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  1. You know...SASS didn't have to do this...and I'm grateful for their generosity. Received mine today. It's very nice! Thank you SASS. Phantom
  2. There are some folks that know a LOT more than me...for sure! But being around The Coto Cowboy's club was a lesson in many things. Respect...I'm with you on that! I respect The Judge, Tex, Hip Shot, Wild Shot and many others that were instrumental in the start and development of CAS. And I respect you too Phantom
  3. I find it...fascinating...that many folks will comment on various threads that they are just in it for the "Fun"...or that they just compete against themselves...etc, etc. Yet they then comment about how there are too many categories. Interesting...fascinating... Me, don't care. If someone enjoys getting a buckle/award, I don't care about the circumstances. If someone wants to win an award and not be the only person in a category, change to a category that is more populated. Phantom
  4. Show me the Water...or a Micky D's Chisler...wasn't he the...oh...nevermind. But I do hope the guys get as much as possible...except for Chisler...if he's an owner. Phantom
  5. Selling via GB would bring the most money...they're long guns so pretty easy to deal with shipping wise. If you think that selling them via this forum is going to be nothing but roses, you're mistaken. The whole thing about fees and GB collecting Sales Tax (they have to being a Market Facilitator...don't like it, talk to your State Reps), is silly. If you format your ad correctly you'll get top Market Value. Go to a gun show and you'll probably not get that. Or...you can sell them to me. I buy any and all Firearms and Militaria... Phantom
  6. SASS definitely took the High Road on this one...Good on them and thanks!! Too bad it had to be done...but...moving on to better things. Again, thank's SASS!! Phantom
  7. Unless you're a recovering alcoholic But T-Bone and crew always did good on their awards Phantom
  8. I think what SASS is doing to cover this situation is Impressive/Outstanding... They didn't have to do this...so...thanks! Phantom
  9. God I'd love to!!! That's where I took my New Shooter Class with Luke Warmwater. Bojack was my HERO!!!!!! JJ and Candy...best people ever and boy do I miss them. But...unfortunately I am tasked with staying home and being a Troll on the Wire
  10. Damn!!!! Is that a Hi-Point!!!! AWESOME!!!!!
  11. Call me crazy...or any other noun you like...but when folks post pictures of guns and they are basically your standard type model...what's so cool about it? Ya seen one, ya seen 'em all. Just my thoughts...and today...I feel like my thoughts need to be expressed. Have a joyous day! Phantom
  12. My comment was made when this post was posted on the Wire.
  13. And this has something to do with SASS/CAS??? Phantom
  14. I don't think anyone is attacking the Bingo Buckle nor it's winner...nor it's Sponsor. I think the whole point of this thread is that the traditional awards were not given. Years of cool Remington Bronzes were given to the WR winners...EOT has always given out real nice buckles. Neither were given this year. This is a point of conversation...folks needn't take it as a personal attack. Phantom
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