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  1. There's a common theme here. I've used both to stem the tide that's also known as "rust". Pretty much, any lubricant will help keep the damage to the underlying finish by the copper. Go lightly, take your time and in the end only you will know where the damage was.
  2. I knew that, but some probably don't, and I just thought I'd clarify. I wear mine in front, normally stand in a Weaver stance and only need a slight swivel to put the muzzle straight downrange. Folks that wear their crossdraw at their side, could easily consider the "Twist Draw" and move even less!
  3. Get ya one of these hats... retrofit it to your cowboy hat! If ya shape the brim "just right" it'll keep the smoke movin'!
  4. This really dependent on just where your crossdraw is located on your body.
  5. Wisner's will be your best bet! Newly made parts, call and determine that you're ordering the correct "stirrup" type mainspring if ours is of that vintage. There are two pre-64 springs for a straight grip, one with the stirrup, and one that is a flat spring used in the later pre-94s. Numrich only sells used parts, and sometimes gets some 94 parts mis-labeled.
  6. THIS ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ In fact, even "shuffling" your feet while shooting is not a penalty. Having to move your feet to maintain balance from recoil, especial those of that are NOT weight challenged is a HIGH probability! No penalties. And: There is, unsportsmanlike conduct; I just don't know when to apply it! I especially like those that will call something like this, then do the exact same thing themselves; AND THEN argue about it when someone tries to call them on their "rule"!
  7. My favorite BP bullet in my 45 Colt rifles is the RCBS 45-225-CAV, a truncated cone and a large grease groove to carry a LOT of lube out the end of my 24" rifles. When I'm shooting BP, is use C&B revolvers, so I don't worry about a pistol bullet. Although that same RCBS mold is still useful. I do have a 160 TC mold from Lee (6-cavity), that is of a Big Lube™ design, that carries a LOT of lube for pistols. And I load those in a Cowboy45Special case (think 45ACP with a 45Colt rim), available from Starline. Most excellent cartridge for this game & BP in 45 Colt handguns. Quite a number of folks have their rifles converted to use the case also. Again, you can play with what you like.
  8. Or like my t-shirt sez, "SECEDE? Hell, y'all are lucky we don't INVADE!,
  9. Hey! Look it's the cops, everybody act natural!!
  10. EVERY chance I get. Especially fun, when you use someone else's ammo, guns, don't have to clean guns or reload the ammo! Great bunch of folks there in southern Oregon. As I've found pretty much EVERYWHERE I've had the opportunity to visit. And you can tease me all you want, but you try picking up strange guns, unknown ammo and aim for the smallest part of the targets... let me know how many misses you have! Devil Dog Dare ya! And Jed I. Knight is pretty much the same in person as in his videos... straight shooting and talking! Be Save, Have Fun, and I'll see you out at the range!
  11. Grease is for where the lubrication needs to stick and generally inaccessible, oil is for where it can be easily replenished from tim to time.
  12. Grease if it rotates, anywhere you can't access without disassembly, or has pressure (think pins and the top of the lifter bar), oil if it slides.
  13. Lyman's 4th Ed Cast Bullet Handbook only lists 160 & 200 grain cast bullets for the 45 Colt in the pistol section. Of those powders you have listed they have loads for 231 & trail boss listed for both bullet weights. I've used a 185 grain bullet and utilized about the mid point between their starting loads for each bullet weight as a beginning to develop my own load. I quit using that bullet due to the rifle I was using at that time didn't like the 185 bullet I was using. And, except for BP, it doesn't like my 160 grain I'm using now... so I've stuck to the 200 weight RFN. And, my Colt SAAs like the 160 grain bullet in Cowboy45Special cases better than they ever like the 185 gr. in 45 Colt Cases. Plus, in the short case and the light CAS loads it's much easier to gain load density (and ergo, consistency). When I've hit them, I've never had a problem with KDs and the 160s in C45S @ just over 700 fps. Yes, I'm avoiding the question, as my suggestion is to quit fooling with the 45 Colt for pistols and go to the C45S case, available from Starline. If you don't want to buy... pm me an address and I'll send you 25 to test out... that's how much I like 'em.
  14. Yes, a founding member of the Wild Bunch & SASS, ISTR he moved to the SF area around '90.
  15. Another rule that if repealed wouldn't improve my times a bit... but could sure help those athletically inclined folks... Just thinkin' out loud...
  16. Shameful waste of peanut butter.
  17. Y'all are glossing over the whole phrasing used in the quoted law: "attached in any manner to, the firearm, including, but not limited to, the firing chamber, magazine, or clip thereof attached to the firearm." Not all LEOs or Prosecutors are created equal in their attitudes toward gun rights. The underlined words provide them the latitude to interpret what "loaded" means. And while the Courts are the final arbitrator of what the written law means, that entails some costs the many of us are not willing to bear. But, as a former resident, (happily ensconced in TX these many years), I would not be adverse to, and plan to visit CA with my guns for a couple of matches this coming year. 1st, and foremost, like most everywhere else, CA has a criminal element, and your average LEO is most concerned about that element. Those CHP cars and motorcycles are 1st & foremost concerned with traffic & vehicular infractions. You, and only YOU, dear reader, can keep their bullseye off your back. Use some uncommon good sense, and comply with their storage and transport laws to the best of your ability. If required by your state, make sure your vehicle(s) are duly registered and licensed, keep proof of insurance with you, make sure your lights are in good operating order, (& that they ALL work). If you have a breakdown, be prepared to have one stop and ask if you need assistance. Yes, they'll look around & into your vehicle to see if you're carrying any contraband in plain sight... DON'T! If you keep your ammo out of the pistol or rifle case and even if both are in the trunk, you can be assured you pretty much actually comply with both the spirit and letter of the law. If neither gun nor ammo is within your reach as you drive your vehicle, and the gun is separated from ammo by at least an otherwise empty soft case, in my very inexpert opinion, you're in compliance with the law. Don't fall into those mistakes that some officers look specifically for, texting while driving, not using a hands-free device, drive sensibly and remain aware of what traffic is around you and you'll probably have a lovely trip and lots of fun. And remember this, we all, no matter where we live in these United States" are at the mercy of those we elect to "rule" us. Any or all of them could turn on us at the drop of a hat. So... be careful of your criticisms of those among us that have suffered their elected officials "mercy" sooner than the rest of us.
  18. I have four double tube 8' fixtures using led lamps in my reloading/cast shop. I can't tell when it gets dark outside... ceiling is about 8' high, and it measures 12'x20' I also have Hornady's small strip of LEDs mounted to the upper support of my press so I can see down in my cases just a tad better... I'd post pictures, but Photobucket seems to have just quit working at all on this computer.
  19. He was using a .31 caliber gun, not legal for main match use anyway.
  20. If I recall correctly, only ONE mag is required. But, that's strictly for the operation of the pistol... and it'll kill the clock to reload it time after time in the course of a stage. A Wild Bunch match is like a tour of duty for a cop... and I carried 10 spare mags besides the 3 on me... just in case! We typically shoot between 28 & 35 pistol rounds per stage... BTW, a magazine loader is your friend...
  21. You know... hold the guns upside down, trigger with the pinkie! Caps are sure to fall to the ground!!
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