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  1. Let's call the current system what it really is.....A way for awards to be given out and make more folks happy. SASS has shown no interest in setting up a skill based system and quite frankly I don't think most folks really care. I'll keep participating within the rules and wear my buckles (Wrangler and 49r) with pride......I earned them! If I get a wild hair one day and drop down to Wrangler or Cowboy at EOT I don't think Matt Black or Deuce Stevens will be too worried. Stan
  2. Most of y'all are equating AGE to SKILL SET......those two are not directly related. AGE Brackets make sense only for shooters with the same SKILL SET. A brand new shooter that is 50 years old will NEVER stand a chance in 49r here in central Florida. There were 7 49r's in the top 12 at our state match last weekend. Please explain to me what is FAIR about making a new shooter that happens to be the same age as me compete in my "category". Until y'all want to tackle SKILL SETS all this other stuff is irrelevant. Stan
  3. So let me this straight.....we came up with Wrangler because a fellow aged 36 can't compete with with a fellow aged 24.....and we came up with 49r because a fellow aged 49 can't compete with a fellow aged 36....and we came up with Senior because a fellow aged 60 can't compete with a fellow aged 49.....am I correct so far? Now the argument is that an older shooter should not be allowed to drop down to lower age brackets because it's unfair to the younger shooters. PULEZZZZZZZEEEEE.....Either the old guys need protection from the young guys or they don't. IT CAN"T BE BOTH WAYS!!!!!! So it's not ok for an older shooter to drop down IF the shooters in that category are not "as seasoned" ie as good.....I see......we don't want to hurt their feelings. BUT a brand new shooter that happens to be a 49r it's ok for him to get beat by me. That won't bother him because we are the same age. You guys are talking about SKILL SETS not age. We were sold a pig in a poke over all the age categories by the WB.......it's not about AGE it's about SKILLS! It will NEVER be fair under the current platform. Stan
  4. Ask a Moderator to fix your account. It has something to do with being a TG. Stan
  5. Ok.....what is the call IF the stage instructions do NOT include the phrase "the shot for the flyer MUST be fired"? I have seen that phrase left out....including at major matches. Stan
  6. I'm going to make the call based on the verbiage in the Shooter's Handbook unless someone can show me a passage I haven't seen that says "Shotgun rounds must be fired to qualify as engaged". Stan
  7. Whoever explained that to you was mistaken.....if those words need to be included then they would be there. Stan
  8. So I walk to the line with 3 shotgun rounds on my body.....the stage calls for 4+......I knockdown 3 of the 4 shotgun targets. Are you going to give me a P and a Miss? Stan
  9. When it comes to handing out P's....there is not a different rule for the shotgun. Unless of course you can tell me what page to find it in the SHB. Not firing the correct number of rounds is not a P in and of itself.....unfired rounds are misses. Stan
  10. So you give out misses and P's for jacked out rifle rounds that are not reloaded? misses and P's for pistol rounds that don't fire? Those are only misses....the same with the shotgun...... Stan
  11. I'm aware of PWB's interpretation but it's hard to make a call when you don't have him available on the range and all you have to look at is the handbook.....especially when the call does not necessarily follow the handbook. From the shooters Handbook page 45 Engaged – attempting to fire a round at the target. The shooter did attempt to engage the flyer.....Just as the shooter in the scenario in this post attempted to shoot target 4. So in this case there was no P for wrong target order. I am curious how you get a P for not firing 4 rounds? I can see giving a miss for not attempting to fire the 4th shot but not a P. Stan
  12. Where in the handbook does it say that a shotgun round must be fired to count as engaged? Page number will be sufficient. Stan
  13. IMO that would make the difference......I could be wrong. Wouldn't be the first time or the last time...LOL....I don't agree with the call on the other thread. Again I could be wrong. Stan
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