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  1. It feels like someone is a control freak, even if that isn't their intent. Many things are justified by "...it's for the greater good..." Doesn't mean it really is.
  2. I've been using RedDot in 45 Colt with 200 grain bullets for about 20 years. I find it consistent in both rifle & pistol loads. I probably load a tad hotter than others @ 6 grains. But, this load works for cowboy action and for wild bunch with no need to segregate ammo from either game.
  3. Then there's the way Hipshot wrangled me into helping... handed me the stopwatch and said, "...time the next few shooters, 'bout time for you to learn!" That was probably 15 years before the RO courses began! But Goody is right, sign up and attend the first one you can!
  4. My cows & horses have brands... the lever actions HAD manufacturers... After being altered, which is not so important now.
  5. In this instance, reshoot... TO failure. Still, in the OP, as the CRO, the TO needs to decide if shooting rifle last was brain fade, or deliberate attempt gain competitive advantage. TO does this by asking questions. If the answer is brain fade, offer the reshoot, or shooter takes time recorded & P. If shooter sez, "...it's quicker with rifle last", use time recorded + 30 seconds for SOTG penalty. Shooter gets belligerent over that call... THEN offer the MDQ for unsportsmanlike conduct! Next shooter! A reshoot is not necessarily a given remedy, except in the case where
  6. Actually that fits the definition of Spirit of the Game penalty,, IF the shooter thought shooting the rifle last was a competitive advantage. The unsportsmanlike conduct call I'd reserve for the shooter that develops an "attitude" over a call. (Belligerent, threatening... etc.) Hence my comments were preceded by the need for answers to questions. BTW, a time WAS recorded... even if it weren't the time @ the last shot.
  7. BJ, that's assuming the TO did that. As TO I've had mid-string shots not picked up, i.e.: moving away in anticipation of shooter's moving, changing timer from one hand to another, etc. But, yes, watching to ensure last shot is recorded. On the other hand, again, depending on the answers to questions above, offer reshoot and "P" is negated.
  8. Reshoot was unwarranted. Several questions come mind before a proper answer can be given. Did shooter knowingly disregarded the stage instructions? Do we KNOW it was the last rifle shot wasn'T picked up? (Could it have been # 3, 4, 7 or8?} Depending answers a possible solution might go thusly: RO, "accept the time & P. Timer didn't malfunction... or maybe you' prefer..." FAILURE TO ENGAGE/SPIRIT OF THE GAME A Failure to Engage or a Spirit of the Game infraction carries a 30 second penalty. The accumulation of two Failure to Engage/Spirit of the Game penal
  9. After 35 years in this game I've had just about it all happen! Broken mainsprings in rifle & pistols; squibs in rifle, pistol & shotgun! Broken extractors, lost screws, base pins sliding forwards, base pin retainers lost & all such things! Broke a hand spring on an 1851, finished the last 3 shots rotating the cylinder by hand! Cleaning after a match I found a broken leg on a SA bolt, no idea when that happened! After cleaning my guns from this year's EOT, making sure the 1851s were in good form. one of them broke it's main spring! My backups have backups, and m
  10. You could also just use the TTN as a single shot outta the "good" side! Might be a mite slower, but you get to stay in category!
  11. Maybe developed a burr inside? A visit to a good gun doctor could fix you right up.
  12. Wait, wait, wait... Buy a backup for the "prone-to-break" primary? That seems azzbackwards. Buy a better primary & get the old one fixed! (Think "tank"... aka: TTN)!
  13. Thanks Pete... don't tell anyone, but I just love raggin' on folks over the "LONG" thing. 50 something years ago I shod horses @ a cattle ranch and the foreman whipped up on me one day with his riata when I told him about knockin' off a coyote with my 45 "long" Colt out behind the barn earlier in the day... You ever been beat with a 45' leather riata all coiled up? When you're afoot, it's hard to get away from a feller on horseback, intent on teachin' a youngster a lesson!
  14. Hmmm... I wonder if there's something different about y'alls brass? (Sixgun Seamus excepted, his appears stamped like mine). I have mostly Starline & Winch brass marked "45 Colt" and it takes 5,9-6.0 grains of RedDot for me to get an average ~840fps with a 200 grain lubed bullet from 6 different 45 Colt rifles, barrels of 17" - 24-ΒΌ". Maybe there's something different about this 45l stuff! I've never found any brass marked thusly, tho". And all the short brass I bought from Adirondak Jack, Miss Cubbie & Starline is marked "Cowboy 45 Special", which I admit is a mouth
  15. Decap, then soak. Corrosive elements don't get washed out of primer pockets and apparently if left will form a sticky film. When I got the rings out of my well-used 45-Basic brass, (too expensive to just put in the scrap heap), I found evidence of some type of deposits between the ring of the cup and the wall of the primer pocket. Residue of some sort. This was after several years of washing the brass before decapping. As you can see I tried several times to remove the rings from above, they were really stuck, but... bending the little hook into this little screwdriver
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