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  1. LOL! Those of you that like to shoot when you want would do better if you determined an order to suit your needs and stuck with it, barring special requests, for example: "I've got to GO now." "I have to fix my gun first." "I'm just not on my game today and would like to shoot near the end now." I like to shoot third or fourth. Some people like to shoot first. Some people like to shoot last. Some don't care. People sharing guns will always be separated the number of people that meets their needs. For example, if they are only sharing a SG, not as many people are needed to separat
  2. The Jack Reacher series by Lee Childs is great. J-Bar, I've read some of the Prey series and liked them.
  3. I have Dish and set it to tape all episodes of Major Crimes. So, I'm watching that whenever I need to watch something other than live TV.
  4. Wow! I feel just the opposite. I like Mike and his brother, Robbie; but not Frank. That said, I rarely watch it.
  5. I see what you wrote. You forgot the bit about barefoot. LOL! I was going to write that there was no snow and very few coats. Happy Birthday!
  6. I have an idea. Let's talk about Keanu, Gary Sinese, and Denzel instead. They might lift our spirits instead of bringing us down.
  7. As much as I love top-shelf blended Margaritas, Speedy Gonzales is the company that delivers our water. Gotta have a shower to enjoy that Margarita.
  8. Peace of mind is priceless. Honda if you must. However, I agree with you about going elsewhere. Nevermore for Jeeps. I remember the steering wheel falling the most. I am very happy with my Mazda. I would recommend them.
  9. Like Doc provided, I'd read about the lemon law. That is frightening. I had a new car in the 70s that would just stop on the freeway or wherever. Luckily, we got it fixed. It was the fuel filter (IIRC).
  10. When we moved from a three-story house to an one-story house, Obie walked around looking up. I thought he was looking for another story. I found him up on the kitchen cabinets a few times.
  11. Well since it fits this thread, I will answer here instead of sending a PM. I am afraid of driving over an hour (that means most annual matches) as I am dizzy when I stand up. I've bumped my head badly twice (ended up in the ER once). I've done that after sitting at my trailer reading too. Also, my neck hurts when I shoot the SG and my hands hurt when I pick brass. And the list goes on. I haven't shot since February 2020, pre lockdown. Go and have fun. I wish I could go too and meet your new fur baby. I hope he would like me more than "Killer" did. PS I've been to se
  12. Dear Smoken D, I am so sorry to read this. You have supported me on the Wire when I needed it and I treasure your friendship. Regards, Allie Mo
  13. My cat, Ziggy's, motto. It even looks like him.
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