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  1. Midwest Hale Overall Champ!!!!!!! Hale and Outlaw represented the Cracker Crew well! We're very proud of them! Stan
  2. To my knowledge they did not change the Sass Wire just the main website. I just searched for "roughshod" on the club page and it pulled up the Roughshod Raiders. I also filtered down to all the clubs in the state of Florida using the drop down. Handbook opened right up. I also book marked my page and it has the SASS Marshal in the bookmark. I'm using Chrome and Windows 10 Pro. Google/Chrome did an update in the past week and I suspect that may be the cause of the "login every time issue". I know it included changes to "cookies" because I have to periodically go to my cookies and delete some for internal access to sites at work and my bookmark didn't work anymore. I had to update the bookmark to the new webpage inside Chrome. You may want to look at your settings. Cookies are what keeps you logged into a website. Stan
  3. Sad indeed. My condolences to the family. Stan
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