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  1. I've been checking all 38 rounds for the rifle with an EWG 50 hole chamber checker for 6 or 7 years, maybe longer. This method hasn't missed a single split case that I know of. I chamber check the pistol rounds at the loading table. These methods have served me well as my wife & I shoot 50+ matches each year. Also, Frankford Arms wet tumble without the pins.
  2. I'm scrapping them. I don't normally go to the trouble of breaking down bad bullets, but I need to save the 200 Federal SPP's, so I will. And, the weeds can use the fertilizer.
  3. I thought of another option: I'll tell Badlands Bob I've just chronographed a new recipe, & I'd like him to try it out & give me his opinion. I was going to approach Kajun, but unfortunately he saw this post. I knocked out 200 rounds with APP only earlier today to replace the ones in question.
  4. My friend was loading 38's to be shot in both Uberti rifle & Ruger New Vaqueros & had a brain fart. He had about 1/2 of a 1050 powder hopper of APP & decided to top it up before starting the loading session. He dumped the APP into a measuring cup thru a strainer to eliminate any clumps, then poured 777 on top of it, also thru the strainer. Then, poured what he at the time didn't know was a mixture & filled up the hopper. He then made 200 bullets. My (I mean, "his") plan was to chamber-check all of them today, getting ready for Ga. State BP match for he & his wif
  5. I have a tow chain. We'll just open the windows & run the chain thru the cabin for a secure connection. That way, if the Camaro turns sideways, it won't matter - We can still drag it out, all the way to Scottsboro if we need to.
  6. I don't let the donuts get anywhere near Kajun. He tries to lick them all.
  7. Sold it this morning. Thanks for your interest.
  8. Hey, Ren O Vater! Unfortunately, while doing setup this morning, another cowboy said he wants it. If for any reason he decides otherwise before providing funds at our shoot tomorrow, I'll call you at the number you provided in your PM. Thanks for your interest.
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