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  1. I sure hope the ENT person can figure it. I ruptured my eardrum once and was deaf in that ear for a while. By the time I saw the ENT specialist, it was almost healed.
  2. Pick your battles (ah er coffee) carefully. I just saw my first one last night. It was slightly above par.
  3. Ditto the pay thing for the senior analysts at the state. Yep! One of my managers was a case in point until she proved it dismally. Then, they transferred her where she'd have to work. Then, she retired.
  4. When I worked for the State of CA, they had Senior Programmer Analysts and Senior Information Systems Analysts. No age specification. It was supposed to be knowledge based. We all know how that works.
  5. guess I'm immature too. Diamond Dick told me he thought I was Jess' daughter when he met me.
  6. Wolfy, you seemed young to me. You were younger than most folks. Heck, you're still young to me. I was 50 when I started. By your number, you must have started in 1999 or 2000.
  7. I need a HBB if that will work as an excuse. I shot faster 15 years ago when we shot 5-6 times a month.
  8. That's a great way to learn. We had a man come out for almost a year and help. He was a pro with the rules before he ever shot. I resent your alias now that I know your age, kiddo!
  9. I've been thinking of friend's dogs that I . One was a Ridgeback named Diamond. She belonged to Latin Gun (So, CA SASS shooter) and was a sweet girl, who loved everyone. However she loved her Daddy the most. The other was a female Doberman. I remember her resting her head in my lap.
  10. One of my bosses ( guy) said he was going to retire as soon as he could (age 55) so he could enjoy life. I took that to heart and have been retired almost 17 years. Yeah, I'm that old, in years. Hubby was disabled about that time and we finally moved to the boonies (a 50 minute drive from our house), after living in downtown Sacramento (six blocks from the Capital) for 35 years. Do what you need to (to keep your sanity)!
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