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  1. This should get you to the past shows: Gunslinger Podcasts
  2. Try this for information: Gunslinger Radio on Facebook they are on iheartradio 790 KABC
  3. I have soaked the soft edges in isopropyl alcohol with good results.
  4. The coach gets paid for football. Your son does not. The coach probably gets paid even more for winning seasons and may even move up to the JC or College level with even more pay. In the end, it doesn't matter who pays or gets paid. What matters is your son. Dad is the most important job you will ever have. Sometimes it comes with tough choices that will piss off your son. Choose wisely, your son is counting on you.
  5. I have owned and like both of these calibers (for different reasons). You have stated that you don't hunt, so my assumptions will exclude hunting scenarios. Sell or trade all of your .243 ammo and re-invest the funds in a caliber you do shoot. That could include .308 if you go that route. In a SHTF situation, .243 may or may not be available, and .308 will certainly be easier to locate than .243.
  6. Southpark, I have what you need and some stuff you probably can use. The HD bushing is 7/8 oz. I also have shot bushings through 1 3/8 oz. I have a total of 17 different powder bushings as well. I'll ship it all to you for $39.00 via USPS flat rate mail.
  7. Looking for Ruger factory mags for the Mark II and Mini 14. I’m not interested in after market mags. Please let me know price and quantity. If if by chance you have a Colt Sauer Mag in .375 H&H I’d be interested in that too. Thanks!
  8. Reply sent, funds headed your way. Thank you very much! Ethan
  9. This should all fit in a Medium USPS flat rate shipping box. If that is the case I will take it.
  10. There are numerous configurations of 32 rim fire ammo. Pictures may help identify what you have. I recommend a book titled Cartridges of the World. Great info. once you know what you have, check out gunbroker.com for the collectible or antique ammo section You can see asking price and check the selling price on completed auctions too
  11. I have Don Knotts autograph courtesy of my my mom. They went through the Schick program to quit smoking together. Don went through the program 3 times and came out a confirmed smoker. Mom finally kicked the habit and is currently residing with my wife and I as she recovers from a bypass surgery performed on October 2nd. She should be back at her house before the end of the year.
  12. I would not have an issue restoring that SAA. As you stated, get the letter from Colt first is you are trying to match the factory configuration. I have a first gen in 38 WCF that someone nickeled or re-nickeled. I'm not sure which and I can't recall if I got a letter from Colt on this gun or not. Doug Turnbull does great work, however it is not inexpensive. You can request a quote here: Restoration Services Or just drool on the finished products here: Restoration Gallery Let us know what you decide to do!
  13. Great information Jack! Thanks for sharing your research and photos. I have some of these early 44-40:cartridges and other dash caliber cases I have collected over a lifetime of scrounging and trading. There may a Milburn primed cartridge in the mix, but I haven’t checked in awhile. I think there are two or three Henry cartridges in the mix along with some early government and civilian 45-70 cartridges and cases.
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