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  • Birthday 08/09/1954

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    Crestwood, Kentucky
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    cowboy action shooting,woodworking,photography,hunting,shooting, motorcycling
    Founding member of Knob Creek Gunfighters.

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  1. Congratulations, sounds like a good time.
  2. Happened to my first shotgun, blew the rib off, opened the right barrel 1/2 inch at the breech end and tapered like a carrot towards the muzzle. Never unlocked the barrels, when I opened it up all that was left of the shell was the brass head. No one was hurt but it sure was LOUD with my right ear so close to it. p.s. I still have the barrels to remind me
  3. All I got to say is Hi Bud! We should get together one day and shoot a match somewhere.
  4. I'll sure send up prayers and good wishes, miss spending time with you both. It has been way too long. Get well fast Manatee.
  5. I do the o-ring in the primer pocket but instead of seating a bullet I simply give the case a roll over on the mouth so it goes into the chamber easy. Oh and a flat filed on the rim.
  6. Only 4, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee. Lots of others I'd like to get to though.
  7. Took a while but here I is. Brandon A. Bovine #27688 at the 2017 Kentucky State SASS match, Hooten Old Town 1st place senior. since 1999
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