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  1. Max did not get theĀ PM or an email.

  2. I'll take the 350ct .223 for $25. Let me know where to send the money.
  3. Sell it. Get a '73. Been there - done that. Although, the Henry does look really good in the safe1
  4. Fat Eddie? Ohhh. He's gonna get you!
  5. GOEX clumps much worse than APP going thru a powder funnel. And, 777 seems to work better than APP.
  6. Southeast Regional 2020 in Alabama: Severely hearing impaired. Haven't had a squib in over 7 years due to rigorous ammo management. Clean & good times on stages 1-7, 9 & 10. On stage 8 rifle was first. 1st shot sounded funny. I highly suspected a squib & didn't want to run another bullet into that one. I grounded the rifle & shot the pistols & shotgun. At the UL table, there were 10 good bullets, proving it was a misfire, not a squib. In the heat of the moment, & without encountering a squib in years, I misinterpreted the suspected squib as a round fired. Turns out the TO had been shouting Stop before I "bought" the stage by shooting the other guns. 10 misses, plus probably 4-5 seconds making the decision to ground the gun & proceed. As you already know as well as me after having plenty of time to rethink everything while not at the firing line, I could have just stopped since no round had gone downrange. I also could have just pulled the hammer back & snapped it again, which likely would have fired the misfired bullet. I pretty much have to learn all of my lessons the hard way. Smoked my entire match with this 55 second bad decision. I doubt I'll make that mistake again. I wouldn't mind if this stuff happened at a local shoot instead of a Regional. If I wanted to live thru it again, I'd tell an EOT story. But, no.
  7. Sorry, just saw this. Max & Ophelia Payne will not be attending the awards banquet. Hate to miss it, but things are just a little too close with that many people.
  8. Highly recommend you stay away from Kajun. Nothing good can come of it.
  9. I thought Sharyn rode in the trunk? Has that changed? Inquiring minds want to know!
  10. Did you write a rule on the porn emails to go straight to Tommy's email? Just curious.
  11. Probably most know this by now, but if you don't: I spoke with a highly placed executive at Vista Outdoors, parent company of Federal, RCBS, & other companies. He checked with the President of Federal to see about a bulk buy for me & several pards. The Federal President told him that there won't be any primers available for at least a year to their distributors or anyone else with the only exception being military & law enforcement. And, we already knew they're using most of their primers to make their bullets, which are much more profitable for them. So, it ain't pretty, but there it is.
  12. The charge bar idea is a good one. But, I must admit I'd rather leave the powder in the hopper. I use TG for 38's, app for BP, CleanShot for 32's. And, I have different powder hopper quick-change setups for 6 different combinations, including hot loads. I like the idea of the Mark 7, but I don't want to lose the feel of different bad things that happen, like primer not seating properly, split case, stainless pin in the case that I didn't get out when cleaning, 32 case dropping when making 38's, etc.
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