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  1. Don't listen to Seamus. You might fall into the wrong crowd, like him & Lassiter!
  2. S & D's aren't awful for poor old worn out shooters like myself (72 YO with 2 hip replacements). I look pretty stupid when I try to run, kind of like skating, but not. But, I must admit I wouldn't want to shoot them all that way. As long as everybody laughs behind my back, it's okay.
  3. The Payne cowpeople are coming. Don't beat me too bad if you want me to come back!
  4. I bought 4500 Gun Club hulls & then found out my SKB didn't like to shuck them. My SKB 200 likes AA's just fine, but my wife's 200 has too many stick to be able to shoot them. I do all of our reloading with Green STS, BP in Gold STS (Just to know which is which). Also, Iv'e seen the brass break off of the Gun Club reloads on a semi-regular basis, leaving the unfortunate shooter having to dig the plastic out while trying to complete a stage.
  5. Fast Eddie has them come & go regularly. Be careful if they've had work done that it was done by somebody who knows what they're doing. You won't want to get stuck with one that has been butchered & have never-ending problems. We have 2 100's & 2 200's by Eddie, & they're all perfect (except for the war bangs from matches).
  6. I shot 1 1/2 stages of my very first SASS match in November of 2012 with a Henry Big Boy. It jammed, & Arizona Ranger loaned me a 73 to finish the match. The Big Boy is beautiful as best I can remember. It's been in the back of the gun safe since then.
  7. Aw, man! I was hoping you would forget about it. Maybe I'll shoot something like gunfighter. If Badlands Bob can do well with it, it can't be that hard. Or, I might shoot one of the rare BP categories, you know, like Kajun. I think he's planning to shoot "Left-handed Buckarette Black Powder" (LHBBP). He'll need some competition to make a category anyway. Though, I might have to buy a new outfit for that category. I think there are some costume requirements that you can't wear just anywhere outside of the match without some undue attention.
  8. Agree on the 32 H & R's. I've loaded nothing but Shooters World (from Scarlett) for Ophelia's 32's since she got them. I bought 15 lbs from Scarlett a few years ago, & can't tell that any is gone from the 1st jug. It doesn't take much.
  9. I tried the funnel on a 550 with GOEX. The Goex bunched up, even with the funnel. So, I hand-dip it. Some of the blends might work well, like 777. Don't know. I may try the 777 & see how it works out.
  10. No need to sell this one, as it sells out early every year. This one's our favorite State match. Stages are great, everything run on time, awards are super, banquet is spectacular. Lots of camping spots on the range (elec & water - no sewer). Absolutely everything is first class!! Fun, fun, fun!!
  11. Max Payne

    Uberti Feed Issue

    When I started shooting CAS 7 years ago for the short period of time before I started reloading, I bought some Fiocci ammo & had the exact same problem you described. Turned out they weren't crimped at all from the factory. Arizona Ranger took them home, crimped 'em all, & they worked fine.
  12. It would! Let's pool our money & buy him a plane ticket. I have $5 I could let go!
  13. That's an idea I might have considered if a solution hadn't presented itself. I did have several eager suggestions to use a shock collar. Ophelia was really partial to that one.
  14. Wife had the problem at few years ago at the Tenn St match, The rifle was close to new. Sent the trigger/hammer assembly back, & he either fixed or replaced the seer. He also remarked he couldn't imagine how the rifle had left his shop like that. It was pretty exhilarating for Ophelia when the rifle was firing itself. Only problem was that it didn't also aim itself well when it happened.
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