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  1. I'm old enough to get the shots by anyone's calendar. I will continue to read the reports here, as I trust youse guyz to tell the truth.
  2. We've had two beautiful crows nesting in one of our trees for about two years now. They are so awesome.
  3. A cuddle of kittens would be so appropriate. We had "cuddle puddles" when we had the four kittens. That is how they kept warm.
  4. I'd always heard a group of baboons was called a Congress.
  5. I've shot stages with no hit targets. At DDCT they are usually called hostages and are attached to the hit targets. Or, in an array, they are painted another color (white) and are easy to not hit. As to the OP, that would be a nightmare; or, someone who never wanted to write scenarios again.
  6. When you have pears, make Margaritas or Vodka smoothies.
  7. Definitely in a fenced yard. We had a wonderful nectarine tree in an unfenced back yard in Sacramento. An A$$ climbed it to STEAL fruit and broke the main branch.
  8. I think the props and targets at Piru are and could be used for SASS too. SASS uses KDs. I've not seen a SASS club use the targets with raised centers; but I don't know why they couldn't. The photo I posted was at Diamond Dick's Cowboy Town. It was very labor intensive to set up for W3G. As you can see from the videos at Piru, that was a much better set up. I'm so glad I went to several annuals at Piru and saw its potential. Our horizontal movement at DDCT could be used for W3G, if we had different targets. Like WB, W3G would be a longer match than CAS.
  9. I think it will have small fruit as the flowers seem so prolific and close together.
  10. I rarely run and I just walk through W3G. Even us oldies can walk. Here was my 1st W3G, circa 2005.
  11. I am not a Prime Member and they have chatted with me. Then, they called me. The customer service is great!
  12. Following are some things I enjoy about W3G. Painting targets (black and white, whichever part was hit) between shooters. No scenario. You are told a path to follow. You shoot the targets as they appear in the openings. Only need one counter who moves along the line before the painters. You can preload the SG with four or a double with two. Two types of pistol and rifle targets. One with a raised white center that you double tap. One with a white flop down in the center. No coaching. I haven't shot it in a few years. I'll let you know if I think of any
  13. Very ! Bravo to Grandpa for raising a clan of good folks.
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