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  1. Dawg, If you still have these I would like to buy them. Ken (Ten-X) was a good friend and a great supporter of SASS. Ethan
  2. I would have beat you to it Jonny! I saw this minutes after he posted it. I had one years back but let someone talk me out it. By the way, C.W. Knight is a straight shooter. His stuff has always been first rate in my experience.
  3. Worst Case Scenario, I was gifted with extra Neanderthal genes according to the DNA testing sites. Over the years I have found that buying the XLT or LT (T stands for Tall) clothing fits me better with my long arms/torso. Scully makes these sizes and Wah Maker did once upon a time. Ethan
  4. Hey Jonny T, UPS is probably your best best. You can go to their website to see how to ship loaded ammo. I believe you will also have to drive it to a UPS hub, the UPS won’t usually ship ammo.
  5. Slapshot, I really appreciate your efforts, however your link is for the Howell Conversion, not the Kirst. There is nothing wrong with the Howell units (I sold both of my cylinders years ago to someone who needed them) however, I currently have one SS Kirst Konvertor in .45 Colt and will wait so that I have a matching set. I singed up on the wait list at Kirst and Buffalo Arms to be notified when they are back in stock. Thanks again amigo! Ethan
  6. Hi Wade, I am interested in the Austin Halleck in-line rifle and am willing to pay $500 for it. You are not required to ship a black powder rifle to a FFL dealer in my state, however if you want to do so anyway, I can get you FFL info. Thank you, Ethan
  7. Slapshot, Kirst and Buffalo Arms are out of stock on the stainless steel Konvertors at the moment. But thanks for the recommendation! Ethan
  8. Hi Yul! I have ave one of the Kirst Konvertors now, looking for another to match. I have a box of empty powder containers for you via Pat Riot. Also a couple of other vintage shooting related boxes that I set aside for your collection. Now I just need to get my sorry arse back out to matches so I can deliver them to you Life keeps happening. Ethan
  9. Approximately when was this made? Can you post post pics of the bores?
  10. Thank you for the info! The one on eBay is on its way to my compound.
  11. I was explaining Cowboy Action Shooting to one of my relatives today. I told her we wear 1880’s style clothes, shoot old west cowboy guns at various targets, etc. She said, “oh, you’re a Larper!” In more than 30 years of playing this game, I have never considered this as a Live Action Role Play (LARP) game. What say ye? Do we LARP?
  12. I am looking for a .400 round ball mold. Please let me know if you have one for sale and how much you want for it. Thanks!
  13. For Sale: Vintage Belding and Mull Visible Powder Measure. $110.00 Vintage powder measure with box and adjustable powder measure tube. I use one like this for my black powder muzzle loading rifle events. (The brass muzzle loader powder measure tubes work with this powder measure too) Of course you can use this for the new-fangled smokeless powders as well. Add $13.45 for shipping in the 48 contiguous states. Shipping will be VIA USPS Priority Mail. You can see pictures here: http://s17.photobucket.com/user/reddykw/media/Cosmoline/IMG_7440.jpg.html?sort=3&o=18 Standard rules and disclaimers: 1. The first person to say “I’ll take it” here on the SASS Wire will be the new owner. Sending PM’s and asking questions is not the same as “I’ll take it.” 2. I will happily answer any questions, please be patient though, I work a lot of hours and am not online constantly. 3. I accept U.S. Postal Money Orders (the kind you buy at the U.S. Post Office). If I know you (or we have done business before), your personal check will be fine. 4. These items are in good overall condition and generally ready to use. I guarantee that they will work as designed, however, some items may need minor cleaning or adjustment to suit your exact needs. They may have slight discoloration, minor surface rust, reloading room dust, use marks, minor scuffs or scratches, and other signs that they are not brand new. 5. If you buy more than one item, I will combine shipping when possible to save on cost. 6. I live in Southern California if you want to pick up an item.
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