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  1. Very sad news. Prayers up for family. 6 and Lil
  2. He said that he had not had a chance to figure out what the price was going to be on the new guns.  I currently own 2 Chiappa's and 1 IAC.  1 of my Chiappas has Lassiters drop 2 conversion, the other has Chiappas factory drop 2 and the IAC has Coyote Caps drop 2 conversion.  I was talking to Lassiter about sending my factory Chiappa to him for his conversion and I am selling my IAC to my nephew with the advice that he also get the Lassiter conversion on that gun.  My experience is that his guns just work that much better than the other conversions.  The advantage to my Coyote Cap conversion is you can still use the magazine, so you can get more than 2 in the gun but that also means that if you are not careful when you are loading 2 you can mess up and then you have a train wreck.  87's are really fun to run when they work correctly and they are a nightmare when they do not.  The only shotgun I use in cowboy is the 1887 and after about 5 years I will finally be set up with 2 Chiappa Lassiters so I will have a backup.


    Lassiter's real name is Tom Wildenauer and his phone number is (937)687-1039.  I am sure if you call him he would be happy to set you up with a gun.


    Good Luck

    Curly Pete

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