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  1. Prayers and a successful recovery for your son. :
  2. You won’t find a better CAS rig than Colts, outstanding quality and designed to do what our game requires, good price on a beautiful rig. No dog in the hunt just giving Kudos where it’s deserved. SCJ
  3. Land run is the Sass National Championships held by the Territorial Marshalls club of Oklahoma, as Hells Comin said it is in Arcadia Okla. it is gonna be a great shoot this year with a lot of shooters, better get on the wait list now and hopefully you will get a chance to shoot one of the best CAS shoots in the U.S.A. and pick up a really sweet lookin Mustang gun cart for a great price!
  4. I’m a Sharps man but this is a beautiful rolling block, tempting but gotta pass. Your offerings are always so interesting.
  5. Hey all you cowboy and cowgirls! This shoot is fast approaching and I can’t recommend a better place to burn up those precious primers than with the Lincoln County Cowboys at their state shoot! Scott Wayne and the boys do an excellent job of putting up stages that are fast, close, and well thought out, no “P” traps here but stages with lots of movement and well thought out scenarios that will challenge but not tie you in knots! The stages are all covered so protection from the rain or sun is assured, There will be excellent Moly buckles for 1st. place category as well as 1st. place Oklahoma State winners and an outstanding banquet held in the local High school auditorium. So get those entry’s in now and come enjoy a great shoot with great folks, you won’t be disappointed!! Hope to see you there! Silver Creek Jack
  6. Congrats to both! Looking forward to meeting you both this fall!
  7. Hey J.E.L. google 3 board guys and take a look at their wood carts, I just got their 2 gun cart and love it, breaks down in minutes and has plenty of room for an all day shoot, it’s light and easy to handle, your 7 year old won’t have a problem with it! No dog in the hunt just like to pass on what really works!
  8. I have a friend that wants to lighten the springs ( hammer and trigger)in his Uberti El patrons, what spring kit would you recommend ? Thanks-SCJ
  9. Yep, straight trigger is a bit of a transition but that trigger pinch one time was enough for me!
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