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  1. I am sure I have spare screws for the bolt. Not sure about the firing pin, maybe. Shoot me a PM if you are interested and I'll check.
  2. Sixgun, Your 69 Z-28 sounds like an awesome car! I had a 1970 1/2 Z-28 in my early to mid 20's but traded it off. My youngest son now has an original 1971 SS/RS Camaro. I am currently putting together the components to rebuild a 1969 302 Z-28 engine that I will drop into my 1972 El Camino. I have the block, pistons, crank shaft, solid lifter cam and a single 4 barrel intake manifold so far. I am looking for a factory dual quad manifold, but no luck so far. I have not decided if I will go with stock cast iron 2.02 heads or use aftermarket aluminum yet. In a w
  3. Yep, some of my 45-70 brass came out like the bottom picture when I mixed the nickel & brass in with Lemi-Shine and Dawn. I have since re-cleaned it with Strat-O-Sheen only and it is much better. Not super shiny, but it does not look brown and dirty.
  4. I found a 100 plus rounds of 45 Colt brass on the shelf that had been fired with black powder. Not sure where this brass came from, probably got it in a trade, but I'm certain that it has been on the shelf for the better part of a decade. After de-priming the brass, I set aside the 10 nickel cases and tumbled it with just water and Strat-O-Sheen and it cleaned up really well and is very shiny. I am now a Strat-O-Sheen convert! Thanks to all of you for your input!
  5. TN Mongo, I also remove the primers prior to tumbling my brass. I use the Lee Universal Decapping and Depriming Die mounted in my Rockchucker press. I also have a supply of spare Lee Universal Depriming and Decapping Die Pins because from time to time a Berdan primed case ended up in my .223 or .308 brass destroying the decapping pins in my Dillon dies before I changed over to the using the Lee die as a stand alone operation. The replacement Lee decapping pins are bargain and change out quickly with a wrench. Thanks for your advice! Ethan
  6. Sedalia Dave, My "friend" took your advice and ran the brass through again without any nickel cases this time. The cases are very clean, yet still quite as dull as my "friend" who is contemplating an alias change to Little Dull Brass.
  7. If someone already did this, is there anyway to make the brass shiny again? Asking for a friend......
  8. Thank you all for the replies! I ordered the Strat-o-sheen which should arrive by the 22nd. In the mean time, I am trying out the recommended no SS pin method using some Meguiar's Deep Crystal car wash I have on hand (my cousin "borrowed" my Meguiar's Gold Class) and a little Lemi Shine liquid. Another question for those that recommended the no SS pin method. Does this work for cleaning black powder from brass too, or do you find the pins are needed to get the crud out? Thanks again!
  9. Howdy all, I finally have some time to start catching up on brass cleaning and reloading. I have a tumbler with stainless steel pins and in the past used an 1/8 teaspoon of Dawn & 1/8 teaspoon of Lemi Shine if I recall correctly. I believe the Lemi Shine I used was the powder, but it's been a while. I believe it was this Lemi Shine Powder however while looking under the sink I located this bottle of Lemi Shine Rinse which is a liquid. Have any of you tried this? I know this is probably a loaded question, do you have any other recommendations for cleani
  10. Hi Scott! Great to see you back on the wire! Are you still driving those Vipers? For those of you that have not had the pleasure of meeting Sixgun Shorty, he is one of the most knowledgeable folks you’ll ever meet when it comes to Colt firearms.
  11. Railhead Arizona 1990, from left to right: Marshal Law, Ethan Cord, Ringo, Poppa Joe (RIP)
  12. RIP Lady Hawk. You are one of the kindest and most beautiful souls I’ve ever known.
  13. Honest Henry has joined God’s posse. RIP and Happy Trails until we meet again old friend.
  14. Using the Tyvek bag to wrap the bullets before placing them in a box is a great idea! Thanks! I have never had an issue with bullet packaging sent from professional caster, and I have purchased from numerous vendors including Springfield Slim over the years. The occasional private seller may not realize how little respect shippers have for the packages they handle.
  15. Howdy all, One item that seems to be problematic when shipped (especially via USPS flat rate boxes) is bullets (projectiles, not cartridges). Because of their weight, they can tear open the ends of the boxes if they are not securely taped with good quality tape. The fold in tabs and self sticking tape on flat rate boxes is not enough to contain the weight of the bullets inside them. Bullets not stored and shipped in their original boxes can be secured in a vacuumed sealed package if you have a seal-a-meal device. If not they should be secured in a heavy duty zip lock
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