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  1. Oh I don’t know Happy, the Good Lord might like a fine rifle as much as anybody, that is a beautiful firearm! SCJ
  2. Here on the wire for shot I believe you are looking for Shootin Fox . SCJ
  3. I found out I was too fumble fingered to shoot a 97 fast, much better with a coach gun. SCJ
  4. Good advice from GJ, he just helped me out with a problem I was having with my 73, it needed a new extractor ! SCJ
  5. This guy has everything! In reference to my search for a Win. 1886 he wrote "Hello contact Carter in Florida he has Winchester/Miroku1886 1-500 45-70 riffle he will be looking to dispose" LOL! No way to get ahold of Carter though... man I was so ready to talk to him. What a maggot. SCJ
  6. Looking for a 1886 Winchester/ Miroku 1 of 500 45/70 rifle for a close friend, he shot mine in competition and fell in love with it and wants one for himself and he ain’t gettin mine! Let me know if you might have one layin around you might part with. Thanks- SCJ
  7. Man what a good laugh! I needed that this morning! SCJ
  8. So sorry to hear of his passing, prayers up. SCJ
  9. We sure have lost a lot of good cowboys this year, so sorry to hear of another, prayers up. SCJ
  10. Good for this Sheriff, I hope more follow his lead! SCJ
  11. Yup shoot it for all the above reasons and welcome to a great sport! SCJ
  12. Silver Creek Jack

    Big Drink

    Good for you Noz! Great news!! SCJ
  13. Thanks BCB! Just ordered one, and thanks to everyone that offered help! SCJ
  14. Thanks Red Cent, are you familiar with this particular tool as far as being durable?
  15. I am looking for a Black powder cartridge camming tool for an 1874 Sharps rifle, hopefully someone might have one they don’t use any more. Any information on where I might pick one up would be appreciated. SCJ
  16. Prayers for a successful surgery and rapid recovery Pat!! SCJ
  17. I prefer Federal then Winchester for all of my guns. SCJ
  18. Excellent! Like them a lot! SCJ
  19. Prayers for you TBone, hang in there. SCJ
  20. Chisolm Trail is having our club shoot today first one since the lockdown, REALLY looking forward to it! SCJ
  21. It’s a good powder,I use it in my 44-40 and no complaints! SCJ
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