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  1. Congratulations on 54 years, I pray for Strength and Grace for you and Sherron for this stage of life. Many prayers are going up for you from our little Church in Alberta. Call anytime ! Jabez Cowboy AKA; Pastor Walter
  2. Take of the grips and turn it back, the grips will hold it in place. Someone put the grips on with the pin out of place. Did you peak at the Work that had been done ??? Jabez Cowboy
  3. I would chuck them in my lathe.... Then inside ream them the first 3/4 inch from the mouth to take out the tapper. Or just buy Star-Line Brass. I would use Remington brass as it is cheaper up here and I have lot's of it. Jabez Cowboy
  4. 2 3/4 inch derringer gets 850 fps avg. of 5 rounds, all I had of the round in question. All rounds in a group of less than 3 inches, at point of aim at 10 yards. Sorry it took so long, I had to search for the ammo ... Jabez Cowboy
  5. The above contains enough truth tp blow 1,000 Liebral Minds... If they had one functioning mind in the Bunch. Jabez Cowboy
  6. I don't see no Cake... Bad Form ! Jabez Cowboy
  7. Super Grump Forty Rod !!! The stuff lies are told about ..... Jabez Cowboy
  8. Can't rightly be sure, but I think that Rev.Willie ? Has the membership list.... Who has the membership list ??? Speak up. Jabez Cowboy Can't rightly be sure, but I think that Rev. ? Has the membership list.... Who has the membership list ??? Speak up. Jabez Cowboy
  9. Those Old "Chronicles" were great Ways to spread the Word on SASS, I too Spread them about ... I wonder if SASS ever Thought of all the Free advertisement they got from Members "Recycling" those Chronicles. Jabez Cowboy
  10. Has He ever done anything NOT Stupid ? Coffee and Bearsign fer da Grumps Jabez Cowboy
  11. Getting Out to Shoot with Cowboy Friends, YA HOO! Back from Page 4 ... Priceless. Jabez Cowboy
  12. I first saw it in an Add in a Gun/Shooting Magazine... I have been a Cowboy since before I could Walk, so it was a natural step into the Past ... There were No SASS shoots in Western Canada at the time, but I found our own Cowboy Shooting Group and Joined "Western Frontier Shooters". And when I started to hear rumors of SASS coming to my neck of the Prairies I joined ... I joined SASS to shoot Guns and Loads that emulate those used by my Ancestors ... Jabez Cowboy
  13. I live in Wind central Alberta, and we have tons of BBC's Bird and Bat Choppers !!! And Yes the ground around the base is literally covered with Birds ranging from Eagles to Robins. Meadow Larks seem to be especially common .... The fine for a Person killing an Eagle up here can be as High as $250,000, but the BBC's go right on turning out "Green Energy"... Jabez Cowboy
  14. Ya don't get old and stop riding,,, You get old When you stop riding Was a nice day to take the Honda Shadow out again to day, two days in a row ... Jabez Cowboy
  15. If we don't Welcome them in because they don't fit with Our Idea of what Is required to be In Church,,, Most will never Come In ... Traditions must take a back seat to Salvation ! God loves Us in the state in which He finds Us, But he loves Us too much to leave Us in the State in Which He found Us .... You can have a well ordered Worship Service in either Suits or In Jeans ... I lead a Pretty Conservative Congregation of a Holiness Church, and sometimes need to remind my people that Christ Came to Save the Lost, even those that Don't fit our idea of Proper Church Folk .... Jabez Cowboy
  16. As an Pastor I have often, even preached in Clean Newer Jeans , button Up shirt and Western Wool Vest. My Church is a Hospital, The Sick, the Downtrodden, The Poor, the Hurting and the lost are All Welcome. God loves US all, and through the Blood of Christ all can be restored to health of Mind, Body and soul... God does not judge by the outward appearance, but by what is in your heart... So how Would I dare to Judge by Outward Appearance ... Let me tell you there are plenty of "Nice Looking" Church Going Folk that are Bitter, Nasty, Self Serving, Obnoxious, Smelly and hypocrites to go around ... Jabez Cowboy
  17. CLK : Ya is Slacking Off ... Page 6 right at the bottom. Jabez Cowboy
  18. The US won by a Pint, da last Irish shooter had a extra Pint ... Jabez Cowboy
  19. She must be a Right Fine Filly to go 28 years with him ... And him with Her... Jabez Cowboy
  20. From a Worm to a Butterfly ??? Mostly Red ... Jabez Cowboy
  21. You blew it , Now you have no excuse not to come and shoot our 3 day shoot , head out to Vancouver Island For 3 days shooting at The Malahat , then up island of the SASS Canadians .... Could be if you need another shoot after those 10 days of shooting we can Do that .... Jabez Cowboy
  22. Yep that is what I was remembering, but wasn't 100% sure of. Sadly It does appear that they are not making any more. Thanks Steel-eye-Steve Jabez Cowboy
  23. Your Wife Bought it for you for Christmas ??? 2045 Jabez Cowboy
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