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  1. Did you write a rule on the porn emails to go straight to Tommy's email? Just curious.
  2. Probably most know this by now, but if you don't: I spoke with a highly placed executive at Vista Outdoors, parent company of Federal, RCBS, & other companies. He checked with the President of Federal to see about a bulk buy for me & several pards. The Federal President told him that there won't be any primers available for at least a year to their distributors or anyone else with the only exception being military & law enforcement. And, we already knew they're using most of their primers to make their bullets, which are much more profitable for them. So, it ain't pretty, but there it is.
  3. The charge bar idea is a good one. But, I must admit I'd rather leave the powder in the hopper. I use TG for 38's, app for BP, CleanShot for 32's. And, I have different powder hopper quick-change setups for 6 different combinations, including hot loads. I like the idea of the Mark 7, but I don't want to lose the feel of different bad things that happen, like primer not seating properly, split case, stainless pin in the case that I didn't get out when cleaning, 32 case dropping when making 38's, etc.
  4. I needed another powder measure for my 650 & could not find any place on the internet who wasn't in backorder. But, I did find that many do have the 1050 powder measure in stock. I had recently found out that the only difference in these is that the 1050 comes with a heat treated die & costs about $5 additional = $94.95. Ben Stoeger Pro Shop had them in stock, as well as a couple of other goodies I wanted - UniqueTek powder baffle ($10), & the quick release for the measure ($26). He assured me they would ship next day at the latest. Anyway, if you need a powder measure for your 550, 650, 750, if you don't want to wait for a backorder, & if you don't mind paying an extra $5 for the heat-treated die, you can probably buy the 1050 measure many places. I got mine https://benstoegerproshop.com/
  5. Max Payne

    Years supply?

    You'll be in if we can get this worked out.
  6. +1 for Wiley X. I have 2 pair of clear & 2 pair of sunglasses - all prescription. Also great for driving.
  7. Great feedback as usual from you cowboys! This is gonna save me tons of time loading Ophelia Payne's bullets! Thanks!
  8. Max & Ophelia Payne will be there, as always! Really looking forward to it!
  9. Double Alpha Primer Pro. I used a Frankfort Arsenal Vibra-Prime for years prior. You'll have to monkey around a bit with either from time to time, but I like the Double Alpha more than I did the Vibra-Prime. To each his own, but personally I HATE using pickup tubes.
  10. I'm sure this has been addressed before, but a search doesn't turn anything up. I want to load a BP synthetic (APP or maybe 777) on my Dillon 1050 for 38's & on my Dillon 650 for 32's. But, I don't want to blow myself up. I've heard comments on both sides of the fence. Can't do it, vs. "I've been doing it for years with no problems". Needless to say, it would save me LOTS of time when loading the little woman's bullets. I've never heard of anyone having an explosion doing this, but I don't want to be the first either. I can load lots of smokeless 38's & 32's in an insignificant amount of time, so it's really a drag using the dipper for every bullet when loading BP. If I decide not to use the 1050 & 650, I have bought a Lee perfect powder measure to speed up the loading, but I sure would like to use the P. presses. I understand the APP & 777 aren't as likely to clump as GOEX, but I have bought a strainer just to be sure. Share your knowledge & experience with me, please.
  11. Max Payne

    Years supply?

    Yep. Let's all stay in touch on this when they start to become available again.
  12. Max Payne

    Years supply?

    I'll keep that in mind if this goes anywhere. I'm sure it won't be soon.
  13. I started taking the Hawiian Spirulina after reading this thread, & I'm much more concious about snacks & drinks while shooting. I've already used coated bullets & worn gloves while reloading for years. Harbor Freight doubled their gloves prices, but I found some on Amazon & ordered a thousand.
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