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  1. I would not recommend 8-10 of any shooting style (not just GF) C&B on one posse. BTDT at an annual once when a friend and I put together the posses and granted those requests. That posse didn't finish and held up awards, etc. while they did the next day.
  2. Like this one? RIP Pyrite (the funeral director) and Pure Gold (the widow).
  3. Captain Bill and Phantom, this banter is beginning to sound like you are BFFs! Rainmaker, if I knew what you were trying to say, I'd probably be mad. You must be saying your dog treed a cat. Mine did too. Well it wasn't one of his boss cats and it ran. It is the cat in the distance. His bosses are in the foreground ignoring him.
  4. Sarge, don't be confused. Shooting Bull was just "funnin'" with Creeker.
  5. Oops! Thanks Goody! I fixed my post. I meant either barely missed or nearly hit.
  6. Forty, We need photos of you in the hat! Send me one, if need be, and I'll post it. Allie
  7. Railroad ties do not age well. There is a range in No. CA that has had a bullet go through them from the LT and nearly hit two shooters at the next stage ULT.
  8. Grizzly Dave beat me to it. The posse marshal can really make a match as can the people on the posse. I'm so clumsy (thanks Arthur), I don't shoot fast. So, I like to shoot clean. My favorite stage ever was an optional sixth stage every month at our dedicated WBAS club; but could be adapted to SASS (with advance notice to the shooters). It had approx. 64 targets. You could make up any misses. You could shoot up to two SGs (loaded with six each, reloads allowed), two rifles (loaded with 10 each, reloads allowed), and unlimited pistol magazines (loaded with 7). Adapt pistol by loading with five and allowing any number of pistols.
  9. Bravo, TN Tombstone! So glad to know him and his Lady!
  10. Howdy and Welcome! I use either a '97 or '87.
  11. We'd have made good pards at skiing. The resort I favored had free classes. As I almost always went alone, I'd take them. Someone in a class told me that he'd never seen anyone ski as slow as I did. As a result, I could enjoy the scenery and rarely fell. Guess that coincides with my shooting. Please don't take that as a criticism of the scenarios. All of the scenarios seem complicated at first. Once you get familiar with them, it is much less complicated.
  12. There are never too many clean shooters.
  13. Thank you, Kate! You are quite a gal! Y'all know that she was the NRA Woman of the Year once.
  14. I see plastic straws around. You just have to ask for one.
  15. I stand corrected. Our power was cut off at 12:30 last night according to the recording this morning. Still no wind nor end in sight for the shut off.
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