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  1. Somewhere in a box I have the 1991 & 1992 Durango shoot t-shirts. I also have some great photos of me, Flint Westwood, Brimstone Cob and his son. If I recall correctly, 1991 is the year Flint gave Marshal Law his new alias "Puke Lipwalker". But what happens on the range, stays on the range!
  2. Well the good news is that gun prices are up a bit too and the SASS Wire Classifieds is a good place to unload your guns if you aren't going to be using them.
  3. Congratulations sir, and thank you for all of the knowledge and experience you share with your fellow shooters!
  4. I love original period equipment that has actually "been there and done that!" I shoot some of my original stuff in SASS for just that reason. That said, the extra long strokes and stoke factory actions would not be preferred by today's stand and deliver Cowboy Action Shooters. Back in the day, the action in "Cowboy Action Shooting" was all about movement onto various old west props, through buildings, running to the next shooting station, etc. These days, I guess it's all about super short stroke actions on revolvers and rifles so one does not tire out the thumbs and wrists. :-) The game has changed, it is still fun, but much different than when you only needed one six-shooter and action was key. FYI, many of us were shooting original guns because there were not many viable "reproductions" available yet.
  5. Pictures of the Bounty Hunter VHS tapes I have and a couple of other by SASS and Red River Drifter.
  6. Unfortunately Scott (Bounty Hunter) passed away quite some time back. He was a personal friend. I have a copy of his book and VHS tapes. I actually came across an extra copy (new still in the plastic wrap) of the Top Shooter's Guide to the exciting sport of Cowboy Action Shooting on my book shelf. Great times!
  7. Howdy all, One item that seems to be problematic when shipped (especially via USPS flat rate boxes) is bullets (projectiles, not cartridges). Because of their weight, they can tear open the ends of the boxes if they are not securely taped with good quality tape. The fold in tabs and self sticking tape on flat rate boxes is not enough to contain the weight of the bullets inside them. Bullets not stored and shipped in their original boxes can be secured in a vacuumed sealed package if you have a seal-a-meal device. If not they should be secured in a heavy duty zip lock bag and then double it up with a second bag. After that, I recommend wrapping the zip lock bags with packing tape before placing them in the box. Be sure to fill any empty space in the box interior with newspaper, plastic grocery, bags or packing peanuts to prevent the bullets from shifting end to end during transit and busting open the box in the process. I have been disappointed several times by receiving an empty or partially empty box that was supposed to contain bullets. Trying to collect the insurance from the USPS is an experience you will not enjoy and is truly not worth the time of effort it requires, if you are somehow successful. Happy Trails!
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