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  1. I wish...not in the cards. Sept-Jan is pretty booked... Would love to be able to get together with Doc and Widder and teach ya something....wait...we don't know #(%@...well thank god y'all have that new shooter to help you fix all yer problems
  2. Hey! It'd be like a big old party / get together for old folks that don't know $&@ about the game of CAS!!!!!
  3. Well I don't see myself getting out West soon...Ever get out to Colorado, the drinks are on me!
  4. This data came from a very well respected shooter that's a friend of mine. He just gave me this data as I had a new shooter buy some Titegroup from me and needed load info. He shoots Vaqueros...can't remember if they are 4 5/8" or 5.5". And he doesn't neglect having a quality crimp on his rounds. Phantom
  5. Wasn't Brian Enos a musician...you know..."Burning airlines give you so much more"...??? Kidding Doc! But man, the Wire is sure full of folks that know a lot and yet are sooooo new to the game...so...refreshing! Phantom
  6. My understanding...TL and Jim were the Cowboys and Washoe was the lone Indian.
  7. I need to teach you how to be less subtle...
  8. I think you misunderstood my comment regarding a "P". Any Stage official can call a "P"...the T.O. assigns the "P". Yeah, this has been brought up 15 Zillion times. If I, or any other T.O. doesn't understand this, they should not be T.O'ing. Phantom
  9. Well this is because towns and such really didn't have a police force...in many cases, if you wanted to find out "who dunit", you'd have to hire a P.I. Phantom
  10. You have the functions kinda correct...but I'm going to focus on the sentence that I put in bold for a bit more clarification. Yes, the three spotters DO make the ultimate call on how many Misses to apply, but are you saying that as a T.O. that you never prompt the spotters to discuss what they saw? Phantom PS: Only the T.O. can assign a "P".
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