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  1. Bad news! Kajun might not be able to make it. I heard he was practicing with his 32's, tripped on his skirt, & broke a nail. It's gonna depend on the nail rehab if he can make it. Pray for him......
  2. It's already been well said. But, Matt & Colt chipped in on everything & anything that needed to be done on our posse. They're both friendly, funny, & hard working. It was a special treat to see Matt up close & personal. Being a spotter, you have to use a little visine to avoid blinking when he shoots, cause if you do, you're gonna miss several shots. And, Colt can run the guns too! I hope to have another opportunity to shoot on the same posse with them, cause it was GREAT!!! Cass did a spectacular job on the match, again! His club was still pretty new when he took on the State match last year. But, everything was perfect. And, this year it was more perfect! Fla State is at the very top of our list of "must shoots", right along Fast Eddie's Georgia State Championship. This is about the most fun a person can have. And, if your spouse loves it as much as you do (Ophelia does), I just don't know what could be better! On to Alabama & then Georgia!! Yee-haw!!!!
  3. Bill, I think you should move to 44-40's & black powder. You'll probably be even faster!!!!!
  4. I have a separate, insulated, climate controlled (including humidity) building where I do my loading, & I have a safe in there also, bolted to the floor. The main match leather for my wife & myself go in the safe. If anything nasty happens, like burglary, explosion, etc., I like the idea of the leather having the same fighting chance as the guns. And, this is all the cowboy stuff. The other guns, which don't get used very often, go in a separate safe in a location in the house.
  5. Well said, Jack!! With all of the hurts on this 71 year old body, I must admit I dread the day when I can't do it anymore. That will be a sad day, indeed.
  6. Let's go to the honor system & let each shooter call their own performance. We'll use me as a pilot for about a year (or two) to see how we like it. I promise to be hard on myself.
  7. Since you'll be shooting the black stuff, & I'll be smokeless, I should have a pretty good advantage. Hope it's enough!
  8. If I skip a session, you'll beat me even worse than you do already! I'm thinking about adding some.
  9. It was worth it to me when they used to accept the barcode from a case. Now, they need the barcode from every box, which is a tremendous pain in the buttocks. I like to save the $2/box, but not worth it to me personally to do it to 5 cases worth. To each his own.
  10. The "Flash" was deadly serious this weekend! He doesn't smile a lot & makes you believe he would drill you if you look at him the wrong way. I see improvements every time he shoots.
  11. Pretty sure those aren't SASS Vaquero hammers, as the Montados that come on those are much lower. Jimmy likes old style Blackhawk hammers which is what he installed on mine. I'm thinking that's what they are. I have two pairs of Jimmy Spurs 38/357's & a pair of Spurs 32's that my wife shoots. It would be hard to imagine guns that are slicker & also stone-cold reliable. These look really nice with the engraving. I'm thinking whoever gets these babies is going to be very, very happy.
  12. Congrats to Shooting Bull! Second ain't too bad in such a crowded category!
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