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  1. I sight my rifle to be 3-½" high @ 35 yards. ((Traditional 6 o'clock hold). It's just about 7" low @ 100, dead on @ 75 yards and high everywhere closer in. I can run close in targets with the front sight on the bottom of the target and be assured of a hit, and hold on the top of a 100 yard target and similarly (if I do my part), be assured of a hit. Assuming standard 16" square targets... Run a ballistic calculation for YOUR load with 5 yard increments and I think you'll find it AIN'T rocket science.
  2. I wouldn't use a leather washer... a stainless lock washer, yes... but, with the humidity in our part of the world, the leather will absorb it, and either rust the spring, the inside of your frame or, both. I use stock springs... and thin stainless lockwasher I picked up @ Ace.
  3. What we'd call testimonial and documentary evidence. Legal in a court of law... and this member of the jury deems it sufficient.
  4. I've noticed that spotter deficiency with my .36s also... I once had all three spotters call for 4 misses on a dump target... there was only one lead splash on the target... TO TRIED to educate them... so now I shoot for clean areas on the targets... far fewer called misses!
  5. I don't about this so-called 45LC, but 6.0 grains of Reddot behind a 200 RFN and good crimp in my 45 Colt rifles gives a clean burn. Makes PF @~825fps.
  6. Empirical studies are called for. Theoretical treatises are insufficient to provide absolute proof. I'll contribute to your commissioning fee in the amount of $0.02. Hire all the consultants neede out of your commissioning fee, along with any necessary test equipment.
  7. I knew you knew the answer, I just had to type slowly enough for you to follow along. All these other guys type so fast it's hard for spotters to follow.
  8. THE SHOOTER'S TIME. + one (or more) miss if there was an opportunity for a clear miss and the shooter didn't hit another like target out of sequence; or "P" if they did. If there was no opportunity for a clear miss, (overlapping or not enough separation}, that "P" gets entered as a "miss".
  9. Finally! The term should be "CLEAR Miss"... And Widder... if you want my thoughts... see: https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/288010-target-distance/
  10. At least ½"! The largest caliber we can use is .45... so ½ oughta work... no? Okay, Okay... I know... There's often target wobble when clanged with those heavy, slow movin' bullets... so maybe it needs to be at least ¾" But no more... really!! Personally, it seems as tho' we spend at least 100 times the time and effort to analyse every aspect of this game than we do shooting! A hit on the wrong target in a sequence is either a "P" or it's a hit.... squabblin' about "how much" space needs to be between targets for a "clear miss"... is begging for someone to end up asking... hey it was less than ½ the required distance between targets for a "clear miss"... shouldn't that be counted as a HIT? Unintended consequences... remember those? Show up, pay the entry fee... shoot, don't hurt anyone, have fun... isn't that the POINT of this whole thing?
  11. The most successful gunpowder manufacturer in the US had approximately 288 explosions between 1802 & 1921, taking 228 lives. [url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eleutherian_Mills]Eleutherian Mills[/url]. Have your son do some more research.
  12. IME, the most accurate powders for the 30-30 are: RE7, RE15 & BL-C(2).
  13. Do us all a favor & use these: https://downrangemfg.com/index.php?option=com_zoo&task=item&item_id=74&category_id=27&Itemid=52
  14. HK, The 20" Winchester mdl 94 carbine in .30-30 is no slouch in the accuracy department. However, all of them can stand some improvement in the sights, as well as removing any pressure points on the barrel, generally at the rear barrel band and along the forend. Keeping rounds in the magazine at a constant number also minimizes the pressure the front band places out there where it does the least good as the barrel gets hot during long strings of fire. The only real advantage the 26" have is the additional sight radius. (Ok, the octagon bbl is a bit stiffer than the round...) But let's not overstate its value. If you want to know just how much accuracy you can wring out of a mdl 94 carbine (or rifle for that matter), take off the magazine, bands, forend and shoot it like a single shot. Place your front rest under the receiver... truly free-float the barrel. After you've developed a 1-hole load, start assembling that magazine and find out where you need to remove pressure on the barrel to keep it as close to free-floating as possible. I suspect you'll be amazed at what the ubiquitous mdl 94 can do!
  15. I used a .30-30 to win the long range event at Comin' Back Atcha 2018... I think that far target was in the neighborhood of 300-350 yards. My Winchester 94 is a full octagon 26" bbl with tang peep and globe front sight. My loads are 27 grains of RE7 behind a hardcast 150 grain GCFN traveling @ 2160fps (ave.). I've won a couple of long range shoots where the shoot-off occured at 400 yards (One of those against a hundred year old 30WCF rifle).... Yep, windy days are whole nuther story... but if the weather is cooperating, even my little 16" Trapper in .30-30 can ding those silhouette pigs with boring regularity. (300 meters). I just love to whoop up on some dunderhead that under-estimates the little ol' "thuty-thuty"! Maintain a positive attitude... there's already more than enough gun writers that say a .30-30 isn't capable of killing deer... and shots over 100 yards are just luck... need we add to that myth? Personally, I beg to differ... with them and ALL those here that na-say the world's finest, (and may I remind others), first commercial smokeless cartridge! (Yeah, yeah... on the American continent)! It hasn't lost a single step in its 125 years of existence. Have I been beat by .45-70s & 38-55s, sure... but I've beaten my fair share of those... (Afterall, there are better shooters than me out there... somewhere)!!! Practice, practice, then practice some more. Shoot that rifle in all sorts of conditions, at all sorts of ranges, get to be "ONE" with your rifle. Work with your rifle to improve its inherent accuracy, work with your load to improve its inherent accuracy... then work to improve YOUR inherent accuracy.
  16. Thank you Goody... but in all honesty, I enjoyed almost every moment of my service... It feels a little awkward to accept thanks for something I did voluntarily.
  17. I have seen many friends depart this game, either by just hanging up their shootin' irons, or shaking off their mortal coil. Over the many years I have been involved, there have been far too many... but, I am a richer man for having had the opportunity to know and associate with them, regardless of why they quit. Some of those that have just (temporarily as far as I'm concerned), hung up their shooting irons, I'm still friends with. And value that friendship all the more when we can get together. I recently lost my partner and best friend in all aspects of life.. after marriage and dating for 49 years... Among those that came by to help celebrate her life were former shooting pards... workmates and family... Cards and notes from others that couldn't attend reminded me of how much we all affect the lives of others. Amen brother.
  18. +1. Although I ain't bolted down the "all brass" hole just yet... (can't seem to get my wad pressure dialed in), they're only for the uber kool drool factor others seem to have! When they aren't steppin on them!!!
  19. Yes, the seater stem simply has the wrong shape to it. Either buy one made for RN, or modify the one you have. JB Weld works great.
  20. Whereas I consider you both newbies...
  21. Griff

    wrong rifle!

    Beware folks shooting in your category that you're posse'd with...
  22. Griff

    wrong rifle!

    Hint... lay out the pattern you want in pencil FIRST!!!
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