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  1. Frankly, I'm fed up with this entire subject, it reads more and more like whiney millennials asking for everything to be given to them. Like those of us that have been playing this game didn't have to scrimp, save, go without or trade other things so we could play. Whittle it down so just dies a slow death? Our club is 30 years old this year, and for the year prior, I'd been putting on matches at gun range that wouldn't even let me join. If all the clubs around folded up tomorrow, I'd scrap up some berms, buy a bunch of steel, shoot by myself. I'd enjoy the distinction of having started
  2. HEAD. Surely the Lady was talking about the part in her hair!
  3. Well... What's there to like/dislike about it? Ejectors, or...? As heavy when compared to the Handi-Rifle, like their tomato stakes are when compared to other leverguns?
  4. Surely that must be a rhetorical question! But, seein's as you're way up there in "Yankee Land" (Please note, I capitalized it, not a derogatory label)... of course not!
  5. WHAT? Are you kidding? I take you've never been to very many cowboy shoots. We've had everything from, "I've never shot a gun before..." to "...how do you load this?" More 1st time shooters have started at a cowboy action match than any other discipline. I've shot from coast to coast, the Canadian line to further south than Mexico, even competed in international SASS matches... Can't tell you how many times I've been asked to teach someone's wife how to work her SAA... Why do you think I shoot so slow, interrupt myself during the course of fire to discuss the weather and target order.
  6. What Pat Riot said. Be cautious in how much metal you take off! BTW, is this a mdl 94, or a mdl 94AE? If the former, I'll take off you hands, it'd replace the one I had stolen...
  7. Like what ya did there!
  8. If it's too hot to wear a long sleeve shirt, it's too hot to sit on the patio having a mint julip! 'Sides, nobody wants to see those hairy-azzed sticks you call arms! Snakebite, are you wanting someone to back you up on enforcing the rules? I'll be right out, right after CARB relaxes their attitudes...
  9. I can think of 3.... trigger block safety, its pin & spring. Not a liability.
  10. Sounds about like most everyone's "first match"... Somehow, tellin' someone that the electronic "beep" has the ability to disengage one's thought processes... is nothing like experiencing it!!!
  11. That was me pre-CAS... Other'n my ARs and a couple of former duty guns... none have seen "factory" ammo. Except a couple of .30-30s that have been used for hunting... I'd buy Federal factory ammo to hunt with and use the cases for my target loads... I've told more than one person, buy the components you want used, come on over and I'll teach YOU how to do it... that way you won't be dependent on me.
  12. The '73 has the trigger block safety to deter an out of battery discharge... and for ease of tear-down, the '73 is best. Important for the black powder shooter. Plus you don't have to wait for the '66 to improve it's looks by acquiring "patina"!!!
  13. Sorry, I beg to differ, that's not "lazy' reloading; whether you measure via weight or volume, you're using a "scale" to load a known amount of powder!
  14. I'll give you a parallel example. My Dad was an avid fisherman. Salt water, fresh water, didn't matter, he even kept to his night shift work so his days could be spent fishing! From the age of 6 when came into my life, till he entered the hospital @ 86, he fished! Was a knowledgeable fisherman if success was any measure. I cannot remember a trip that ended without fish to eat. I was woke u[p @ 4 or 5am , launch the boat and fish till noon. Come home, he'd get ready to leave for work, I'd clean boat, motor and tackle. I loved the time with my Dad, but apparently none of his l
  15. Since this can be answered with two different criteria, the first SASS legal gun I purchased was a 1969 Winchester 94 in 44Mag. Purchased for the remaining $39 on lay-away, as the original buyer didn't want to deal with having it shipped after he'd transferred! Purchased from our Ship's Store off the coast of Viet Nam... Got a box of ammo, 240 gr HPs... btw, they punch right thru the aluminum fuel tanks jettisoned by fighter/bombers as they prepare for the their carrier landing! Hey, you take what targets you can get! Sorry, no pics of a digital nature... and you've all seen a Winchester
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