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  1. The Pensacola NAS Museum is awesome!
  2. Killer McCoy & Miss Sage (the camp follower) probably polluted the water in the harbor a bit while using Pickering’s yacht. The forties was a different time in the US of A. Plenty of folks using outhouses here in the States then too, problematic if it’s near your well with a high water table.
  3. You can read about the interchangeability on these cartridges here: Info on the .22 Extra Long Rimfire
  4. I can’t recall the name of the restaurant, but the GLB lunch that included a trip to the Autry Museum was great.
  5. Dusty, I'll take the AT500, the slug fest coated bullets and the 30-30 dies/ammo. Let me know what matches you will be at in the near future and we can meet up. I'm not in a rush so make it work for you. Best regards, Ethan
  6. Dusty, i am interested in the powder and primers depending on what they are. Please send me a PM with your contact info.
  7. I sent a PM about the mags on Monday at 07:22 PM but no response yet. Let me know.
  8. He was on the site 33 minutes ago. You can message him here: Lone Rider https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/profile/25459-lone-rider-sass-73063/
  9. Black Mike, if Yul’s buyer comes up with the rest of the money and you get word on Saturday, I have 2 RF 100s that don’t get used much anymore. One for small and the other is for large primers. I’ll have to check on shipping costs to your location though, so let me know your zip code so I can check to see how much it will run.
  10. SDJ, I already own more ARs than I will ever need (1), however I was willing to buy a stripped lower with FU Kapernick written all over it just on general principal.
  11. Admit it, you thought Lorelei said "what I love about Cats"!
  12. Sold out. And I live in Kalifornia.
  13. To ease the worries about water stored in plastic bottles and to cut down on the weight of your kit, I recommend this product from Bernard:
  14. In Scouts we carried the Ten Essentials for our outdoor adventures: Ten Essentials Useful ideas here too: Survival Kit Whatever you decide to carry, make sure you understand how it works, and practice using it. An emergency is not a good time to find out there are pieces missing, you have the wrong fuel canister for a stove, or you have no idea how to use your gear. Replace the batteries annually and store them in a zip lock bag, not in the flashlight, radio, etc.. Replace your medicines annually too. The ammo can idea is good if you plan to stay with the vehicle. If you plan to hike to get to safety, an old backpack like kids use for school these days is a great way to carry enough stuff to survive for 1 to 3 days. Use the lists above and personalize your own 24 or 72 hour bag.
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