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  1. Congrats to a fine young woman and competitor. 6 and Lil
  2. Prayers up for you and family. 6 and Lil
  3. Your right, is Washington. Any info is much appreciated. Thanks. 6
  4. Settling an estate and need contact info on any estate lawyer in Federal Way, Washington. You can post here or PM me. Thanks in advance. 6
  5. I need to get my app in too. Sounds too good.
  6. Sixgun Seamus, make it June at the Gunfight. Not sure Joe will let us do it at KY State. Tyrel, I ain't shooten "black". 6
  7. Tyrel, If we can get Doc Roy l. Pain to shoot with us, let's do it.
  8. Tough call Joe, but the right one. Hey Sixgun, let's shoot Classic CowboyGunfighter?
  9. Joe, app will be in the mail tomorrow and for Black Gold. We're not camping this year.

    See you soon.

    6 and Lil

  10. My wife, Cimarron Lil , won this pistol at EOT in 2007 or 08. Don't remember, and really don't know what to ask as a selling price. It has just been sitting in the safe. Description on the box: 1851 Navy Yank .36 7 1/2". Extra Luxe Hand Engraving. I will try to post a link to Photo Bucket for pics but if that doesn't work respond here and I will send you pics. The gun was obviously handled at EOT as there is a couple of small blemishes on the barrel but can be polished out. She is asking $1500.00, like I said we don't know where to start. Thanks, 6[uRL=http://s1174.photobucket.com/user/bigsix2/media/20170122_143642_zpsq43i8cqm.jpg.html][/url]
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