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  1. The only "thing", that I've seen that differed East from West, was the "Shoot in Order" thing. More clubs east of the Mississippi seem to follow the convention that one shoots in the order you're listed on the scoresheet... whereas out west, more freedom is allowed and one shoots when there's an opening at the loading table or when you feel like shooting. Not a rule per se... but more like a some places seem to stifle freedom. (No, I'm not a fan of having to shoot in any particular order).
  2. Just too darn many to count. But... well done to all of 'em for perservering thru the match! Your victories are richly deserved!
  3. There is no target too close or too big to not miss!
  4. For over 30 years I've stored my primers and powders in an old non-operating refrigerator/freezer in my workshop, attached to my pole barn here in Texas. My most used powders are stored in 8lb jugs, with a 1lb can (plastic container nowadays) held in the door of the refrigerator section. Some of that powder has been in there since I moved it out there in 1991... still goes bang and pushes a bullet out the bore upon demand. This includes both smokeless & black powder. Keep containers sealed tight and moisture isn't an issue. the inside of my metal pole barn can beat 120ºF during the summer and endures freezing temps in the winter.
  5. Being a reluctant Duelist, as Frontiersman requires that style, I gotta agree with TW. Although the act of "shooting" should include raising the pistol out of the holster (whereas off the table has proven safer control if allowed an assist by the off hand), raising the pistol into position, aligning the sights on target, cocking the gun, breaking the shot, and managing recoil... all single-handedly. IOW, all the things the Gunfighter has to do, but done single-handedly with one pistol out of leather, vs the two for the gunfighter. LIke Blackwater sez, I've done the same in Frontiersman, and often grab the holster with the off hand to keep it in place or steady it as I reholster. Just as a transfer from one hand to the other isn't instantaneous, and certainly clearing a malfunction isn't.. the assist off the table isn't either, but.. shouldn't become using both hands to lift the revolver into a shooting position. Kinda like something else, I may not be able to describe it to you, but I knows it when I sees it!
  6. Side matches were yesterday, and the first of 3 days of main match started today. Got my 1st four done. Four more tomorrow and last four on Saturday. Get well IP! I ain't ever had the shot, and have never found to have anti-bodies for it. Humidity today is a killer... hopefully, the A/C will cool it off a bit.
  7. While I prefer Remington #10s, RWS 1075s and CCI #11x are the same diameter have but shorter skirts. I've found they both need to be pushed on the nipple in order to ensure ignition with first hammer strike. After applying a cap, I turn the capper over and use the back side to get a second push to fully seat the cap.
  8. I shoot BP in 3 different 45 Colt toggle links. My go to grease is a very light coating of Lucas Red Synthetic, but only on the link pins and contact points on the lifter, carrier spings and the carrier arm. The carrier & mortise I keep dry. I use this in my C&B revolvers also, but there I use a more liberal application on the arbor, internals and the ratchet. For the toggle links I sanded off about .015" each side of the carrier. I have run several 3 day matches and not had any problems. I switch to C45S in two of the rifles and had problems just shooting a monthly, (6 stages). For CAC this year I've switched back to 45Colt. I was running APP in the C45S, and that's what I'll be using in the 45Colt starting tomorrow. Following Colorado Coffinmaker's advice, for this match I annealed all my 45Colt cases. Hopefully, between the clearanced carriers and annealed cases I won't have any problems this year eaither.
  9. +1! that sort of damage isn't caused by any commercial lead alloy for bullets. In fact... at SASS velocities (600-750 fps), even pure linotype bullets don't penetrate like that. They simply shatter. That looks like a combination of extremely hard bullets and velocities in excess of SASS maximums. IMO, shooters using main match loads approaching SASS main match maximums should be stopped immediately. Neither pistol nor rifle round traveling at SASS maximums simply aren't needed with today's target distances. Those targets can be salvaged, welding up with hard face rod and grinding smooth to restore a pock-free surface... Did it often enough to our old targets.
  10. I don't actually know. Had go outside and measure... .454". But, while out in the shop, took another look in the drawer where they're supposed to be... and, VIOLA... in a plain plastic bag was my .452 die and top punch! I'll have to switch back to the .322 die to size & lube more .32-40 bullets... but... now I'm back on schedule get out to CAC on Tues!
  11. Is so full of stuff, I can't find ANYTHING! Got home yesterday from a 9 day trip that lasted 12 and have to load ammo for CAC next week. Fortunately, I have two of almost everything... EXCEPT a .452 sizer die & top punch for my 45 Colt. Cast up a couple of hundred 200 grain pills from my 6 gang Lee mold and hunted around for the Saeco Sizer die. The last time I used it was for the .32-40... Found where they were after removing them from the sizer... but, alas, no .452 to be found! The RCBS sizer is full of Lyman lube for smokeless... So... do I load them with APP, or wait for the new sizer & top punch to arrive Monday and load with Goex? Cases are all annealed, (new experience for me), so I could powder coat, load with APP or, wait? Not all is lost, as I want to load up some .32-40 for the Highwall and some .40-90SBN for the Sharps! Still have 100 shotshells to go. That I can do indoors while it rains tomorrow & Saturday... No going outside to load in the unconditioned atmosphere of the shop while it's raining!
  12. A hammerless double is cocked before it's closed also. Risk is no greater. In the 15 or so years I've shot a hammered double never had it happen, never seen it happen. But, risk assessment is an individual thing. Getting out of bed in the morning is a risk too. So's staying there... OH THE INDECISION!
  13. The MEC bushing is a volume measurement against my BP volume measure. 40 is the reference number at the mark nearest the volume filling a #37. So, for all intents and purposes, 40 whatever is the way to communicate that to another individual. Just like 50 is the reference number for my Hawken target load, & 100 for my hunting load. All of which comes very close to the weight in grains for that amount of 2F Goex on my balance beam scale. So, for simplicity's sake I call it grains.
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