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  1. Hey Widder, I hope you have a successful, safe surgery and a swift recovery. Allie
  2. I remember... It cost $0.25 a gallon for gas, Dad paid. It was cheaper when there were gas wars. A nice steak dinner, at a restaurant, was $7.95 in 1969. (I've always loved steak.) I smoked until 1985. I think a carton was $20.00. I did the grocery shopping. Mom gave me $20.00 and I got to keep the change. Woo hoo! My allowance was $2.00 per week. When I mowed the lawn, my brother paid me $5.00, because it was his job. (He had a real job.) We bought our first house in 1973. It cost $25,000. Of course, it was a slum. It was a Victorian that, in the 1940s, was turned into 7 apartments with 6 kitchens and 3 bathrooms. When I took my first computer class (MIS 5), around 1987, I borrowed the neighbors portable. It looked something like this.
  3. Well I'm older. So, I can say, it doesn't get better.
  4. Perro, Every night when I comb my hair after washing it, one of my cats wraps his arms around mine and bites me. I never swat him. I just yell. He's incorrigible, Hubby yells at him daily and he still does the stuff he gets yelled at for doing. Luckily, the other three cats are angels. Ziggy is a terrorist. This is him as a kitten terrorizing Francie, who is one of the angels. Ziggy is huge now. I weighed him yesterday and he is 20 + pounds.
  5. 08/09/2020 pm. "Friday she was in good spirits and very proud of what she accomplished in therapy. I did not get to talk to the therapist so I am not quite sure what she accomplished. Saturday I surprised her with two shrimp entrees from Red Lobster. She enjoyed them very much. Her comprehension was a little off though. She misunderstood me twice and got upset. I have no idea what she thought I was saying. Sunday, Astrid and I visited her and she was so very glad to see her baby. Her comprehension was back to normal and we had a good visit. She still has her Peg tube so I will contact the nurse tomorrow to find out why it has not been removed. I spoke with an aide today and she said the rehab is supposed to open for visitation on Aug 28. It will be by appointment only and only for 30 min per visitor. I will update ya'll when I hear more."
  6. My theory too. I had a great manager who retired because, he said, he wanted to be alive to enjoy his retirement. So, I got a promotion, waited a year for that salary to be included in my retirement check, and went out the door less than four months after I hit the age to collect that check.
  7. I know someone who had an eyelid lift paid for by her insurance. She was too young for Medicare and my eyelids were (still are) droopier than hers.
  8. PS We had great yard sales periodically when we lived 6 blocks from the Capitol. The best time was when I accidentally listed Fri and Sat instead of Sat and Sun. Then, it wasn't the ad as much as our being compelled to start setting up and having the signs out at 6:00 am.
  9. Congratulations Loophole! I'm the last person to advise on downsizing. I still haven't unpacked everything. My closets are huge and full of art and stuff.
  10. I cringe whenever anything I order will be delivered by the USPS. Our delivery person is a maroon and he's not new.
  11. Too bad it's not Gluten Free. We love corn bread with chili!
  12. I hope it's nothing serious and you are fine soon. You are lucky to have an excellent support system, I'd be lost without Hubby. The last time I was in the hospital my nurse was so rude I fired her. Her boss told me, I couldn't just change nurses. So I asked to talk to Tony. He was someone who came to see me when I got there, before surgery. She "hemmed and hawed" and I got a new nurse. Tony didn't come to see me; but the nun did. She asked me if I punched the nurse's lights out. I wonder what was said.
  13. 08/03/2020 pm. "I was able to visit Michele at her window this evening. I saw a USPS box on her bed so I asked her what she received. She's pulled out the biggest and most beautiful hand fan that I have ever seen. She absolutely loved it! I believe we have Aspen Filly to thank for the gift. So Michele said thank you and she loves it! Michele was in good spirits today and full of smiles. Her speech seemed better today. When saying words with f's at the beginning of the word, she would pronounce with th's but not today. Her f words came out clear. I spoke with an aide today and she said Michele was a pleasure and very independent. I am so proud of her and her determination. Good night all."
  14. Did any of you see the Watters World episode when he interviewed students in Berkeley, CA and black citizens in Harlem about requiring IDs to vote? The students thought it was racist. The citizens in Harlem thought it was reasonable and all knew where DMV was; so they could get IDs or DLs.
  15. BTW, Hubby's GG (or whatever number of Gs) grandfather was elected Sheriff of Meade County, where Sturgis is located, twice.
  16. I forget where I posted this. We too have voted by mail for many years. Since moving to the boonies in a red county, I bypass the USPS and drop our ballots in the box behind the county courthouse.
  17. I have a cat like I've never had before. He sniffs everything. I swear, if he was trainable, he could be used like a drug/bomb/cancer sniffing dog. He even has to sniff my hand before I can scratch his chin.
  18. For real high-quality leather work and custom designs, try Michael J. Guili Designs. https://www.michaeljgulidesigns.com/
  19. 07/31/2020 pm. "I wanted to share some good news with you. This past Sunday, Michele started getting muscle spasms in her right arm and leg that she could feel. She has been experiencing these all week. Today I received word from her nurse that she has gained weight and they are discussing moving the peg tube next week. I also spoke with her physical therapist and he said she walked 15 ft today using the parallel bars and with no assistance from the therapist. She is lifting her right leg and foot all on her own! I am so proud of her!"
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