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  1. I received mine as well. My sentiments mirror Phantom’s. Thank you SASS! Stan
  2. I don't know.......What got put in the book seems to match with what we voted on except for "into the back berm" was replaced by "downrange. Stan
  3. Below is the verbiage the TGs received from SASS. This is from the TG Bulletin sent out 11/1/2019..
  4. One of the best surprises I've had in a long time. My hat is off to Misty for what she has done for us. Several thoughts come to mind..... Unexpected! From the Heart! Very Appreciated! Leading the Way for SASS! Thank You Misty! Stan
  5. Folks with medical devices might find the bar magnet disagreeable. Stan
  6. No worries. I prefer using vertical props and requiring rounds to “left” or “right” of the prop. That way no one has to look at their feet or worry about where the buttstock of their gun is. I hadn’t thought about “timing” aspect of that requirement. Another good reason to discuss items like this. Increases awareness for all. Thanks for the insight. Stan
  7. it wouldn't have made sense for a traditional shooter to do that because it wasn't a split pistol type stage so both pistols had to be used from that location. I don't remember the exact wording but I'm sure the intent was "duelist style". Certainly not a hanging offense for the stage writer for leaving the word "style" off. Stan
  8. Please read what I wrote.....I didn't say "Category".... I said "Style" Stan
  9. That was simply a stage instruction that made sure every shooter reached a certain physical position on those stages. Since Duelist are the only ones that can hold a long gun and shoot a pistol at the same time (it's physically impossible for traditional or gunfighter style shooters to do that since both hands are busy with pistols) that added instruction prevented Duelists from shooting their pistols without advancing to the box/table where everyone else made their shotguns safe then shot. Stan
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