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  1. Jim, I still have your APP in the truck. I'll be at Riverbend setup Friday from 8:30 to about 10:30 if you have any interest in coming. Otherwise, I'll see you Saturday. I use APP with no problems for 38, so we can chat about that also. I live in Cumming. If you want to come over after setup or after the shoot to check out my loading operation, we can do that too.
  2. Hey, Jim! I have some APP for you from Scarlett. If you have some time after the Riverbend shoot, we can chat about all of this. If we have the opportunity, I live about 14 miles from the range & have a setup we can discuss. I load 38's on a 1050 with APP, 32's on a 650 with 777, & 12 ga shotshells on a MEC 9000 with 777.
  3. If you use CleanShot, you'll find it is very fine, looking almost like mercury when pouring. I have lots of it & plan to use it for shotshells when I run out of Clays. I also use Cleanshot in my wife's 32's. Thanks for the TiteGroup recipe, as I'm pretty well stocked up on it also & may have reason to use it for shotshells in the future. I highly endorse having a Chronograph. It's really handy when changing & working up loads so you can see exactly what's happening, including the power factor for bullets. I even chrono the BP ammo.
  4. Max Payne

    APP 2F

    I use APP 3F to load 38's with my 1050. I wipe the powder hopper with a dryer sheet & run the powder thru a strainer before loading. I also use a powder check & a Mr. BulletFeeder. I don't use filler. My wife has shot many BP matches, & I have shot a few with zero problems. I load her 32's with 777 on a 650, incl powder measure. The APP will not load thru the 32 powder measure, but the 777 works fine, also with no filler (of course there really isn't much or any room for filler with the 32's anyway). I also use 777 for shotshells thru a MEC 9000. When I use all of the A
  5. Off topic a little. But, I'm not fond of the Practiscore format when reviewing scores after a match. Of course, I may just not be doing it right. After a match, I like to review the scores & play a game of "Woulda, shoulda, coulda" where I attempt to figure out how I would have finished without the imperfections (misses, P's, & worse, etc.) Of course, according to my rules, everyone else still keeps their imperfections.
  6. Still looking. Prefer full stroke. When I find one, I'll send it to Jimmy Spurs for the work, unless I get lucky & find one already slicked by Jimmy. If Tennessee Williams' guns weren't short stroked, I'd buy 'em. Looks like a great set for somebody! I had a pair of short stroke NV's changed to full strokes a few years ago. In hindsight, I'd have been better off buying a new pair & selling the ones I had converted. Live & learn!
  7. We shoot all full stroke guns. These are actually Ophelia's. I shoot NV 38's. All look identical, & all are Jimmy Spurs. I shot short-strokes years ago. I timed myself with short strokes & full strokes, & my times were almost identical. Not sure really why I switched, except maybe just an excuse to buy some new guns.
  8. Yeah! That's it! Fortunately, she's not on the wire, & I know none of my good fhooting buds would rat me out. Right?
  9. There are a fair amount of shooters who put LOTS of time & money into our sport. I think it's a great idea to provide a way for them to make some return on investment or even make a living at it. "The Devil is in the detail", but sounds like a superb idea to me. Good thinking!!
  10. I've enjoyed several of his You-Tube videos. However, I must say his chambers are beveled pretty deep. I'm surprised he doesn't have misfire problems.
  11. Here are the 3 Musketeers, looking for a 4th.
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