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  1. Cheap all the way...so that first drink better be real big so as to dim our senses.
  2. That's fine...first whiskey is on you...then I'm buying!
  3. Oh I've already looked at the match...even "mapped" it for driving distance. Trust me...I don't forget. Whether I can get there this year is up in the air. The new house was supposed to be finished in June 2019, then November 2019, then March 2020. So don't worry, if it's not this year...ultimately...we'll meet in person. Cheers! Phantom...who really needs to avoid the Wire...as my friends don't need it to understand who is a friend...who is someone to respect...as we acquire knowledge through face to face interactions.
  4. Thanks guys - appreciate your care in knowing my condition. All is good...I'm vertical and still breathing. When I got a penalty point from a Moderator for speaking frankly, I basically quit the Wire. I'll be at WR...say hi. Or if one of the Wire Wranglers want to take an issue up with me Face to Face...I'm up for that too! Take care and keep supporting your local SASS Clubs and local Gun Shops! Phantom
  5. Glad ya like his work...I never had any doubt that you would. Nick is an outstanding person! Phantom
  6. Love that Picture with Swifty...damn...he always brought a smile to my face whenever I saw him at a match... Can you believe it's been 16 years since I first shot/met you? Miss shooting with you my friend. Phantom
  7. I've really stopped posting on the Wire...too much stoopid stuff on here. But when I see a prolific Wire know it all posting anything about Jim Bowie, I'm motivated to speak. There is NO ONE FINER THEN JIM BOWIE...so sorry that he's not an expert businessman like some think they may be or think he should be. He's just a super fine Gunsmith and a SUPER FINE person. Phantom
  8. Talking to newer members...mention folks like China Camp and others...get a blank stare. Trust me when I say that others will soon be forgotten. In a few years folks will say the Judge who? Tex...???? Kate...who's she? That's life some say...just too bad that some are eager to expedite the process of forgetting these folks that have given so damn much to this game. That's all...and I WILL NOT respond to any comments posted on the WIRE. If you have some deep down need to contact me, send me an email. Later...see ya on the range. Phantom
  9. Now come on Tom...you not taking credit for your actions????? See ya in Georgia!!!!
  10. This coming from a guy that wears tweed...
  11. At least I don't attack folk's wives...You'll meet me...then you'll know me.
  12. I prefer to be more proactive by killing things rather than just letting them die.
  13. I'd shoot the damn snail...75 yards...
  14. Whatever... Put your stoopid shovel down.
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