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  1. Hey Carlos , What's the rate of twist ??? They can be fun ... Jabez Cowboy
  2. Page three ,,,,, Bad Form ... Back to da top !!!! Now git offten Da Lawn !!! Jabez Cowboy
  3. Welcome from North of the Medicine Line ... Buy and Shoot what YOU want it's not necessary to do as the Pack Does .... Jabez Cowboy
  4. First of Ruger uses a 5 Degree Lead ( forcing Cone ) that is very short and often not cut totally straight , I re-cut a number to a longer 11 degrees in my shop every year. I also reface the breach end of barrels to increase cylinder Gap for trouble free use with Holy Black ... You would be surprised how many revolvers are not on face ( Square between cylinder and Barrel ) and this happens with all brands ... Jabez Cowboy
  5. Anything you don't want to do with Goex 3F for Cowboy main match ammo, you can get done with Red Dot or the cheaper Form of Red Dot called Promo ..... Jabez Cowboy
  6. Howdy Carlos ; There is a Fellow just a 1/4 mile down the road form me that has a 1950s Ural with a Side hack... Keep the Rubber side Down ... Jabez Cowboy
  7. Had a Great Day Got this old Body and my Old Bike Back on the Road ...... Jabez Cowboy
  8. Got my OLD Girl back on the road , yesterday I took a short road trip on my 1981 Suzuki GS 650 GL, I have owned her for 38 + years ... But haven't ridden on the Highway since my accident that by all accounts should have killed me , I spent a lot of time checking my mirrors ... Was I nervous Yes and a little Rusty at low speed , but we both made it back home safe ... Thanks to Ed my new ridding buddy joining me' and the little shove to get me back on the road ... Today i'm thinking I need to go for another short ride to knock of a little more of the Rust ... I'm having a hard time being Grumpy ,,,, But I will try ... Coffee and Apple Pie fer da Grumps , Anyone up for a Ride ... Jabez Cowboy
  9. If you Buy Rugers and WANT to shoot Holy Black a good smith Will recut the Lead in you barrel and Face-off your barrel to increase your Cylinder Gap to .008 ,,, change out the springs and smooth up some parts ... And you will be good to go ... Personally I like Open-Tops with navy Grips .... I have a NMV in .45 Colt that I have had for over 10 years and I doubt I have fire 200 rounds in it ... Well made gun easy to slick up some to run with Black, just haven't bothered .... Jabez Cowboy
  10. Page 3 ,,,, Bad Form ... Where are all da Grumps ??? And are Ya all Well ??? Coffee and Cookies fer da Grumps and Hay and Water fer the Steeds..... Jabez Cowboy
  11. I shoot a 66 Sporting Rifle 24.5 inch barrel in .38-40 , this is by far my favorite ... I also have a 24 inch 92 ... Jabez Cowboy
  12. Turdeau is the very worse thing to ever happen to Canada !!! But let's shoot more and Worry less .... Coffee's hot Fresh and Plentiful ..... Jabez Cowboy
  13. I have Two .38-55s ,,, One .45-70 And One .40-65 ... But I use the .40-65 99% of the time .... Mine is a Uberti Highwall 30 inch barrel ,Lee Shaver Sights .... I shoot Either a 374 Grain or -422 Grain bullets ... Jabez Cowboy
  14. I have heard that all US beer is bad from the get-go .... Jabez Cowboy
  15. They Keep Stealing the Pension Money to use form their PET projects ..... Jabez Cowboy
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