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  1. Come on now Widderborg...we allllllll know that 97's suck compared to a SxS...they're soooooooo slow.
  2. All I can say is...what kinda competition would anyone choose to shoot a Maverick in?
  3. Reeeeeally?! Wow...would never had guessed.
  4. Boney chick...much better than the alternative.
  5. Some folks just have to bitch about everything that isn't along their liking... Perhaps Dillon should also list the model's political philosophy...perhaps the charities that she contributes to...????? Good lord... Phantom
  6. You live in California...and you don't know the CA laws...fascinating. Folks, check your local City restrictions before you believe ANYTHING on the Wire. Phantom
  7. Horrible analogy Gator...horrible! We are talking about whether one should consider their choice of loads based on whether their club's targets are adversely affected. What the hell is wrong with that???? Geeze...
  8. Not any time soon I'm afraid. But again, like Gator, please read my post regarding questioning folks that use heavy loads. If you are using heavy loads that you know are detrimental to the targets that YOUR club is using...then while you are being completely "Legal" in doing so, perhaps you should consider downloading a bit. Phantom
  9. Gee Gator, that sounds pretty condescending... Phantom
  10. Where did you here this??? If you are referring to my post, please read it again. The "Character" question had to do with the effects on a club's targets. Secondly, the purpose of the "19th Century loads" was not to shoot steel at 3-20ish yards... Phantom
  11. Why is that not a better solution you ask? Well, from my POV more regulations to control folks is not as desirable as educating folks and letting them make their own decisions. If someone is knowingly reducing the longevity of their clubs targets because their club can't afford expensive steel, then that speaks volumes...to me at least...about that person's character. Let them define to everyone what kinda person they are...for good or for bad.
  12. Oh BS on the word "Complaints"...come on... There are choices and I don't think anyone is saying to restrict/minimize/regulate them any further. But for those that think all is wonderful and fantastic and cooooool when using relatively hot rounds to shoot steel targets at a mind boggling distance of a few yards, perhaps they should consider...be aware...that there is a cost for them doing that. And that cost is borne by the whole club that they MAY shoot at. Phantom
  13. Add then you have folks that don't give a crap about beating up a club's targets...believe it or not, there are clubs that can't afford AR400/500 steel. But...what do they care... Phantom
  14. If there is no mention as to what one is to do with a long gun after completing the string...wouldn't you be able to do whatever you want so long as you are not violating a SASS rule/convention? Sticking to what's written is paramount to running a consistent competition. Phantom
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