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  1. Get the best of all three... the .38-40. Possibly even cleaner shooting than the .44-40, I have 5 repeating rifles in .45 COLT... (45LC is a misnomer)... yes... everyone knows what you're talking about... but... why use two syllables when one is proper and faster... this is a speed game after all! The 45 Colt is a fine round... I have an 1873 I've been shooting since 1987 and while I could say every breakdown has been because the rifle is in 45 Colt... that would be patently untrue. I have had stoppages due to faulty ammo... a broken mainspring and two broken extractors. All of which has happened to other folks shooting other cartridges... so I doubt it's the chambering that causes those issues. As for dirty shooting... I use black, I can shoot upwards of 12 stages before it needs cleaning. As for when I shoot smokeless, my 1873 rifles can usually go for over a year before they NEED cleaning. Some powders are just naturally (by design no doubt), cleaner shooting than others. Eye protection is mandatory on our ranges... I don't worry about a bit of fouling... And in the pistols... run the Cowboy45Special! You'll certainly be thankful you do!
  2. AS I recall the discussion about the 1862, vs other 31 caliber percussion revolvers, it's acceptablity aas a main match gun hinged on it's rebated frame to accept a .36 caliber cylinder. If the .380ACP version has a rebated frame, it might be an "yes" for a main match revolver. If not, you might need to do some pretty fancy jaw-bonin' to distinguish this from the pocket-pistol framed .31s. Regardless, submit your query as for any other equipment variance.
  3. Thank you Deuce. I too, sometimes pine the good ol' days. But... what I miss more are some of my pards that I shot with back then. Many of them are either no longer with us, or are so infirm as to be all but. But, what I miss more are those that are not in either of those two camps. The folks that spend their time carbbin' about how the game has changed to be only about how fast you can manipulate a sixgun... etc. targets so close as to take all the challenge out of the game. Etc., etc... What I hear is, "... I can't win nowadays... so why bother." News flash... most of 'em couldn't win anyway! but, they feel better for having a good (in their mind), reason... Wait... maybe I don't miss 'em... I sure wish I could shoot a LOT more than I do... but every time I go out... I have had a good time. Now, the last two times I went out to shoot, I quit early... just couldn't concentrate and was feeling a might depressed over a recent loss... But, I'm lookin' forward to some warmer weather... and some good shooting... I'll still go slow, it takes time to hit targets where no one else does... and anyway... why be in a rush to have a pleasurable pastime end? I'm gonna dedicate every day on the range to the memory of my partner!
  4. Might there still be room for one more? I ain't sure I CAN make it... but have to figure out what to do with my guns/gear for a week... Don't wanna be runnin' loose in LV with my gear unaccounted for in some hotel room.
  5. the Marlin CAN be converted to run 45ACP... not as well as an 1873 can be converted. Several shooters in our neck of the woods have converted their 45Colt 1873s to run ACP... it takes the Cowboy45Special carrier and setting the barrel back so the cartridge headspaces on the front of the chamber... I converted my Marlin to run the C45S, by simply changing the timing on the carrier as per Widowmaker Hill's instructions. http://marauder.homestead.com/files/Widdermajic_Marlin.htm
  6. I use the same "Plasti-gage" I use as when checking crankshaft or rod bearings. IIRC, headspace should run between .003" -.007".
  7. I've been called "Griff" for as long as I remember... what's an "alias"?
  8. My last post allowed to sink in for a few seconds... I will relate that generally, I'll ask Mom or Dad, (Gramps or whatever), to assist their young charge thru the course of fire. I'll run the timer and be vigilant for potential safety infractions that can be forestalled... but "Dad" is going to do the physical labor if it comes to that.
  9. There can be huge differences in size (and thereby strength & dexterity), among the Buckaroo/ette & Junior shooters. Just as there are wide variances among adult shooters. The age for Buckaroo/ette & Junior shooters are, IMO, guidelines. Just because a potential shooter is 8 years old doesn't mean they have the physical stature and strength to safely manipulate the firearms. Mom, Dad... here's an opportunity for you to show off your parenting skills. And if Mom or Dad need help in determining if their young offspring are capable... that's within my purview as a TO. But, if Mom or Dad doesn't want to be the bad guy... and leaves it up to the TO... maybe Mom & Dad aren't grown up enough to participate either.
  10. Nothing beats .36 caliber 1851 Navies, regardless of who makes 'em... legal in ALL categories and off the charts in style points!
  11. Oh yeah, that's real snow on the ground in the picture...
  12. A one-armed gent can't... I don't shoot CC because I can't beat T-Bone. (The fact that I can't beat T-Bone in any other category is immaterial to my argument)!
  13. THAT might be a little too welcoming... Maybe it was your cologne?
  14. Unfortunately, California withdrew the welcome mat for me last year.... seems one of the more overbearing State agencies said my non-smog engine is banned from operating within their boarders. And, I just found out I have very good friends I lost contact with some 45 years ago living in the Atascadero area...
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