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  1. I hope they don't retain Land Run"... That's a very territorial reference and not in line with a National Championship.
  2. There's more to it than this... but whatever.
  3. There must be something I'm missing about the Oklahoma range... Size-wise. That or they don't expect 700 plus shooters. The EOT move seems like a good one.
  4. Not sure, but maybe C&I? For some reason I seem to remember Jim doing something... If I'm wrong, cut me some slack cuz I'm getting old.
  5. This doesn't support your original accusation. No one bitches that it's a bullseye match when the targets are smaller than 20" and further than 4-5 yards. And fact is, we are not a Bullseye match. Don't kid yourself thinking that there aren't folks out there that want to skew matches in that direction.
  6. So you like stuttering and headliner comments... Good for you!
  7. Show me where anyone said it implied that... Please...
  8. I don't think this is good advise for our game. It's quite easy to show down a bit for smaller / farther targets but very hard to speed up if one doesn't work on pure speed. Make the targets as big as you can. They are more versatile. Small targets for our game (and that is what we are talking about here on the SASS Wire), have a very limited distance range that is useful.
  9. Yeah...cuz there is a HUGH demand for a Colt Lightning clone...
  10. I will say that I will only buy C&I kits / links. Jim Bowie has earned and deserves all the business... Period.
  11. As I'm sure you noticed...I hope... That I didn't quote the section that made reference to PGW.
  12. What??? Yer kidding... Right??
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