring to tune trigger pull.
  12. You need to do more research. They don't allow gun carts for one....
  13. Got to blurry about half way through to finish
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