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  1. Not a problem except for those with "splinter" forends... One needs to understand one's equipment and how best to use it. For those that enjoy the shotgun, whether black powder shooter or not, more... is always better.
  2. There are folks that swear up and down that Pyrodex is the next best thing to sliced cheese... IMO, those folks have never used it... or are such evil folks, that they want someone else to join them in their agony.l
  3. This range is wrong. Should read 80000SA-SA99999
  4. I never claimed it wasn't expensive, then or now. Any leisure time activity is expensive. And some can't afford them. I love waterski racing, but I can't afford it. I want to solo sail around the world, but I can't afford it. But I ain't wailin' about it either. Folks complained about the expense of cowboy action when it only required 3 guns. As late as earlier this year there was a hue & cry for a category that didn't require all the guns for beginners; It was also a repeat suggestion that was supposed to be the salvation of CAS. It was suggested there that they should try it out at their club, guess what some clubs actually allow that. Great! Fantastic! But, we still haven't overrun with new members! Ideas that work at the local level don't necessarily work at the State, National or International Championship level. Making suggestions is the first step to change, but asking for a systemic change that an all volunteer work force will have to implement is rather rude. No one attacked you or your idea, merely pointed out it wasn't all that original, and made the same suggestion as in the past.
  5. I'll correct you one last time... BTW, I was that new shooter with stock guns back in 1985 what couldn't afford gunsmithing. A friend had Bob Munden do my Colt SAA that I'd had since 1973, and I learned how to slick up my own rifle & shotgun. It ain't rocket science. There's plenty of free on-line how-tos! Administratively, stock categories are way more trouble than any club has attempted. And frankly, you give cowboys far too much credit for their ethics. You should know that 50% of our rules are because of a lack thereof
  6. 'Sides, in SASS we don't have class, we have categories! Choose yourrs wisely!
  7. It has been brought up so many times as to be laughable. And the usual answer is to suggest that the proposer implement it at their home club and report back to let us know how well received such an undertaking is. Other questions are: what defines "stock"? Who will do the inspections of firearms to ensure compliance? 'Sides many enhancements are within the skillset of anyone who has the most basic tool savvy, able to clean their own guns, cost: negilgible!
  8. Never rely on just one reloading manual. Buy as many as you like, from as many different sources as you can find. The differences can be subtle, yet significant.
  9. I don't know for a fact, but I don't think there's any change to the receiver due to caliber, just internal parts.
  10. Ordered yesterday, and just received email confirming shipment.
  11. Peter's Blue Magic, smokeless Win AA, BP
  12. Shoot slower... working the action fast sucks fouling gasses out of the chamber back in the action where they adhere and gum things up.
  13. I load a cast GCFN from a Saeco #316 mold in front of 27 grains of Reloader 7 and Winchester WLR primers. Out of my 26" heavy octagon bbl'd mdl 94 this has given my my best groups... Best of the best: ¾" @ 200 yds. Irish Ike & I disagree about the nature of SASS long range... It usually boils down to who hits ALL the targets in the fastest time. SASS rules state that hits determine winner, time is for breaking ties. I've been to a few where time was totally immaterial, you shot until someone missed.
  14. I want to shoot a pair of Patersons, .36 cal C&B, an 1860 Henry, and a Colt 1878 Shotgun! Oh wait... I already do... (albeit substituting 1851s for the Patersons replicas, but that's ok for me)!
  15. West End Family Award. Presented to us @ EOT 1990 as we prepared to move from CA to TX.
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