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  1. Got 2 20rd CMI Mags for sale. $70 and I pay shipping. Thanks for looking. 6
  2. Hey Sgt. Eli, your money is worth double face value, isn't it? 6
  3. Guns are New in Box. No gunsmithing. Your FFL has to accept from an individual. $2250 to CONUS, I'll pay shipping and insurance. Postal MO is best but check ok, I'll hold tell it clears. First I'll take it here. Thanks for looking, 6
  4. TWO DOT, you got it Jack Spade your nest if deal falls through.
  5. This gun has had less than a box of shells through it. Never shot in a match. I had two this is the last to go. No gunsmithing done to it. I have no idea where the box is but will ship it if found. (Don't expect it) First I'll take it here. $750 and I'll pay shipping to CONUS. Postal MO is best but check ok, Check will be held. Your FFL has to accept from an individual. Thanks for looking, 6
  6. Top is a set for the original Ruger 32's. As you can see the left panel is broke, no screw. I guess it could be glued. $30.00 shipped. Bottom is set of Ajax #31, polymer ivory, which fits the OLD model Vaquero and some other models too., with screw. $30.00 shipped. SPF First I'll take it here. Thanks for looking. 6
  7. I too nominate Whiskey Hayes from TN. I can't really add much to what's already been said, but no one works harder at being Classic then Whiskey. He walks the walk and talks the talk. He is the definition of "willin". Respectfully, Big Six Henderson
  8. Hammers are blued with the plunger. One is still in package, the other was put in gun and fired a few times but I did not like it. Both for $170 shipped. Saw some in an earlier post for $99 apiece. PM me for address. Thanks 6
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