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  1. Can't answer that one... I'm into stiff like Social D, Bouncing Souls, Operation Ivy...
  2. Oh, I get it. So it's join by duress. How's about you shoot these clubs, represent SASS in a positive light (being a SASS regulator and all), and sell them on the benefits of being a SASS Affiliated Club. Wouldn't that be a more benifitial relationship???? Phantom
  3. Uh... Those face off at high noon are a Hollywood invention... So split second draws are VERY rarely needed. Oh, and those westerns you idolize, well the"Bad" guys also Open Carried. Please don't tell me you're one of those guys that carry using the thigh tactical rigs. Phantom
  4. You have to be purposely kidding yourself if you think that "being a danger to their customers" is the issue. Those not familiar with guns... Those not comfortable with sidearms being carried openly on strangers...etc,etc. These are the issues that the corporation's/stores are dealing with. And it's easy to have an open carry hoster that is ready to conceal with the simple un-tucking of one's shirt.
  5. Yeah...but to imply that you can only carry open is silly.
  6. Whoa... Do you know that you posted this exact same post yesterday???
  7. Don't know, don't care. Not a member... But I would care if one of it's officers or members got on this forum and bitched about the SASS affiliated program.
  8. And you think that this is any different then 90% of the posts on the Wire?
  9. The silly comment was in reference to the idea that he can't carry concealed... That open carry is his only option.
  10. I was clear... Your attempted analogy was faulty...in my opinion. Phantom
  11. When he make it sound as though he CAN'T carry concealed...that open carry is his only choice...it's silly.
  12. Cool, let's get into a Logic argument. So you're equating someone who is an active SASS shooter willing to take advantage of SASS benifits without wanting to contribute to the organisation, to an unknown entity doing the same. Do I understand your position correctly? Phantom
  13. Well then change the rules of the Wire. Some can't shoot anymore ... So you say to hell with them?
  14. I'm just sitting here... Shaking my head and laughing. I own a gun store. Carry every waking hour. Just moved outta the Austin Texas area... So it gets hot and muggy a lot. And I never carry open. So... Phantom
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