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  1. Is this a .257 Roberts? If so it is a great cartridge for deer sized game. In my late twenties I had a gunsmith rechamber a Thompson Contender barrel in .256 Win Mag to . 257 Roberts to have a handgun to match my rifle. Not one of my better choices in conversions, the muzzle blast and flames were something to behold! I have hunted deer and elk for years with my Ruger model 77 .300 Win Mag, and a Santa Barbara Mauser in .270. I have a Marlin .444 and 1893 Marlin 30-30 that I use for hunting in brushy areas. I think if I was starting over now I would go with the 6.5 Creedmore. My brother in law is shooting his out to 1200 yards.
  2. Howdy, A good friend of mine wants to get his family heirloom rifles off the wall and out to send some lead down range. First up is the M1869 Werder which fires the .43 Mauser (11.15 x 60R) cartridge. I am hoping someone has 10 or 12 pieces of brass they are willing to sell and some lead bullets. Also looking for a set of used dies and a shell holder. Let me know what you have and how much you want for it please. Shipping will be to Zip 92583.@ This rifle has been in my friends family for more than 100 years and his 84 year old mother says it has not been fired in her lifetime that she recalls. The family does not shoot much and they don’t reload so I’ll be cleaning and inspecting the rifle prior to loading the cartridges with black powder and taking them to them to the range. The other rifle is a Podewils Linder breech loading cap lock. This should be a grand adventure! Thanks!
  3. Home projects and automotive restoration are generally covered by Ethan’s Rule of 3s: 1. It will take 3 times longer to complete than you thought it would. 2. It will be 3 times harder than you thought it would be. 3. It will cost 3 times more than you planned to spend.
  4. Pat you are aging well. It must be the Folgers!
  5. Is the Lee lead furnace a bottom poor? If so, how much are you asking for it?
  6. I’ll take number 44 please let me know where to send the funds.
  7. Hi Kid Rich, Thank you for locating the Square Deal B parts, I’ll take them! Sending a PM your way for payment info.
  8. I have not yet tried one of these Pyrex replacement hopper for Dillon powder measure but they look interesting.
  9. As you noted a chamber checker gauges the loaded ammo. To find a rifle headspace issue, other equipment is needed. Here is a link to each style of gauge needed to perform the checks (go, no-go, field): 38 WCF rifle head space gauges The 38 WCF has been my favorite SASS cartridge for many years. Because I have several rifles in this caliber, in 1990 I figured out the simplest and most cost effective solution for me was to trim my resizing die to move the shoulder back, and then use a Lee Factory Crimp die to ensure the bullets stay in place. There are other crimp die solutions out there, the Redding Profile Crimp Dies are said to work well. I trim my brass to the same overall length as well. The Ruger Vaquero cylinders were originally chambered too small to use for lead bullets, I had to ream the cylinders to make them useable for SASS. I am not sure if Ruger has addressed the isssue yet, however in 2001 Ruger insisted there was nothing wrong with a .396” chamber for a .401” bullet. Cheers!
  10. And exact model number would help folks too. Is it a first focal plane, MOA, etc. Nightforce has lots of choices.
  11. Darren, Both of these calibers use the same shell plate (G) and locator buttons (#7). Once you locate either conversion kit, you can just order the powder funnel only for the other caliber (#11151 for .40-65 and #13407 for .45-70) then use the shell plate & locator pins from the set you have. Cheers!
  12. Still on the hunt for Dillon dies. Shoot straight amigos!
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