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  1. I've been using 2.6 grains of TiteGroup with both 125's & 105's for several years. I've experimented with each in the rifle & the pistols, & really can't tell any difference. I'll probably settle on just using 125's (coated) for all. The chronograph says they're within legal ranges, not too hot, & they run great. I use 3.6 grns & 158 gr bullets for hot loads, & they perform well also. Good luck!
  2. I'll consider that. Meanwhile, I'll visit your gun cart when you're not looking, just like I always do.........
  3. Not sure. My shoulders, biceps, left forearm, & ring finger on right hand all hurt so bad, I haven't been able to pay attention to my feet! I'll check & get back to you.
  4. The Payne's will be there! And, we're bringing 2 hot loads each, although sometimes we shoot two targets with one bullet when we feel good.
  5. Max Payne

    Reloading Dies

    In using different dies, I'v noticed that the Dillon Bullet seating die is the most forgiving when a bullet shifts just before you seat it. The others I've tried seem to jam more easily in this situation.
  6. Lefty, thanks for asking this question. It was a good one & needed clarification.
  7. Prayers up by Max & Ophelia Payne! And, congrats on your wedding!
  8. I've shot 16 lbs of Am Select in shotshells, & it's my favorite. If TiteGroup wasn't my favorite for 38's, I wouldn't hesitate to shoot it in 38's. I couldn't find the A.S. a while back & have about 16 lbs of Clay's, so that's what I'm currently shooting in the shotshells.
  9. Great feedback from all, as usual! My handheld Vibra-Prime is looking a lot better to me now. However, I might do a little research on the Double Alpha mentioned. Kajun, as to my short partner helping, she only shoots 'em. No gun cleaning, no brass cleaning, no reloading. To be fair, she handles all of the house BS, making food, cleaning the house, washing the clothes, paying the bills, reviewing insurance EOB's, etc. I'm happy with arrangement & glad she loves cowboying as much as I do. See you Saturday!
  10. I was considering buying one of the Dillon RF100 Auto Primer Fillers sometime ago & checked it out on the Wire. The feedback was overwhelmingly negative at the time, so I forgot about it. I'm wondering if things may have changed by now & that maybe the latest versions are working well. I'm currently using the Frankford Arsenal Vibra-Prime, which works semi-okay - certainly better than screwing with the pick-up tubes. The Vibra-Prime is really tempermental, but still better than the tubes. If the RF100's have gotten better & work well, I'd like to get one. What can you tell me?
  11. Maybe that's why you always leave me in the dust!? Well, that & being faster than I am.
  12. I don't see the need to use the dust covers, especially if you clean semi-regularly. And, if the small screw gets loose, it'll cause problems. As was suggested above, put it in a zip lock bag & save it in cas you ever sell the rifle.
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