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  1. I’ll take the second one if still available. PM payment info for PP please.
  2. Indeed, that is why I just provided the link to the chart so that the OP could determine what he wants to use once his research is complete. He does not have Unique powder, he has some Winchester WST and wants to develop a load accordingly.
  3. Here is a link for the MEC powder bushing chart which shows WST powder: MEC Powder Bushing Info Hopefully this helps! Cheers
  4. To speed up the process, one must use quick grits!
  5. I wish it was at a Turner’s in So Cal. I’ve wanted one of the Seecamps for ages.
  6. Thanks Marlin, I responded and marked the items sold. Ethan
  7. Sure, it will have to ship in a medium flat rate box, it won't all fit in a small box. I'll shoot you a PM.
  8. Yikes (and a whole bunch of other words my Mom wishes I didn't use)!!
  9. The phrase Rubenesque comes to mind. To understand history we cannot judge it by what we know, we must look at it through the minds and eyes of those living at that time. I’m betting that the cowboys in the the 1890,s would not have paid for the services of a twiggy looking super model. I think they preferred a little cushion for the pushing.
  10. But why don't they have a soiled dudes contest?
  11. I may have neglected to mention that Dad was born in Fort Worth and Granddad was born near San Antonio.............
  12. My Dad and his parents are buried in the Fayetteville National Cemetery. Not a day passes when Arkansas is not in my thoughts........
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