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  1. They aren't birds heads, but they are the shorter grips. Excellent for women & kids, or anyone with smaller hands.
  2. Looks like it to me, but I compared them to my other two sets & can't see a difference.
  3. I bought this to use for practice before I got my Cochlear Implants because I couldn't hear my PACT Timer. It has all of the features of a regular timer, but you wear it like a watch. I would hold my left hand close to my ear when starting a practice string, & it vibrates slightly also in addition to the buzzer. Yours for $60. I paid $149, plus tax & shipping. Box & Manual included. I'd like to sell it at the Southeast Regional for cash. Prefer not to ship.
  4. As per the title, REDUCED TO $2,000 at the SER. I have the original boxes, papers, shell casing, etc. as from the factory. These are original, or mostly original. Transfer bars are still in 'em, no half cock, etc. They are smooth to shoot, & everything works as it should. If you want some unmolested ones, these are for you. Face-to-face at the Southeast Regional. I prefer not to ship.
  5. Thanks, Lunger! That'll have to be my dumb question for the month (week?).
  6. I don't think you could just take the misses & avoid the reloads without opening yourself up to a FTE/SOG, earning an additional 30 seconds.
  7. There's been a few times when I realized that one of my instruments wasn't on my head. And, in retracing, I may have been working on something under the truck, & one of them jumped from my head to the bumper. A Couple of times I've had one jump from my head to the hardware on the seatbelt. It's only happened about 3 or 4 times in the years that I've had them, & when it does, my wife & have a good laugh.
  8. Send me a PM with your email, & I'll send you my spreadsheet. You can alter the prices & assumptions anyway you want & see what the deal is.
  9. I did an Excel spreadsheet in December, 2021, which I just updated when I read this. If you'll PM me your email, I'll send you the spreadsheet, & you can change my assumptions to whatever you think is more correct. According to my calculations, if I buy shotshells & shoot them 4 times, my cost is 29c each, or $7.25/box. If I don't have to buy the hulls, they cost me 22c each, or $5.50/box. I load 'em close to Featherlites around 980fps. If I shoot the brass 10 times, it costs me 24c each to load 32-100grn bullets for my wife, & 25c each to load 38-105grn bullets. I probably shoot the brass more than 10 times. I can run 'em till they split due to my reloading procedures, which catch them before they end up in my guns at a match. I use new or almost new brass for the big matches, state championships, regionals, EOT, etc.
  10. It's fun, but it gets a little uncomfortable when Bill starts crying.
  11. I bought my 1st 39A in 1966 for $72.50. Bought my 2nd one in 2002 for $600.
  12. I wore Starkeys for about 10 years, upgrading to the latest models during that time. I did some trials with other brands during that time, but nothing I tried was any better, & my hearing was getting worse all the time. If the hearing aids would have continued to work, I wouldn't have taken the big step to the Cochlears. My hearing made that decision for me.
  13. When I got mine, greater than 40% hearing loss qualified for insurance or medicare, each ear. I was way beyond that for each. My hearing aids just didn't do it anymore. I couldn't be involved in conversations with multiple people or in restaurants, so I was completely left out of conversations. After insurance I paid about about $2,500 total for each ear. Insurance paid the rest of the $80,000 for each ear. I can hear well enough now that I often Posse Marshal, & I run the timer a lot. With the Cochlears, I've PM'ed multiple times at Ga State, Ala St, SE Regional, & at 2021 EOT (with Fast Eddie).
  14. I take 'em out when I go to bed. As far as the implants themselves, no problem at all. And, if I want to read when my wife is watching TV, or if we're in a noisy restaurant, I take them off. I'm deaf as a hammer without them. There are some benefits.
  15. I've had a fair amount of communication with Capt Baylor because I've been wearing them for a few years. He's actually the one I wrote this piece for.
  16. The surgeries were no big deal, & there are no scars. They probably look stupid on my head, but I just don't care. When asked about them, I say I get Netflix on 'em.
  17. It's tricky. Some hats work, & some don't. I use a hat stretcher & place poker chips where the implants will be to form "pockets". Works pretty well for most hats. DBJ Hats formed one for me that's my favorite. It can be worked out.
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