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  1. Griff

    Comin at Cha

    You missed the debut of C&B Gunfighter as a category! Everything else was anti-climatic! And, yes, it was cooler than years before!
  2. Griff

    Short Stroke Kit

    I'm sure he's thinkin' of the Cowboy45Special rounds I shoot in my Colt SAAs! 'Sides, ain't that what friends are supposed to do... teach ya a little humility?
  3. Griff

    Short Stroke Kit

    Yes, the right one keeps slipping to the underside of the lever, locking up the gun. Doesn't happen with the factory spring. Ran the gun for 12 stages over 3 days at Comin AtCha this past week and nary a problem with the factory spring.
  4. Griff

    Short Stroke Kit

    That's where I got my reduced power springs. Although the carrier spring won't work in my Henry.
  5. Griff

    Short Stroke Kit

    What's an "older" one? My Henry was made in 2009.
  6. Griff

    Short Stroke Kit

    Ahhhh... don't sugar-coat it, tell us what you really think! Come back to America and have the time of your life!
  7. Griff

    Short Stroke Kit

    No, I think he learned that line from me... and over the years I've learned not to encourage him...
  8. Griff

    Short Stroke Kit

    I seldom wait on smoke... It can lead to the occasional miss... but where's the harm in that? So... what do you think of PGW SS kit?
  9. Griff

    Short Stroke Kit

    It's smooth, has slix springs in it... just the factory mainspring and stroke.
  10. Griff

    Short Stroke Kit

    Okay, I've been playing this game a LONG time, and have successfully avoided falling victim to the "I gotta have a short stroked rifle" syndrome! Well... last nite I promised, (after being softened up with copious amounts of adult barley pop), that I'd "Seriously" compete next year at Comin' At Cha in the C&B Gunfighter category. No goofin' off during the stage, and run to the best of my ability. So, here's my promise to Ringo Fire, Billy Boots and Doc Roy L Pain, next year, be prepared to have a "serious" competitor... no stopping mid stage to discuss the weather, the intent of the stage writer, asking if "you" know which target is next... No continuing to rack the lever past the 10 rounds wondering why that only works in Hollywood! If I'm going to spend the year in sin... "practicing"... in preparation to delving back into the "speed" game, I'm going to install a short stroke kit in my Uberti 1860 Henry. Which kit is easiest to install, reliable? Any other mods I might consider, and what benefits do they offer? I "think" my 1851 Colts are competition ready, they have Manhattan Conversions installed, coil hand springs and wire bolt and trigger springs. -----
  11. Some of the SASS Long Range matches (usually Annuals, Regionals, State, etc.) also include a "Buffalo Rifle" category, so becoming familiar with loading BP is also beneficial to add to the long range fun. It's rare that any will use time as anything BUT as a "tie-breaker" only... but with the level of competitors like Hoss and several others, you'll need to be hitting ALL the targets before you worry about time! I use a Shiloh Sharps and don't feel like I'm out of the competition unless I'm having an "off" day!
  12. My condolences and prayers for you and your family.
  13. I've shot my 1873 rifles (Uberti) bone stock until just a few years ago, (1st one bought in 1987). All I've done so far is install Slix Springs for the carrier & lever springs, and the trigger block safety spring. All done to make the rifle easier to manipulate. Even the lever throw on mine are stock, and while it does limit how fast I can shoot, I'm not trying to run stages in the teens. Everyone has their idea of fun, develop your own, and if going fast is it, then do the rifle mods as you progress. Developing and then practicing transitions between guns will gain you the most time. If you're not planning on shooting your 1873 in cowboy action competition, then ignore the "go fast" comments. But, for ease of operation the springs are a real joy. The mainspring is fine as stock. As lightened mainsprings may contribute to light primer strikes, I've always given them a pass.
  14. No! It's not a rhetorical question. It happens because the TO is not properly controlling the activities on the stage. If brass pickers are a problem, the TO needs to address it. If the spotters are a problem on the stage, the TO needs to address it. If the spectators are a problem, the TO needs to address it! The Timer Operator is the chief Range Officer in charge of the stage, The buck stops there.
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