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  1. Page 23 of the shooters handbook Minor Safey Violation (MSV) Open, empty long guns that slip and fall – but do not break the 170° safety rule or sweep anyone. Stage Disqualification Penalty (SDQ) Any dropped unloaded firearm on the firing line. Page 43 Dropped firearm – a firearm that has left the shooter’s control and comes to rest at a location or position other than where it was intended. It has been clarified that if a shooter releases control of a gun and it is in continuous motion then it is a DROPPED firearm....ie a rifle is restaged on a table and it continues to slide after the shooter releases it and it goes off the end of the table. Even if the barrel doesn't break the 170 it's still a DROPPED firearm and a SDQ If a gun is released by the shooter and is stationary THEN starts to move it has SLIPPED....ie a rifle is placed on a hay bale and is not moving then it starts to slide off the hay bale. If the barrel does not break the 170 it is a MSV. Stan
  2. Unless the range has been moved to 7000 feet above sea level and I have access to unlimited amounts of beer and moonshine I think I'll be ok.....BUT you never know! Stan
  3. Here's what I get.....I see this message a lot with images and videos Stan
  4. They are usually announced at EOT each year. I'm not sure when they are selected. Stan
  5. Thanks for the information Zak and Congratulations! Stan
  6. Actually Winchester did call them Featherlites.....even had an image of a feather printed on the shell. Stan
  7. Lock time smock time......I don't believe anyone that says "they can outrun a properly tuned gun". Stan
  8. I thought I was signed up for the Last Stand, but I didn't see my name on the list??

    Got me worried!

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