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  1. Thanks, Abilene. I did a search, but I guess not correctly.
  2. I got my blood checked for lead level, mainly due to me reloading 800 bullets or so weekly. And, I'm guessing that Ophelia & I shoot close to 50 matches yearly. I do wear Harbor Freight gloves when reloading & when cleaning guns. And, I use mostly poly coated bullets, which would hopefully lower the risk. My level was "21". The nurse said "this is an acceptable level, but we don't want it to go any higher". I asked her to describe the levels as far as what is too high & so forth, & she said she'd have to check with my doctor & get back to me. I expect her to call sometime this afternoon, but I'm betting some of you smart cowboys already have a good knowledge of this topic. If you don't mind, educate me/us, please. And, how would one go about lowering the level short of cutting back on shooting & reloading?
  3. If I had that problem, I believe I'd call Lefty Wheeler & see what he has to say. First thought was maybe the brass has been run too many times, but that would probably result in split cases way before the primer problem. Headspace seems like a likely place to explore.
  4. Gonna have to go with Bob on this one.
  5. Yeah, man! She likes, "Can't Get enough of your love (that's Max's love, just to clarify) by Bad Company!! She broke out some pretty good dance moves at Alabama that I had never seen before! (Note to self: Ask her where she learned those).
  6. Okay. Ophelia & Max are coming. We haven't done BG before. Ophelia thought it might be too wild for us, but Krazy Kajun assured us it's a conservative, low key affair, so we're in!
  7. I ran up on this topic late, but I love my Mr. Bulletfeeder, now that I have the kinks worked out. If you get one, I believe I can save you some time in getting it running well. I load between 600 & 1200 coated 38's per week. If I have to stop & fix something, I'll run 100 bullets in 3 1/2 to 4 minutes without trying to go fast. If I have no mishaps, I usually load 100 bullets in about 3 minutes & less. And, the Double-Alpha primer sorter is worth the money also ($200) I always have the next 100 primer tube ready to load when it's time. I'll be at Ocoee Saturday, & we can discuss if you like.
  8. My experience is that the Dillon Seating die will be more forgiving to any angle that the bullet falls to prior to the die hitting it. Some of the dies need the bullet to be very straight when the die hits it to avoid a jam. As I said, the Dillon is very forgiving of this "falling over" angle. Good luck!
  9. Lefty Wheeler has a good article on light strikes on his website that goes beyond just tightening the main spring screws. You might find it interesting. Wheeler Gun Works. Helpful Hints section.
  10. Totally unrelated random question: Was Purly anywhere around your cart prior to the bullet problem?
  11. I guess that's what makes people so interesting. We're all different! Right?
  12. I was griping weekend before last about filling the primer tube on my 3 Dillons & lamenting that I've heard too much negative feedback on the Dillon Primer sorter to make me buy one. I've been using the Frankford Arms Vibra-Prime for a few years now, & it kinda works when it's in the mood if it's having a good day. Better than the pickup tubes anyway. Kid Ray told me he got a Double Alpha Primer Sorter, & said it works great! Got one, & he's right! $200 & makes one of the least fun parts of reloading almost fun! Of course, I had to fiddle with it a little at first, but that's the requisite right of passage with new goodies. You can't just buy a thing & have it work perfectly out of the box. Fortunately, it didn't take much for it to run perfectly. I like it. You're welcome.
  13. Cleaning brass & cleaning guns. Also, I REALLY don't like loading BP for the Missus. I like loading 38's on the 1050, Mr. Bulletfeeder. & using the Double-Alpha primer sorter. It amazes me how fast I can spit out a truckload of bullets. I don't like loading 32's on the 650 because I have to go slower in order not to rip the edge of the brass during the de-capping & sizing. There's probably an adjustment I can make to make that better, but it hasn't made the list yet. I do like the heck out of shooting the guns!
  14. Bummer! Prayers up from the Payne's! I do think Badlands Bob offered some good advice for Preacherman to leave the rioting to the younger folks. It's dangerous out there.
  15. I've been using 2.6 grains of TiteGroup with both 125's & 105's for several years. I've experimented with each in the rifle & the pistols, & really can't tell any difference. I'll probably settle on just using 125's (coated) for all. The chronograph says they're within legal ranges, not too hot, & they run great. I use 3.6 grns & 158 gr bullets for hot loads, & they perform well also. Good luck!
  16. I'll consider that. Meanwhile, I'll visit your gun cart when you're not looking, just like I always do.........
  17. Not sure. My shoulders, biceps, left forearm, & ring finger on right hand all hurt so bad, I haven't been able to pay attention to my feet! I'll check & get back to you.
  18. The Payne's will be there! And, we're bringing 2 hot loads each, although sometimes we shoot two targets with one bullet when we feel good.
  19. Max Payne

    Reloading Dies

    In using different dies, I'v noticed that the Dillon Bullet seating die is the most forgiving when a bullet shifts just before you seat it. The others I've tried seem to jam more easily in this situation.
  20. Lefty, thanks for asking this question. It was a good one & needed clarification.
  21. Prayers up by Max & Ophelia Payne! And, congrats on your wedding!
  22. I've shot 16 lbs of Am Select in shotshells, & it's my favorite. If TiteGroup wasn't my favorite for 38's, I wouldn't hesitate to shoot it in 38's. I couldn't find the A.S. a while back & have about 16 lbs of Clay's, so that's what I'm currently shooting in the shotshells.
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