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  1. Chili, I am curious about the thumb side lock on a top break revolver. I have not seen this before. What is the function of the thumb side lock? thanks, Ethan
  2. Thanks for the additional info and best of luck with your sale. As for me, I am in California for now so all the folks that won't ship here keep saving me money.
  3. Willi, I am surprised your gun store does not have the R.L. Wilson pocket book for Colt dates of manufacture. If it has 4 serial numbers or less it was made in 1884 or 1885. If you post the first 3 of the 5 serial numbers I can tell you what year it was manufactured. If the serial number is below 85800 it was made prior to 1900 and does not have to be shipped to an FFL dealer. As such, you would be able to sell it to folks in California. Do you have the screw for the fore end? Do you know if the threads it should screw into are good? Do you know who made the rear stock?
  4. Dee Mak, I’ll take these if they are still available. Ethan
  5. Your picture links don’t work. I think your Marlin is an 1894 not an 1895 based on the pistol caliber. Is it a round barrel or octagon? if it’s an octagon I’d be interested. I’m in So Cal not northern. if you don’t find what your looking for up there.
  6. As a Marlin fan and owner of a similar rifle in 38 WCF, I really appreciate your posts!
  7. Thank you very much for going out of your way to honor my request! I am a lucky man indeed. Very best regards, Ethan
  8. I just placed an order for the PCC. Feel free to send me the display model shown in your pictures. The serial number 00124 is perfect as my SASS number is 124 (yes I need to update my picture to show off my silver hair). If you have already sold that unit, I understand. I’m looking forward to trying your product on my Ruger Old Army revolvers. Best regards, Ethan
  9. Lone Dog, I got an offer to buy them via PM a little after 9 this morning. You are next in line if the other pard does not buy them. Thank you!
  10. I have a new set of Lee dies if you plan on reloading. $27 shipped in the 48 states.
  11. If you already own a Handi Rifle, I have .270 barrel for sale. It has a scope mounting rail. $115.00 shipped.
  12. Max, Thanks for the offer and withdrawal. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Will probably just list most of the stuff on eBay.
  13. Cheyenne Ranger, Thanks for the question, the Dillon RF 100 primer fillers are not included with the Square Deal B reloading press. To buy the Square Deal B new from Dillon with the accessories I have on this machine would be $622.00 plus sales tax and shipping. The RF 100 Primer Fillers with covers new from Dillon are $350.00 each plus sales tax and shipping. As Mr. Norfleet mentioned, I have a large and small RF 100 unit listed in separate ads for $250.00 each plus shipping. Ethan
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