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  1. VTI was out of the hardened screws for months, but got a bunch in about 3 weeks ago.
  2. Wife & I each have 2 SKB's = 4 by Fast Eddie. The backups never get any air time because the main match 200's never break. I'm sure there are others who do quality work, but I wouldn't have any reason to use anybody else.
  3. I figured out the same solution after mucho time experimenting. I think the standard product should come with a spring. Your solution is more elegant than mine. I use big rubber bands. They last a pretty good while & then break. Replace 'em & go again for a pretty good while. I really loved the bulletfeeder when I first got it & used it on a 650. Then, I moved to a 1050 & haven't gotten around to hooking it back up. With my hand resting on the bullet tray, it's so easy to just set the bullet on the case. And, although the bulletfeeder works pretty well, like all moving parts, it has a problem from time-to-time - bullet stuck in the chute, bullet upside down. etc., etc. So, it's kind of a toss up for me on avoiding the occasional problem & just setting the bullet on the case. I'll probably get it going again sometime when the mood strikes.
  4. This was an interesting & informative string. Thanks for throwing it out there, Outlaw. And, thanks to PaleWolf for the clarifications.
  5. Thank you, Widder. And, if you ever need similar support, just let me know. (Wink, wink........)
  6. It wasn't me, I promise! I only want you to do well!! I have had some chicken feet, voodoo dolls & purplish dust in the past, but I gave all that stuff up. Honest!................ Really!................ Seriously!............. I always look guilty like this..... Nothing new...... Really.......
  7. Always, Purly! You're the only Elder Statesman I don't mind losing to (almost). Oops. I think my nose just got a little longer.
  8. Fun Match! Really enjoyed everyone on Posse 2. And, Purly got him some payback for last year by beating me this year.
  9. Got two copies. If your have excellent eyesight, you'll be all set. Unfortunately, I don't, & the font is just about the smallest I've ever seen. Maybe an 8 or so. I'll just gift them to friends with eagle eyesight.
  10. Having good excuses ready when you need them is one of the most important skills that must be mastered for CAS. I believe Longhunter did a DVD training disc devoted entirely to this subject, & I think it was about 5 hours long. Transitions is a distant 2nd in order of priority. Hitting the targets is in the lineup somewhere, but I forget where.
  11. Max & Ophelia will be taking the motorhome to the horse farm. See all of you there!
  12. Purly, I hope to give you a run for it. But, I haven't been able to practice. And, my foot hurts. My rifle's been acting up. I think I may have a cold coming on. And, I'm distracted because I think one of my pets may be sick. There's some other stuff going on too that could hurt my time, but I'll have to check my checklist to remember what they are.
  13. If Charlie shoots Outlaw, that might possible slow him down enough so you can see his hands when he's shooting!
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