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  1. RC sent you a PM did you get it.


    Paypal is ok if you send it Friends or Family   Not goods and services...


    PP     bags2go@hotmail.com


    Bama Kid

  3. I have For Sale 1400 rds of Federal Once Fired Brass, Cleaned 38 spc. Price $90.00 shipped E mail bamakid9699@charter.net SOLD
  4. model wbr F/S a Kirkpatrick wild bunch rig black belt is 2.5 inch wide 2 matching double mag holders shotgun shell slide 12 gauge for 4 shotgun shells and 2 45 loops size 44 to center hole new condition only wore in 2 matches price 175.00 plus 15.00 shipping and ins email bamakid9699@charter.net Thanks BAMAKID
  5. Ericram, I called Cimarron They said that they would fit Frontier
  6. I do not know about Frontier They were fired in one match
  7. I have for sale 2 Pietta Hammers. They are stock Hammers off of New Pietta Simarron Pistolero Price $100.00 shipping included. Please email Bamakid9699@charter.net
  8. I Don't loan anything to anybody I have tools from my great grand father.
  9. RIP Wild Bill Me and Cathy had many good Times With Bill
  10. Nick is a good one I have 4 of His Holsters
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SASS 23years What a RIDE. Bama Kid
  12. Retired at 44 sold business an farm that was 22 years ago .
  13. I have 2 of them The only one that shoot better is my S&W 41. Much better than the Ruger,
  14. Guns and Ammo Mag. That was 22 years ago. The only cowboy gun I had was a old DB shotgun. But by the next mo. I had all the guns that I though I needed. But for something I am still buying more guns. You need a lots of guns when you shoot 5 or 6 matches a mo. WHAT A GAME Bama Kid
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