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  1. Not all loading tables are on a common firing line. Around here they are mostly perpendicular to the firing line and facing a side berm. There could very well be a loading/unloading officer within the 170. Think of a table facing a side berm and the officer is standing at the end of the table to inspect your guns. That person is well within your 170.....so you can't make that blanket statement as well. It would probably be better to say at the loading and unloading table make sure you don't sweep anyone when handling your firearms. Stan
  2. You can drink YOUR bourbon on the rocks.....I did say we would probably share the 1792 so you can drink it on the rocks as well! Stan
  3. We might share some with you after the awards ceremony! Stan
  4. My condolences to Chuckaroo and family! Sassy was definitely and appropriate alias. Stan
  5. Sad news for sure! Papa was a hellavu cowboy! My condolences to his family. Stan
  6. Congrats to Deuce Stevens for His Top Overall finish at Gunsmoke! Stan
  7. I see a whooping coming and Florida is bringing it! Stan
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