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  1. Let me put this in perspective, I've been shooting in this game since 1985, started with a 45 Colt pistol (only 1 needed then), a .30-30 carbine (now not legal for main match use), and a 65 year old side by side. (The side x side is still going strong), so age isn't an issue, but condition certainly is. I then went to .38/.357 carbine, but the difference between report (bang), seemed silly, so I got a 45 rifle. Still using 45s. Since my first response to a query like yours, I've suggested that you get out to your local club(s) and indicate your interest in both helping & competing. The first will ensure your welcome, and the second will take care of itself. If you don't find yourself inundated with suggestions and offers to try out various arms I'd be surprised. Ask questions, especially of what modifications folks have done, for most will be invisible without a tear down. Believe me a box stock rifle or handgun is far different than a modified & tuned one. A difference that reveals itself in both speed & if done right, reliability. Reliability is far more important to me than pure speed. Smoothness of operation is a true joy. Welcome to the 2nd most fun you can have with clothes on... (mounted shooting is still several levels more so)
  2. Side matches are also where the not so quick & skilled can really let loose! If even larger matches had to have more than one spotter, side matches might not happen at all. I've more to say on this, but my silence has been bought. And we can all be thankful that there is the flexibility to experiment with content & how side matches are scored. I don't need to travel to a distant match, just to shoot the same 'ol side match i coulda shot at home!
  3. Creeker, I think the problem is all in your head. Have you polished this thing? If so, the glare off the top & sides of this thing are gettin' to ya. Let it gather some patina, and further use... don't try to correct it's issues... others in any match you're entered into will appreciate your troubles and be more than happy to acquire trophies you might otherwise have won. {Tongue firmly planted in cheek}!
  4. I find the whole "need" for this thing amusing. The ONLY times I've ever jacked out a round is when using a borrowed short-stroked rifle... I suspect that EVERYONE that claims of having jacked out a round or two per match is also using a short-stroked rifle. I'm really glad now that I haven't short-stroked my rifles... I've saved money by not modifying them, and saved money again by not having to further modify them to prevent an occurrence caused by the first modification. Silly people.
  5. I still have a bunch of Goex "Cartridge", and will use it up in my 45 Colts & 12 gauge, then I'll go back to 2F. I use a Claybuster wad that replaces the old Winchester red, short column in AA hulls. Never a problem in 34 years!
  6. Griff

    Sharps Questions

    A I understand it, Shiloh Ballard is NOT Shiloh. It's a guy that maintains orders for rifles with Shiloh and will adjust his order to meet your specs when you agree to buy one. One can change one's order details up until the rifle is slated to go into production. About 6 months into my 12 month (in 1986) waiting period I upgraded the wood and changed the sights I wanted. No problems.
  7. Whew... just had to check, thought the way you were talking it was this comin' week... I still got a week to prepare... (i.e. buy beer)!!!
  8. Griff

    Sharps Questions

    Hmmm... and their website sez founded in 1975, and they've "... been in the Sharps rifle business for over 35 years..." maybe more convoluted that we both figure.
  9. Griff

    Sharps Questions

    You can buy a Sharps for far less...
  10. Griff

    Sharps Questions

    As I recall the breakup occurred after Shiloh moved to Big Timber. To the OP, if you think you might ever shoot NRA BP Cartridge Silhouette there's a 12 lb 2 oz weight limit. my 30" octagon .40 caliber barrel makes weight by 1 oz. +1 to Lumpy's comments. If buying used, be sure to ask if chamber is cut for paper-patched bullets.
  11. Griff

    Sharps Questions

    Since C. Sharps was formed when the partnership that was Shiloh broke up... I don't see that as happening.
  12. I've heard the Judge say that a hit on a target stand was a hit... (once, once upon a time, many, many years ago. But, I've also heard it said, far more recently and often, "...it didn't hit the "target", therefore a miss".
  13. but... Phantom was wrong! It's been longer than 30 years!!!
  14. I've used WW primers almost exclusively for better'n 30 years. When un-packaging, they get inspected, never found an issue,. If they need flipping to inspect, I use a pickup tube or long plastic toothpick, never my fingers... easiest way to contaminate 'em. Regardless of brand! If they're un-packaged, they're used; store in a dry place. Did I mention they're easily contaminated? Edit: looked what I have and it's described as an "o-ring tool".
  15. I have 2 Taylor's Tacticals that I use. If I don't look at the serial #, without the different grips, they'd be hard to tell apart. Others in our club use everything from Colts to Rugers. Might even be a STI in the bunch. I've used a hand-built Interarms with a Remington slide, and a VN era surplus. But, then, I've never met a 1911 that I didn't like. Ammo, magazines and technique are more important than the actual arm IMO. You can't limp-wrist the things, and if it'll feed ball ammo, and your ammo closely matches that profile, it'll run. Magazines need to be kept clean, lips and follower properly formed and the springs tensioned. Magazines are a wear item, and will need replacing from time to time. Unless it's already been done, a properly aligned ramp and barrel can only be improved with a little polishing. The only other modification I've made is to the mag release spring. A little lighter to easy the tension. But, I've done that to my duty/carry gun also.
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