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  1. Kinda hard to explain without physically showing you ... But keeping your revolvers in front of you makes it significantly easier to keep your muzzle pointed down range and away from violating the 180 deg rule. Phantom
  2. Yeah, but it looks like you'll have some good barn wood to rebuild with Always look on the bright side of life!
  3. The further away from the front of your body, the easier it is to break the 180...
  4. Quick PWB - lock this thread before it's too late!!!
  5. Please... Don't take us down this rabbit hole ...
  6. And work on speed, don't worry about misses cuz they will go away. The key is getting one's off hand up to speed with the strong hands.
  7. Well than you'd better figure into the equation the slowing of your strong hand do to fatigue.
  8. Trust me when I say that it is NOT functional... It'll fail on you.
  9. Oh nonononono and nope! I may shoot DD, but me brain only works one gun at a time.
  10. I'm probably outta place commenting since I'm still learning this Duelist crap, but shooting DD is absolutely necessary if you want to be the best. This doesn't mean you must shoot DD to be competitive, but you must if you want to be the best. Phantom
  11. It totally depends on what you want to get rid of. Some gun values are slightly depressed as gun money is moving towards primarily SA and Personal Protection firearms.
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